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House Party by TiZook

alan 5 6 7 7
CC 5 3 6 5
Ceamonks890 5 5 5 6
Dimpfelmoser 4 3 5 5
Gerty 8 6 7 7
Jay 6 6 8 7
Jerry 4 5 6 5
John 6 5 7 7
Jose 4 5 6 7
Kristina 8 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 7 6 6
Phil 7 7 8 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 9
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Sash 9 7 8 9
Scottie 3 5 6 4
Torry 9 9 8 9
Treeble 6 6 7 6
Yoav 8 7 8 7
release date: 19-Mar-2001
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 6.40
review count: 20
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file size: 18.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Parts of this level i really loved and parts i just found frustrating or irritating because of a lack of camera hints, i mean its fine if you have a walkthrough you wanna use from the start but i like to try and explore and complete the level myself, but just couldnt with this one, i ended up in a area with the motorbike that i couldnt get out of with it and then i just got totally lost for so long and kept drowning, i had to reload a previous save and use a walkthrough to complete. its not a house level really, your going in and out of buildings and outdoor areas (some of them looked lovely) exploring around finding switches, raising blocks, opening doors and finding items to progress but its not just running around, theres climbing, swimming, monkey climbing, using the bike to break into new areas, theres even a pool to drain and a target thing to shoot in order to progress but what i liked the most was the room with toxic water and having to jump climb and slide to get to the middle section very good! it turns out you can exit the level very early on the motorbike actually but i recommend finishing the level properly using the walkthrough as theres some fun gameplay ahead if you dont get frustrated to easily" - John (15-Aug-2021)
"This ancient level betrays all the errors of its era: invisible blocks in front of doors;rushed texturing;avoidable bugs (a rope instead of a ladder);and no beta-testing.In this latter instance,I drove a motorbike to places I wasn't ever intended to have taken it - resulting in a complete impasse at the very end of the level,when I was unable to get the motorbike back out again for a necessary jump to the Finish Trigger. In other areas,it's actually been neatly designed;with a pleasing inter-connectivity to the map,and a series of interesting but generally undemanding challenges (including a lava room circumnavigation,which must have seemed pretty demonic back in the day;but which has since become standard gameplay). Enemies are entertainingly placed,and cameras are occasionally helpful - but this is a 'play with Walkthrough at hand' level.Otherwise,like me,you're likely to come a cropper." - Orbit Dream (06-Mar-2019)
"This is a pretty basic level by today's standards. There's nothing really bad, nothing really good either. It's just a bit average in every respect. You spend a lot of time searching for floor levers, swimming and exploring different houses, but overall the gameplay is mostly simple, aside from the crashes to the desktop upon every reload (always annoying), a rather odd rope swinging sequence (that I got through simply by swinging and grabbing the edge) and the possibility of ending the level too soon, which might leave you wondering what else needs to be done. You get a bit of fun on the motorbike and the surroundings are all right for what they are, but overall it was a bit too bland for my liking." - Ryan (14-Aug-2018)
"Misleading title notwithstanding, I find this level to be pretty middle-of-the-road in quality(even by the standards of the era it originally came out in). And while the mixed variation of textures from TR2 & TR3 help to better distinguish this release from other levels made in 2001, it doesn't alleviate the overall tedium of the experience and generally unconvincing atmosphere. Gameplay is the biggest offender of all, as you find yourself scouring the environment for that one switch required to proceed onward, in-between a few mildly inconvenient enemy encounters and traversal within several too dark spaces(until you realize that ya can cheapen the entire level altogether, by getting on a motorbike and pass through a trapdoor to get to the end trigger, without so much as a problem). Between this glaring oversight & the consistent crash to desktop issue, it appears the builder wasn't very thorough in his beta testing. So in conclusion, not a terrible level. But not necessarily one I'd personally recommend." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"I was expecting a party in Lara's home with balloons, music and all that. But since this level hasn't anything of that, then you could consider this simply as a Venice level. There are many jump switches and levers to pull to open several doors. I found that once you find the bike you can just drive it through the long and dark passage, up the ramps, breaking the shatterable doors and getting to the finish trigger (which makes the game to crash). But I decided to replay it and complete it the legal way. Textures are the best of this level; I found some outdoor places to be nice with the trees, water and flowers, but there could be more varied lighting and not just dark in some areas. There are some nice camera angles while Lara does certain things; sometimes a camera will show you what happened when you pull a lever, and others not. I found 2 secrets in this level, one of them was behind a timed door which I discovered later; it's in the room above the underwater maze." - alan (02-Feb-2018)
