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Movement at the Monastery by Loch

Adrian 10 10 10 10
Bruno-Oyaji 10 10 10 10
DadRaider 6 7 7 10
ddaring_dash 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Feats 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
LaraSpears 10 10 10 10
MigMarado 10 10 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
nad 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 9 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
ShadowZia 10 10 10 10
Sylwia 10 10 10 10
TimJ 10 10 10 10
TOMBSAGE 9 9 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 9 10 10
release date: 30-Aug-2021
# of downloads: 575

average rating: 9.79
review count: 24
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file size: 626.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"After hearing many good things about this level I gave it a go and it definitely earns its hype. An absolutely stunning looking level with plenty of humour sprinkled into its engaging story. Gameplay was engaging and rewarding although it was a little bit on the cryptic side in parts, due to an unfortunate bug Loch made me aware of where if you run multiple monitors on your PC set up some of the hints don't work properly. I'm sure some parts would have gone a bit smoother if those hints were available to me haha! I liked the addition of a button to show your objective and status but having it tied to the jump button was a little annoying at first but by the end I'd blanked it out haha! With regards to sound I loved the exerts from Buddhist teachings used and the choices of music used throughout was awesome! I especially loved the use of music in one part taken from The NeverEnding Story movie! Twitch muted the audio but know that it hit me right in the nostalgia feels! I was even quoting Bastian when he says "YEEEEAAHHH!" hahaha! All in all this is a must play TRLE but have a walkthrough handy if you're streaming it with multiple monitors." - Feats (02-Dec-2022)
"I don't know how to describe this level. From an aesthetic point of view, it is beautiful. One of the best levels ever created, I'm not kidding. I think the author is a great artist and he deserves a lot. But then comes the gameplay that didn't convince me at all. Many of the things to do are not clear at all, and therefore I am constantly stuck and therefore I have not appreciated the work to the fullest. However, it remains a good level." - DadRaider (09-Sep-2022)
"Masterpiece" - TimJ (19-Aug-2022)
"Well, actually, let me elaborate, even though this simple word would be enough. I'm afraid I won't be able to write a detailed review withoug giving unending praise to Loch and this very long but immersive level. I guess the very first thing I noticed was the yak standing there peacefully at the beginning of the level, with its bell making little ding-dings. It is so funny! It's the first detail of so many that populate the stunning environments Loch has meticulously crafted. During my playthrough I took a lot of notes and a few of them are written in all caps because that's how impressed I was by some of those details, like the candle flame animation. It doesn't look like much, certainly not in 2022, but with this old engine and even with the twisted workarounds the community has discovered and invented over the years, it was certainly time consuming to come up with this. There also was finally a good and realistic use of water caustics! Those shapes are indeed seen underwater, not on the surface. Those are most noticeable in the small sauna, with reflections in the pool and on the walls above. There are also many customs commands, like hitting "T" that makes Lara say some taunting one-liners from TRAOD. I discovered this before it was needed in the level, and that was quite surprising, as "T" is my assigned key for flares.
The gameplay is as fantastic as the environment with an very good mix of puzzles, platforming and even some combat. The way the final boss fight was crafted made it quite interesting and not just yet again another big bag of life points. However, if Lara kills innocent living creatures, she's struck by lightning. The puzzles are a highlight of this game, like the five carpets and the visions they give to Lara in the aforementioned sauna. I guess the cave of past-future was one of the most breathtaking moment I've lived in a TRLE game. Many have tried those "flashback" moments, but very few were compelling and none had this level of mastery worthy of AAA games. Something that completely astonished me is that there are consequences for your acts in this game! At one point, people throw big boulders at Lara to punish her from having stolen things in previous places of the level. The monk will follow (or rather precede) Lara throughout the level and give her instructions and be the main mean of storytelling. Mystical visions Lara have during her journey is another way the author tells his story. I wonder what meaning there was in having her meet a wounded wolf at the end of the level and accompany it during its final moment.
