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The Lost Acropolis 1-3 by Harly Wuson

Chronicles5 10 10 9 10
David 9 8 7 8
Dimpfelmoser 8 7 10 9
Dougsan 9 9 8 9
eRIC 6 10 8 10
eTux 9 8 9 9
Fairy Godfather 9 9 9 9
Gecko 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 8 9
Ivan 8 8 9 10
Jason 9 8 9 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 5 8 8 9
Kristina 7 8 9 9
Leandro 9 9 8 10
Magnus 9 9 8 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 10
Momster 9 8 9 9
Petaludas 9 9 9 8
Phil 10 10 10 10
Piega 8 9 8 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 9 9 10
Ravenwen 9 8 9 8
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 10 9
Scottie 9 8 9 9
Sheevah 6 7 8 9
SilentViper 9 10 10 9
Spike 10 9 10 10
Torry 8 10 10 10
Tortoise3 9 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 10 9
Vinci 9 10 9 10
release date: 03-Mar-2002
# of downloads: 175

average rating: 9.00
review count: 34
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file size: 51.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

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Reviewer's comments
"Hello fellow corona raiders! An almost 20year trle that deserve for sure the hall of fame title. Nothing to complain here or disadvantages ..Good and plentiful gameplay..Good time runs and different aspects to complete..creativity is something that this tlre uses also especially when the earthshaker follow you in the lava tiles ..must play" - Petaludas (25-Dec-2021)
"Phew, this was extremely intense and definitely a thrill ride from start to finish. There's no denying that the environments are brilliantly constructed, often with views into areas you have yet to reach. The action hots up with a well chosen music score, whether you are performing extremely tight timed runs, dangerous acrobatics or avoiding nasty traps. I had to downgrade my gameplay score slightly as I felt it got a bit out of hand at times, particularly in the jumping. But if you are up for it, then I wish you luck. Experienced raiders will no doubt love this." - Ryan (31-Dec-2016)
"Here we have a builder who knows how to manage the editor (and another tools too). The architecture is very good, and also the lighting and texturization. There are new enemies, new sounds and new and fresh ideas in the gameplay. The first level is nice to play, with variety of tasks and no much backtracking; excessive enemies in my opinion. You can also think that there are excessive pickups, but when you play the second level you realize you'll need all the stuff you've collected in the first one. In that second level I wasted a lot of medipacks in the lava corridors with the hammer boss chasing me a very long time, there are also excessive ninjas and some tasks are very hard, like the timed run with two switches or pulling the chain at the end of the lava corridors, so I had to reload many many times. The third level is a bit better, but also with many unnecessary hard tasks, tight timed swims, dangerous slides and a lot of traps. The final outside area with the big boss was brilliant, even without the sight (I would advise keep the bazooka ammo for this area), but the too many opening and closing doors in the previous areas made the tasks repetitive. Recommended only for expert players and, even so, it can be frustrating sometimes." - Jose (21-Jun-2016)
"Woooo if you haven't played it, you better start. This is full of action and not all that easy (as I found out). Best strategy is to shoot everything and then explore, that way you can find some of the secrets and that is mighty handy. There are some timed runs to make and that took some practice. There are some new things to see here. You will meet the Hammer guy and mine must have been on steroid or something, as he was sure a pain in the neck when I had to master the jumps through a lava cave. The jumping through pitch-black rooms might sound awful, but you find enough flares, to see where you can jump. The last level is another story as here is a Seth enemy that tries to climb on a building. Then taking a swan dive was thrilling to say the least. The bull... well you know the drill, hard but I managed. Lara left with the Sun Goddess and that is not bad after a day of raiding. And remember with the shotgun you can aim as there is some practice shooting to do." - Gerty (14-Oct-2010)
"In the first level it goes first a very short piece through a small wood. Then one has already found the ruins of the Acropolis. As the first I must mention a negative point. I find it not good which one comes only to the weapons if one finds the very well hidden places. Only in this first level there are a lot of Baddies and it is not very helpful if one has then only the pistols because the Uzi's and the shotgun are hidden so well. Though there are also skeletons, but with those one spends only very little time. Not so nicely I found the rock walls at the level beginning. There the level builder could have taken a little bit more effort. However, the whole rest has completely persuaded me. The ruins look great. The intersequences with the tourist guide and his small meanness are made good very much. A small problem is which one can open the key of the tourist guide a door which one had already opened before and which is closed now again. With this key one must open another door. This would be a possible Dead-End. A little bit irritating it is that Lara makes every time when she lifts something a noise, as if she used a medipack. In the second level Lara explores a few houses. And now beside the many Baddies there is also a hammer man. And he follows Lara like a loyal dog. Indeed, he is not as peaceful completely as the loyal dog. Though the hammer man sometimes irritates, but, on the other hand, it is a good idea which one has him constantly in the nape. This becomes apparent above all in the very well built lava room. There one cannot rest simply sometimes and have a look at the next jumps. But sometime Lara finds the jeep and then the hammer man must also believe in