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The Forgotten City of Sanus 2 by Yasin

Dimpfelmoser 5 6 7 7
Doug E 10 9 9 8
Engelchen Lara 10 9 10 9
eRIC 9 9 10 9
eTux 8 8 8 8
Fairy Godfather 10 9 9 9
G.Croft 9 8 9 8
Gerty 7 8 9 8
Grayboy 10 9 10 8
Jason 10 9 9 9
JesseG 6 7 7 7
Kristina 10 8 10 10
Magnus 8 7 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
Mman 5 6 6 6
Nomad 9 7 9 8
Phil 8 9 9 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Sash 10 9 10 10
Taras 10 9 9 9
Tombaholic 10 8 9 8
Tortoise3 10 9 10 10
Treeble 7 8 7 8
release date: 14-Feb-2002
# of downloads: 137

average rating: 8.49
review count: 24
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file size: 66.16 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a solid improvement on the first part visually; the India settings here are still frequently on the open and empty side, but there's overall much more detail and better use of objects to make it less repetitive, there are also more small scale areas that look decent. The texturing and lighting are generally better, but there are still a few too many both overly dark areas (despite some segments with interesting use of the torch) and flatly lit areas, although I did like some of the dark Jungle areas with occasionally bright highlights. There are some texturing gaps though (an issue I forgot to mention about the first set as well). I also felt the sounds seemed a bit absent, with some enemies and objects seeming oddly silent compared to other levels I've played (another thing that was also an issue in the first set).
The gameplay has many of the same flaws as the previous set, but is an overall improvement over part one. The are some creative traps and puzzles, and there's less annoying backtracking across large areas, but there's still quite a bit of it, and level two in particular was a nightmare for me. Maybe I just somehow did it in the worst order possible or something but I was driven mad at the endless backtracking up ladders and obscurity of what to do, it's one of the most frustrating experiences with a Tomb Raider level I can recall. None of the other levels were that bad though (despite actually being tougher in terms of things like traps); the later levels are easily the best in the set so far, and I suddenly started having fun again despite a few frustrating and obscure moments (there's a lack of camera hints at times in particular). This is still quite flawed and the second level alone dragged it down a bit for me, but overall it's a huge improvement over part one much more worth playing as long as you keep the walkthrough close for for when you miss something." - Mman (10-Nov-2020)
"I'll start by complimenting the improvement in lighting - still too much pitch black for my taste, but much more variation is shown in levels of brightness and coloring than the previous levelset. The texturing is marginally better as well, but still wallpapered more times than not. The architecture is better too, showing nice structural designs. The areas are still overly big sometimes, but are a bit more refined and much less barren. On to the gameplay, which again is a mixed bag. There are plenty of decent puzzles, mostly manipulating pushblock puzzles and figuring out picture patterns. Traps include some exciting boulder chases, flame traps and spikes. Too many traps are hidden in "gotcha" spots though, forcing the player to rely on saving and reloading to get past. Combat pins Lara against a good variety of enemies, certainly an improvement over the hordes of immortal enemies from the last adventure. The pitfall of this adventure is the exploration factor, and the second level is the worst of the bunch in this regard. There is way too much backtracking required, constantly having to do the same tricky jumps across rocks in dark caves because a door decided to open across the level. And then one must deal with two mazes, one of which is pitch black and the other is multi-level. To pour salt in the wound, many camera cues are missing from these levels as well, and I got into the habit of just looking at the walkthrough after many switches so I didn't waste time checking every door. I was glad to be able to bring over my save from the first game, not only because I had a lot of flares handy, but because it's always nice to be able to keep tapping into the armory I built up over the first levelset. Although this release a step up from its predecessor I still wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I'm still hopeful that the next two adventures will show some improvement. 3 hours 42 minutes (Imagine that, the exact same amount of time as the first adventure!)" - JesseG (17-Oct-2020)
