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TombRaider is not enough - Part1 by Leandro Dubost

CC 5 6 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 5 5 6 7
Duncan 5 5 6 7
G.Croft 5 5 7 6
Gerty 5 6 6 7
Jay 5 5 8 8
Jose 4 5 7 8
Kristina 6 6 7 7
Lil Kid 6 7 6 7
MichaelP 5 7 7 7
Miguel 6 6 6 6
Nomad 5 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 7 6 9
p1kaa 3 3 7 7
RaiderGirl 7 8 8 8
Ryan 5 5 7 8
Sash 5 6 6 6
sonnyd83 5 8 6 7
Spike 4 6 5 6
Torry 5 6 8 9
Treeble 6 7 8 8
Whistle 5 5 6 7
Zhyttya 3 3 4 4
release date: 15-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 66

average rating: 6.11
review count: 23
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file size: 25.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

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Reviewer's comments
"I think this level would be better if it was on an fps game, there were a lot of enemies and we all know tomb raider is not all about killing ppl, there were 2 switches 2 buttons, and the levels were more like a maze, nothing really intresting about this level, 3/10" - p1kaa (25-Sep-2020)
"Definitely a brave effort to try something a little more unique and certainly the setting and textures are mostly well done (and the James Bond music choice is a neat touch), but the gameplay doesn't offer anything more than opening countless doors, running through empty looking corridors and using switches and then backtracking back to where you came from in order to continue. The guard attacks around seemingly every corner also got very repetitive after the first few or so. Not a very exciting experience overall, but it's at least quick and easy." - Ryan (27-Dec-2018)
"One can certainly applaud this builder for trying something different and it felt almost surreal to have James Bond theme music playing. Unfortunately, it makes for a shooter and very little else. Dashing through a building, picking up the odd article and killing guards. If you like shooters you may relish the fast pace and the second part is somewhat more interesting, as Lara has allies and can duck out of sight whilst they deal with the enemies. Even as a two-parter, it's very short so if you fancy a spot of coffee break mayhem, go ahead." - Jay (26-Sep-2017)
"The author always has a creative idea and scenario for his levels, but they do not achieve their potential due to short gameplay, thin texturing and empty rooms. Unfortunately these levels were no exceptions. The game is exciting overall, especially due to the dramatic music which really boosted the two levels. The first level, Courier was really short and didn't involve any gameplay at all but things turned to better in the second one - much better atmosphere and action. The objectives were entertaining and the game delivered the special agent vibe as intended, but I couldn't help but think there could be more to the levels. Nothing like the VCI levels of chronicles, but if you are a fan of action levels, you will have a good time." - Nomad (07-Apr-2017)
"The two levels where pretty much the same from start to finish. The rooms where all the same, no real creativity here and the sound effects where a bit out of place. It is fun to play due to the poor design though." - Zhyttya (18-Sep-2016)
"Innovative levels for that age, but not very entertaining for me. There are cool musics and Lara acts as a secret agent shooting a lot of guards and exploring offices areas, but not a real interest pulling switches or placing cards to open doors. At least in the second level there were some fiends helping. The texturization is the best, but players will find a lot of paper walls only disguished with the covers for the small doors. Not enough ammo for the uzis and also don't waste medipacks or you can get out of health. If you like shooter levels you'll enjoy this two." - Jose (01-Jun-2016)
"This consisted of 2 parts, and both had very the same gameplay, shooting and using ID cards, although the second one did have one or two extra things like using a sprinkler to extinguish flames, good guys shooting at the baddies, and switches - without animation. There were one or two annoying things such as the invisible switch, endlessly repeating soundtrack or wafer thin walls. In terms of graphics, it wasn't too bad at all, texturing is well done and gives the appearance of office textures combined with home textures, lighting was a little too bright but better that than too dark. This took around 30 minutes to complete." - sonnyd83 (12-Dec-2012)
"A rather predictable shooter is thankfully livened up by the fact that it has a decent plot, despite that fact that it does little to improve the gameplay. The texturing was pretty good, with a few new textures I hadn't seen before, and a couple of nice reflective floor surfaces. Lighting was decent, but not brilliant by any means. In terms of sound, I recognised the background audio from the movie itself, but it started to get pretty annoying after a while. The two levels included here are short and occasionally fun, but don't provide much variation in gameplay." - Spike (29-Jul-2007)