it. The distance which one must put back with the jeep is well formed, even if to go at some places a little bit difficultly. In the third level Lara must climb in a ruin completely upwards. There already waits the tourist guide who has caused so much grief to her. After she has defeated him, she finds with friendly support of a bull the artefact in request. This last level was real still the easiest one. Merely at the level beginning there were a few difficult places. Particularly have liked me the straight distances on which one slided in such a way as if one is on a slant. This looked quite really good. Also not so simply were the doors which opened and closed immediately again. The invincible guy who shot outdoors in this ruin constantly at Lara was dangerous only so long, how Lara climbs not up. As soon as she climbed upwards, he stopped to shoot. The jumps were no problem and the tourist guide was easy to defeat. To sum up, I must say that there was for my taste a few Baddies too much. Moreover, it would have been better if one could have found the Uzi's and the shotgun a bit more easier. But apart from these little things this is a level which one must absolutely play." - Scottie (14-Jul-2009)
"I was unsure as to whether I wanted to play this level at first, because I had heard of it's particularly high difficulty level, although I am extremely glad that I did play it in the end. However, I found most of the gameplay relatively challenging rather than annoyingly difficult. In my opinion the gameplay was actually excellent, and blended some tricky jumps, timed runs, jeep rides and boatloads of enemies to deal with. The last level in particular was very well layed out, and involved several obstacles to overcome while working your way up to the top of a large tower. Graphically, 'Acropolis' also excels, with beautiful texturing on a grand scale. All of the locations are wonderfully atmospheric, and in terms of presentation I was not once let down. I did actually encounter the well-known flame bug, but thankfully Harly provided me with a savegame and I was soon on my way. I urge anybody who has not played this yet to do so, as it is a wonderfully enjoyable adventure that will captivate you until it's end." - Spike (05-Jul-2007)
"When I downloaded this levelset, I didn't see the warning about it being only for experienced players, but this posed no problem as I consider myself one, so I didn't encounter any particular difficulties with the gameplay; on the contrary, I enjoyed very much the high level of challenge that this game offers in its three cleverly made sections. The first section is rather easy compared to the other two; in the second, there are several traps to pass through, but the highlight is surely the awesome and quite tough jeep ride along the most impossible areas. I was put off a bit in the last section, as I came across an infamous (as I learned earlier) flaming Lara bug, which didn't allow me to move on, so I had to use a ready savegame, which I don't like doing as I consider it a kind of cheating; and I hate it when there are such bugs left over in levels - and especially when the latters are so good like this one - because they totally ruin the gameplay experience for me. Anyway after that point, all went well and I found the final part rather rewarding, as there are several challenging things to do. Overall this is a demanding and absolutely entertaining levelset that offers some fantastic tomb-raiding moments (there are several tight timed-runs too) and if it wasn't for that nasty bug, it would have gained a 10 for gameplay from me." - Ravenwen (22-May-2007)
"What a wonderful adventure! Everything is textured to perfection and even if the textures themself are quite ordinary, the author makes them fit the levels due to the lighting and mastful placement!. The only thing I have to complain about is what has this to do with Acropolis? ;) Not a complaint really hehe. The secrets are extremly well hidden and the cameras and atmosphere is perfect. There is also a lot for a builder to learn while playing these levels. For a start, the weird gates that opens/closes...the sliding floor etc. Not to mention the climax with the grande finale!! The only thing I have seen so far that can match this is the ending part of "Knights of Terafisa"! The action puzzles are sometimes so hard that it takes a long time to figure them out.. and when you do, it takes even longer to bypass them ;)In Good Luis Martins style they are, and I love that. The devil that chases you in level 2 during the lava jumps is amazing! I tried this levelset due to Magnus talking about it. He was right. We really need sequels here.. and fast! All tens from me, cause this is a masterpeice." - QRS (24-Nov-2005)
"WOW! What a great set of levels! I just can't believe that this isn't in the hall of fame not even the top 50! Anyway here's my review of the three fantastic levels: Run After Guide - A very nice opening level to the adventure. I liked Lara's outfit but the weird thing I thought was that the pistols had machine gun sounds that would have been suited for the retextured shotgun. Anyway the main goal of the level is to meet the guide and follow his path until you reach the second level. Chase War - This level was very frustrating for me but this level was my favorite in the series. In this level the guide's ninjas are doing their best to kill you and if that's not enough you will have to worry about a retextured hammergod as you jump from stone to stone over a river of lava! Running down the hammergod with the jeep gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction and the jeep ride was very difficult yet brilliantly entertaining. Fight to Guide - The last part in the series was good too apart from the burning bug encountered before the crazy gates. There are a few underwater timed runs here and there is even jumping in the dark along with monkey swinging by burners. The finale was also great with the retextured Seth and bull and finally killing the guide at the top of a tower. I hope that Harly's level building skills will get better as his new level series Devilish Habitat will be released in 2005." - Relic Hunter (20-Jun-2004)