"I don't really have any memories of the first part in this humongous series (for which I submitted my review way back in 2006), but I was rather frustrated with this set. Here you have five massive levels, and massive just might not even cut it as the areas are so big and large in scale that the editor can't even handle them properly, resulting in the horizon breaking in and out. When everything is on screen as it should, it looks good, but otherwise it feels choppy. But that's not my issue with it. My issue is that the author sets you off on a quest for so many different puzzle pieces simultaneously, and as the levels are huge and very open there's this non-linearity factor which results in only one thing: roaming around aimlessly for hours on end. Once I finished the second level (with my stats marking just over 2 hours of net time), I decided I'd use the walkthrough for the second half and I'm glad I did, as it optimized my time and reduced my frustration. There's an awful amount of backtracking, plus as the levels are so large it's quite easy to lose your bearings trying to remember where each area was at. Otherwise, it had a few highlights, such as some pushblock/lever combo puzzles and a few timed traps, but generally speaking this was a bit tiresome to play. Hopefully, the next two installments in the series are better on that front. 3h40min, 3 secrets. 04/20" - Treeble (19-Apr-2020)
"I thought this was a much stronger effort than the first Sanus part. The environments are much cleaner this time around (although the textures still get a bit repetitive and tiring on the eyes in places) and the backtracking and gallivanting through empty rooms gameplay element that was present in the first part is condensed a bit here, making it a more enjoyable affair. The jungle atmosphere is also convincingly executed and the pathways to traverse are treacherous, so be warned. On the flip side, there were a few spots that were too gloomy for my liking, a couple of cameras got stuck and it did seem to run out of steam a bit towards the end, as the last level was a bit boring, to put it bluntly. Anyway, I did feel my time here was well spent, despite the downsides." - Ryan (03-Jan-2019)
"Wow, definitely a big step up from the first Sanus level set. The scale of the rooms are huge again but they are not just empty space this time. The architecture is also a lot more impressive and they are more diverse. From jungles to valleys to forgotten cities what ever the present surrounding is, the levels will try their best to make you feel there (bear in mind this is a 2002 level). Pretty decent gameplay as well from start to finish with many different tasks. My favorite level was the first one the jungle ruins, it's been a while since I felt that feeling I got from the TR3 Jungle level, searching through a jungle to find the entrance of the ruins and stuff like that. I found the last level a little boring though, can't really tell if it was because of looking at same textures all over again or the last level wasn't as good. I also agree with the other reviewers, better not to take a break and finish a level in one sitting. The paths you can take are so much that you will forget where things were when you resume and this will make you bored with the level. Recommended." - Nomad (27-Jul-2017)
"It isn't easy to review an adventure ten years after its release because it is tempting to judge through an "actualizing approach" when we should have against him a "historicist approach". I played Sanus 2 when it came out in 2002 and then I thought it a masterpiece. It was one of the first attempts to build the "jungle" levels of the tr3 with tr4 engine. The result was amazing because we were able to enjoy larger rooms and better graphics. The application of textures isn't always precise but if compared with the original tr3 we don't notice large differences. We have learned the logic of construction of levels thanks to these "pioneers" of the past. The strong point of Sanus 2, in addition to large rooms, well built and lit properly, is the gameplay of average difficulty. Jungle Ruins is the first level of the game, well made and with a great atmosphere. Follows the idea "The ruins of the temple" of the original tr3. Sacred Valley of Ukanimba is a huge level, with very large rooms, sometimes a little dispersive, but each discovery leads continue to see what's next. The adventure continues with Sacred City of Ukanimba I and II, two levels linked by Lara start pos. Environments always great, although a little bare, where the fun is guaranteed by some find interesting. Earth temple of Neptunus is the last level of this beautiful adventure, the best of the four, in which there are interesting puzzles and a nice atmosphere. It was a pleasure for me to play again this adventure." - Taras (28-Sep-2012)
