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Alberobello Mysteries by ilariacroft

Adrian 9 9 9 9
Bangkok 9 7 8 7
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
eRIC 8 9 8 8
Feats 9 8 9 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 8 9
JimmyBeon 9 10 10 10
John 8 9 8 7
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 5 7 7 6
Leoc1995 10 10 9 9
Lorax 10 10 10 10
manarch2 6 8 8 8
Nillc 9 8 9 8
PedroCroft_ 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Roberto 10 9 10 9
Ryan 8 9 8 9
Samu 9 9 8 8
Wikus Croft 10 10 10 10
release date: 01-May-2021
# of downloads: 244

average rating: 8.67
review count: 23
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file size: 185.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
  • I can imagine some players finding the pacing slow at the beginning, as it is essentially a series of fetch quests, although it does add to the immersion of the village area and there is combat peppered in between.
  • Good use of a variety of traps, including boulders, flames, and blades protruding from the walls.
  • Nice platforming puzzle in the crypt, where Lara must configure the correct color switches to progress.
  • The village area is well constructed with a variety of dwellings, ending with the large church will Lara eventually finds her prize.
Time: 1 hour 14 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 8.5/10a" - JesseG (13-Mar-2024)
"I've been a big fan of Ilaria ever since this first level, but for some reason had never played their levels more than briefly. Now that I have I can say this is easily one of my favorite levels on the site. There is so much charm here in the setting and interacting with characters. I love the design too and the way the underground areas here were handled. Ilaria has improved a lot in their future levels, but I think this first level might be my favorite setting they've done, I loved the casual calming vibe of exploring Alberobelo. Recommended to everyone, this is a unique type of level I'll probably actually want to revisit." - Lorax (09-Mar-2023)
"My curiosity was piqued when seeing the Essen Mysteries level come out and realising it was part of a trilogy. I thought I better play them in order to get the full story, so started here with Alberobello Mysteries. Was a lovely setting in an Italian town, you definitely get the feeling its lived in with how the builder made it. Some of the puzzles while a little obtuse were nicely thought out the main room in the crypt springs to mind. I did like how a lot of it made sense though. Loved the idea of giving the kittens milk and feeding the homeless guy haha! There was one bit where there was a definite "sweet spot" for using an item. It had me stuck for a while, even though I was trying to do what I needed and because I wasn't in exactly the right place it wasn't working. The enemy encounters were serviceable and thankfully not so frequent so I could concentrate mostly on exploring the lovely setting instead. Although I had issues with the final boss... Is the horseback Gem Knight supposed to get back on his horse after being knocked off? I've never seen it happen before but it happened in this level! Anyways all in all this was an enjoyable first outing for the builder and the series and look forward to see where it goes next! Would recommend :)" - Feats (06-Sep-2022)
"Not yet masterful and of sometimes questionable puzzle difficulty, but since the first level of Ilaria it's apparent she cares about the results achieved. A promising debut, and a great introduction to a much bigger story." - DJ Full (11-Jul-2022)
"I really enjoyed the variety of gameplay and areas here because what starts off as one of those small town or village levels where your running around meeting people for fetch quests or exploring around for items and keys actually turns into something a bit more interesting because the gameplay completely changes about halfway through the level, it becomes more challenging and mysterious because what lies below the church is an area of tricky jumps and platforming full of death defying leaps and then the rooms leading off it are full of traps and timed runs and tasks which was very enjoyable. I did have to use a walkthrough in the end because some of the objects you find and how you use them were very cute and funny but sometimes a bit obscure and of course the area below the church, i mean how are you supposed to know the sequence of what switch and when you pull it on or off? i would of tried trial and error but the switches are so challenging to get to the first time haha!" - John (07-Mar-2022)
"well structured level I also loved the fact that there is a dual language with a lot of voice. very well constructed puzzles. very nice audio and textures even with the appearance of small easter eggs like the comic with kurtis and lara. many thanks to its creator🙌😍" - Bangkok (31-Oct-2021)
"Indeed a good debut, and there are some good things to point, like the arcgitecture, the texturization, the pickups, the objects... But the gameplay was not very good for me; in the village area I suffered a lot of backtracking and sometimes I found objects difficult to figure out where to use them, like the screwdriver or the banknote; it could be camera hints for this; and in the background area there are a lot of black rooms where you can't see anything, so you can't properly explore the areas; evenmore, in the dark room with the rope, there's not a hint to know the combination of switches to open every door, so you are forced to try and try again different combinations until you hit the right one, and the worst: two of these switches are in high ledges forcing you to continuously use the rope and waste your precious time. Even so, perhaps could be an entertaining level if you play it following the walkthrough." - Jose (26-Oct-2021)
"A lovely debut level. Solid story line and gameplay. Somehow managed to hit the mark of a pleasant raid with puzzles. Not too challenging, but just right for a relaxing level. Technically pretty well done - a couple of overly dark corners but otherwise lighting & textures were good. Secrets about right too. Overall very pleasant." - Adrian (23-Oct-2021)