"Here's a game that I truly had fun with! At the very start with those slightly theatrical jungle textures and then the sudden change of setting to the ruins of some old palace and then right after that textures reminding you of Coastal Ruins and some wooden buildings with loads of Arab baddies all this punctuated by the exaggerated sound of Lara's footsteps I felt somewhat suspicious... But the fact is that the textures albeit not completely perfect at times (nothing special more things like the bull's head coming across a closed gate things like that) manage to be different majestic and beautiful. As for the adventure there's never any lack of it and it grows and grows as the story unfolds. Three levels... The first seems quite easy having to follow the treacherous guide and fighting entire armies of baddies. The tasks at hand are by no means complicated and you get ammo (most of it I wonder what for since the only weapons I got were the pistols and the rocket launcher but I may have been too distracted) and medipacks a go-go. It is the greatest of all goodie parties! When you get to the second level you understand what all those medipacks were for. You'll have to avoid retextured skeletons more waves of baddies and the worst of them all a retextured hammergod that breaks free and goes after you along hallways full of lava and whatnot until you finally get yourself a jeep and manage to run over the pestiful creature! You have to run and the tension runs high. In the third level you get timed runs lots of traps some swimming and a truly grand finale where you have to get to the top of a tall structure between traps jumps and even a rope so that you can shoot down the mean guide that chases you with an axe get his artefact jump to the other side to set a bull free way down below go down all the way again and shoot breakable plaques while fighting retextured pteranodons all that in order to open the gates to the small buildings where the bull will have to crash some more plaques thus opening the door to your final artefact and afterwards the ending. In the meantime an invincible flying devil keeps shooting his deadly rays at your poor Lara who's only willing to get her well deserved final reward. I can't give a ten to the textures (even though the settings are a feast for the eyes) but I can certainly give three tens to the remnant items namely the gameplay which was always very clear and one of the best I've seen lately. Play this now for good fun! (May 30 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Jun-2004)
"It has been a year since I last played this amazing series of levels and I can still remember it very well. Yes I did encounter the burning bug in the third level but I believe it isn't really the author's fault. Harly has a very inspirational approach towards gameplay what believes to be in TR logic 'never thought of' are there; like the sliding platforms (I loved the originality behind this and how well executed they are!). The Chase War really gave me the feeling of a mob war where the guide's henchmen are all after Lara and next to them she still has to encounter numerous enemies and very devious traps. Speaking of enemies the blue skeletons are a highlight so is the very very well constructed course with the very well remeshed hammergod along deadly platforms and caves. Killing him is a great satisfaction too! the pace of these levels are really fast you get tasks one after another here and you always know what to do (even when doing them means to die a lot before you really make it). The first level is visually the most impressive level of all seeing the fog through the ruins submerged underwater is really quite a sight. And the last room of this the balcony is very well made which tempted me to get my camera if it is a real place. And this is the first level I have even seen to use a box as the horizon object and it was beautiful. Despite of the flaming bug in the last level which Harly himself gladly helped solving it this level is solely trap based and timed runs everywhere. The pitch black room with devious jumps is my favourite. :) The area with the timed underwater lever switches is a sight to see. The boss fight room isn't too impressive to me but exciting enough thanks to the music and the grunts of the remeshed Seth so is the gameplay and jumps around the building to the top keeps the pace high. Not to mention the satisfaction of finally killing the guide and the long swandive down to the pool. The flying demons are really funny to look at! All in all it is a perfect level to me only if a little bit unbalanced towards unfair considering myself not a veteran raider the difficulty is maximum to me. But nonetheless great fun and satisfaction when a sequence is completed (and immediately triggering something else). I can't see why this level set isn't in the hall of fame? Not even in Top50! This is anyway a level set I would definitely replay many times over! Now let's sit back and wait for 2005 to come along with Harly's coming series of Devilish Habitat. (this is my first review!)" - Gecko (26-Feb-2004)