"Trying to play this before testing the last level of the series"Sanus 4" I had to abandon this halfway through. This was not such a great idea because getting back into it was very hard, especially as the walkthrough wasn't helpful in giving direction and even in the last area I had to replay most of it as I couldn't find the torch and apart from"picking up the torch" it never mentioned where it was. I didn't liked the pitch dark area and getting a torch might be very kind, I rather have more flares as they give off more light. All in all this is an adventure that will keep you playing for over 6 hours (real time even more). These days there is a TR4 file and I am afraid that when converting, they didn't use the revised WADS, as some of the animations of Lara were quite weird. Textures: the choice was good but they could have been better applied, camera work in general was ok, I could have used a bit more. Bit puzzled in the last level with the five levers and the rolling ball, that didn't work as the builder had intended. There is a lot to do in here apart from all the running back and fro you have to do before you can progress. Looking back I can see how much Yasin does improve with each level." - Gerty (04-Oct-2010)
"I had something of a love-hate relationship with this epic release. Having started on it years ago, during my early raiding days, I got bogged down somewhere in the second level, put it aside and never got back to it. This time I stuck it out, and more than six hours of net gaming time later I finally hit that finish trigger. But not without considerable sweat and effort. The walkthrough isn't a model of clarity, but that's not really the writer's fault. The problem is that I normally play an hour here and an hour there, coming back day after day as necessary until I finish, and there's so much backtracking required here (work your way a considerable distance from Point A to Point B, finish an extended task at Point B and acquire a pickup that's used back at Point A) that I simply couldn't remember where I had been previously. Shorthand statements in the walkthrough to "go back where..." were not very helpful under those circumstances, so in frustration I finally enabled DOZY, not to cheat my way past the trouble spots, but to allow myself to fly back quickly along ground that had already been plowed. This modus operandi was in effect throughout the game, and I must say that I found it quite annoying. But on the positive side, the playing area is vast, the gameplay is ingeniously complicated, and you have to stay alert and keep your thinking cap on at all times. The lighting is good, too, although there were a couple of mazes in utter darkness where I was tempted to pull out what remains of my hair. In all, I must say that I enjoyed myself here, or else I never would have invested all that time in the game. I'm now working on Sanus 3, and I'm confident that I'll be even more impressed with that one." - Phil (27-Feb-2009)
"I'll start first with that that this probably is the level that took me the most time to get through at all. I think I have never spent so many weeks playing any custom level. Probably writing the walkthrough together with playing streched the time even more and that really made me tired of them and I think I wont replay them in any near future lol. Jungle Ruins - a beautiful and fun start to part of the Forgotten city of Sanus 2 adventure. I just loved mostly everything about this level! Sometimes there were some strange parts like spikes that didn't impale Lara rolling balls that don't squash Lara but I used this to my advantage. I also think that the river could've been made better since the water looked rather calm for such a fast current. More camera hints would've been nice too. Otherwise this is a fun and excellently built level the puzzles are nice also liked the hunt for the 2 solar stars. But I still have a few complaints nonetheless - there are quests which you can easily avoid - like the boulder run which I approached from the other side if you may say so cause I thought this is the way and that probably explains the rollingballs and spikes which didn't do any damage. Also the search for the gem is not actually required as even with difficulty I could bypass the rollingball near the start of the river area the first time I played the game. Another complaint would be the lighting - at some points it really is beautiful but at some so plain it even cried for more work. A nice and promising level anyway - a great improvement from Sanus 1. Sacred Valley of Ukaniba - comparing to the beauty and scale of the previous level this one didn't seem so good to me at all. You spend an awful lot of time here (which is not really the problem) mostly running from one point to the other one (that's the problem!) what I think was just a cheap trick to make the player spend more time in here even if I believe this was not made intentionally. Also I probably wouldn't mind running around the huge areas but it just is so boring! The pickups are scarce am not sure if there were more secrets on the way and practically there isn't much to do there and at times you keep asking yourself: 'when will this stop?'