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BtB2024 - Mystery of the Dark Pyramid by BtB 2024

BlackWolfTR 7 9 9 10
Feats 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Teone 7 8 8 9
release date: 01-Jul-2024
# of downloads: 111

average rating: 9.25
review count: 6
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file size: 420.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I need to announce right out of the gate that, with everything else going on in life these days, I won't be able to play and review all of these 2024 BtB levels in time to participate in the competition. For no particular reason other than its brevity I happening to pick this one to begin with, and I must say that I was impressed with its professional execution. There are four relatively short segments, the second one of which would best qualify as a stand-alone level, but as a unit they provide an engaging and relatively challenging raid. The surroundings are aesthetically pleasing throughout, the six secrets are bunched together in the first two levels and the enemies are thoughtfully placed and spaced. Although you acquire a bunch of explosive arrows along the way, the crossbow doesn't become available until the very end, presumably to allow the player more flexibility to deal with Seth. I had carefully stockpiled my revolver ammo, however, so I didn't really need the bow at all. That's an observation, not a criticism. If the other BtB levels are as competent as this one, I'm in for a very pleasant playing experience indeed. High Recommendations." - Phil (12-Jul-2024)
"This year's Back to Basics event (now aptly named Beyond the Basics to reflect the progress made with TRNG and the like) has been a long time coming and this, my first review of the competition, is a great way to kick things off. The quality is excellent. The sceneries are stunning, the objects are brilliant and the gameplay enjoyable throughout. It progresses nicely from the village to the temple, through the underground caves to the final boss. Admittedly, there's nothing inordinately difficult to accomplish (aside from the rising/falling platform sequences which probably will take a few attempts), even the timed runs are relatively gentle. Still, there's sufficient variation in the gameplay and the enemies are a great addition. A great start to proceedings." - Ryan (12-Jul-2024)
"This game consists of 4 short levels. Gameplay is engaging and enjoyable but I feel like it misses something more exciting? The first level is a quite big area but we barely do anything there. I wish it was more elaborate. The game mainly focuses on parkour, combat and collecting different items. Not many puzzles. Design-wise, it's very good. The lighting, textures and architecture are all spot-on. Nothing more to say. The game is enjoyable and visually very pleasant. Recommended." - BlackWolfTR (09-Jul-2024)
"This game consists of 4 levels but they are relatively short, infact the total time of my gameplay was less than two hours. I think it's a good game but it didn't excite me that much. The most interesting part for me was the second level both for design and for gameplay. The third level is the shortest and it's quite odd with those upside down pyramids. The last level is well designed but it's mostly based on a levers puzzle and since I didn't find any hints to solve it (ok, for the door above there's a camera hint on a tile) I had to proceed with trial and error method." - Teone (07-Jul-2024)
"What an absolute joy to play this level set was! 4 levels in this one and while they're not all that long they do give a sense of adventure and each provides a unique set of aesthetics & challenges to overcome. This level in my eyes is gonna take some beating in terms of fun to play factor, but the standard of the competition seems high, so if there's any levels left to play that a re better than this one all the better. Could not recommend this level set enough! If all 11's were an option this release would get it!" - Feats (06-Jul-2024)
  • The well-constructed outdoor areas are sprawling with all sorts of ruins and other places to explore, and the large underground cavern has a deep and colorful aesthetic. Overall, flawless visuals.
  • A couple of nice puzzles are included, my favorite being the chamber with switches controlling the flames.
  • There is also a good variety of enemies as the adventure progresses, showcasing several "boss fights" toward the end.
  • A good amount of moving platforms, traps, and timed runs will add to the adrenaline, although I think the gameplay will be approachable to most players.
Time: 1 hour 32 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 9.75/10 - Excellent" - JesseG (05-Jul-2024)