"Apologies to Michael but I'm compelled to give this top-notch three-part marvel the highest possible rating in all categories. The Lost Acropolis is not for the faint-hearted though. The skill level required to make it all the way through is moderate to high. After a relatively serene opening level the action becomes fast and furious in the remaining installments. Those having an aversion to walkthroughs should nevertheless consult Dutchy's marvelous guide in advance if only for self defense. But while you're actually experiencing the action segments in the second and third levels the walkthrough will be of little help because things are happening so fast. As a matter of fact there's a particularly vicious timed run in the second level that involves two wall switches and a convoluted dash past an angry hammergod. Even knowing exactly what I needed to do was not enough so I was obliged after repeated failures to beg a savegame from Dutchy in order to continue. But then followed immediately an intricate obstacle course through a lava-infested area with the hammergod thrown in to make life extremely miserable for poor Lara. I finally made it through but only after a considerable investment of sweat tears and very nearly the shedding of blood. The grand finale at the end of the third level involving an indestructible Boss above and a raging bull below is a thing of beauty and has to be experienced to be believed. The gameplay presented here is an excellent example of what makes Tomb Raider such an addicting game and I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful trilogy to anyone unfortunate enough to have missed it thus far." - Phil (08-Jan-2004)
"I have mixed feelings about these levels - on one hand this is a truly great and challenging experience for the experienced raider and a beautiful experience at that too - cause the environments even though look a bit boring but are extremely well crafted and as Michael wrote in his review - after all the challenges you can proudly carry your Sun Goddess statue away from here but on the other hand some of the tasks - like the hammer man and lava chase seem so unfair and frustrating and the endless battles with the ninjas which got boring after a while already and made the gameplay more tedious rather than challenging. The camera use in level 1 is great and you really feel like chasing the guide who always seems to escape you - especially the moment when he releases the rats is memorable and finally battling him at the end of level 3 gives a great feeling of satisfaction. Also my jaw dropped when I first jumped on the sliding platforms - great effect - would like to know how the author achieved that! Overall - an action packed adventure that will keep you occupied for 1:30 hours - sometimes frustrating sometimes tedious but never with a moment where you think you can't go on - well worth to play" - eTux (11-Oct-2003)
"Well I don't know what is it with Harly's levels and they have the most peculiar bugs. Again the atmosphere is very good I think the textures are the same as the level with Qualopec. The puzzles are nice and the items original you need keys a star and moon an item with a bull's head and many switches to pull. You have to pass traps with spikes fire collapsing tiles ninjas scorpions bats the guy with the hammer and retextured blue skeletons. There is even a scene with the guide and the guide acting like a tin man because he has to be killed at the end. I particularly laughed with the big weird heads of the red birds at the end and the red guy that was throwing fire bolts at Lara. There is also a bull helping you at the end. Everything sounds good doesn't it and of course we have timed runs here as well as rolling scales of some kind that was a nice idea. Although I was a little frustrated with the jumps and timed doors I was enjoying these levels until I got to level 3.You guessed it another terrible bug occurred. This time it was the floor suddenly burning when Lara died and you had to reload but sometimes just like that with no apparent reason. I had to use DOZY to get passed that section as I could do everything from the underwater levers up to the buttons that opened the last opening and closing door without saving at all but I couldn't get passed the door in the area with the rope without saving. Also at the beginning of the level you might not want to save close to the chain as the door to the mechanical scarab doesn't open sometimes. Therefore the low mark at game play/puzzles category although I wanted to give an eight or even nine. Do give it a try but be aware that these levels will try your patience." - Kristina (12-Mar-2003)
"(Review for first two parts - it crashes when loading the third part): From a simple beginning this level starts getting more and more complex and devious. I suppose the clues were there all along - the redesigned medipacks and guns - but I thought nothing of it. Part One is fairly straightforward - lots of exploring lots of pick-ups and lots of ninjas to kill. I'm not quite sure why an echoing voice kept telling me I'd be trapped in his maze forever as there was no maze in sight. Nice touch though. From the demolished watery temple it's over to a house where the puzzles start to mount up. After this it's off to Part Two where things really start getting either good or frustrating depending on your point of view. I very much liked the new blue skeletons (although I found the repeater shotgun annoying as I kept running out of shots as I used 2 or 3 where normally just 1 would do the trick) and the puzzle unfolding was also nice - gaining each glowing gem to allow entry to the next area. However then we meet the hammer god - annoying at the best of times as you can't kill him but here he chases after you at one point and poor Lara is faced with having to traverse a very tricky set of jumps across a lava-filled room (and here some of the safe squares will 'trap' Lara stationary at the mercy of the God - this is a bug I've noticed in other levels so perhaps it's unavoidable). The jumps and so on are hard enough without having this thing chasing after you but I found after a while that it was all just too much and the death rate for Lara immense and thus the boredom of having to reload all the time. However I notice that others have found this sequence really excellent ... Another bug came when Lara reaches nearly the end of this area and arrives on a podium from where she must hand swing to the next bit. Lara was able to pull up and stand(!) in the gap between block and ceiling. Then when I climbed her down she was hanging off the floor tile down into the lava. Pulling up again re-sited her on the correct block. Then there are a couple more *very* tricky things: simple in essence but annoying as it's almost a random chance as to whether