. As I said if Yasin thinks this running around is a sort of trademark of his keep it! But make it more fun eventful beautiful! The puzzles that were there were fine liked the disguised leafy floor the place where you have to move the 2 globes was smart IMO the timed fire run was brilliant and also the 3 layered maze was something you don't see that often (even if I am a total maze hater I like creativity). The dark maze though not hard still remains a maze and has never been a favorite part of mine in any level. Also the looks here are not so great - a sort of disappointment because the previous level was so beautiful! Firstly the level is dark at many places sometimes even unnecessarily dark - maybe it adds to the realism of the level but as I've said before not the kind of realism I want to see in a level. Secondly some areas have a ...*gasp*... wallpaper effect and stretched textures! And this mostly happened in the big areas - of course I don't mind if Yasin (and other level builders too) want to make huge areas I just hope they are diligent enough to texture them nicely. I really don't want to sound mean and put Yasin's hard work down with this really! My opinion is that this is not a great level in this series because of the above mentioned things and I hope things like this don't appear in other author's levels. Sorry that's just the way I feel about this level. Sacred City of Ukaniba - Even though I felt visually this isn't the best level here too it is much better than the previous level and the puzzles here improve a lot. The run for your life course was brilliant even if a little unfair due to the timed fire steams. The element puzzle in part 2 of the level is fun also even if I still wonder did Yasin's creative juices run faster when creating the fire puzzles or was he just bored of the level already when making the water and earth puzzles? No matter that here are some beautiful area like the shallow water valley with the trees where you jump through the branches and even find a secret if you're careful enough. Also flooding the city was most impressive IMO and how the area was affected was nicely done. Overall it didn't feel like a city to me but while completing the fun quests I actually didn't mind if this was yet another temple or a real city. Earth Temple of Neptunes - even if I didn't really mind that Yasin kept to the same textures in the whole series somehow this really didn't make this level much more special for me visually and it gets a bit tiring to look at the same textures again for hours. Anyway - even if there are some pretty impressive areas like the one with the huge trident and some nice puzzles it actually doesn't vary much from the rest of the series too and actually is more based on switch activating than puzzling so nothing remarkable that I'd like to add. I was really fed up with the series by now and actually was really happy to finally enter the final area with the demigods scorpions and ahmets as I felt the end coming here. I'm not really trying to mess up your mind as this still is a good level as most of the previous ones but you'll really enjoy this if you play this in chunks or if you enjoy playing long-lasting games non-stop. Overall I spent more than 5 hours through the series found 4 of the 5 secrets and was really relieved when it all ended lol. I think it'll really be hard to forget this level once you're done with it. Start playing it right away if you dare... he he he" - eTux (12-Jun-2003)
"Jungle Ruins (8/8/9/9 50 min.): From the nice little lake area in the rocks at the start you can see how much better Sanus 2 will be compared to Sanus 1. This is a really nice jungle setting with mountains around greenery and waterfalls and the progression is not as obvious as in Sanus 1. Enemies are tigers (well placed) crocodiles scorpions and a few mutants. You need to find a gem and two hands although you actually have a choice in this level as to which way to take to the end so you you do not necessarily need the gem. I did not care much for walk through or fall through walls even if they are greenery and thought the multi lever room was a little enigmatic. There are boulder traps movable and raising blocks and quite a few levers and a small maze area. Very promising start to the second set of Sanus levels. Sacred Valley of Ukanimba (9/7/9/8 100 min.): Very very non-linear level and I got seriously lost here despite at least a few helpful cameras. Still in the jungle you need to explore all areas thoroughly and look out for climbable walls and keep your orientation and wits about. Despite the frustration I thought gameplay was great and rather diverse. A few nice jump sequences water flipmaps planets to push a smart pushable blocks puzzle a challenging multi-lever timed sequence with fires (good fun) and you need to collect four hands two cartouches and the two eye pieces to make it to the end. I am rating down textures and lighting because of the pitch black maze area that I found very tedious despite the torch (found the only secret here). The 3D maze was tricky but thankfully rather small. Enemies are tigers scorpions bats crocodiles and the