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The Last Plague 2 - In the Mountain of Madness (Full) by DHermogenes

CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
JesseG 8 9 10 10
nad 8 9 10 10
Roberto 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 10 10
Samu 9 9 9 9
release date: 15-Sep-2023
# of downloads: 1996

average rating: 9.43
review count: 7
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file size: 774.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another typically high-octane adventure from this builder, but I'd expect nothing less at this point. You get more action than you could ever wish for in this lengthy game, including leveraging Lara's "new" moves, a decent bit of timed action, nicely clued pushable puzzles, traps of all combinations and a fair bit of combat with some varied enemies (that do tend to gang up on you at times). It's visually refreshing from start to finish, with some welcome changes of scenery throughout and the dark spots are easily remedied thanks to Lara's PLS. The secret quests are a great addition to and well worth searching out. However, the gameplay does occasionally over-reach itself where difficulty is concerned. The "running against gusts of wind" sequences were far too finicky (particularly in the escape sequence with dragons, no less!), the backtracking was a bit arduous at times and the collision of the traps was a bit wonky and often led to annoying reloads. But overall, if you're up for a challenging, action-packed adventure this is one for you. I finished with overall positive vibes." - Ryan (08-Feb-2024)
"This custom is incredible and ends up to be the end of an incredible adventure (The Plague Saga – 1/2). Diogo is an unmistakable creator with his own style, which is, in many ways, very different from the traditional/classic designer, (in my opinion, he brought a very different approach if we consider the concepts of the game with regard to the combination of several of the provided aspects: combat, inventory management, resources, puzzles, precise movements, complex sequences that require planning, a careful and thoughtful approach if you want to manage correct progress and achievements through all the game spaces). It has its own and unique way of building the narrative, creating rooms, atmosphere and enemies, to provide complex but fair challenges, situations, and to develop very rich and unique scenarios and environments when it comes to planning the universe of each TR adventures. TLP2 by Diogo is just amazing !!! There are no words to describe the satisfaction of playing this custom (any custom from Diogo) AND FINISHING IT!!! And, BE SURE, this one MUST BE PLAYED!!! The pleasure is indescribable!!! (10/10 in all categories). [The demo version was clearly more complex and difficult to perform!! Final Version is more balanced]. THIS IS, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, A MASTERPIECE, (To be fair, nothing less than Hall of Fame). If you look to Diogo’s root since « Amanda », it is clear you are facing someone who knows what it does and knows how to improve and go beyond you can get with professionals from the video games industry. For sure, TLP2 is more an experience than a game, and this is why the 10 grade system is clearly short for this one !!! I also have to say, the music is well selected and creates the right environment, despite sometimes the excessive power put in it, (anyway, for myself, i loved it). Almost 6 Hours (in continuous terms) of inestimable value spend in this game!!! Thank you Diogo!!!!! As i said before, this author has genius, inspiration and a lot of talent... I just hope to see him in more (and more, and many more….) projects!!! Extremely Recomended!!!" - CalrOsario (11-Jan-2024)
"An experience more than a game, this one feels a bit more balanced than Part 1 - or am I comparing to Goodbye Amanda now, I swear all memories get mixed up... After you pass the action prologue you can find a bit of difficulty curve in this game made of varied gameplay types, and there's even a chill Tibetan moment before all hell breaks loose. The levelset could benefit from one or two more days of fixing, since there are visual imperfections and the final bossfight breaks if explosives are used, so the point of getting them as a bonus is lost (it's btw the third bossfight which breaks for such reason so I think somebody should investigate what's going on). Recommended." - DJ Full (24-Oct-2023)
"Reviewing a masterpiece becomes reductive, if we have to give only a numerical evaluation. I believe that in this case, there would be a need to increase the grade,adding a Honors above 10, as is done for the degree thesis.
Well this The Last Plague 2, in my opinion as a player, betatester,from 1996 ,is a level to undoubtedly be included in the Hall of Fame 2023.
The subject and story of the level are absolutely perfect. The technical mastery and constructive ability of DHermogenes emerge greatly. You are enchanted by the expertly constructed environments. Very detailed with valuable visual solutions, as in the room where we use the magic dagger. Marvel at the puzzles and realism of reproducing the wind, the sandstorm or the conditions of survival in freezing environments. The game difficulties are sometimes great, but doable. And the satisfaction of having overcome them is always high. Practically all the actions that Lara can do in a level are used, with jumps at the limits of the human. Excellent puzzles with the flashlight and the use of the viewfinder in search of artifacts to shoot, for example on the roofs.
The enemies appear well blended with the plot and environments rarely fail to fulfill their task of attacking Lara. The flying vampires, the bosses and the fire spirits are great and put us to the test despite having a sufficient number of weapons and ammunition at our disposal. The use of the Exalibur sword is fantastic, with the paralyzing ammunition and then the energy or vampirising ones.The use of Narmer's dagger is unexpected and technically valuable, putting the game in ESC to use it, and which allows impossible jumps, changing environment (dimension) on the fly! The use of videos and cameras is absolutely professional. The search for objects, keys, artifacts is beautiful. Paired with 13 secrets that are the reward for attempting certain Lara's athletic stunts. Then the search for the three Easter Egg squares, is another icing on the cake of the level. A great satisfaction to go and get them. In one case that of the Ester Egg Dogget was very difficult. Since taking them didn't give a bonus, this difficulty shouldn't be taken into account. The mythical fox that protects us and gives us life, during a fight against a series of bosses. The large environments with many platforms, some of which in adverse environmental conditions combined with boss battles, are very adrenaline-filled.It would take at least 20 pages to describe in detail the playing this masterpiece. In the ending we have to face in a sandstorm, with fire-breathing dragons, the braziers that attract the flames give us a hand, in case we arrive on fire. The secret is to memorize the actual steps and try not to stop Lara on the blocks that allow the jump. Everything is very well packaged in a film script. The actual hours of gameplay are at least ten, considering the exploration and attempts to pass the obstacles. For me it deserves the best in all parameters. Download it and play it even if it takes you months to finish. We look forward to the next level of DHermogenes with great interest." - Roberto (16-Oct-2023)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • The fourth flame creature never spawned for me in the central chamber of Nega Temple and I was softlocked. Thankfully I could use the level skip cheat to proceed after lighting three of the flames - this is why my play time is designated with an asterisk.
