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Under the Daylight by Xxenofex

Akcy 8 6 7 7
Andi Croft 10 9 10 9
CC 7 6 7 8
Cuqui 9 8 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 10 8 8 8
Doug E 9 9 9 10
Engelchen Lara 7 7 8 8
eTux 7 5 6 6
Fairy Godfather 8 7 8 7
Freeman Porter 8 8 8 7
G.Croft 8 7 7 8
Gerty 6 7 8 9
Grayboy 9 9 8 9
Hendrik 9 8 7 8
Jason 9 7 8 7
Jay 8 7 8 8
JesseG 8 6 6 6
Jose 7 7 8 8
Kristina 8 8 9 8
Leandro 8 7 8 9
Magnus 7 7 8 9
MichaelP 9 7 8 8
Miguel 8 7 9 9
Necro 9 8 9 8
Phil 8 8 9 7
RaiderGirl 9 7 8 8
Ryan 8 7 8 8
Sash 8 6 7 7
Seemeister 9 8 9 9
The Aussie Adventurer 10 7 9 9
Tombaholic 9 7 8 6
Tombraidergirl 9 8 9 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Whistle 9 8 8 9
release date: 30-Dec-2001
# of downloads: 70

average rating: 7.90
review count: 34
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file size: 16.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Reviewer's comments
"There's a few blemishes in this short adventure, from unmarked death tiles to missing camera cues, which make this adventure less than a smooth experience. However there are also some fun and challenging tasks as well, including tight timed runs, an intense boulder gauntlet, a pushblock puzzle, and some tricky rope swings to go along with some goons and spikes to contend with. The lighting tends to be a flat ambient color, but the double pool chamber has some pretty colors. Texturing is the weakest aspect as it is very wallpapered. Overall not a bad choice for players who want a short but relatively difficult raid. 34 minutes." - JesseG (04-Aug-2021)
"Not a particularly lengthy level at just short of 45 minutes, but it certainly packs a punch which means it might take you a while to conquer. The tasks are thoroughly exhilarating and certainly give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete them, comprising of fairly tight timed runs, slope jump sequences, surprisingly tricky (for their age) boulder traps, rope swings, target practice, challenging swimming sequences and neat flipmaps. The textures are standard Egyptian, but the creative, colourful lighting helps add a bit of spice to a familiar location. If you're up for it, then you won't be disappointed. I certainly found it enjoyable." - Ryan (23-Dec-2018)
"Blimey! There I was thinking just about every level of this era was going to be a walk in the park and then I played this. Don't even think about attempting it if you are an inexperienced player. Looks-wise, it's a fairly standard Egyptian level - nothing to mark it out from the norm - but the gameplay really doesn't give you a chance to get bored at any point. It's not a long level, but it will almost certainly take longer to play than you first expect. Give it a go if you want to see something ahead of its time in the challenge department." - Jay (11-Jul-2017)
"I remember trying to play this level many years ago, because I distinctly remembered that timed run at the very beginning. It gave me fits then, and it wasn't much easier for me now. I remembered very little of the level after that, and I suspect this is because I gave up on it fairly early on. The level of difficulty is quite high, and in fact I had to resort to some, er, extracurricular aids to get past some particularly troublesome spots, notably a tall room with tiered slopes that's peppered with spike balls. The walkthrough is of little help, as it's basically an outline that points the player in the right direction without bothering to explain the subtleties of navigating through a particular area. Having a few more years of experience under my belt, I was able to figure out what was going on and keep myself moving forward, but this 45-minute adventure is an agility test of the highest order. It's too dark in spots, and the flare bug shows up late, hence my low score in the lighting department. Give it a try if you're looking for a good challenge." - Phil (23-Mar-2012)
"Being one of the higher rated older levels, I didn't suspect I'll have much trouble with this one, but it turned out to be quite a handful. The looks of the initial areas didn't inspire much confidence, and the rest of the level didn't really surprise me in that aspect too. While there is a nicer looking area along the way (the room with the 4 colourful doors and 2 pools being the highlight) and the texturing is at least technically decent, if mostly fairly uninspired and repetitive, then I wouldn't really put this on the recommendation list for those who love eye-candy. Those who prefer engaging gameplay might have a bit more to chew on here. While it still has a number of no-no's in my book starting from puzzle items that can be easily missed, scorpions attacking in crawlspaces, unmarked spike traps and even an underwater maze (well, maze-like area more like) the redeeming qualities include an interesting jump sequence, some neat timed runs, great use of boulder traps and flipmaps for flooding areas. The part that gave me the trouble is that, while in hindsight the level seems fairly linear, I actually found it to be fairly disjointed and not making a whole lot of sense at first glance. I still am not sure what purpose the whole charade with the endless pushing of blocks has, I was not entirely sure I did some of the things in the intended order, and while the above mentioned good points of the level make it play-worthy alone they didn't outweigh the elements I was dissatisfied with. That said, this by far is not a bad level choice to make for a lazy evening, but be prepared that the level's age shows here clearly in some aspects." - eTux (06-Aug-2009)
"Interesting egyptian level with a lot of traps and dangerous situations. Simple architecture but well textured. I expected a luminous level (by the title) but most of the times you are playing in dark rooms. No much enemies and enough ammo, I only could find one secret (the shotgun). Correct sounds and cameras, some flipped rooms and an interesting pushblock puzzle. Enjoyable." - Jose (08-Oct-2008)