odd skeleton. I actually did have a spare hand in my inventory (from the earlier levels?) so I could have spared me the hunt for the two cartouches entirely but I still did it as it was great fun. Sacred City of Ukanimba (10/8/9/9 75 min.): Wow - this two-part level was most definitely the best of the series so far. It has the beauty of the previous level but without the annoying dark bits and it is not as confusing while still being entertaining. By now we are used to the decent jungle setting although again this time some of the lighting effects are rather well done. Highlights here are a great boulder spikes fire burners gauntlet some tree hopping a very smartly conceived raise/lower water levels puzzle good use of raising blocks and movable blocks etc etc. Only a few tigers scorpions and crocodiles are the enemies here and I found only one secret. You basically need to raise four blocks to get to the four levers that open the doors to the next level. And for one of those you need a cartouche which you get by a detour into part 2 of this level. The gameplay there to get three hands was brilliant fun special mention going to the earthquake flipmap. Earth Temple of Neptunes (8/7/9/9 60 min.): While being as enjoyable as the other three levels and a worthy ending of Sanus 2 I do have a few gripes with this level: the walkthrough wall (despite camera hint) the indiscernible climbing textures (ok - one for a secret) and especially the really invisible ledge in front of the first Neptune statue are just not on and only because of the overall charm of the level it still gets an 8 in gameplay. The dark forest was ok because of the torch and I had a bit of a tough start with this level and could have used a few more cameras. But once you get into the flow it has a few nice puzzles involving torches movable blocks rolling balls (though I did not push any of the five levers and it still worked (?)) an 8 lever puzzle with a nice clue and a final battle with two ahmets a giant scorpion and two demigods. A cartouche three tridents and two hands are your quest items here and eventually you pick up your well-deserved Earth Key. Bottomline this is a huge improvement versus Sanus 1 and I spent almost 5 hours here which were way more interesting than the 4 hours spent in the first part. I hear Sanus 3 is coming up soon - I for one can't wait to play it now and kept my savegame nicely stored on my harddisk for that occasion." - Michael (10-Mar-2003)
"It's really hard to describe these levels and do them justice - just know that they are a big improvement over the first four in the series. They are set in a HUGE jungle/temple area with so many places to explore that they become confusing and it's a constant battle to remember where everything is. The puzzles are clever though and the parts I saw were so well built and attractive that it was a joy to explore the many areas. Unfortunately I ran into the same problem that other people seem to have had. I reached a certain point and because of some kind of bug a door wouldn't open that was supposed to so I couldn't continue. Looks like I at least got to see most of it though. I highly recommend this and hope you have no problems playing it." - RaiderGirl (28-Feb-2003)
"Reviewers note: I encountered serious bugs in the last part of this installment such as Lara on fire when reloading a savegame levers disappearing invisible barriers walls suddenly not climbable anymore game would crash to the desktop when I saved and sometimes when I reloaded. This of course killed the fun completely. However as my understanding of it you don't encounter those problems when you use the savegame that is provided by Yasin. But since I play on a Mac I had to use my own and as I am a rather ardent Mac user I've slightly decreased the score for gameplay. Again this is one of the rare occasions where I thought fairly long about posting a review as I can't really join in the jolly worship this level has been blessed with so far. In fact I found the whole 5 hours deeply frustrating and increasingly boring. There are some really good puzzles and thrilling traps in here; in fact the room with the many timed runs was just fantastic but those highlights are few and far in between. I almost completely forgot about them. What I remember more clearly are uneventful runs through huge rooms long corridors and endless staircases. And to make matters worse somewhere along those never endings runs there are some walkthrough walls so you have to run close to the walls which feels a bit daft. Also in the first level you get deadly pits just behind those walkthrough walls which I think is really unfair cause there is no way you're gonna guess that you have to jump through the walls; almost as annoying as the many deadly tiles that look pretty harmless. I really don't know why Yasin made all the rooms so pointlessly big. The horizon keeps disappearing most of the time which looks really stupid and of course all those