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Create a Classic 2021 - The Wrecked Ship by PedroCroft_

BlackWolfTR 8 8 7 7
DJ Full 8 9 8 8
Jason L 7 7 6 6
JesseG 6 8 8 7
Jose 4 7 7 7
Kubsy 4 4 5 3
Lina La 8 8 9 7
manarch2 6 6 7 6
MigMarado 8 9 9 8
Mman 7 8 8 7
nad 8 8 9 8
Phil 8 7 7 7
Ryan 6 7 7 7
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 145

average rating: 7.10
review count: 13
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file size: 252.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Pirates

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not my kind of aesthetics, and broken in several places, but may still be the best of Pedro I've played so far." - DJ Full (15-Jan-2023)
"Again I can't give a 5 or more in the gameplay section 'cause I was not able to finish the level. Not due to the hard tasks (although sometimes there are very tricky jumps in the flipped room with the big pit where you place the coin, the corridors with the combined traps or the very short time to monkeyswing to the 4 jumpswitches avoiding the fire emitters, etc.) but only for a big bug the author didn't explain in the readme file: in the rooms with the big wooden beams I rotated the beams so they pointed to the central room with the blue pyramid, but when I went back there nothing happened; then I checked the walkthrough and I saw that when you return to that room once the wooden beams are in the correct position, a flyby of the bird plinth should be triggered so you can turn the bird, but in my game that flyby never appeared, and when I tried to use the bird-switch Lara always said "no", so I was forced to abandone. Anyway I think I've played almost the entire level, and it notices the big effort from the builder to create an ambicious adventure full of tasks and areas to explore, but Pedro must consider to fix all the important bugs first before releasing a long adventure like this. Perhaps he was in a hurry due to the contest, but this is not an excuse." - Jose (12-Jul-2022)
"This is a somewhat original theme, with a central setpiece of a large pirate ship in a tropical cave, and various ruins and crypts around it. The texturing and lighting is generally good, although the lighting is a bit flat at times, and texturing is slightly too eclectic occasionally, however, the way some areas are practically black-and-white is a nice touch to give a unique style to certain areas. Object use is also quite original and decent, although they seem slightly offset from where they should be at times.
The gameplay has quite a range of tasks, but it starts off a little awkward with a bunch of sneaky (jump)switches, but after you get going the challenges are more interesting. With a lot of exploration, Midas-esque fire pillars, water and a Chronicles style collapsing floor area. It's on the tricky side with lots of observation required and some nasty trap sequences. The sheer size can be an issue at one or two points, and it's easy to have to backtrack quite a bit if you miss something, plus one or two things are a little repetitive (like a monkeyswing flame-dodge repeated four times). A shootable puzzle also relies on colours to designate the correct targets, but the handling means the colours bleed together and make working out the correct ones tricky. There's also some bugs, including some inelegant "don't save here" messages that I feel could be handled a little better (given the modern engine used presumably has a function to temporarily disable saving in relevant areas?). A very ambitious release in terms of scope for the contest that trips over itself a bit as a result, but it's still has various interesting ideas and moments." - Mman (10-Apr-2022)
"In these levels Lara recovers a mask from a pirate ship abandoned in a large cave. It will become a nonlinear adventure for three star keys, which in turn leads to four gold keys to unlock the mask. The visuals are a mixed bag. Decorative objects are used effectively, and the cave area + ship look impressive, but the textures can be a bit odd in the side-areas - it feels like a lot of them had a gray-scale effect applied, as if to be a film noir level, but the colorful objects and lighting clash with that idea. I have a few gameplay issues to address so I will get those out of the way: The save issue plaguing the beginning of the game can be a pain, not only because it is such a large area but also because it also contains a timed fire run. I think the issue is caused by the level being too large, but it is already split into several joined levels so I'm surprised that it wasn't split up a bit further to prevent this issue. I found myself ducking through level jumps as "saving havens," but later realized you can in fact save in a good amount of the ship cave, just not in the part where the warning text keeps flashing at you, toward where the game started. There are some other bugs to watch out for which all revolve around those TRC black bird statues, thankfully not as bad if the player is aware ahead of time, but again could have been avoided if those things were simply removed in favor of other kinds of switches. Other issues include a pit Lara can enter but never leave, pushables that I don't think Lara is supposed to be able to move but sometimes can, and Lara starting to tightrope walk while monkeyswinging. The running jump didn't go unscathed either, somehow it got messed up so that Lara jumps earlier than usual. This forced me to wait until the last minute to carefully hit the jump button each time, because I was unable to do the usual "hop back once and then press run + jump" setup. With the technical issues out of the way, a few other things I weren't a fan of were the underwater mazes, lack of camera cues, the long-winded pushable puzzle, unmarked spike traps, and backtracking – sometimes forced, where Lara has to dodge the same traps several times (after shooting a crate on top of a barrel to open a door...?), sometimes caused by missing things like the revolver. On the flip side, I appreciated the aforementioned timed fire tile run, as well as most of the other trap gauntlets which can be quite challenging. I liked the obelisk puzzle, and the boss fight at the end was simple but still a nice final moment for the adventure. There are plenty of interesting moments in this adventure, so my impression isn't as negative as this review may make it seem, but I still feel more care could have gone into several areas. 2 hours 15 minutes." - JesseG (07-Feb-2022)
"This surprisingly lengthy (nearly 3 hours in game time in my case) turned out to be a rather mixed experience, but unfortunately the negative aspects are hard to ignore and it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it should have been. The pirate setting is quite charming in its own way and the greyish texture palette is... unique I suppose, but unfortunately the environments are quite crudely put together throughout and don't really provide much in the way of eye candy, thankfully it's not dark though. The object placements also come with collision issues which gave me no end of trouble, particularly with the palm trees and railings, but the enemy placement wasn't too shabby (nothing imaginative either though). Unfortunately, the gameplay is where it all fell flat in my opinion. While the trap sequences are nicely challenging and not too frustrating and the hub rooms nicely set up, the real kickers are the constant backtracking, long swimming sections and the unnecessary repetition of some of the tasks (the monkeyswing/jumpswitch section being the worst offender in this regard). The obelisk puzzle also seemed to be buggy when I tried to do it, and it only solved itself when I turned the first pillar away from its correct spot. Overall, a halfway decent entry into the contest, but also disappointing in some respects." - Ryan (08-Jan-2022)
"This level has its flaws, but I also found it rather fun to play for the most part. I wasn't able to save until fairly well into the game, forcing me to stay at it while writing a walkthrough for a longer stretch than usual, but after that I encountered no issues that could rightly be called bugs. The surroundings weren't particularly easy on the eyes, but everything was sufficiently lighted and I rarely felt the need to use a flare. And I might add here that, sure, builders should be receptive to the comments and suggestions of their beta testers, but the final decision is always the builder's for better or for worse. The gameplay here is complex and well-planned, and the time it takes to complete the level places it in the "long" category in my opinion. Also, there are some extended trap sequences and jumps that require considerable skill to conquer, leading me to select the "challenging" difficulty level. The wrecked ship actually plays a minor role in the game, as most of the action takes place inside the buildings scattered about the island and the underground area accessed by a trap door in the lake bottom. Still, it's a worthwhile raid despite the distractions mentioned above and in the earlier reviews, and I feel it deserves a rating somewhat higher than the current average scores." - Phil (06-Jan-2022)
"I had fun and went through both easy going calm moments and stressful jumps and traps. This level shows Pedro's evolution throughout these last few of his levels I've played.

