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Tutorial City by justin

Akcy 7 6 6 8
alan 6 6 8 8
Bex 8 8 9 9
Boris 6 7 8 8
CC 7 6 7 7
Cory 5 7 8 8
Cuqui 9 9 9 9
Dick 5 5 5 5
Dimpfelmoser 6 7 9 9
eRIC 6 8 8 6
eTux 5 7 7 9
G.Croft 5 4 5 4
Gerty 5 7 8 8
gfd 7 8 9 9
Jason 7 7 7 10
JesseG 6 9 8 7
Jose 7 8 7 9
Kristina 4 6 8 8
Lady Lara 6 6 8 9
Leeth 4 6 5 5
Magnus 5 6 8 8
MichaelP 6 7 7 7
Mman 4 5 4 4
Navi 8 7 7 9
Nomad 6 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 5 6 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Samu 7 6 7 6
Sash 5 6 7 7
Sheevah 6 8 6 7
Torry 9 10 9 9
TRDigger 5 6 9 9
Treeble 6 6 8 8
Tune Razor 7 8 9 9
Xxenofex 6 5 5 6
Zhyttya 5 5 6 5
release date: 15-Nov-2001
# of downloads: 112

average rating: 7.00
review count: 38
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file size: 126.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This seems to be the start of another really long adventure. The first level, as its name says, is more like a tutorial, even though it's not the typical level where Lara tells you the moves you already know. It's more of a teaser, so to speak. It's short and easy, with some timed runs, dinosaurs (what was that T-Rex doing on the roof?!) and guards. As well as some cool weapons. Let's see how it follows." - alan (06-Apr-2023)
"A fairly pointless prologue to the series. Contains one very tight timed run that would eventually put me off completing the Dark Skies series after City Ruins." - Dick (26-Feb-2023)
"A short but engaging city level. The most interesting and immersive moment is looking over beyond the rooftops at the end and seeing a giant T-Rex rampaging the city. The rest of the level is visually decent but has room for improvement, being relatively simple rooms with a fair amount of wallpapered textures and lighting that is not very dynamic. Gameplay includes a shooting range (which is more of a puzzle), a timed run, some blade and fire traps, and combat against several raptors and goons. Interesting use of secrets here, it seems you need to trigger them to transition to the next level, otherwise you end up on the title screen. I was confused for a bit but realized that it means the secrets reward you by letting you bring all your goodies into the next level, which is a neat idea. 15 minutes." - JesseG (23-Nov-2020)
"This is packaged as part of the full Dark Skies set, so seems to be intended as a sort of intro map. It's a simple and quite constrained London setting, although there's a little creative object use to help the atmosphere, but it's kind of abstract and doesn't really feel like a city, yet also isn't weird enough to sell itself as something more. Gameplay is simple, but there's a decent mix of challenges and it keeps a good pace as you move through. Strangely you only actually move on to Dark Skies if you find a secret exit, and go the menu otherwise. An okay enough map, although it feels more like a tutorial for the author than the player, but it's not long enough for the weaker aspects to irritate much." - Mman (27-Jan-2020)
"Despite the short length of the level at about 20 minutes this raid is quite recommanded. Good atmosphere and the pistols sound is very cool. There is also some special objects , it feels a bit like a demo , there are a few odd things like a raptor placed in the attic. I don't know what the book_switch did exactly, the walkthrough says it turns off flames in a fireplace but nothing happens in my game, not annoying i could climb to the attic despite the flames ; also you can shoot all the targets from the entrance of the room targets you don't really need the Desert Eagle and the lasersight , but it is nice to have them for you can bring them with you in the next level , that is if you find the 2 secrets , otherwise the other ending leads you back to the title menu and consequently the real beginning of the Dark Skies adventure will be by selecting the City Streets level. Short but fun level with a bit of challenge with a timed door." - eRIC (08-Sep-2019)
"Although this is only meant to serve as an introduction to the Dark Skies series, it is also surprisingly well made and entertaining as a level itself, for the time it lasts. The city atmosphere and environments are spooky and convincingly well constructed and you also get a few little challenges in the form of a tight timed run, a shooting gallery, a few raptor battles and an action-packed finale if you find all of the secrets in this level." - Ryan (17-Nov-2017)
"Hmm, missed this one completely but no problem. Looking good but the logic escapes me a bit. Using a card to open a door in one area and then finding what opened in a complete different area. Had to laugh with a T-Rex thumping around onto the roofs. Oh well it is a game and almost anything goes, so they say." - Gerty (14-Aug-2017)
"Nice level but a bit weird. Lara is in London with her laser pistols, and dinosaurs seem to overrun the city. The T-Rex was on top of a roof so it doesn't seem to be fightable. The atmosphere is good and there is good gameplay including a nice timed run but it is too short and finishes when you are really in the mood. I guess it is created with the intention of a introduction level if so it serves its purpose." - Nomad (12-Oct-2016)