rocks walls and floor tiles have to be textured and with an area as vast as this it is no surprise that the texturing is very repetitive and monotonous. Truly I can't understand what the advantage of all this space is. It might have been different if there were some pickups secrets and enemies placed along the way but as it is usually nothing breaks the tedium of getting from A to B. And I really don't know if it was such a clever idea to release this epic level as a package where all parts have basically the same textures. I mean I'm not a big fan of the jungle level in the first place and after five hours of running through the same environment I was heartily fed up with the whole design. And what really takes the biscuit is that you don't get any cutscenes when you need them most (i.e. when the cause and effect constellation of those levers is most enigmatic) which had me running around endlessly like a headless chicken. The irritating thing really is that this could have been a truly fantastic level if Yasin had not tried to stretch the gameplay over four hours. There are some great ideas in here in fact they would have made a marvelous 90 minute adventure. This is my main complaint and everything else like the pitch-black maze or the missing animations seem rather negligible in comparison. I only hope that you don't need a savegame to start Sanus part 3 cause due to the aforementioned bugs I wasn't able to finish this level." - Dimpfelmoser (02-Sep-2002)
"The Forgotten City of Sanus 2 are the most difficult levels which I have had to master with Lara and I am genuinely happy to have made it :)) There are 5 levels for Lara to fully explore including Jungles temples and caves. Puzzles are most difficult and took me a lot of time to solve. Lara has to think very much perseverance and patience to be added as well. She has to shimmy climb master tricky jumps and timed doors and fire traps and has to pass through dark mazes find movable blocks and pull lever after lever. In each level the puzzles are different and really very tricky ;) It is really only for professionals with much perseverance. Lara finds altogether 3 crystals 6 solar star Eye of Horus 4 Tablets 3 Tridents 2 pyramid plugs 5 star amulets which can be found across all the levels and in the end Lara reaches the desired key :) The lighting was in some rooms very good as well as the textures the atmosphere suitably designed just great! There are also different opponents in the levels e.g.... mummies skeletons crocos scorpions tigers........ at the end of the 5th level a different kind of opponents awaits but I won't tell here ;)) The music was also suitably added like the cameras which have always shown the most important things and you should remember those :) Whoever enjoys Jungle levels should not fail to play this for me these levels were very tough for beginners I would not recommend it because the puzzles are too difficult in some levels however for prodessionals it is a must." - Engelchen Lara (13-Aug-2002)
"Really what else do you want from a level but a whole lot of fun and this one is jam packed with it. These four levels all set in a jungle environment just seemed to get better and better and not only did I find the locations inspiring but the gameplay was in my opinion brilliant with Yasin finding new and interesting ways to add twists to each puzzle. There aren't a whole lot of enemies mainly tigers ahmets and crocs but they seemed to be placed perfectly to not only scare me but to add a bit of a challenge though try and save up your best ammo for the very end of the level as you find yourself in a one on five battle with ahmets demigods and a giant scorpion. Speaking of ammo there isn't a whole lot through the level in fact there isn't many normal pick ups at all but not until I was confronted with the end battle did I realize this fact and that to me is the sign of a great level because that means I was too busy being involved in the gameplay to notice. I will say that this isn't textured as stunningly as Last Crusade and maybe some of the outdoor areas are a little squarish here and there but the look throughout had an uplifting effect with the great use of colour and the architecture of the buildings whereas some of the more perfectly textured levels are sometimes too ominous and oppressive. I could rave on and on but I won't just go out and play this nearly 4 hour set of levels and have a great time." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a marvelous set of levels and definitely qualify Yasin for "Most Improved" level builder of the year (comparing to his first series). Most outstanding are the many well-crafted puzzles - some quite elaborate. This along with the great atmosphere and music give the series a TR2/3 feeling that I personally really enjoy. The only major deduction is for a few bugs and several wrong animations. Lighting and textures are inconsistent - outstanding in some parts and lacking in others but generally well done. Most importantly these are a lot of fun to play and after several hours I was sorry to see it end." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is not a perfect level - but it is done with much variety and a GREAT deal of imagination which makes it a lot fun to play! Great puzzling - a lot of it - not many enemies but the exploring of the huge areas keeps you busy anyway. The goal is to find the earth key and I hope there will be more levels so we get to use it!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a great level. Lots of action - very very long. I found several places where I was stuck but with some help I was able to continue. For me there were a few gripes: Part 4 seemed to have been rushed and there were a few bugs around but hey! a high score nevertheless. Well done Yasin." - Doug E (21-Jun-2002)
"Okay I have to admit that I haven't played 'The Forgotten City of Sanus I' but that doesn't mean that I can't play and review this set of levels right? No it doesn't! Eh sorry. I guess I'm still a little confused after finally after four hours finishing these huge levels. All of the levels are confusing in the beginning but after a while you learn to find your way through them. The texturing is very nice even if it is a little repetitive in some of the larger areas. The enemies are well placed and the fight right at the end was actually a challenge. Most times enemies are just something that you kill because they're annoying but in that fight they actually posed a threat (especially since you had to kill two of them). The lighting is very good even though it was very very dark in some places (especially in the mausoleum). Of course there are some bad things about these levels too. As I said they are very confusing in places but I guess that's more a matter of taste. There are a lot of misplaced textures too. They're not in places where they really make the level look bad but they are often quite easy to spot. In the last level right at the beginning there is a double-door to the right. I don't know if it was supposed to open or not but it did for me (without any apparent reason) and the only thing behind it was a room that acted very strange. There are a lot of small bugs too. In at least one place you can get stuck if you're not fast enough (you'll notice if you've done something wrong though) and there are no animations when Lara pulls the underwater switches or when she's lighting a torch. The animation for the Poseidon-statues is wrong too. After all these faults that I wrote about you may think that I didn't like the levels but I did and it had some very memorable places. I'm not going to tell you about them though. You'll have to play the levels yourself and see them with you're own eyes. Oh and make sure you actually pick up the Earth Key before finishing the last level!" - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"The object of the first series from Yasin was to find the Sun key. Now Lara has to find the Earth key. This is a brilliant series of levels. One can only wonder where he found the time to build them. There were puzzles galore and not too many enemies although a good total of bright orange tigers were encountered. Observation and exploration are the keys to solving these levels. Clues to some puzzles were placed elsewhere. For me old FG the most difficult was a series of runs between 11 switches which fired up if you took too long to reach them. I look forward to the next series. Well done Yasin." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"Brilliant level great gameplay and puzzles - I'll keep this review short play these levels and enjoy them worth the 24 MB download. Can't wait for the follow up." - Grayboy (21-Jun-2002)
"This level well actually 4 from a series of 8 so far and this being the last 4 is absolutely stunning. This is a must for hardened raiders. I think I did just about every conceivable type of puzzle that exists in TRLE there were timed doors moving blocks mazes and even some torch lighting puzzles. One of the switch puzzles near the end consisted of 2 rows of 4 levers that is a possible 128 combinations but with the aid of a subtle clue nearby I actually managed that one first time (even amazed myself on that one). You will find clues to a lot of the puzzles some obvious and some well obscured. I did have the dreaded savegame bug near the end but not sure if everyone else had the same problem. If you experience the same problem on the last level then try playing the last level without coming out of TRLE. You will still be able to save and load but not come out of TRLE that's if you experience the bug (I hope you don't). Go and play it you won't regret it." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)