"This level is long and complex. Sometimes you get camera shots when pulling levers/switches but another times you must figure out where to go. When I ran with the bike through solid trapdoors I knew it wouldn't be a good level. Also I had to cheat in the room with the rope. There are several flipmaps once in a while, filling or drying rooms, but the level got me boring 'cause the high number of floor levers and jumpswitches to open too many doors; well, and shoot a couple of blue balls too. The best is the texturization and the lights, but the remaining features were not entertaining for me except the gymnastics in the lava room near the end (what happened when you raised the block and pulled the jumpswitch here? Of course, visit the walkthrough again). Not recommended." - Jose (09-Jun-2015)
"Regarding the title of this level I expected a house level, but it's taking place in a village instead. The builder seems to be fond of fixed cams. Unfortunately I don't share his likings. In contrast to this he was quite stingy giving camera hints that would have been more useful. The bike can be driven through solid grates and there are invisible blocks in front of some doors. Besides I had crashes to desktop each time I tried reloading a savegame and I had to start the game from the start menue instead. Gameplay-wise there could have been more potential in this village setting to make the game more interesting, but unfortunately it is only running to and fro to find the next switch (aside from one room near the end where some jumping skills are required). The village was nice although texturing was rather carelessly done and lighting too dark in many spots." - Jerry (15-Aug-2009)
"This level has nothing to do with a party. Lara is in Venice and must open just many doors. If all doors are open, she can drive with the motorcycle to the level end. Sometimes a few SAS-Soldiers tick off Lara. The level is well built and textured. However, this level is a bit dull. coz one has nothing do, except looking after levers." - Scottie (20-Apr-2009)
"As Phil points out, there's no loadcam set in the scripts, so you're thrown back to the desktop upon every reload. It's just unnaceptable especially since you can get yourself stuck in a lot of situations without being able to return (I managed to crawl in the crowbar doors that should be flooded and I also rode the bike through there just to reach a place where I'd become irreversibly stuck). Eventually followed a few steps on the walkthrough to get me going on the right direction and figuring out what each lever/jumpswitch did (lots of them and lots of doors). After retrieving the gauntlets, you're ready to leave. It's a fun level, despite the fact it really should have been tested thorough. I liked the blue outfit, though. 45 minutes. 02/07" - Treeble (24-Feb-2007)
"I played this as a diversion from Reign of Chaos, Wrath of Thor and Omegapolis and for the purpose of writing the walkthrough. I was able to complete it without having to ask for help, but I'm rather surprised that none of the other reviews mention two rather significant bugs that I encountered and documented in the walkthrough. Either dying or attempting to reload from a savegame will cause a crash to the desktop. Also, Lara wouldn't back flip from the rope, so I had to use DOZY to get up a shaft. But aside from these distractions, the level was quite fun. Like other reviewers, I discovered the early exit with the motorbike, but that would rob you of all the later fun. There was a particularly tough lava room near the end where you have to use slopes and ladders to jump and shimmy all the way around and finally jump to a central structure, and there's no place to stop and rest along the way. I remember a door or two that never opened, and which perhaps concealed one or more secrets that I missed (I found one). Not many enemies in this one, bats mainly. (I never met the underwater SAS mentioned in one of the reviews.) Not one of your classics, but a pleasant way to spend an hour." - Phil (14-Oct-2005)
"House levels are always interesting and this level keeps on high reasonable of puzzles and gameplay there's motorbike and soldiers enjoyed to play this level." - Yoav (11-Dec-2003)
"I don't get this. This started out very well. In a street beside a canal-like water hole and all very Venice looking and it took a little while to figure out how to get out of that street. In actual fact the fixed camera 'shows' you the way. It gets a little odd once you get through the crawlspace above this water. Nice gardens with buildings. But it all got a little barmy with the floor levers in the oddest places textures all over the place invisible walls useless camera shots and I finished the level very quickly after the bike fell through a trapdoor. I just knew there were other doors to open so back I went to replay it. I suppose getting the armour was the goal but what a roundabout way of doing it. I did however like the room where you get the two armour parts and all the climbing and jumping sequence and the hopping about on the trees. After that I thought it was all just thrown together any old how. I'm amazed at myself because usually I love Venice type levels. Actually this is more like a coastal level with a bit of interior house scouring. It's not a bad level at all. I didn't personally like it but that's not to say that others wont." - CC (27-Nov-2003)
"This is not at all what I was expecting from the title. There are mansion textures and features knocking about but what the level most resembles is a Venice setting. It's a nice basic bit of raiding in and around small houses and grounds rummaging around in attics delving into cellars or caves exploring a dear little tree house with a bit of swimming and motorcycle riding thrown in for good measure. Not a demanding level but not without entertainment value either. Guards and dogs for enemies and those damn bats for irritation value. I only found one secret. 27.09.2003" - Jay (27-Sep-2003)