"Really good this "tutorial" level, except for the very hard timed run, not for beginners. The remaining features are good enough, with variety of tasks and well builded and textured areas, some traps to avoid and a secret card to discover which will give you access to the next level keeping all pickups in your backpack. I don't know the reason for the deformed textures in some parts of the rooms, when the rooms are not so big, and also I didn't know the purpose of the room with the targets, except to pick up the generous ammount of ammo. All in all this will be a good level for you to play if you're able to do the nasty timed run. Take a try." - Jose (05-Mar-2016)
"Not really sure why this level was titled has a Tutorial...anyway it was really short, with a very dull ending...i wasn't even sure if that final trigger was suppose to happen and there was things that i just didn't like: sound of the pistols and the lighting. It's nothing more but a very small introduction to the series." - Zhyttya (12-Jan-2016)
"For a tutorial there isn't really a big of an introduction to anything, you already have time runs that are really tight, puzzles without logic solution (as the tradition) and the ending of the level is a bit dull. The Lara model is a bit to exposed IMO and the sound of the lazer weapon are SO ANNOYING if you shoot more that one time. I hope the game it self improves a bit, especial in the lighting department" - Leeth (12-Jan-2016)
"A nice little level with a good timed run and some nice gameplay. The target range was annoying as only 3 targets were safe and lara sometimes wouldn't be killed by the flames. A nice little secret ending." - Cory (02-Mar-2008)
"It may only be a Demo,but this is quite shamelessly enjoyable.The unexpected sight of raptors wandering the streets (and occasionally Attics)of London is an amusing one;there's a shooting gallery;a smart timed run and a good use of a secret (which leads to an exhilirating alternative ending).Coupled with good atmosphere and texturing which attempted more than was expected back in the day,and you have a fun and well-made little open-ended adventure." - Orbit Dream (01-Mar-2008)
"I first practiced the art of walkthrough writing on Justin's levels. I'll leave it for others to say whether the quality has gone uphill or downhill from there. But for some reason I didn't review those levels after having played them and written walkthroughs for them. Now that I've discovered a bundled package of the entire Dark Skies series over at TRO Online, I'm replaying the levels for nostalgia's sake and to make any needed corrections to the walkthroughs as I go along. And I may as well submit my belated reviews at the same time. I remember having been completely stymied by that timed run in the first part of the level, but I realize now that it was because I wasted valuable time taking a side flip from the switch. If you just turn to your left and start dashing for the door, it's possible to conquer the timer without having the skill level of a master. The gameplay for the rest of the level isn't terribly taxing, either, and you're given a pleasant introduction to the dark city streets that dominate the next two levels in the series. Nothing flashy, but a nice raid that I enjoyed then and now." - Phil (27-Mar-2007)
"This was pretty nice level despite it's really short. In the beginning there's a nice time run and I liked quite much the room where you have to shoot some little round things with your gun. The environment looks a little weird and simple to me and it could be much more detailed but it's still okay. I think there's nothing very especiall in this level but it's worth playing." - Samu (21-Mar-2007)
The one thing I wasn't keen on in this level was the shooting range because I just couldn't work out what to do (but ended up kicking myself when I realised how easy it should have been). Anyway, because of the aforementioned shooting range, I actually stopped playing this level a long time ago and can't remember much about it anymore! Having said that, I do remember thinking that it was a nice, claustrophobic little level, well-lit and fun to play. It even features some different guns to use. I completed this level in just over 20 minutes and found 2 secrets along the way. - gfd (20-Jun-2005)
The main goal of this short level is, not to start Dark Skies with pistols only; lasers to be exact. Great custom weaponry, also Lara's outfit, with the sunglasses and the sticks in her hair. The dinos presence is strange, specially on the roof, but they might fit the story line, I don't know that yet. That timed door is a tough one, I like it. Good mixture of city/base atmosphere, with fitting textures and lot of light sources; it's a nice prelude of what is waiting for us. Unusual, but nice touch, that finishing the level inside a secret. - Akcy (20-Jun-2005)