"The usual Egyptian level, but with very clever architecture, we came into the main room many times from different directions. There were a few demanding jumps and traps, good work. Hardly any objects, a few vases and sconces here and there, the enemies the usual ninjas and scorpions, some nicely placed. A solid debut level." - Akcy (14-Apr-2007)
"This was a bit more challenging. There were harder puzzles and various jumps/move techniques were needed that I hadn't used in previous levels. Overall, the design was typically egyptian but the mood and atmosphere was nice. The rooms and chambers wern't boring to look at although I wasn't happy with the underwater chambers where it is quite difficult in places to navigate. Having said that, I still enjoyed playing it and it was a challenging 45 minutes." - Necro (28-Oct-2006)
"I will start off by saying that I really liked this level. It had a fair amount of challenge to it without giving the player too many guns and medipacks. Generally there was an overall good feel about this level. I liked how the author used different types of traps and puzzles including the block puzzle which I haven't had to do in a while which was refreshing. The layout of the level was well done and seemed to flow very nicely. Camera work was good some secrets were good and the amount of enemies to weapons/ammo was about par as well. There was enough lighting and the textures seemed to fit. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it an A- a lower high distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (22-Jan-2005)
"This is a great level. I particularly liked the application of the very familiar tutorial level textures but done in an excellent way especially underwater which very often suffers cracks at the joins in the waving water. It's the usual vase shooting rope swinging climbing jumping swimming lever game but in a very sophisticated way. Rooms of note are the climb up trying to avoid boulders falling down a deep shaft the big block pushing puzzle the pool room with ledges and gates above and entrances in the water the scorpions that attack in a crawlspace. All to get two half cartouches and a hand from a dead but great looking blue ninja. At one time spotting the lasersight I ran to get it and bumped into an invisible wall which wasn't it was a mirror room great. There is one dead-end in the game. In the room with block pushing I fell into the hole I should have jumped across and Lara was stuck there forever so I had to go back to a previous savegame. Even now 2 years later it's still a very entertaining level." - CC (02-Feb-2004)
"Maybe I'm a little jaded because of all the masterpieces out there but when I played this back when it seemed from memory a ripsnorter of a level with a really high level of difficulty, replaying it now I find it a little more middle of the road with the difficulty factor way down from back then. There is though a couple of boulder traps that are quite well designed and a little tricky especially for a not so confident player but the experienced should work out the solution to pass them after a few reloads. The rest of the level is pretty straightforward with a couple of timed runs/jumps/swims, a large movable block puzzle, and a whole lot of swimming in the last ten or so minutes that I got pretty tired of. This is still a good 55 minute level but for me it didn't hold up over time, even the texturing is a little Egyptian plain with a few coloured lights thrown in. Just be sure that you find a Hand before you slide into a sloped block room as you will become stuck otherwise, and if you see any vases then shoot the buggers." - Sash (25-Jul-2003)
"A Level which was build 2001. I found it interesting that even while time goes by it still has its challenge and action. The builder used not new Sounds - but how he used the old one is good and the old traps he used very specially. Spike-Rollings Firesquares Jumps where you have to give all... If you would say something was not completed for you - you will find the UW-Labyrinth which will ask you for the rest. No so much enemies but not necessary you have enogh 'work'. Good Flipmaps and also Cameras. A little Dead-End-Experience - after Block-Moving I fell down a hole and died - so I started a Savegame - but another time I fell down - this time there were not the teethspikes there and Lara had to wait upon her death.... By building a green-Square one can make sure that Lara dies...Sometimes the Horizon came through because rooms are huge. Light and Shadow are well placed. Sure a Level which beg a little bit more of Gameplay-Experience but you can make it - because it is not impossible." - Miguel (07-Jul-2003)
"This was a good level over all. Don't be put off by the Egyptian setting we all have played so many of those levels already but this one is worth checking. There are a lot of puzzles and traps but I must say I did NOT like the pushable blocks puzzle. There are way too many - and watch out for the hole. I didn't save and accidentally fell into it then all over again... 45 minutes and you will be confused several times because of the central area. When I finished the level I thought I only entered one or two of all the four doors but actually you come to this room by some of them and you may not notice this. Just a complaint - NEVER put scorpions in crawling spaces. You can be seriously stuck because Lara can't target the enemies with accuracy." - Treeble (10-Mar-2003)
"This nice looking tutorial style level has some tricky boulder traps slide/jump puzzles timed runs rope swings and a complicated pushable block puzzle as you search for the necessary objects to get through it. Enemies tend to be easy to get rid of with the exception of a few scorpions in a crawlspace. The author left a message in one of the rooms for us to find and the level suddenly ended when I jumped into a pool of water (I was really expecting another boulder trap)." - RaiderGirl (12-Feb-2003)