The overall atmosphere of the level, building on the mystical clichés of a buddhist monastery, is a perfect balance between humour and contemplation. I don't know why Lara had mystical visions of Venice, but this short trip in the monastery was a lot of fun and technically impressive, I must say. Like I said, the story is full of humour. Whenever Lara breaks a pot while the monk is nearby, he will comment about it. I loved the fact that destroying shatters made other statics appear, like beautiful furniture and flower pots. The secret requires to attain a high level of wisdom, only achievable if Lara medidates. Nothing is said about this during the game, but you can actually discover it quite easily with meditation mats scattered throughout the level. But what the true secrets of this level were, were the hidden medipacks. Well, that, and some pickups that I would never have found without the walkthrough at the end. But the atmosphere of the level, with its numerous little messages and clues, made quests as simple as finding levers hiding in foliage feel rewarding and compelling. Another example is the way Loch made a long pushable trip interesting with Lara having other visions, WOAW ! Some parts of this level were really unexpected... after an excellent ride to ring some bells, I was not expecting to ride a pegasus in the heavens at all. The shadow beast totally got me by surprise, it was one of the best scary moment I've had in a Tomb Raider game in a long time.
Sound design is almost perfect. Music and sound design in amateur productions is often not given enough attention or done carelessly. In this level, I could only find a few minor details to be strange, like the sound Lara makes when bumping into a wall being the same as when she opens a floor trapdoor in tr4, or the spiders jumping making the same sounds as the wildboars in Angkor Wat. The sound accompanying the swarms of rats was just perfect. I don't know why the radio suddenly turned on at the end, but it cracked me up that you could change the channel to hear, among others, the Indiana Jones theme.
All of the above reads like a list of everything this level did right, I will still point out some imperfections that are such minor details they couldn't make me rate this level less than an 11 if I could give it an 11. The thing that bugged me the most is Lara's running animation that I found to be weird and unnatural, as if she was slowly jogging. Some statics didn't have collision and Lara could go through them. The colour of the health and airs were a bit unfortunate as it made them hard to read when near empty. The monk voice over wasn't perfect, I really wonder if Loch recorded himself or if it was voice synthesis like the eagle as it seemed more lively. The only thing that could have made this level even better would have been to hire one of the member of the community accustomed to voice Lara to have a full voice over for when she gives clues. I would have appreciated subtitles for the quotes of the Tao Te Ching that you can listen to throughout the level, as I listened to them very carefully but couldn't always understand what was being said. Those were a nice addition to the atmosphere of the level and an excellent optional sidequest in my opinion. The same could be said for the flashbacks in the cave of past-future, I couldn't always understand what was being said (english is not my first language btw), but I suppose that would have broken the immersion somewhat.
To summarize: Masterpiece. Everyone should be able to complete this adventure and it is more than worth it. Play it. In my list of "levels to recommend if I could only pick one", this one easily comes out on top." - TimJ (20-Aug-2022)
"Another one I didn't finish yet but no matter what, the score won't change. It's simply superb. Clever puzzles, details everywhere and meditation sightseeing are just the icing on a huge tibetan birthday cake (if tibetan birthday cakes exist), and the place with the yaks will haunt me forever... TRLE simply doesn't get better than this... for now." - DJ Full (16-Jul-2022)
"Really the longest level I've ever played (and I've played a lot). Loch is a true level editing professional who knows how to squeeze the most out of the tools to get their full potential and create extraordinary works like this one with incredible features. Everything is perfect here (except perhaps the lack of collision of some objects) and any fan will surely enjoy several hours with this fantastic level. However, the gameplay did not convince me too much, there are quite "obscure" tasks and although there is nothing difficult, it was impossible for me to finish the game without the help of the walkthrough (thanks, Lizard Queen). Still, it's a highly recommended level for any TR fan. Extraordinary work, Loch. I take my hat!" - Jose (26-Jun-2022)