There are plenty of technical mishaps: places where you cannot save/load, disappearing key elements, preferential order to challenges and puzzles, missing and poorly manipulated textures, and an overuse of the same motifs alongside some wallpapering.

There are also questionable issues with the setting. The story is confusing and very loosely based on Viking lore, yet the theme is mostly pirates, and mixed in with elements from other mythologies and cultures, such as Egyptian and Classical. It is not really classic in any way...

Still, I loved this level. You almost never get stuck, and everything moves along very quickly for such an enormous level. You get to admire many huge rooms, with mostly just enough gameplay to support their existence, and no need to spend hours and hours in each one.

This adventure took me three hours, and I found many parts to be beyond easy (most of the map and the enemies), yet some of the acrobatics and most traps were really unforgivably challenging. Perhaps even unfair at times (I could not avoid forced damage many, many times). There are underwater maze-like confusing passages as well...

Overall, I found this to be a charming level, filled with beautiful huge rooms and plenty of things to do, all of them clear from the start and straightforward without being obvious.

Congratulations, Pedro! Thank you for giving us this treat of a game. When you learn to give each level more time to work on technical issues, and to beta-test everything more thoroughly, you'll be a great builder. Mark my words!" - MigMarado (05-Jan-2022)
"This was actually the best level of the builder in my opinion, despite still existing issues. There are several interesting puzzles (the one where you have to shoot boxes down to create a path was particularly nice) and trap sequences in this game, all those blade and knife traps are good fun to deal with. However, there are also rather uninspired and/or repetitive tasks like the block puzzle that just takes wayyy too long to execute and the area with four long monkeyswings and jumpswitches also wasn't exactly inspired. Additionally, there are some bugs in this game which was also a bit disappointing. Enemies are not overly creatively used and placed, mostly you just shoot vikings or some enemies that just take a long time to kill which felt rather dull; the secrets were okay to find, especially the last one, but two in the same kind and in the same area is avoidable. The atmosphere works rather well, the contrast between the colourful and bright sandy areas and the grey halls has its certain charm, even if the lighting felt a little dull overall and some wallpaper effects are also present. The boss fight room at the end was especially amateurish in its design. Overall, a level not without its moments but too long-winded for its own good. Finished in 1:35 hours." - manarch2 (17-Dec-2021)
"This level is very different. Some textures are super annoying. For example sand near palms is too pointy. And it is just one of the examples. Also some puzzles require hints, like in the room with water and four jumping switches. Also I was not impressed by black and white design elements. It is sad to look at. The areas are huge and there are plenty to do. But it is difficult to understand what and at what point should you do. Although the idea of this TRLE is quite unique. It’s hardly a classic type of level. I think this level can be enjoyable if you like unusual levels. By the way Lara’s outfit is cute. I actually enjoyed the final fight in this game. It’s easy to see that the builder has potential to make incredibly creative levels. This level seems difficult but I would say that there are just simply lots of challenges that make you confused. I would recommend it for people who like unusual decisions in TRLEs." - Lina La (12-Dec-2021)
"Another level by Pedro, this time it's a Cac level entry which sets in a wrecked ship. I am not sure if that is classic but we will go for that. I am disappointed to say that I did not enjoy this level.