"I honestly must say I have played better debut levels ;-). The puzzles are good but over time a little boring above all there is no tension in the game occasionally baddies and scorpions. I mastered the time door well as well as the lower water with time connected lattice. The jumps were relatively simple. With the boulders it was well thought out. The textures were well applied but the illumination was somewhat too harsh for my taste. I found a Cartouche and a star however for the puzzle pieces the rooms were somewhat too large. Otherwise it worked well. A level for in between :-)" - Engelchen Lara (23-Dec-2002)
"Good level very well done. There are good puzzles as the movable blocks. I enjoyed the underwater maze and I think that the mirror room is amazing. Gameplay entertaining and challenging with some difficult timed runs. It is a nice level to play." - Cuqui (27-Nov-2002)
"Yes please - this is my kind of level. Fun diverse and at times challenging gameplay revolving around a central room to which you return to. Excellent stuff. To name a few of the highlights there are timed runs tricky rope swings (one unfortunately going through walls) devious jump/climb combinations (especially in the room with the ladders and boulders) nice blue-clad ninjas a movable blocks puzzle with a twist nice use of water flipmaps and smart and colourful lighting. What I did not like that much was the often boring and repetitive texturing (though it gets better towards the end) the two secrets which were not very rewarding (Uzi ammo and shotgun) and I am not a fan of underwater mazes but all in all 1:15 hours of fabulous entertainment - try it!" - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"If you can stand to look at the Tut1 textures for the 100th time this level actually has something to offer in the way of gameplay. A number of good puzzles tricky boulder traps and challenging timed runs will entertain you for the hour or so it takes to play." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"A good level with some hard puzzles and jumps with boulders involved (it takes a few times to figure it out). A movable block puzzle and an underwater maze are two examples. 1 hour gameplay." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Oh no another tutorial WAD level? Well don't worry because this level is very good! The architecture is a bit simple but that isn't a problem after all. The puzzles are very smart and hard... and that means that they're good! But I think the best part of the level is the lighting that's excellent and very real in some areas. Worth a download if you like levels like Temple of Karnak from TR4. I really had fun playing it anyway." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"I played this game off and on since I was able to download it. Although the game on itself is straight forward but the very tricky timed runs boulder traps and difficult jumps makes it all together a different game. Although I admit I was sorely put off the game with a very illogical second rope jump in the beginning. The idea was great but very sloppy. Lara was swinging through stone blocks. I hate that. Not recognizable climbable walls are also not my cup of tea although in this game you can figure it out. The lighting was good and I liked the textures. The dive; well what can I say just do it. For the rest put your thinking cap on as you need it figuring out how to jump next. I never cursed an author so many times." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"I really liked this offering. It had all the things I like - plenty of light good puzzles without seeming impossible-great textures and so on. I'm just off to download another from the same stable. Very well done." - Doug E (21-Jun-2002)
"Nice level with many deadly traps. It's well thought out I got stuck one time in a room where you have to jump up on some slopes while boulders are falling down on you. After about 20 tries I did it. Also the underwater section was very tricky the puzzles were also good. Playing time about 1 hour I found 2 secrets" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a fun level with standard Egyptian texturing. The lighting is good in most places. Some of the puzzles were hard and I spent a while trying to figure out how to survive in the room with a lot of rolling boulders. In some places you can't see if a wall is climbable but usually you can figure it out anyway. I remember getting a little disappointed with the secret close to (I'm not telling you where it is!) the room with the annoying boulders since it was one Uzi-clip and in the next room there was another Uzi-clip lying on the floor! Maybe I'm just spoiled with those big secrets where you get weapons and such. The ninjas wear re-textured clothes and the ending was quite nice (remember dive!)." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"I found this level very entertaining. A few timed runs with the timing just right. A boulder run took me well over one hour to work out the best method of beating the well-designed puzzle. I had to do this run several times as having returned to a central area from which a lot of the action took place I found a gate still closed and had omitted to shoot things only possible with the revolver/laser sight combination. The final room provided another of those amazing sights a perfect 10/10 swan dive into a hidden pool." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"Good level with lots of thinking jumps and moves and a big block puzzle. The start gives you a nasty surprise and I guarantee you will die at first. Some of the moves are compound with sequences of hops and flips with grabs. Rope swings and ladders also with flips. Switches tend to be of the lever type some with flyby hints and others radically alter previous positions and disorientate you to begin with. Two legged enemies are of the ninja variety but also scorpions and spike balls are more than evident. Spiked pits catch the unwary as do fire pits. The textures are varied as is the ambient lighting to fit the surroundings well. Secrets that I found tended to be just off main the route on small or smallish detours. All in all a good level to play" - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"Congratulation to this Level. It has been great fun to play such a logical and thought-out level. Particularly I have liked traps and the really difficult jump combinations. An outstanding idea was also the indication with the vases - there XXenofex really found something quite new. I had 1.5 hours game- and puzzle enjoyment and can recommend to the download to everybody." - Seemeister (21-Jun-2002)
"Well worth playing - good movable block puzzle lots of spiked balls and some tricky rope swings. It's what makes tombraider! Only negative is yet another Egypt level surely there can't be any more tombs left in this country. One tip don't waste your revolver ammo." - Grayboy (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a very linear game and all the difficulty was put in to completing an array of jumps and timed doors. All the jumps had their degree of difficulty but once you completed the series of jumps in a room which might have taken you 15 minutes or so to achieve you realise how easy they can be. Looks are very deceiving in this game. When it comes to the first major jump puzzle if a jump looks impossible then I suggest you try to do it and you might surprise yourself. Not many enemies to contend with and the ones that are there are easy to destroy. Camera work was good but since the level was fairly linear then I don't think all of it was helpful. Texturing looked complete but this was a very light level so you won't have to play with the lights off." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is simply fun to play as it has been designed in a very thoughtful way. Many tricky puzzles in this first level of the author require even the experienced raider's full attention. Traps add some spice as well - I had not yet seen boulders dropping on you during a difficult jumping sequence. Several doors are timed and you have to work hard to stay on track. Also the eye is presented with a colorful and well lit game with a few specialties that add extra surprise (mirror room). All in all a very nice level and let's hope we don't have to wait too long for the sequel." - Hendrik (21-Jun-2002)
"The author has put together a good level. Basically the player has to find ways to get from one room to another with a puzzle item in between and another one near the end but by different routes. Fire and water is well used a really good job when it comes to flooded rooms. Right about the middle of the level a maze of moving blocks is encountered not a simple one but one which you have to reveal another area by carefully moving the blocks out of the way it's easy to get lost in there. The enemies are appearing at the right time not too many health packs or ammo. Boulders are chasing you and they can be avoided by some tricky jumps. A nice flow and a different end than usually." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Congratulations. This is a great level and I had a lot of fun. There were some difficult timed doors and a lot of dangerous places. The different colours in this level (red green and at the end of the level blue) were nice to see. The camera-sequences were perfect and I have played 1:38 hours. I ended this level with a head-over jump into the water. I hope your next level is as good as this one." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Finally a German Level that is not slightly overrated. This is excellent stuff. You get a lot of tricky obstacles and for me (i.e. the stage of expertise I've reached at the moment) it was perfect. Tough enough to have the feeling of accomplishment yet not too difficult for you to become frustrated. The timed runs/jumps/swims/climbs the boulder traps and jump combination; some I managed on the second try some on the third fourth or even fifth. Actually the spiked boulders were the meanest but I knew I would get there in the end. Brilliant gameplay that alternates between indoors and outdoors brings you back to were you started from and you get such a variety of tasks it never gets boring. Only a few levers to push and the enemies are merely highlighting the entertaining course throughout. Everything we love about Tomb Raider is brought together here. The mirror room a clever moving blocks puzzle flipmaps that raise the level of the water and scorpions that attack in a crawlspace. You find the lasersight and shortly after that you get a fly-by that closes in on a vessel that's out of reach and I thought that's a bit obvious isn't it?! Shoot the vase get the door to open walk on; and in fact that's the way it worked but I think there's more to it cause it lulled me into complacency so that later on I missed a vital target and came close to being stuck. Fortunately I could backtrack and finish my business. The textures and atmosphere are not that extraordinary but they support the action well enough so I'm not going to complain. Three fags." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Some of the riddles are timed and you have to be very very quick. Also some part very hard to solve but then I managed without asking someone. I liked the atmosphere what I didn't like that much was the lightning. Some parts were too dark for my taste. Ok in this case it was justified. Corners are dark by nature but then there were some passages that were very bright." - Tombraidergirl (21-Jun-2002)