"Set in a Tibetan monastery (with a few other twists as well) this is a strong contender for the best looking TRLE level ever made. Stunning views on a huge scale are everywhere, there's a lot of detail, and it's full of custom objects to enhance it further. Even the simpler areas generally have unique aspects and objects to make them stand out. It also does a couple of huge-scale level changes and makes them look effortless. Even if the gameplay wasn't great it would be worth playing for the looks alone, luckily, it is. As a single level this is massive and took me around four hours to finish; it's practically a mini-set in itself, and there's still a few things I pretty obviously missed; despite only having one "secret" there are a bunch of optional elements (some related to said secret). There are unique gameplay moments everywhere, and there's a quite comedy-heavy story element guiding you through. Even a couple of intentionally repetitive moments do something completely unexpected to offset that. Despite the size it also unravels in a nice way, with new shortcuts and routes later, with only a couple of central parts not being in easy reach by the end (at least if you remember the way). There are some occasionally frustrating or obtuse moments, but it wasn't enough to take away from how many great and memorable parts there were for me. A masterpiece that excels in almost every area, and that is best played for yourself to see all the unique moments and set-pieces." - Mman (28-Apr-2022)
"Spiritual. This is a good word to start describing this beautiful levelset, located in a mountain Buddhist monastery over the clouds. Every single garden and room is so impressively detailed, with unexpectedly exotic puzzles. The water effects and lighting are excellent. And the sounds are peaceful in some places, creepy in others. The scenario is purposefully hard to climb or walk when near edges, giving the feeling that you may fall to death at the first mistake, so watch your step. The only thing I don't like is TR1 Lara as model, she looks out of place in such advanced game. Could be TR2 Tibet Lara, I wish the author added it as optional look on a possible update (it's 1.1 version now). But the chosen model doesn't affect my review. This stage makes me smile (literally), relax and, well, it annoys me a little ò_Ó' , but in a good way, because I feel encouraged to explore further, I don't want to stop. Movement at the Monastery is a true Tomb Raider." - Bruno-Oyaji (13-Apr-2022)
"Enciting and very innovative in the field of custom level material, Movement at the Monastery brings a whole new perspective. Entertaining plot and engaging puzzles, the boss fight at the end was dynamic, the humor was not too over the top, the characters are likeable." - young Lara Croft (06-Nov-2021)
"Strange, different, but amazing game. Many bugs! but who cares about bugs when you are living an absolutly different Tombraider game. Good mix of challenging problems to solve, jumps and enemies. Very interesting iniciatic way to play the game. I thanks a lot the author for being so kind creating this wonderful game. I enjoyed a lot playing this game full of nice sense of humor." - Juan Carlos (21-Oct-2021)
"This is a must play level and one of the best out there..Many cool features, good story , side stories, good exploration, funny comments , gameplay , designing , all perfect. Didnt manage to finish it though and im very sad.. reached lvl10 meditation, open god mode, find all the wheels but cant activate the gong.. I went first down the pit without monk,did all the stuff with torch and lightings and grabbed the mallet and then did all the upper level quests and exploration.And when monk finally came to the pit after all wheels, i placed the old tome artifact and did all the blind movements and then nothing..monk doesnt teleport me, cant hit the gong and im stuck. i guess i must follow the walkthrough more careful" - Petaludas (15-Oct-2021)
"Wow, wow, wow and WOOW. This is the most beautiful and extraordinary custom level I have ever played. This level definitely beats the popular custom level such as Mists of Avalon or Underworld UB saga, I absolutely cannot stress enough how this level deserves a full 10s in my opinion.

Gameplay & Puzzles: This level has a very rich gameplay and it's extremely non-linear which also brings confusion and you may have to look at Doggett's/Steven's walkthrough or the text walthrough by Lizard Queen. HOWEVER, this does now detract the points as I am very impressed by the puzzles and general gameplay. there are various challenges that I have extremely enjoyes such as the Gal-go-run river or the Royalty Red Room. My favourite room was the memories from the past cave and bringing dialogue from various Tomb Raider games. All I must say this is perfection.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemies weren't hard to dispatch. Objects from Btb2020 were used incredibly well and did not leave the rooms empty. The secret was absolutely, spectacularly planned out which also gives you a nice prize.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: O-M-G, the atmosphere in this level is fantastic, full of colours and amazing structure my jaw literally dropped with the stunning mountains and overall atmosphere. The sounds were perfect which featured a lot from Tomb Raider Legend (my favourite game in terms of soundtrack)

Lighting & Textures: And Lighting, you may guess already - I absolutely love it. The small detail of lighting to the candles and darkening caves and areas covering the trees is perfect and the lighting was also colourful just as it should be. Texturing was also amazing, I have not found any cracks or stretched textures which is huuuge plus.