"A brave attempt to recreate the opening minutes of the 19th Bond movie with an occasionally stunning recreation of the Movie layout. Unfortunately the gameplay is mostly about lever searching/activation. In one case the lever was rather cleverly disguised as part of the wall which although sneaky was a little unfair on the player. There was also a 'shooting a Laptop' sequence in Part One which felt too cheaty. The explosions at the Finale were quite well handled as were the friendly allies (although they enjoyed running into closed doors too much for my liking); but overall this felt like too much of an incomplete endeavor for such an ambitious project." - Orbit Dream (16-Jan-2005)
"If you like fast-paced shooters you will enjoy these levels. Nothing here to tax the old brain cells. I wondered why the unmoving characters at the start of each section and I wondered why there weren't more medi-packs." - Duncan (01-Jun-2004)
"The idea of Lara as an agent never sounded right to me. Not because I only want to plat levels with tombs I hate them but because she doesn't look like an agent at all. She just doesn't have that kind of style an agent has or at least I have seen in other games. Anyway I spent twelve minutes in each level opening doors and using cards and a disc. There were just enough health to go by and none to spare but with all those guards especially at the second level I wanted a more powerful weapon than the Uzi. It looks like she is in a house with security doors and men to guard the place. I never figured out who was Lachaise or Sir Robert no one looked different to me. Also the butler and Sophia with her guards were still especially the butler had one foot slightly off the ground. Anyway it's something different and worth taking a look at; we don't get many levels like this one." - Kristina (29-Aug-2003)
"Two short levels with a lot of guards although in the second level you can get some help. I said can as the guys where hardly there when Lara encountered the bad guys. Finding some switches and buttons one is very cleverly disguised with the same colour as the wall and had me searching for quite a while getting deeper and deeper into the building. In the fault there are some nice explosions and than you are running after the last bad guy and the level ends. The music got a bit on my nerves if truth maybe told. 27-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"What's this then? Sophia sitting there looking miserable with a pen in her hand. What's she going to sign (a movie contract? lol) surrounded by guards that don't even bother to look at Lara! Nice modern building with a shiny floor. And what is that music? Is a Bond film theme. If it is I don't know because I don't like the Bond movies (I can almost hear all the gasps). I saw one film once and decided no more. I had to turn down the volume because the music drove me mad all through the two levels. The idea here was to make your way through the building kill the goons and take the money. Only problem was my Lara wouldn't do anything with that last numbered wall thing that you use the disc in so I had to choose the next level and start that from scratch. So I have no idea if level one ran into level two!! Level two has another brilliant shiny floor and VCI like brown walls. Starting in a room with - Jeeves? Is he leading a double life? Here he is standing quite still not grunting and shuffling after Lara. This was a more satisfying level because you get buddies who kill the opposition. I had great fun drawing them out and letting my friends deal with them. Lara emerges stirred but not shaken. Nothing terrific just a bit of fun." - CC (12-May-2003)
"Leandro's Tomb Raider is not enough Level Part 1 and 2 are shorties...But you will see the effort of Leandro - nice rooms good enemies objects from other TR and maybe new ones. Sound makes a good ambience - (I like 007 too!) I liked especially the bank-floor - was so polished that you could mean it is a mirror - good idea! Even though it is so short - I will give these points for the work." - Miguel (04-Feb-2003)
"Two classic base levels where you have to run to and fro open doors collect cards and shoot the men in black (in the second level you get some help there). Rather simple and not really my kind of gameplay. I liked the bit where you have to shoot the computer and the story is fun to read but when you get down to it there weren't really any puzzles or jumps so it left me somewhat unsatisfied." - Dimpfelmoser (22-Nov-2002)