"Tutorial or not this is a complete little level that would stand up with the rest of them out there. It's a search in a city through streets houses tunnels etc. And the tasks are exciting enough and different enough to be exciting. The one room I couldn't figure out for a long time was the targets and burning floor room. Every time I went in I shot all the targets big mistake then I discovered that only three of them need to be shot. Sneaky! At the end the TRex on the roof looked really well. I didn't bother to shoot it because it couldn't get at me. And the last task of getting across breakable tiles over wire was a challenge." - CC (17-Jul-2004)
"Well I only finished this level because Moonpooka was kind enough to give me a saved game (after that timed door) - thanks moon! The door was real tough and if you couldn't get through it you missed pretty much the whole level. Oh well. Anyway I think Justin's atmosphere and texturing still hold up against newer games at least for me. The secret with the machine gun was irritating as hell so I went the cheat way. But since you don't link up to level 1 that way it is kind of a bummer. Worth it to see if you can make that timed door and if you want to go sequentially through the dark sky series (which I will complete some day but may not have any hair left when I do)." - Lady Lara (28-Dec-2003)
"My Tutorial: I came to try Tutorial City after playing and enjoying Dark Skies 5-7. The sad part was that I got stuck on the first speed trap (sprint / chicane timed runs) and got impatient and therefore started the Dark Skies series from City Streets onwards. Was that a mistake! To be continued below... Tutorial City: It is worth watching the included title flyby. The introduction is the beginning of a well-put together challenging series to continue. Although it is only a short simple level in itself as the title may suggests a level to practice in which include a shooting gallery and snippets of what's to come in the series. There was good atmosphere and excellent textures and lighting through out. Unless & until you master timed sprints though or have a lot of patience or luck the timed run in the library aren't for the beginners let alone amateurs and you can not continue. (Continued from My Tutorial): Only because I was stuck again further in the series guess where? yep - another sprint timed run - towards the end of Incantations and persisted after being told it can be done and did it is what made me go back to Tutorial City. Glad I did. Sadly because of my unfortunate beginnings and reluctance to replay levels 1-4 again I couldn't take the plethora of weapons and ammo found in this level to City Streets and beyond where they were really needed. I've enjoyed Justin's levels so far because they are creative clever and challenging. The devil is in the details. ;) (07-07-03)." - TRDigger (09-Jul-2003)
"The atmosphere is great in a gloomy city with Lara in a cut suit and short hair. Unfortunately there are not enough puzzles if any only a timed door and targets you need to shoot in time so that Lara doesn't get burned. There are a few SAS guards and dinos and I have no idea what dinos were doing in a city. Anyway this is very short with a key card to access the next area and two levers and switches. That's only the beginning though because Justin after this level became really good and definitely has some good series." - Kristina (12-Mar-2003)
"What a pity - the level is too short. A typical city level but nicely designed. Lara finds two chip cards one combined with a secret. Enemies were SAS and dinos. There was not much camera work or sound and before it really started it was already over ;) At the end Lara can see a T-Rex at the top but that's the end. Still well done :)" - Navi (16-Jan-2003)
"A short level but enjoyable fun and very well done. Great atmosphere and excellent textures and lighting. Lara's outfit and sunglasses are very pretty. She has new weapons too. Enemies are SAS raptors and a few scorpions. There's a tricky timed door at the library. I love Justin's levels because they are creative and clever. I had a great time playing this one and I'm going on to the next of the Dark Skies series." - Cuqui (29-Dec-2002)
"As mentioned by everyone else Lara starts out in a new outfit with new weapons replacing the pistols and a lot of other new weapons which actually are not needed so badly. Nothing hard here even the timed run in the library seems pretty acceptable if you have mastered much harder ones (think 'The Hidden Experiment' or 'Centre of the World') and you actually don't need the laser sight for the locks on the doors if you know the right way to shoot them. I'm probably the only one who missed out a secret everyone's talking about in their reviews probably cause I never wanted to repeat the nightmares from the 'Red Alert' timed shooting sequences. Sadly I couldn't take all the weapons and ammo found in this level to 'City Streets' but I guess this was just meant to be like a small preview to what we can expect in the series." - eTux (01-Sep-2002)