Summary: This level is amazing, again I cannot stress enough how beautiful is this level. Every Tomb Raider fan should play this and a definitely worthy entrant for Hall of Fame. Well done Loch and I am eagerly waiting for what you will build in the future :)" - Kubsy (23-Sep-2021)
"Well... Taking into account how original, atmospheric, and even funny this level is, I feel almost guilty of not awarding it four straight tens, especially when all seem to be applauding the best TR thing that ever saw the light of day. But I must, the reason being I believe it's too easy to get totally lost and clueless as it unfolds or un-unfolds. As per my own example, I ended up down in the pit very soon after the start. Quite clueless obviously, for quite a long time. And so on, and so forth. Another example of something absolutely essential that made more than just poor old monk me feel like we'd hit a dead end was the timed run before the gong and the eclipse. Is one really expected to understand how it all must work, namely shooting that window? Ok, some of us may be brighter than others, but I can't help wondering, over and over, why many builders insist on being so cryptic. I know it's all very clear to them, but definitely not for everyone else, seasoned players included. And why didn't anybody say one couldn't kill Dennis? And I'll never understand why I kept failing to start the eclipse, when I was always doing the exact same timed run, in time, on time - until it suddenly worked. During all this ordeal, thank God that Loch, the author, was there to assist, and that there were several walkthroughs available. But all is clearly not as bad as it seems from my speech thus far... The game is packed with great ideas, many times funny, and it's clearly very well built, with an excellent atmosphere throughout. There are quite original puzzles, very many, interesting fighting, nice architecture, unexpected detours, and even loads of meditation (the idea of ascending to different illumination levels is excellent too). Defeating the final boss feels very rewarding as well (although I tricked his ET AI into not understanding I was attacking it from behind an obstacle, how do these creatures even survive in their complicated dimensions?). Then, there's that thing with the wolf and all. It's actually excellent. Just don't try to beat the game without good enough clues (unless you're one of the bright lights among us). Other than that, be prepared for something else - it's actually worth it." - Jorge22 (20-Sep-2021)
"This is a visually stunning level that has more innovative touches than I could possibly list here. It's also extremely confusing and nonlinear, especially near the end, and I can't imagine anyone successfully negotiating it all the way through without a walkthrough. Along the way there are frequent doses of puckish if not juvenile humor, and my playing time over the better part of a week was five and a half hours. To be sure, there were moments of extreme frustration, but I was able to progress with dogged determination and experienced none of the supposed bugs, discussion of which simmered and eventually boiled over in the stuck thread. Progression was not the same in Lizard Queen's written walk and in the posted video, so there are at least two possible and divergent ways of navigating through the level. One noteworthy event: When you get to the part where you can toggle back and forth between God Mode, one of the places to which I was teleported while playing around with the F2 key was right on top of a timed spike trap, where God Mode was of no help. I had to replay from my most recent savegame, which did not make me a happy camper. When stacked against the 2,000+ custom levels out there, it would be uncharitable of me to award anything but top marks in all categories to this one, notwithstanding all the head-scratching and curse-inducing moments. An uncommon raid that must be experienced for all its unique qualities." - Phil (18-Sep-2021)
"What a tour de force. I've spent virtually the last week or so polishing off this magnificent adventure and it was an absolute pleasure to experience from start to finish. The only thing keeping me from scoring it a full 10 across the board is that it gets a little too confusing at times. Although the gameplay is pretty much nonlinear throughout, some routes are more optimal than others and you could end up backtracking more than you'd like at certain points (as was the case with me). All credit goes to Loch for never allowing the player to get fatally stuck however, especially in a game of such magnitude. The frame rate drop was only a minor annoyance, however. Everything else in this raid is pretty much done to perfection. The gorgeous surroundings, sublime atmosphere, lovely moments of humour, the action-packed and varied gameplay requiring a keen eye, the epic cutscenes... Brilliant stuff throughout. A definite contender for the Hall of Fame sooner or later, and a must-play if you're up for it. P.S. My grade for duration is in accordance with real-time play. In game stats showed 3:18, but it was a hell of a lot more in reality." - Ryan (18-Sep-2021)