  • There is a trapdoor in the floor of a pool in Monastery of Time, take care not to swim through it while it is closed because it has collision from the bottom side.
  • There is a lot of backtracking, but on top of that there are many times that these backtracking routes have active traps, and these become that much more punishing if the player misses something. For example in Ryu Temple, there are blade traps on steps that Lara must pass by several times, first to raise a trapdoor for a jumpswitch, second to exit onto a rooftop, but it could be a third time if the player missed a shootable target across the way - that means getting past the same blades five times.
  • There are also several times traps lead to a dead-end with a lock that the player doesn't yet have the key for. Traps should be reserved for areas that the player only needs to traverse once, maybe twice.
  • A minor quibble, the low health beeping sound can get irritating after a while. I'm one of those players that runs around with low health and trying not to heal for long stretches of time, so I heard it a lot. Although I did appreciate the heads up in those moments where Lara's health drains from cold weather.
  • I'll admit I didn't always follow what was happening in the story, but I appreciate all the effort put into world building between the cutscenes and text prompts (you will get most of this extra info through finding secrets) and it added to the excitment of the adventure.
  • I mentioned traps up above, there are quite a few of them to contend with and I enjoyed them, when they fell outside of my above critiques. There is a large variety from spikes to rolling blades and teeth doors.
  • In addition there is a very large amount of combat. Many different kinds of enemies gang up on Lara, and there are also several boss fights, sometimes with gusts of wind or the cold air threatning Lara at the same time. It will require dexterity from the player, but the inventory shouldn't be an issue - plenty of ammo and medpacks can be found on the ground for those who look carefully.
  • There aren't a large amount of puzzles but I enjoyed the ones that were there. In one chamber Lara will need to figure out which underwater switches to pull to lower columns, and in another she will look for clues to locate hidden switches.
  • Each level is visually impressive. Lara will explore large and enticing temples and outdoor areas. Texturing and lighting are near flawless, and dark areas won't impede players much thanks to the built-in flashlight that Lara has on her.
Time: 5 hours 44 minutes* | Difficulty: Very Hard | Rating: 9.25/10" - JesseG (13-Oct-2023)
"This is an action-packed and fairly long level set where you visit several visually beautiful locations in different parts of the world. Gameplaywise, challenging platforming sections combined with inventively used traps are some of the most abundant tasks throughout the game. I particularly liked the use of wind and water currents to make obstacle avoidance more difficult, and the tasks in the beginning, where you have to constantly seek fire to prevent Lara from freezing to death. I also enjoyed the boss fights, which involve a certain amount of strategy forcing you to think a little bit how to defeat the bosses rather than just mindlessly shooting bullets at them. Some of these fights may require you to spend tons of ammo and medipacks, especially the last battle where your health is constantly draining. Luckily, you will find plenty of resources if you explore the levels carefully. Puzzles are quite easy and scarce, which I didn’t mind, since the platforming sections and battles kept me engaged. There are some situations in the game where you may arrive to a new location and realize that you are missing an item you need, which forces you to do somewhat tedious backtracking at times. These moments are, however, quite infrequent, so they weren’t such a big problem for me. I found a one softlock in Monastery of Time level, in the corridor which contains a spinning wheel trap from TR2/TR3. If you save and reload after the wheel has been triggered, the position of the wheel may change, which prevents you from bypassing it. This happened to me, so I had to reload an earlier save and make my way back to where I was. To conclude, I strongly recommend this level set for players who enjoy action-oriented and challenging gameplay." - Samu (04-Oct-2023)
"Actually, this game should be given top marks in all categories, were it not for some parts that can be very frustrating for some players. In particular, running against the wind and across the various platforms where the camera changes at some points was very frustrating for me in the demo. This time it was much easier, since I knew the way, only there were hardly any pickups and only the pistols which is quite monotonous. The same awaits the player at the end of the game where you have to run against a very strong sandstorm and through several fire dragons and complete some jumps over slopes. Here it is purely a matter of luck whether Lara catches fire or not. But you only have to do this run if you want to see the beautifully but quite simply designed ending, because the game ends here. In all other parts, however, I can only recommend the game over long distances, as it offers a lot of what you expect from a custom level. There are very nicely designed areas and rooms, a lot to explore and discover, a lot of platforming, the enemies were easy to defeat and the search for the secrets and especially for the easter eggs was a lot of fun. There are many tasks to complete, but hardly any puzzles worth mentioning. However, there are some actions that are very challenging, such as the swimming action against the current, or the chain and swing bar action through the spiked walls. There are several boss fights waiting for the player. Some are challenging and some not. One or the other could have been made shorter. However, this is purely a matter of taste. The background music adapts well to the tasks and the areas. All in all, a successful game." - nad (22-Sep-2023)