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The Biological Lab by Feder

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
carolinux 9 10 8 8
Crofti 7 8 9 9
DaroRaider 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
dragooncroft 6 7 9 10
eRIC 9 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
requiemsoul 7 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
SaadPak 10 10 10 10
Samu 8 9 10 10
Tolle87 8 10 10 9
Treeble 9 10 10 10
release date: 03-Jul-2023
# of downloads: 2055

average rating: 9.40
review count: 18
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file size: 73.30 MB
file type: TR3
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's somewhat funny that both TR3 and AOD are among my least favorite games in the entire series and yet this level, combining both of those games, had me engaged from start to finish. It's quite a step up from the AOD version in my opinion, and the level design makes great use of diagonal platforms. Most of the time you spend here is going after valves spread across the massive lab, then eventually you gain access to the reactor where your final showdown against Eckhardt will also have you going around the room for valves, but nevermind that. It's a very well rounded experience and at least one flamethrower guy up on the catwalks felt particularly devious. Plenty of supplies to get by and even though the gamma option is locked, I found the provided flares were more than enough for the few areas they were really necessary. Also appreciate the fact the author allows you to choose between saving crystals or standard healing crystals; in my case it was already set for the optimal version (ie. save as much as you want). Time for a walkthrough run now. 90 minutes. 09/23" - Treeble (01-Oct-2023)
"Admittedly, it's been a while since I've played Angel of Darkness but I do have a fairly decent recollection of the later greenhouse levels and as far as I can tell, this is a pretty faithful recreation, although not a straightforward carbon copy. The TR3 engine has been put to excellent use here, the environments look positively stunning throughout and I thought the lighting in a few areas was particularly effective, plus the enemies and objects bring the setting to life really well. Gameplay generally flows smoothly (although some backtracking is required) and does consist of a fair bit of button pushing, but there's some enjoyable trap sequences, timed runs, combat and the usual exploration, topped off with a pretty hair-raising boss fight. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (28-Aug-2023)
"This is a very pleasant and complex level. Despite the complexity, the gameplay is intuitive and consistent. It is quite difficult to get lost. I personally got lost once and I am a person who gets lost quite easily in complex levels. The gameplay contains a lot of platforming, backtracking and quite interesting ideas. There is a good use of some elements that were in the original TR3.

We will encounter a lot of enemies here, but their number is properly balanced. There is a good amount of med-kits and ammo. Personally, I didn't find any secrets, I'm not very good at exploration, but the level can be finished without finding them anyway.

Texturing and lighting is on point most of the time. I noticed a few deformed textures, it's not a big deal, as texturing is consistent for 99% of the level. Minor nitpicking of mine hehe