"I spent three long evenings on this custom and it feels like I've had a long, long game. It is simply unbelievable that this masterpiece is technically only one level! Everything we like about Tomb Rider is here, and much, much more. Beautiful graphics, brilliant gameplay, interesting puzzles and lots of humor. At times I burst out laughing out loud. The monk's voice actor deserved a medal. What more can I say? Bless you Loch! :D" - Sylwia (15-Sep-2021)
"This is one of the best customlevels ever and it is in the same Tomb Raider stratosphere as “Hypersquare 1”, “Underworld UB3 - The Plain of Jars”, “Neon God”, “Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire” or “Shalebridge Murder Mystery” for example. However, it is not without its mistakes and technical errors which is why it is not a perfect game. The builder released his level with these problems and as such it must be judged. The builder has stated his intention to make a revised version later to eliminate some playthrough issues (not bugs) that he does not like, but that would be a “director’s cut” as they say in the entertainment world. Reviews and awards are based on the initial release and not revised versions. Also, this initial version will still be available on some websites in the future and some players may find and play it in the future. One problem is the linearity of finding prayer wheels. Although the monk states that Lara must get 3 prayer wheels at the Riverend valley, no mention is made of the fourth. It is not correct to assume that the player will know at first that Lara must find the fourth prayer wheel for the wall slots or that it must be sought after the first three are obtained in sequence. At this point of the game Lara could be given the fourth by the monk later, or it could be in the unopened box there, or she could get it elsewhere at any time. Thus, Lara may get to a place where it is she is free to obtain it, even if she does not yet have the other three objects. There is a door that cannot be opened at one place which is actually a crowbar door. But currently the player has no clue that there is a crowbar in the game since it is not awarded by the monk until after 3 prayer wheels are obtained. That is a significant building design flaw because it is possible to easily get in the crowbar door room by a side jump through a window – something that has always been standard and acceptable in Tomb Raider games, and some customlevels have had “red-herring” crowbar doors. The builder has stated since the game’s release that this was not intended, but still it was not prevented. The beta test team failed in its duties to identify this room access method as this is the type of things beta testers are supposed to look for. Beta testers are supposed to look for ways to break the game or anticipate possible moves by players. Just testing game progression is actually alpha testing. Whenever a locked door is used for gameplay, testers are supposed to check that there is no way to circumvent the locked door. Now this is not a fatal bug since the game can still be played to conclusion without a crowbar, but it will affect some of the comments by the monk later in the game. For example, there will be no clue about a jumpswitch on the wall behind foliage. Also, some actions with secondary characters like Barry will not occur. Whether there is a crowbar door or not, it was not needed in the game’s design. With the door, the crowbar should be given or found before the prayer wheel quests, and the monk’s comment about finding the final prayer wheel should apply to any of the four found randomly, not linearly. Otherwise, the area with the crowbar door should have been inaccessible by an invisible wall or “impossible-to-reach” situation until something happened. This was simply not thinking the situation through clearly enough by the builder or beta team. Another flaw is the meaningless message “Well Lara, there are more inscriptions hidden within the walls of the Monastery up above” uttered by the monk at the old tomb after doing the actions from the Old Tomb Book at the Old Tomb. At this point of the game Lara would presumably have been everywhere looking for notes, inscriptions, meditation pads, etc. Just stating to do that again is not helpful, but actually insulting or patronizing to the player. This message continues until the eclipse occurs, regardless of what Lara has done or where she went. And Lara is always teleported by the monk to the same place even if the player has already unlocked the third platform. It would have been more appropriate within the monk’s character to state that a celestial change or