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BtB2024 - The Secret of the Sphinx by BtB 2024

billie2001 8 9 9 9
BlackWolfTR 7 8 8 8
release date: 01-Jul-2024
# of downloads: 124

average rating: 8.25
review count: 2
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file size: 277.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A very solid and quite short level. The gameplay is not difficult and quite basic at times but still good. It's hard to get lost here as the layout of the level is very clear. I feel like some areas have more potential and could include some more gameplay (for example the beginning). The main part of the level is set in a square room with multiple paths which can be done in any order. These paths lead to different tasks and puzzles. The puzzles are clever. I especially liked the part with the moving targets and Desert Eagle. I wish some more traps and parkour had been implemented though. Also I feel like the boss battle is pretty underwhelming. I think it should be more elaborate. The visuals are good but not the best. The textures are well-placed but the lighting is kind of pale. Maybe some contrast or more colors would make it better. The architecture and layout of the level is, as I said earlier, simple and very clear but certainly not bad. All in all, this is a decent and very enjoyable game. Recommended." - BlackWolfTR (08-Jul-2024)
"This one looks quite different than the rest. In a good way. After a starting area, we arrive at a big hub room with many doors to open and different tasks to perform in each room. A good variety of tasks, most of them entertaining. I didn't like the tightropes (3 of them) which were set to an unnecessary amount of difficulty. Not hard really, just annoying. The target shooting though was above the average difficulty of the whole level. Took me quite a while to figure out what I was supposed to do and how to do it, but doable anyway. All in all I had a great time here." - billie2001 (07-Jul-2024)