you make it or not. Pulling an underwater lever then swimming round a corner past some spikes - hoping they are down - to pull up to a timed door which closes if you've delayed at all on the swim. I have no problem with feats of skill but I dislike this sort of 'lucky' moves where no amount of timing or skill will help you do it - the spikes are either up or down in time. Finally there's a neat ride in a jeep - which allows you to kill the hammer God if you're lucky and very annoyed with him. Loads more ninjas to run down and then some tricky leaps before leaving the Jeep for the final section - an apparently simple climb up some sloping platforms. Not so. The final jump must be done specifically right or Lara does not reach the safe area and slides down again. You need to hang on the topmost ledge pull up and then backflip a fraction of a second later allowing Lara to slip momentarily down the ledge. Don't turn in middair and she should land safely. It took me many many failed tries to do this and only then after the above clue was found on the forums. The game then goes to load the third part but crashes. I understand there's a corrected version out there but I don't have it at the moment ... maybe when I manage to get it I can update this with the rest of the game. Overall it's imaginative and well thought through. Some parts are frustrating and the death/save ratio is very high indeed. Some good gameplay perhaps not enough exploration or thought puzzles (as opposed to dexterity puzzles)." - David (05-Jan-2003)
"The Lost Acropolis a brilliant three part series is filled with tricky jumps and timed doors (some timed doors are even underwater plus some have more than one switch); nasty boulder spike and fire traps; brilliantly retextured enemies that include skeletons a hammer God Seth and a new looking bull; a torch puzzle and rope swing; some tricky driving in the jeep past spikes and over water and lava; and corkscrews that come out of the ceiling. All this set in a beautifully crafted environment with a nice blend of indoor areas (inside a castle maybe?) and gorgeous outdoor areas (especially the water room in the first level and the large structure in the third with Seth in the middle and the bull stalking around outside). A fun feature of this series is following the guide along mainly through the use of cut scenes and then finally getting to kill him in the third level. I found only one secret so I may have missed some but found plenty of pickups along the way." - RaiderGirl (27-Dec-2002)
"Where do I start? I feel a little mixed up about these levels. I played the first level a long time ago and was very curious what the rest could be. Let me start with the bad things. The third level crashed. It will not influence the rating on this but after such a long time I expected a complete solved version cause you must find the update somewhere else. I played the first 2 levels without any help. The gameplay in the torch area was great and my favourite part of the game. The second was a 'save and reload' level but with very great moments and not boring at all. It's been said already but the part with lava and the chasing hammergod is just pure intense gameplay. Very annoying was the little timed switch in the water tunnel with spikes to reach the jeep. The third level was pure frustration for me and I played this level with the flycheat. This said I can also tell that I wanted to see the ending which I don't have often with custom levels. The game design on the tower was pure action and puzzle in one. The way the red demon 'climbs' together with you to the top of the tower is very cleverly made. As the difficulty from the first to the last level grows with giant footsteps the level design slows down. I found the first level the best to look at and it had very great atmosphere. The natural parts are great with no collision triangles from water to land and gain always an extra point from me. There are too many square water rooms in custom levels. But don't get me wrong there is good design all the way and you will walk and swim in diagonal corridors. I only found one secret so I could not get rid of these blue sausage guys. These were the coolest looking retextured skeletons I have seen. All in all there is a lot of time spent in this adventure and has great quality." - Piega (27-Dec-2002)
"Run After Guide (8/8/10/10 60 min. 1 secret): Starting out in those already familiar jungle/rock rooms of Harly's previous levels this adventure still shows how much he has grown as a builder. The big water room looks great as do the subsequent settings in the very realistic building. I really liked Lara's outfit and the progression in this part is rather smooth and not too tricky. Some movable blocks bats warthogs scorpions rats and many many ninjas. Custom textures and objects make the setting quite special and with the help of Aziz (the Guide) a nice storyline unfolds. The torch puzzle is quite simple a few spikes burners and boulders will keep you on your toes and there is a timed run to get some practice for the next parts. Chase War (10/9/9/10 30 min. 1 secret): You enter a kind of City area and this is were the thrills begin. On your quest for a Crystal Star Moon and Sun you will most certainly require many many tries to master two or three very (!) tight timed runs which give a great feeling of accomplishment when you did them but can of course also be very frustrating when you don't. The 'conveyor belt' effect is nicely done the blue skeletons and the hammergods brilliantly remeshed and again quite a bunch of ninjas roaming around here. Very good use of the jeep too to crash through doors make a few jumps and maneuver along narrow rocks in a lava cave. Fight To Guide (10/10/9/9 35 min.): The first remarkable moment here was a very spectacular death when Lara ends up on a wrong tile - hilarious. This part pretty much continues the challenging quest with more timed runs involving spikes and lightning traps and burners. I liked the variations of the opening and closing doors you had to get through a tough monkey swing past burners and even the pitch black rooms were interesting as lighting a flare would show you the way to go. And then of course the absolutely highlight with the final room starting with a great flyby of the tower you have to make your way up (passing three very tricky boulders) to battle and kill Aziz and get the Golden Corrida while a red devil (brilliantly remeshed Seth) shoots at you from the center and once that is accomplished a bull challenge and shooting three remeshed pterodactyls (their heads made me laugh out loud). I certainly carried my Sun Goddess proudly out of this adventure - brilliant fun for the seasoned raiders among us!" - Michael (07-Dec-2002)