such may be needed. At least some kind of meaningful nudge that the 3-platform run must be done to trigger the eclipse. As is, players who are distracted by everyday life and forget some note clues, have had to be told this in forums or other help sources. This is a problem as many players do not like to use walkthroughs or such to play. Although this game is absolutely beautiful in design and atmosphere, the excessive foliage obscuring views in some places can cause Lara to slip and die, or not see critical areas behind the foliage. This excessive foliage would be ok for typical secrets, but there are none in this game. The only secret in the game is one unique to this game, and this is one of the better features of the game. In some places Lara can see through or behind the walls (texture bugs) such as at the “new light’ in the old tomb. Also, sometimes Lara can get stuck in the walls or objects with some jumps. The flying horse is a nice touch, but it can be a problem after one prayer wheel quest because Lara may have difficulty maneuvering the horse onto the island and instead bumps into the left fence. The horse can then get stuck and the game may crash to the desktop, or else Lara must reload a savegame and do it again. It is best to save the game just before using the horse to prevent this. There may be a few unknown bugs as yet to be discovered similar to the known savegame bug presumably caused by killing Dennis, the harmless pet reptile (something that goes against the thematic spirit of this customlevel) Generally there are enough flares in the game, but there may not be enough for the very dark “Maze of the Damned”. Although not necessary, and not a flaw or problem, it would have been nice to have had some real secrets (objects or such) to find in addition to the magical secret. This game sort of begs for them. Loch has shown himself in this game with its ingenuity to be a builder in the same class as Psiko with the “god mode” and teleport features. It will be interesting to see what Loch’s next game, if any, will be. These unique game features are a welcome addition to customlevels because not only are they a part of normal gameplay as in “Movement at the Monastery”, but they allow the player to take temporary exploratory looks at the atmosphere and game world which previously were only possible with DOZY. Loch should be commended for brilliant building skills in this area and its bonus gameplay for players. The ending of the game should have been a little longer or detailed, but it was nice to see Lara back in time with the wolf at the beginning of Tomb Raider 1. Also, it would have been nice if Lara could have collected the large medipak at the end of the corridor (and read a bonus note message there) at the absolute final moment of the game. Despite its few flaws, this excellent customlevel is an absolute necessity-to-play for all Tomb Raiders." - TOMBSAGE (14-Sep-2021)
"A superlative level. So very creative with sumptuous scenery, great use of objects, wonderful puzzles and some great visual and audio jokes all woven into a great narrative. Yes a little bit of backtracking and occasionally I was at a loss a to what to do next, especially as I first tried the lower level before climbing up to meet the monk. However all was good in the end and I loved playing around with the God mode and teleporting. Really fantastic effort and worthy to be a top Hall of Famer." - Adrian (14-Sep-2021)
"It seems that custom levels keep getting greater year after another. To me, this is one of those levels which sets a new standard in terms of what can be achieved with the tools that are available for us today. The view that opens up in front of you in the beginning of the game is one of the most detailed and stunning views I have seen in custom levels. Soon after starting you will meet the monk, who will give you instruction throughout the game regarding the tasks that you have to accomplish. While there is a lot of exploration and platforming to do, the gameplay is based heavily on solving puzzles that will offer a constant challenge to your brain cells. Many of the puzzles involve riddles whose meaning you have to decipher by carefully analyzing your surroundings and sometimes, you have to simply quit running around and spend a while just thinking. These puzzles were extremely rewarding for me to solve, and I truly think that they are some of the most brilliant tasks that I have seen so far in custom levels. The boss battle in the end was also great although my save game files got corrupted whenever I tried to save during the battle. Hereby, it is probably a good idea to keep a save game file right before entering the battle, just in case you encounter the same bug. To conclude, this is a level, which you don’t want to miss." - Samu (07-Sep-2021)