I'd say the level is medium difficulty wise but do-able for less experienced players.
Recommended for everyone!" - Mahetus (15-Aug-2023)
"Like all its other levels, this game is really great. Feder offers us a magnificent adventure with a mix of tr3, tr6 and steampunk. I'd say the difficulty is average for someone who's been playing trle levels for quite a few years, but the game may be a little difficult for beginners. The enemies in tr3 are really ideal for this type of game, as they remind me of the mutants I encountered in tr6 and startled me quite a bit. Another triumph for Feder with this magnificent adventure, and I hope to play another one very soon. Congratulations, Feder." - Bigfoot (15-Aug-2023)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this level, which draws inspiration heavily from TR AOD – Bio Research Facility levels. As usual in the levels by Feder, the environment looks amazing including beautiful texturing, lighting, and a great use of object (I liked the particularly the carnivorous plant enemy, which functions the same way as the snake from TR3 India levels). Although gameplay does offer enough entertainment for the relatively short duration of the level, it would benefit from more variety in my opinion. Most of the tasks involve fairly basic jumps to perform, enemies to shoot, and plenty of switches and items to find. Occasionally you will encounter some traps, such as the moving laser trap, or boxes that you have to move to specific locations to reach higher ground. Nevertheless, it is an excellent level, which is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a short and not too complicated level to play." - Samu (12-Aug-2023)
"Interesting AOD demake of Prague Lab/Biodome with TR3 engine. The timed underwater gate was annoying because very close, but beyond that the level was very fulfilling, occasionally challenging, especially the boss room with Eckhardt. Transforming the TR3 Cobra into a ravenous plant is ingeniously simple. Lara's face looks a bit weird. Well done!" - Crofti (04-Aug-2023)
"At a slightly disappointing level knowing the quality of this author. The challenges are very simple and little varied. The best of the level is the setting." - requiemsoul (01-Aug-2023)
"I've been wondering how better AoD would have been if they had made it with the classic engine and this is a glimpse of it. One of the rare good levels from AoD gets remade here and it works pretty good. Just like with the original, the majority of enjoyment comes from the surroundings themselves. Feder included some ideas to keep it fresh, but I have a feeling it could have been better, especially from this builder. The main task with five valves works great (although I'm not sure if the "quicksand" area has any hints) and the final boss is epic enough, but everything in-between relies on the interesting theme and on your relief that you don't have to deal with AoD control system from hell. All in all, although it's not spectacular, it manages to beat the original. I can only repeat what I said about Oasis - It's a high quality level without question, but I expected more elaborate gameplay from such a great builder." - Tolle87 (30-Jul-2023)
"I am usually blown away by Feder levels, but I felt this one was just a little underwhelming in gameplay and puzzles. The nods to many of the TR6 locations in Bio Research Facility were very nice to come across, and it was interesting to see how the TR3 engine could handle those concepts. It was also pleasant to have the range to explore the areas as you wish. However I felt most of the level involved traveling a short distance to press a button or turn a valve. There were also way too many health crystals; they could be avoided, but an option to turn them off completely would have been a nice challenge. The final room with Eckhardt(?) felt a little bizzare. I actually ended up going down the latter first (which is not what you are supposed to do) and having to either climb back up while mercilessly getting lazored, or reload a save. The lighting, textures, and atmosphere was well done. The enemies were oddly in white jumpsuits which didn't really fit well with the environment. It wasn't a bad level at all, but it has potential to be better in my opinion." - dragooncroft (23-Jul-2023)
"I can give my point of view from player and level designer. As a player I have absolutely no claim. It is a perfect level. The whole atmosphere is perfect, I would almost say with an unusually seen harmony. An AOD type level is perfectly recreated in an engine like the tr3, I think the lighting, the combination of textures and the soundtracks are decisive. It has a lot of exploration recreating the classic style and that is what I liked the most in itself. I played it in 3 days because I no longer have the stamina I had when I played it in my teens, and I also urge players not to get discouraged and be patient if they get stuck. It is a level that in each part amazes you more. As a designer: I really see the potential of the Tombeditor and woops patch combined. Put at the service of a designer as talented as Feder, it is a masterpiece without a doubt. Everything down to the last static has its just and correct lighting angle. Well done Feder!" - DaroRaider (17-Jul-2023)
"Although Im not fond of Base/Lab levels, this one was an exception. Space and atmosphere were up to the mark. Both, the type and placement of enemies, were reasonable. I mean what else one could expect to find at some lab other than mutant lizards & humans, poisonous flowers, and lab security? Thankfully there were no aliens or skeletons, except for the final boss who had this supernatural laser/electric power. Coming over to difficulty, the only part that took me multiple tries to clear was the timed gate underwater. That one part only took more tries than the final boss itself. Ammo & health packs were in abundant amounts, never fell short of them. Overall, level design was very well thought out." - SaadPak (15-Jul-2023)