"This set of three levels will give you just over two hours of exceptional raiding but I warn you now it is very very difficult in places. You will encounter half a dozen of the most notorious timed doors and even timed double doors that have ever been devised and the timing on these (as well as a pair of underwater timed doors) are so fine that it leaves absolutely NO room for error. Add to that THE MOST difficult jeep ride I have ever experienced this is one tough mother. Now due to this extreme difficulty I have downrated the gameplay score somewhat as it is just too hard for the casual raider. OK for us seasoned professionals (insert big grin here) but the average raider will have little hope in getting through this.There were also a few things I had never seen before. The movable walkways were really great as were the armoured skeletons and the lightning wielding red demon at the end. I also discovered that running over the hammer god with the jeep will end his nasty ground smacking ways forever lol. Just as well as that bugger had been following me around everywhere depleting my health ad nauseum with that bloody hammer of his. Now all of these foes are assisted by a horde of ninjas and the level really depletes the health packs in quick order. You do get a neat fully auto shotgun and the rocket launcher can be found in a secret in the jeep track so keep your eyes peeled. At the end you need to traverse this huge tower with that red demon spitting lightning at you all the way up and after killing Sahib (I had always wanted to do that) and placing the artifact he drops in it's receptacle across the way you get to do a magnificent swan dive into the pool below right passed the nose of that demon. Save your game before the dive as it is just great and you can do it over and over again. Lastly get the bull to do it's bit (three times) and you are finally out of that hell that Mr Wuson designed for us all." - Torry (11-Nov-2002)
"The Lost Acropolis ranks among my favorite five or six episodes. The game shows a lot of effort and thought from the quite different environments -- to me -- to the new outfit for Lara. I do suggest dressing that simply while working as Lara does would end up with a lot of skin being left on rough granite walls hot rocks rusty metal etc. But our Lara can put up with the inconvenience to look good while she overcomes all obstacles! I very much enjoyed the timed runs/swim mostly because I'm terrible at them so they keep me entertained for a long time. The automatic shotgun came as a big surprise. My first time through the game I missed the shotgun and the revolver. The 'bubble' ghosts were tough enemies without a weapon but they could be worked around. My second go through I got the missed weapons (thanks to the forum) and the game changed quite a bit. But I went into the cellar with 60 rounds of shotgun ammo and in no time at all I was out of ammo! What the hell! Then I realized the shotgun was automatic (I play without the sound). Time to learn fire discipline. I did so enjoy The Lost Acropolis. Well done Sirs." - Dougsan (11-Sep-2002)
"This level has very good atmosphere admirable map-structure and interesting puzzles. In particular I liked a corridor of 'belt conveyor' (using bridge-flat and slopes?) And in all 3 levels I've always enjoyed because a large part of maps are well riant. Driving a jeep was also amusing. The best hybrid of maps puzzles traps and enemies (e.g. bullfight) brilliant!" - Vinci (16-Aug-2002)
"Okay this one was amazing! Custom objects and textures come together to make a really great level series. I don't know how he did it but the creator made Lara slide across floor tiles- an effect I've never seen before. I liked the re-textured demigod and setha the Setha looked even more evil when textured red and I liked how the guides ai was used for dramatic cutscenes it really felt like a chase. The guide was re-done in the last level you had to climb up the acropolis while avoiding rolling balls (which I think could be disabled by shooting statues of something) and the demon when you got to the top you battled the guide for his artifact. Then a floor thing started to raise from the ground I was confused about this... You had to go back down and get a bull to hit switches and stuff. This was a great series worth the download with some tough spots. :) Download it!" - Chronicles5 (24-Jul-2002)
"These three levels MUST BE in every TombRaider Fan's computer. They make an amazing pack of levels where you will take Lara in a chase to the same guide that was in The Last Revelation but now Lara will finally have her vengeance. I was impressed with the new enemies (the red demon the new hammer god the flying demons) and with the incredible design of the levels. And after all that there's still the new outfit of Lara which probably is the best I've ever seen. Run after Guide: (10/10/10/10) This level is simply AWESOME! I could not rate it lower because in its 75 minutes it is very interesting. All the level is pretty cool nicely textured and some times its design is so great so great that I could easily doubt if Core would make something as good as this. This level has some nice puzzling around a switch that open and close doors at the same time. Chase War: (9/9/10/8) This is a shorter level in comparison to the