"Even though this is only a short level I can't downrate it because it's such good fun. The first thing you'll notice is Lara's cool outfit and rather nice hairdo. The second thing you'll notice is the new 'pistols'. And the third thing you'll notice is your hair falling out after trying that timed run in the library for the umpteenth time lol... this bit is really difficult. In fact I found it so difficult that I eventually got my mum (also an avid raider) to do that bit and send me a savegame. Other than that the dinosaurs were great and the run by the sentry guns after using the secret card was a real thrill. My only gripe is that I wish this had been longer. I appreciate it's only a prelude to the Dark Skies series but it really was so much fun that I could have gone on for hours." - Bex (22-Aug-2002)
"Very short for 13 MB of download! The atmosphere has well succeeded the rooms are well furnished unfortunately not particularly textured. There is a great laser sound but otherwise nothing special. In opponents one could do in a few SAS a few dinos also took part. There were no special jump combinations also somehow it seemed to me that the level is unfinished. Not what we have come to expect from Justin actually. I am disappointed." - Xxenofex (15-Aug-2002)
"This level could have been better if it would have been a bit longer 25 minutes is much to short for such a big download size. Worthy to mention are the new weapons and a rather hard timed door sprint. Besides there are just a few guards to kill some switches to push two codecards to use some knife-like traps to avoid and near the end you can see a T-Rex walking around on the roof (How did he manage to get up there?). That's all." - Sheevah (11-Aug-2002)
"This is what I would call a 15 minute demo to get you accustomed to what you will expect in the Dark Skies series but at a little over 13MB that to me is just too large a download for such short play duration. Though this is a sample as to what is to come there are still some great touches here such as the introduction of the laser guns with their brilliant sound effects raptors a T-Rex that is only glimpsed from a distance but can be definitely felt still and a cool timed run with many corners to maneuver around to make it through. I'd probably tell you to download the Dark Skies series instead of this one but there are two reasons I won't firstly there still is a certain nice gameplay element to this level that makes it enjoyable and secondly Justin is a friend and he would hate me if I go play it!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Well certainly you should take the time to fully watch the included title flyby - very nicely done. The level though with about 20 minutes of actually rather uninspired gameplay does not quite hold the promise. I like the Lara with her sunglasses and look forward to playing the whole Dark Skies series with her. You get a lot weaponry (desert eagle M16 MP5) but actually only have to shoot a few SAS and raptors. The highlight is one rather tight timed run and there is a double secret (one when you pick up the card one when you use it). The target shooting was fun but I hope the actual levels of the Dark Skies series will show off more of Justin's level building talent." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a relatively short level but it is packed with surprises and features the long time Raider will appreciate. From a damned near impossible run around corners for a timed door to the emergence of a T Rex (yep folks that's right) on the roof tops this is a FUN level. In this relatively brief escapade you will have a rifle range to negotiate raptors to avoid locked doors that take some figuring out how to unlock and the arsenal you find is vast. The MP5 is back along with the Desert Eagle some ray guns and my personal favourite the M16. As this level appears to be the first in a series I simply cannot wait for the rest. Another great job by Justin." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"In this tutorial that in reality is a demo of 13 MB (!) there is a futuristic Lara outfit with the guns laser that kills dinosaurs in a dark city. You have to find two access cards one for a secret that should stay as such else the level ends (!); and the other to enter to the sewers. There are infested laboratories from dinosaurs rooms with targets in TR5 style a library with a secret timed door conveyor belt and some SAS guards. I hope that Justin begins to slim his level because if a tutorial I insist demo (!) needs 13 MB for 20 minutes of game what will the whole level require?!" - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Well it seems that Justin is creating another series levels. This is the first of a four level game and it was very fun in the 20 minutes of net gaming. This time you are in London and Lara fights even dinosaurs here! The texturization and lighting is excellent. There's one timed door that was very hard to achieve but I did it luckily in the fifth try. Lara used some new weapons (those lasers are nice) and there is a shooting gallery that remembers the one from TRC but I didn't succeed and could proceed. It's a new start of a coming game!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Tutorial - for whom? The player or the author? Justins Atlantis levels are great but this - feels for me like a big question mark." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is only the second level I have played of Justin's but I'm already impressed by how creative he is and how much attention he pays to the smallest of details. This is a shorter level as it looks like an introduction to the Dark Skies series but it is packed full of action. The first thing I noticed was Lara's cool new outfit then my attention was drawn to her surroundings - I loved the little details that have been added like the microwave and the radio. The raptors fit well into the level too I'm just glad they didn't do much damage and I tried to be careful who I shot as there were both soldiers who tried to kill me and other men that left me alone as long as I didn't shoot at them and one even killed two of the raptors for me. In my quest for two security cards one of which is for a secret I never actually found I came across many soldiers steam vents slashing blades barbed wire machine guns and a timed door in a library that I just could not get through in time. Some of the fun things in the level included a room where you had to shoot just the right targets or die new guns that made killing those soldiers that much more fun and a large dinosaur on the roof which you couldn't get to but made the ground shake. Fun level but I think it needs a new name as the current one doesn't do it justice." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"A short level with not much to do. Lara wears a new outfit and she doesn't have her ponytail. There's a lot of new objects (taken from other Tomb Raider-games maybe?) and even raptors. Oh the raptors... I would like to know what they've put in their food since they're very slow make a fun noise when they attack and let's not even talk about when they die! Also there was a timed door which I managed to get through on the third (!) try. I found a card called 'secret card' which I presume is going to let you get to a new level when that level is done since the game crashed when I was sliding down a slope after using it. Good texturing too even though it was very hard to find the things lying on the floor." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"No caves in this level. Lara is sporting a very nice new outfit and laser guns to boot. There were a few basic puzzles like a timed door in the library. Near the end of the level the screen started jerking a bit like a mild earthquake. It took me a while to work out why and then I looked up to see a giant T rex trying to eat the roof off of a building. My guns targeted it and fired a few rounds in it until the guns no longer aimed at it as if he was dead. But he was still chewing on roof tiles. Not sure if he was meant to die he couldn't harm you anyway. In this same area if you open the two doors at the end and go in I found the level finished. I found another way to go which has you jumping across crumbling tiles; this way took me to the next level. If you like city street type levels then this is worth a play." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)
"Credit where credit is due. This seems to be the blueprint for Classified Codename Lara. The look the dinos the lot. Alright this 25 minute demo has one tricky timed door a bit of shooting practice a lot of weapons and even more atmosphere but as my understanding of it it's not much more than a prelude to Dark Skies. Well this should wet your appetite. I can tell you that I'm crying me eyes out cause being hosted by TRchronicles I can't play it as a Mac User. Whine Whine." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Ever the maverick I played this level after I'd played City Streets the level it precedes. Which is probably just as well as I suspect I would have been rather disappointed playing City Streets after the delights of this level. Tutorial City one presumes was something of an experiment for Justin though he is something of a veteran level builder with the spectacular Atlantis series under his belt and surely no need to practice his skills. So what we're treated to in this level are all of Justin's trademark features lavish visuals put together with meticulous attention to detail. A custom outfit complete with implausibly plunging neckline and plenty of novel weapons: Lasers take the place of the usual pistols sadly with similar fire power but we also get to pick-up an M16 rifle an MP-5 and that most effective of weapons the Desert Eagle. There are no particularly taxing puzzles most switches and levers are easily found and the doors they open marked by a helpful cut scene. There are two 'timed' runs the first fairly tricky though I was lucky to do it on my fifth or sixth attempt and the final dash over collapsing tiles whist under sentry gun fire is similarly challenging until you have got the knack of the run. Still the lack of puzzles isn't a problem as it's simply a joy to explore the stunning environment Justin has created. A few SAS men some friendly some not so friendly keep you on your toes and your hands on your guns and a couple of cleverly placed raptors (where did they come from?) really took my by surprise when they appeared. Overall this level is probably better to look at than it is to play but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of it. And the best thing of all? I slide back into City Streets with all the weapons I've collected on this jaunt!" - Tune Razor (21-Jun-2002)