"Fantastic, The most fun I had within a level in a long time. Atmosphere was amazing & the monks with sense of humor was devine. Even tho kept getting yelled at for breaking vases, lol Puzzles were very clever. With a bit of a jump scare in the caves with that shadow creature, good laughs. I appreciated how u had a bit of more freedom to explore. As for the textures and how all put together look absolutely amazing. The story was fitting for a tomb raiding. Bit of challenging climbs but with interesting sights to it. A unique battle with the boss is a good change then the normal battles with bosses. Well done on the flying horse. Looking for adventure I highly recommend this level. Hope to see more of these!" - ShadowZia (06-Sep-2021)
"What can I say. This was a special level, full of new ideas, puzzles and animations. The monk's comments and hints made the level an almost interactive game, which I liked very much. Some of these were very funny and were used very well. One was never bored. Even though I realized the sense of the meditations very late, they were, in retrospect, very well thought out. You always had to reach a certain meditation level to be able to do certain actions. The puzzles were also abundant, very innovative and sometimes difficult to understand. But that wasn't a bad thing, because they challenged the player even more. The ending was the highlight of a very successful level. Cinematic animations complete this first class level. Highly recommended." - nad (05-Sep-2021)
"Oh what a masterpiece, what a level, what an amazing experience I will never forget. Truly one of the best crafted levels I have ever played, the amount of dedication that is put into every corner, the amount of detail that is put in every inch, it is simply staggering, I have never seen such meticulous work put into a level. First, I'll talk about the atmosphere, lighting and textures, it is simply the best I have ever seen in a custom level, the warm glowing light is beautiful, the sunlight is very well done, the textures as crisp clean yet very realistic. I love the home-y warm feeling this level gives. I also LOVE the audio messages scattered around this level and the text messages as well, in every corner there's something to listen to, to read and to examine, the whole level is full of little secrets and surprises. This level is DEFINITELY the best I have ever played, actually, the best I have ever EXPERIENCED, because this simply isn't a level, it's an experience and I wish everyone reading this to play the level and experience it too! Loch, I have played 2 of your levels before, but this, you have simply outdone yourself, I wish you never stop making levels, and I hope to see you make much more levels to come and give us much more experiences to feel, I want to thank you for this experience and please, never stop making levels, you are an artist." - LaraSpears (05-Sep-2021)
"Amazing and meditative level! I really liked the innovations that were added by the author. For the first time in a long time, I played with the sound on and enjoyed wonderful Buddhist reflections. I would like to say a special thank you for the opportunity to change the drawing distance - this is very useful I am glad that there are people in the community who are able to create something like this! This is incredible!" - ddaring_dash (03-Sep-2021)
"What is it that motivates me to keep playing? Levels like this. An instant classic in an unforgettable year. The puzzles are very varied and ingenious and the game has very modern and cinematic characteristics such as numerous lines of dialogue in real time, the high quality of the sound, the realistic animations, the "dreamlike events" the dynamic camera. Also, the ending is very epic, nostalgic and with some very touching moment. On the other hand, I miss a little more action. In sum, I hope there is a continuation with those very endearing characters. Highly recommended." - requiemsoul (01-Sep-2021)
"Loch is a genius. That was my first perception after an hour playing this wonderful level. And it was truly only the beginning. "Movement at the Monastery" is the best single-level release I've ever played. It has a lot of humor and shows the builders rich character and creativity throughout. For a single level, it is very thorough and complete, with diverse settings and challenges providing a lot of entertainment. The most mentally challenging parts are very cleverly made, and are a joy to solve! Visually and "mechanically", this is an accomplishment. The story is great and the original effects are mind-blowing and laugh out loud funny. Congratulations, dear Loch! Thank you so much for this wonderful level, one I've played many times and will play many more. There are tricky parts for beginners, for both the problem-solving and the platforming portions of the level, yet it should be fairly easy for seasoned raiders. And very much worth it! Small disclaimer: I was a beta-tester for this release." - MigMarado (01-Sep-2021)