first but it's pure adrenalin! First looking for the crystal items you release a new hammer demigod which you will be able to kill only with the jeep! A crazy race to avoid the demigod through the lava areas and then another race with the jeep to escape the city. Fight to Guide: (8/9/10/9) This was the shortest of the three and the hardest. Lots of timed doors including underwater ones hard jumps in pitch black rooms and then when the tower shows up there's that damned red demon shooting at you. In this 40 minutes level you must find your way to the tower and go up finding the guide who will be killed. But don't think it's going to be easy - there are rolling balls smartly disabled by shooting some statues there are spikes slopes and some flying demons that will come to push you down! After that you must make the bull hit the switches to finally find the artifact 'Golden Corrida' and finish the level. In three words: DOWNLOAD IT! NOW!!!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"An amazing adventure one of my favorites so far! In this pack with three levels we have one (the first) in a kind of jungle another (the second) outside a lost city and the third (the last) inside that city. The graphics are amazing one of the best ever. And the objects (the old ones and also the new ones) are very beautiful with shining effects and more... I loved Lara's outfit! I also loved the puzzles that aren't very hard (except in the beginning of the third level... almost impossible!) but very fun. My favorite level is the first... Very beautiful excellent puzzles and funny gameplay. But don't worry all of 'The Lost Acropolis' levels have all this things too!" - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"I really liked these three levels. They're full of traps and timed runs/swims and the areas look very good. Lara has to follow the guide (I have no idea why but it feels good to have another objective than to just find an artifact) and in her way are the above-mentioned traps which doesn't seem to bother the guide. The timed runs are challenging and different no two timed runs are exactly the same. Lara also wears a new outfit which I think looks very good. The enemies are remade and they look very good (some of them even look fun just wait until you see the 'flying demons' at the end of the last level. About the end; I really liked the way it was made with the climb to the top and the boulders and the rest (I'm not going to spoil it for you). I just think that it was hard to understand that you had to destroy the giant heads (or whatever they are) to open the three doors. I ran around for a long time until I finally in my desperation tried to shoot them. The sounds from Lara's footsteps actually change depending on where Lara walks (unlike in most levels). Both the first and the last level are very linear and the risk of getting lost isn't very big (especially not in the last level). Also there are too many enemies in both the first and the second level which just gets annoying after a while. The thing that annoyed me the most was that Lara kept making the 'I've just used a medipack'-sound every time I picked up something. I don't know if that was the author's intention or if it was my fault but it sure was annoying! Otherwise three very good levels that are well worth downloading." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"What can one say about this series of levels? Superb from start to finish. Many timed runs to do. Not my favourite part of the game but except for one done for me by Sash I managed all the others. New enemies abound a hammer man chases as you negotiate a series of blocks pads and ledges in a terrifying run through lava and something new to me was a number of moving pavements (or sidewalk) type of pads. And finally climb a huge tower to reach a guide whilst a red demon shoots lightning bolts at you. I want a slow brain teasing puzzle type of level next to allow my bowling arm to recover." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"Not easy to rate this level. As I said in my review for the single version part one is a very good one and well worth playing. But later on ... Visually it's still impressing and the self-created objects like e.g. the crystal moon are very nice. I also liked the intensity of the sound effects (like e.g. Lara's footsteps). But it's the difficulty level that lowers my rating in the gameplay category. To my opinion it ranges somewhere in between very hard and impossible to make. Jump and run try and fail and die - that's frustrating. I also disliked all those ninjas appearing at every corner. Skeletons aren't my 'favorite enemies' either and I absolutely hate un-destroyable enemies like the hammerman so they lower my rating of the enemy category. - I hope that the author will lower the difficulty level in his next projects so then his works could be rather perfect and fun not only for hardcore players but for average players too." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"This level looks absolutely stunning. There are some nice touches like the moon and clouds that you can see through the hole in the ceiling where the first lever is. Even the slight haze in the main pool looked good. The only thing that confused me is when you get the Guide's key it operates two locks. I found the only one that did anything was the one up some stairs although I probably just couldn't find what the other lock did. Near the end of the level just after you pull the two rope chains you come to a balcony and again the view is breathtaking. Although the puzzles were mainly lever/door type ones you still had a few timed doors and torch puzzles to solve. This was a very enjoyable level." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)