"A couple of good and interesting levels Leandro has made here. First off if there was a category mark for originality this would get full marks. These two relatively short levels where well designed (I thought the reflecting floors was a good touch) but they severely lack gameplay. Both levels took me about 10 minutes to complete each but I did stumble a couple of times; like on the vault puzzle. I found the background music too loud and did get a bit on my nerves after a while. Overall a nice pair of levels to play if it had a bit more gameplay they would of have been class levels shame." - Lil Kid (21-Nov-2002)
"Two relatively short levels with distinct mission objectives. (This is NOT your standard Tomb Raider Level). The first level is entitled 'Courier' and is relatively simple lasting only 10 minutes except working out how to get the vault open had me stumped for a while LOL. The second level is longer at 30 minutes and called 'King's Ransom' and again except for a cleverly camouflaged switch was pretty simple. One question. Was Sir Robert dead? Read the mission objectives or not the levels play out either way." - Torry (15-Jul-2002)
"In the readme Leandro states that this is the first of a series of 4 double levels all being remakes from the 'World is not Enough' 007 game he also tells you that these are short levels with the emphasis on action rather than puzzles. He was right on all accounts. Both of these levels one set in a bank lasting 10 minutes and the other in the MI-6 headquarters lasting 20 minutes are similarly set out with you having to open many doors and kill quite a few men for my liking though they were just a bit too simplistic but there was something about the atmosphere of them that was quite appealing. This feeling was helped along by the great inclusion of mission briefings for each level in the download telling you what your objective is and how to execute it as well as some very cool loadscreens but in the end the gameplay just didn't hold enough interest for me." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A classic double-level set by Leandro: short & crisp and creative fun to play but also a little simplistic in some aspects but in this case intentionally so. While the net gaming time will hardly exceed about 15 minutes per level take your time to read the mission briefings and grasp the story behind this offering. Personally I like the Bank better then the MI-6 HQ. Maybe because of the outfit or the way the atmosphere was created. In both levels you have mainly action-oriented gameplay ie shooting soldiers and finding a few access cards to make your way to the escape. I liked the sounds that were added a lot but the looping music did get on my nerves after a while. Still with all the interesting object placement and the cool story line this is one worth wasting half an hour on." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Well just as Leandro says it's a remake of 'The World is Not Enough' and the levels are short due to it. I liked the levels and the atmosphere is great! In 'Courier' Lara has to find Sir Robert's money and in 'King's Ransom' it's discovered that the briefcase wasn't money - it was a bomb! In this level Zip's help was necessary! I think it worth the download which is very big due to the two soundtrack files included - both of them are from the official soundtrack of the movie. Also you can't miss the beautiful textures on the headquarters entrance hall and a 'clone' of Sophia Leigh sitting in the main hall of the 'Banque Suisse de L'Industrie' :)." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"A great idea with Lara as an agent but the gameplay just is not enough. Run through buildings open doors shoot some men. But I think the music lives it up. It gives you that sense of an action movie and speeds the tempo up!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Another fun and creative level from Leandro! This is actually two short levels combined. With each level you receive a briefing and a list of mission objectives. These tell you your objectives or you can play the level cold and figure it out on your own. Either way it's a lot of fun running around collecting ID cards computer disks and briefcases all while listening to the original music from the movie to get you in the correct mood. He has done a great job with the textures and objects - I can tell he spends a lot of time personalizing a level and pays a lot of attention to detail. Leandro's levels are very creative and unique - and very realistic. Great fun to play - and just to look around at what he's built." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"I did not find this a great level to play. The music in the end got on my nerves and I turned it off. The game play is quite simple and took me less time to play the level (or two) than it did to download it. Lots to shoot at but not greatly over taxing. The attempt to copy 'The world is not enough' did not work for me better luck with other folks." - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)