"I will like to begin by saying forget all that you know until now. From the first look you get the feeling that what you're playing is coming from one of our favorite previous Tomb Raider games because of the jungle and the not so used animals I am referring to the monkeys and the tigers. Walking through these parts is so interesting it can immediately capture your heart. The temples non Egyptian like are really resembling to ancient civilizations. This is the first time that a level came this close to perfection but because everything has its bad side some problems are definitely appearing here as well. Apart of the so challenging puzzles which I might add are a combination of simplicity and cleverness the animation objects at some parts of the level take away the atmospheric feeling that the author tried so hard to inspire into the players. Large areas beautifully textured are hiding more than you can imagine more than one way to enter an upper level but then again is this the right route; one way to find out explore. A fascinating fire puzzle requires your speeding skills dry land that can be flooded and take you to the next hidden place which I am sure is going to make you wonder if this is real. Another puzzle is the one with the moving blocks maybe the solution is given to you but from where is it in the same room maybe not. It might be wise to use the binoculars often some things can't be spotted by the naked eye. The change of scenery is taking place often big lighted areas can be substituted with dark spooky mazes or high dangerous caverns. The sun light at some spots is very well placed generally speaking the lighting couldn't be better under the circumstances as for the enemies mostly beasts and near the end prepare yourself for a real fight the final scene. Besides of some technical mistakes that unfortunately can be a little disappointing those levels are considered an art be sure to give them a try." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"A true jungle set of levels based in India: who could resist and not enjoy them? I was so glad to see both monkeys and tigers in the same levels. In this game the puzzles are very good and the good path is not always straightforward. Texturing and lightning are well done and the sounds are perfect. There are also beautiful slow and silent flyby with the camera and some very threatening series of devilish traps it was a great fun with this music from TR3. The tigers crocs and red monsters are very well placed and sometimes my hair was dressed upon my head but when the game was over I had still 20 medipacks in the inventory! The final fight is very hilarious: I began with the uzis then with the shotgun and finally with the pistols as I had no more ammos. With a giant scorpion running after me and not being able to run because of the water it was a big piece of fun. So there are many qualities in this masterpiece (in spite of a very few mistakes) a very good adventure indeed (6 hours taken and 40 kilometers traveled) with great moments and good surprises one of the best inside/outside level I've played; but I have rated only 9 why? Because when the game was over I had a strange feeling there was something missing in all that: for my taste the soul of India with its magic and mysteries was simply not there. I would even say that with panthers instead of tigers and different textures this story could as well have taken place in Venezuela. Maybe it's because there are too many great areas and too many big rooms with only 4 walls. With a more intricate jungle and smaller rooms I am sure that the gameplay would have been still better. So my thirst for India levels has not been extinguished by these 4 levels. I believe that the best in this series is still to come in City of Sanus 3 and 4 as the author makes progress each time. Anyway Yasin has obviously become one of the best levelbuilders to create enjoyable levels with good puzzles." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"Well what can I add that has not already been said? I absolutely luxuriated in the beautiful scenery and surroundings. The lighting was used to its best effect and the colours were breathtaking. All this used to best effect in a very for me anyway difficult level. The various runs involving the spiked balls spikes and flames were not too easy but I found not impossible. Just enough difficulty to give satisfaction after a few tries to make it all worthwhile. The Mummy Maze the 3D Maze and the Jungle Area all deserve a special mention exceptionally well thought out and put together. However the game was spoiled for me by the loss of sound in the last level. My only criticism is that with such a huge area involved and so many levers for so many doors that a camera shot of which door or gate was opening would have been much appreciated. I am too old now to spend ages running around looking for these things on the off chance that I find them before I lose interest. Please Yasin one prayer for least a few camera shots of doors. This would not make your levels any easier [as I am sure you will make sure] it just makes them flow more easily." - Tortoise3 (21-Jun-2002)