"First I am with Sheevah but if you make it it just gets harder and better. Weapons were great and diverse from the rocket launcher to the MP-5 and grenade launcher all there. Enemies were perfect partly completely new like Seth and in the last part the devil and the skeletons and the devil-bull. I did not like this so much everything revolving around the devil and a guide you have fight at the end. There were many new good (and also some bad) objects. The jungle was well designed but there was not too much of it. The ruins were perfect but there was not much gameplay in them. From an atmosphere perspective I mainly liked the first level especially because of the detailed hut. In the last level there was a bug that forced me to continue using a cheat where Lara burnt on almost every square. The timed puzzles were also a little too hard although I usually made it at the third or fourth attempt." - Silent Viper (21-Jun-2002)
"If you think that Valley of Hell 2 was a hard game I should suggest you to avoid this one because it is quite more hard. There are some timed runs and doors that make me think that those in Emoo Justin or Will Gell's levels were made for the paraplegics. The first half of the game is nice to play with great architecture and texturing but suddenly the pace begins to be crazy with a double timed door jumps above lava followed by Mad Hammer (actually the hammer-cow retextured in a giant Chinese smith) the most deadly ride with the jeep I've ever seen more timed runs and doors a series of jumps in the dark etc... I think that many people won't be able to finish the game without cheating at one point or another. There are so many new ideas in this game I've never seen before in any level and it could have been a very great game but it is spoiled by a gameplay which is not enough diversified there are almost no exploration to do or puzzles to solve. All you have to do is running killing and doing things with an extreme accuracy. The author has a lot of imagination there are new enemies new objects new ideas of traps new sounds and you can kill the sticky Hammerman with the jeep (a great moment). The final boss was great but I am wondering why it is always the same noisy music in all levels at the end. You can download this game if you are not afraid of reloading hundreds of time. So is it enjoyable? I don't know it depends on your patience and skills. For me it was a lot of irritation and I was relieved when I came to the end. I will play again Valley of Hell2 with pleasure but not this one." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"Sadly enough I had to abandon the second version because the game got too jerky on my Mac and since I got a little further than where this adventure ends it was a rather fast run through this time. Thankfully the shotgun was hard to miss (unlike in the other level) so the skeleton attack at the end was not that frustrating. In fact never was it so easy to get rid of the blighters without explosives. Atmosphere wise this is absolutely awesome and the gameplay is brilliant as well. You can't get stuck and there are so many different things to do a great timed run some movable blocks a torch puzzle some rope swinging swimming and the odd jump along the way. There are far too many pick ups and the constant assassinations become a real pain in the ass but otherwise this is just top quality TR entertainment. I particularly liked the camera angles near where you find the second key and the area around the lake you come up for air before you venture into the underground is so picturesque. The little hut in the distance that I found no way to get to; the monkey frolicking along the rim and the Acropolis barely visible through the mist. Perfect." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Some time too hard and too quickly you must work but its very nice and for quick time made levels. Nice combination of reflex and color and some puzzle is little complicated. Favorite for me when is changing under daylight and after underground area with jeep" - Ivan (21-Jun-2002)
"What an enjoyable experience for me the first two levels were. A large underwater area in which I particularly liked the effect of murky water the further you looked through it. The buildings and walls were beautifully textured and I spent a lot of time just looking at them. Accounts for a little of why it took me so long to get through. Loved following the Guide that was a really different and unusual touch. A particularly hard puzzle for me was in the rats room where I wasted a lot of time trying to get to a non-existent monkey climb. And also I thought it was a particularly sneaky move to disguise a keyhole so that it looked like a patterned pushbutton. In the second level The hammergod was brilliant at keeping on killing me in the lava room but he did it with such style and panache that I could not get angry with him. Also worth a mention is the timed lever and spikes swim to get to the jeep. As I said I really enjoyed the first two levels but I am sorry to say that the third level spoilt it for me. The timed runs were zero tolerance and were too difficult for me. I could not even get past the first timed run with the bell cord pull and fire pit. I did finish this final part with the help of dozy [ashamed as I am to say it] and was floored by the ingenuity of Harly Wuson. Not only do you have to negotiate a mean and nasty ramp with traps and also have to shoot tiles as you go up you also have to do it being blasted by a particularly nasty Red Demon who rises up with you. Spectacular scenery and textures some really difficult but not impossible puzzles made the first two levels my kind of game. But I am afraid that the last level is one for the more experienced player. Such a shame really." - Tortoise3 (21-Jun-2002)
"Found this to be a very nice level which I enjoyed immensely. Beautiful to behold with a decent degree of difficulty. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of the guide waiting above for Lara while she deals with trying to find the way up while suffering with what I took as rats gnawing away at her. Some good torch sequences color and lighting were quite well done. A very nice puzzle oriented level and definitely worth your time." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)