"This debut level is well-crafted in all aspects and offers interesting gameplay taking place in a sunny Italian village. Exploring the village gave a lot of positive vibes for me, and made me want to go on a holiday in a similar place, which clearly indicates that author did good job in terms of environment design. Your main task in the village is to perform various tasks for the inhabitants that involve finding custom items and figuring out how to use them. I also liked the way of using humor e.g., in dialogues between Lara and the villagers, or in a gun shop where the owner is reading a love story book (be sure to check inside the book and you’ll find a funny surprise). From the village you move inside a crypt, which is filled with some really nice platforming but, in my opinion, is visually weaker than the village containing somewhat rough and simplistic architecture. I also think that the lighting could have benefitted from bolder use of color and higher contrast throughout the level. In the end, these are minor complaints and, overall, this in an absolutely great debut level, which I can warmly recommend for everybody." - Samu (23-Oct-2021)
"For a first level, it's a very good and very cool level. We discoverd Lara in a Italian village with a lot of beautiful locations likes a Church, a supermarket, a museum and a lot of lovely white houses. I have also loved the catacombs under the church to find the Knight's Gem, Not very hard and not very dark, the level is playable by everyone even for the beginners. Congratulations to ilariacroft for this beautiful first level." - Bigfoot (18-Oct-2021)
"At first this level reminds on many Christmas adventures where you have to do several tasks for the inhabitants, later on the underground parts are more trap and platforming based which I generally liked more than the slightly uninspired first part (some nice scenes like the gun shop aside). A bit more creativity in terms of tasks and puzzles had been nice. The looks are generally well enough done, interestingly I found them outside better than underground this time, as texturing is a bit less careful here; thankfully despite the many shadows it is not annoyingly dark. Enemies and objects are reasonably used, particularly the interactive ones and the traps towards the end, and all in all the atmosphere is convicing, while not outstandingly so. A good and promising debut in which I found all the secrets in 50 minutes." - manarch2 (14-Jun-2021)
"to start this and the first level this author and I found small errors so this is normal.
Gameplay & Puzzles: I really liked Gameplay! the tasks were very well prepared and with a good exploration by the small community, from the church to the temple, which in my opinion was great and the backtracking is almost not remarkable in my opinion. good job at that point.
Enemies, Objects & Secrets: this level only has a few bats in the Temple, and more peaciful, but for me the city was looking good enough and I didn't see anything out of place, but I would take care of the hidden objects like the crown case for example. can go unnoticed, so visual and important tip to avoid getting stuck.
Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: for me the atmosphere of the game is excellent with small errors that I think it could improve, as in the gun shop it could be more decorated for example... but this the author learns little by little.
Lighting & Textures: for me the lighting looks fine all the time more alfine points could have more shadows outside that's ok.
overall and an excellent level and i can recommend...1h,40 minutes....recommend." - PedroCroft_ (12-Jun-2021)
"This level is pretty darn amazing. Every inch of this level feels like it was made with a lot of love and dedication. Gameplay and puzzles - I really like how creative this was, i especially loved the puzzle with the cats and the milk (so cute), and the coloured lantern puzzle was very creative, even though it did stump me at first. The only hiccup i felt was a lever under the water I couldn't see at first and the climbable palm tree confused me a little. But all in all, very fun experience. Enemies, Objects and Secrets - The keys and objects were really good, and the enemies were basic but challenging, very good. Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras - Everything good here, it matched the setting and it didn't hurt my ears, So win win. Lighting and Textures - everything looked great and very clean. Conclusion - wonderful level made by someone who was very careful with how they created it. Lots of love went into this." - JimmyBeon (09-Jun-2021)
"From the beginning, the great commitment with which the author has faced the construction is evident of this jewel set in Alberobello. The care in the dialogues and the movies are really a beautiful presentation. Ilariacroft knows how to dose exploration and solving puzzles with the presence of enemies that it places in strategic positions. The development of the plot, with the dialogues with the greengrocer and the bartender and the beggar, make us think the player, until he can find the 2 keys that Lara needs to get to the church and talk to the parish priest who needs something. The positions of the 4 secrets are very good, in particular two in well-hidden places. The final phase is the most articulated both for acrobatic jumps and for difficulty and it is not easy not to use the medkits. Setting and lighting treated with great technical expertise. In conclusion, a debut with fireworks for this Level designer. Very lively achievements waiting for the next job." - Roberto (06-Jun-2021)
"It's always pleasing to see a new builder come along and especially when their debut level is as good as this. It starts off in a delightful Italian village, based on an actual place (but you knew that of course because you bothered to look at the readme, didn’t you!). I unashamedly admit that I really love this type of level, where Lara gets to explore lovely surroundings and use interesting objects (we’re feeding cats and making bean soup among other things, not to mention anaesthetising a gun dealer). It’s almost like being on holiday, although with added mayhem, obviously. The latter part of the game becomes a bit darker, both literally and figuratively, once Lara gets into the church crypt and you might be glad of a walkthrough at times in this area. There are some effective traps to negotiate and a final battle with a horseman, but I’d assess the difficulty level as moderate. I had a lot of fun playing this and really look forward to future levels from this talented newcomer." - Jay (22-May-2021)