Gameplay & Puzzles: Gameplay consists of solving puzzles and pushing blocks. You have challenge rooms to do in order to get important items. However, it is very badly executed, some puzzles have serious bugs and soft locks that you can get to without knowing why, and please don't get me started on that very long pushable block (implementing this for a specific purpose is not an excuse). There are also puzzles that make no sense on how to solve and cause a soft lock if you do them wrong. There's a flashing text saying "Don't save/load or you got stuck forever" which is annoying and it's easy to fix as the rooms were out of 2D map bounds.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemies here are the vikings which are cool and also the roman gods from TRC which are unfortunately bugged because you can shoot him for 10 minutes or one-shot him with a shotgun or revolver. Objects are okay and secrets are hidden well.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is very dull with bare lighting and black and white textures (why?) which I did not enjoy personally. There are 3 audios mixed together as background audio which makes no sense, there are some sound cues to get you up in action however I found them not to be good for a particular situation. There's a lack of camera hints in most of the rooms.

Lighting & Textures: Texturing is basically white and black without any colour or contrast whatsoever and also the borders of some textures are yellow - part in the story apparently (??? makes no sense honestly). There's also a lot of cracks and stretched textures that can be easily fixed. The lighting is white and often flat in certain areas.

Summary: The story explains why the textures are white and black but again, for me this makes no sense and if the rooms weren't white and black then the level would be 10000 times better in my opinion. Again, listen to the feedback and useful tips by testers (and potentially builders) and don't ignore them. Sorry but I did not enjoy this level and can't recommend it." - Kubsy (07-Dec-2021)
"That's a level with pretty interesting setting. The idea for this is pretty creative and ambitious. I would give even higher ranks but unfortunately I found some issues which decrease quality of level. About the gameplay... I really liked it as it was much exploration focused; there was really huge area to explore and many side locations. I loved that there's no one path and you can choose order what will you do as you want. There were some really nice tasks, very clever ideas and nice puzzles such as: obelisk puzzle, target shooting puzzle and more. However I think in target shooting puzzle one of the targets could have been lighted more on green because it was confusing. However the bad point of the gameplay was that we couldn't save in some places as author was telling us while game. I found this pretty unproffesional and it wasn't even said where we can save again so this led to confusion. I would also point out the "dummy torch" which couldn't been ignited but other torches could have been and this was confusing and weird too. About the looks of the level... Well, texturization could have been almost perfect if not some mirrored textures and these ugly, annoying yellow lines at edges of some textures. This really was pretty ugly and was a bit annoying to watch at. Despite this, I think rooms had really good design and were almost perfectly decorated and detailed. Lighting was ok. It wasn't something really good nor bad. Some places in main cave could have been darker and more balanced in terms of brightness. I know the author wanted only to use white-black lighting style but, I don't really think that was necessary. I really liked the usage of soundtracks and ambient was also good and added atmosphere. Overally, this is pretty big and ambitious level with some really nice ideas, puzzles, exploration, platforming and with some rooms with really good design. But it has some significiant issues which decrease the quality of level unfortunately. But still I can recommend this level as it provides nice pack of fun!" - BlackWolfTR (29-Nov-2021)
"A very complex level that leaves nothing to be desired. There are a lot of tasks that you have to master. Some, especially the one in the water at the four jumplevers, are very challenging. With the many artifacts you have to collect, you often lose track of them. Also, sometimes the hints on how to continue are missing. At one point where the ground collapses, I needed a long time to understand how to get out of there. Since it is not easy even knowing how to do it, a hint could have been given here. Otherwise, the player is offered a lot. The area with the ship is well designed, which can also be said of the other areas, only they do not quite fit together. This is a great pity. I would have liked more of Pirates of the Caribbean flair. Still highly recommended." - nad (28-Nov-2021)
"Epic level with some pirates vibes. The geometry on those caves and beach were impressive, but the use of repetitive textures kinda ruined it... Also, there's a huge lack of color almost everywhere. Not sure if I got the point of author's idea for all those black and white textures. Still a fun level and I loved the final boss fight!" - Jason L (23-Nov-2021)