"What a strange level! It is good I liked it but a few things are a little confusing. There are many houses with greenery and pools around you will explore the underground and inside every house searching for levers and jump switches. The enemies are few SAS a dog and many bats. The cameras are helpful when needed but one was totally useless because the switch open a door next to it. I liked the way the author created the level so that you have to go through all the houses to eventually be able to drive the bike to the second area and finish. The leafs on the trees look a little weird a bit square but we all know it's difficult to create good trees. I wasn't able to open a door that looked like it had to open from the other side and with the crowbar at the last big area and I think is linked with the trapdoor under the tree. You can easily climbed on the tree though and crawl inside so I finished without opening those two. I found one secret and finished in an hour." - Kristina (14-Sep-2003)
"This was a surprise as I expected just another house level but this was more than that. To get started is a bit difficult as the camera angles do prevent you from seeing properly but once you 'see' you're on your way. It is a lot of levers to pull or jump and you also need the crowbar but then all doors open. There are some flybys when needed. Lots of running swimming some climbing and every now and then there are the SAS men and their dogs. You also get pestered by some bats. The tree house was great to see though. The read-me file was a great help so do read that. Found 1 secret. 15-12-2002" - Gerty (22-Dec-2002)
"Like a lot of other levels the main puzzle here is the flip a lever and open a gate door or whatever as well as a little target shooting but because of the wonderful look of this level which is set in and around a large house and its gardens and the intricate path that winds through practically every nook and cranny of the environment I absolutely loved it. There aren't many enemies in this 70 minutes level but for some reason there is always tension in the air that at any minute a SAS trooper will come jumping out from behind something and progression although quite steady had me stumped a couple of times especially once when after being stuck a while I had to go against my better judgment and take a leap of faith into an obviously deadly situation but luckily it paid off. So if like me you're a little bored of the same old Croft mansion and you want to explore a brand new house then this is definitely the one for you." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Well on the one hand this is a real nice 70 minutes adventure in and around a house which thankfully has nothing to do with Lara's mansion. You get well over a dozen levers to handle many bats and a few SAS to kill and the crowbar and crawlspaces play an important role. On the other hand a lever often does two things and you don't know which you easily see the 'end of the world' and hit an invisible ceiling there are smaller bugs (like invisible door blocks) often unnecessarily dark corners and the inside areas are quite bland and uninteresting. I did like the good use of camera angles and the lava room (make sure you do read the readme file!) with a good jump and climb sequence. There is unfortunately a bug that actually allows you to finish the level quickly as you can drop and drive the bike through two closed doors and exit the level after only a few minutes. Ok it is an older level but with some error fixing it could certainly a better one than it is. Oh found one secret just return to the pool near the start." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level took me forever to get past the start. It is tough but once you know what to do it is childishly simple. Don't go looking for things that simply are not there LOL. I loved the new treatment of the Croft Estate. Well worth the download." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"From the title of this level I was expecting yet another remake of Lara's mansion and was pleasantly surprised to find an entirely different mansion set on some very extensive grounds. Exploring the Venice like environment I was impressed by the constant changing in surroundings. One moment I was in a dark underground tunnel and the next I was in a spacious outdoor garden complete with a flowing river and waterfall and a treehouse I would love to have in my backyard. There are lots of places to explore and plenty of opportunity to do so as you search for the next switch or lever to open up the next area. There are both easy puzzles solved by just careful observation and a few flares and more difficult ones including one where a few difficult jumps and twists are required and a room that unexpectedly changes halfway through which I only discovered by accident. A fun level with surprises sprinkled throughout and an interesting way to use the motorbike near the end." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"8.5 for this lever lunacy? You must be joking! When I think about all the great levels that I played which are rated 8.2 or lower it just leaves me lost for words and brings tears into my eyes. Ok we should give the author credit for creating something new non-Egypt but that's the only positive thing I can say about this level. At the start you have to locate a crawlspace jumpswitch and a door which takes some looking around because of the fixed camera angles but after that it's just run and swim from lever to lever. Did I mention the SAS Guards (one of them underwater) that are placed without any concept? There are some invisible barriers (unintentional I think) the sky is so low that you bump your head when you climb onto the trees and there is a gate that's a one way walk- and see-through. I know it's tough to build a home with the designs and crude shapes you get they do look better in big ancient tombs and rocky canyons but here the author hasn't even bothered to furnish the rooms. The textures are a bit on the plain side and the colours don't mix very well thus creating the common amateurish Custom Level atmosphere. Oh yes I guess I didn't finish the game properly cause after 70 minutes a lever threw me back onto the desktop. Come to think of it that was kind of positive as well." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)