"What a sweet level! A nice little village, looking different and fresh with all its trulli. Mostly typical but quite enjoyable gameplay with few enemies. And then we go to the crypt with a completely different environment and gameplay. Platforming, traps and a nice colour puzzle. The secrets are not just lying around but they are not too difficult to find either. All in all, enjoyable and a very good debut. Nice work, Ilaria. Looking forward to your next level :)" - billie2001 (21-May-2021)
"This is a charming level, remarkably well done for a debut. The first part takes place in a well-lighted outdoor environment where the player is mainly in exploration mode, going here and there to find keys that open up new areas. When you access the church and open the way to the crypt, things get much darker and more trap-oriented. I find no fault with the provided weaponry and flares, which were more than enough to get me through until the end. If the colored lamps in the underground room were intended as clues, their significance escaped me because I was using Doggett TV's video to write a walkthrough while playing. Some of the traps and platform exercises in this area are quite formidable, and I felt obliged to save frequently during the latter stages. I hope to see more from this talented builder. High recommendations." - Phil (15-May-2021)
"Here's a charming first effort that was an absolute pleasure to play the whole way through. It's quite clear that this is a project that is close to the builder's heart, and she's certainly recreated her time in this town pretty neatly. The custom objects really help to sell the environments, the surroundings and textures are solidly constructed and pleasing to the eye, and the gameplay is a nice mixture of exploration, small puzzles and surprisingly challenging trap avoidance. It could be divided into two distinct parts. The first one above ground has you solving a number of quirky tasks (including feeding a cat, helping a homeless man and incapacitating a soldier) to retrieve the priest's Bible and allow you access to the crypt. The action kicks up a notch here with some quite tense trap combinations, an enjoyable hub room to work from (the ledge climbing here was a bit arduous here but nothing too bad) and finishes with a horseman that thankfully seemed easier to dispose of this time round. It also seemed just a tad dark in a couple of spots, but overall this is a very decent and playable level that should have something for everyone." - Ryan (15-May-2021)
"This level took me back to the classics days, the vibe of the game is amazing. It has legit puzzles and social interactions like any other game in a city. I am hoping to see tons of levels created by this creator this game felt so alive." - Wikus Croft (10-May-2021)
"Nice first try, mostly enjoyable, with some neat touches, namely the use of clorophorm as in TR5. This is easily divided in two parts, the first, rather pleasant, at the Alberobello village, the second in the catacombs style, with several traps and a horseman to battle at the end (it's atually one of my pet peeves, but it wasn't too hard to defeat, thank God). There's also a room with a lights and levers puzzle that becomes a bit complicated/tiresome only because you have to keep going up and down the room in order to complete it. Good job on using the English subtitles. All in all, I found it enjoyable." - Jorge22 (07-May-2021)
"Debut level for the Italian LD Ilariacroft: Lara has to explore the charming town of Alberobello in order to retrieve the legendary Gem of the Knight. The level is split in two halfs that are very different in the gameplay: in the first we'll roam around the town and its peculiar "trulli", solve some puzzles and talk to some NPC; the last part, instead, is more focused on action and there are traps, enemies and a little boss fight. Overall gameplay is not very hard, but not trivial too: you may have to think twice about what to do, and a medium-to-high ability may be required in some sections. Medipacks, ammo and flares are very few and you must be careful not to run out of them. Speaking of the technical sector, Ilariacroft has done a great job, especially considering that it is her first level: the graphics are beautiful and the Trulli are built in such a good way; Lara can interact with NPC and there are some cutscenes (Italian spoken with subtitles). I hope Ilariacroft keeps on building level, because this first work of hers is really impressive!" - Nillc (03-May-2021)
"An excellent debut with a varied gameplay and a very detailed map. You can see the author's care in the details, with objects, statics and textures showing a incredible work in every corner of this beautiful city. The gameplay has a backtracking that isn't tiring, in addition to some puzzles and tasks that make the player think (something that the current games of the industry has not done). Some cameras could be placed in a better place and some different lights could be used with the possibilities of the TR4 engine, but they are simple details, that don't affect the quality and that can be improved by the author in future levels. I can say I had fun at that level in a way that I haven't had a good time with TR4 levels. Excellent work Ilariacroft, it's very good to see that good authors are emerging. I finished in 1h21 with 3 secrets. My rating is 10/10/9/9." - Leoc1995 (03-May-2021)
"Good level. Without high res textures it looks good. Build with care obviously , the builder put fitting details like pics of the city of Alberobello or Italian products for the food. In the first half the gameplay is based on exploration of the city with interactions with a few citizens to retrieve a few keys and other objects , i particularly like the cloth and the food that you prepare with the ingredients, all that while defending yourself against mercenaries. The game is player friendly. But when entering in the crypt of the church another game starts, with some deadly traps, some other types of enemies and the raiding of a big room with many ledges. That dark room took me quite some time coz i did not paid attention to the colour of the lanterns. I was glad that the final boss was not some kind of dragon but one you can fight." - eRIC (02-May-2021)