"Another very high quality level from Feder, this time on the TR3 engine. The gameplay is very good with a mix of combat, parkour and some exploration. No real puzzles though. The progression feels good and the difficulty is medium. Really liked some ideas like the boss battle (we rarely see Sophia being used) or the toxic pool jumping. The design is a masterpiece. It's polished to the core. Everything looks good and atmospheric. Brilliant and diverse use of textures. The lighting is colouful and immersive. Great structure of rooms. Everything looks so lively and vibrant in this lab - the atmosphere is wonderful. The audio work makes it even more immersive. Loved the customizations as well. Overall, Feder as always pleases us with a high quality level. This is one of the best of its engine. Highly recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (11-Jul-2023)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this remake (is this a remake I don't know of?), well, remake or not, for the intense TR3 feel it offers. It's not too easy nor too difficult, and it's quite imaginative and faithfull to its roots, with plenty of enemies (plants included), many among them poisonous, traps, exploration, platforming, swimming and a few puzzles. It's very fluid and the atmosphere is spot on. I can't remember whether I found any secrets or not, as they don't show in the final statistics, but I think I have. Despite all of the enemies, you're never in dire straits because there are plenty of medipacks and health crystals scattered nearby. I had to scratch my head a bit to defeat the final boss, but I finally found out how it was done. Clearly recommended both for TR3 lovers and for everyone else." - Jorge22 (08-Jul-2023)
"A Top notch level by Feder , who never ceases to surprise us with his releases that capture well the spirit of Tomb Raider and with a good balance of the difficulty. This one will evocate a bit of different worlds of the TR3 official game mixed with other textures that fit right into the scenery. The atmosphere is great and gameplay exciting , only in the ending section the gameplay is a bit less interesting but at the same time the atmosphere was even better. Special mention to the intelligent use of cameras and use of some objects , without forgetting the enemies. Excellent !" - eRIC (08-Jul-2023)
"This was a fun level with challenging enemies, as Lara makes here way through a heavily guarded lab. I ended up using different weapons per different enemies. It has some scary parts and tricky jumps. One particular timed run I felt was too tight. It's my first level by this builder, and won't be the last." - carolinux (07-Jul-2023)
"This is a take on the Bio Lab section of Angel of Darkness in Tomb Raider 3. While the concept is somewhat of a remake, the actual design has very little in common, and the combination of AOD, TR3 and BTB Steampunk textures go together well to make it a unique take on the theme it's going for, and the lighting is also varied and interesting throughout. The object use is also great with plenty of creative object use to support the theme. The gameplay is mostly not too tough, but it rises in difficulty with some tricky moments later, and there is quite a bit of combat with enemies that can Poison or set you on Fire. There are a generous amount of save/heal crystals given, and I realised after that I was supposed to play with limited saves (which it seems very reasonably designed for) and had set it up "wrong". It starts off quite linear, but it opens up for the main segment where you need to find various valves throughout a large area, with various challenges blocking them off, along with plenty to explore along the way. It ends in a nicely executed boss fight to cap it off as well, although the actual end after is a little abrupt feeling. A consistently enjoyable level with very few issues, although it does feel a bit detached story-wise, like it was supposed to be attached to one or two more levels that lead into it." - Mman (07-Jul-2023)
"One bad thing is falling into the water results in a double trek through the map. Otherwise technically flawless, artistically pleasing and gamingly fulfilling - possibly as good as a remake can go." - DJ Full (06-Jul-2023)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • After the boss fight, Lara started swimming in a now flooded chamber, but only part of it was water, blocking Lara from swimming down to the entrance that opened up. After reloading a save I was able to progress when the room stayed dry the second time.
  • From the smokey green fumes to the enemies breaking out of test tubes, the atmosphere impeccably mirrors the vibes from the source material in Angel of Darkness.
  • Spiked walls, timed platforms, and flames are just some of the obstacles Lara must contend with, making sure the adventure never gets boring.
  • In addition there are a variety of enemies that blend nicely into the setting, most of which can poison or burn Lara. This provides a nice challenge, but not too much so, as the health crystals can fix Lara right up (in fact I ended up not using any medpacks).
  • The boss fight at the end was sufficiently difficult and engaging as Lara makes her way to open three valves.
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 9.5/10" - JesseG (05-Jul-2023)