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Strange World - Lost by the Warp Gate by Palopique UFO

Bex 7 8 9 7
CC 7 7 7 7
Cuqui 9 9 9 10
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 8 9
Dougsan 9 8 9 10
eRIC 9 9 10 9
eTux 6 7 8 9
Fairy Godfather 8 8 8 8
Freeman Porter 9 9 9 10
G.Croft 8 8 9 9
Gerty 6 9 9 10
Jay 7 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 9 9 8
Jose 4 8 8 9
Josi 7 8 8 8
Kristina 9 10 10 10
Loupar 8 8 10 10
Magnus 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 10 8 10
Momster 10 10 10 10
Monika 8 8 8 8
Navi 9 9 10 10
Nomad 7 8 9 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 10
Ryan 7 9 9 9
Sash 6 7 8 9
TombRaiderFan 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 6 8 8 8
Whistle 8 8 8 9
Xxenofex 9 9 10 10
release date: 05-Jul-2002
# of downloads: 158

average rating: 8.52
review count: 32
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file size: 28.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

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Reviewer's comments
"Presentation is everything. This level has a very cool introduction, jumping through a warp gate, and then a very fitting ending as a bullet-train takes off and generally speaking the jungle area in which the level is set is pretty interesting. On the downside, gameplay is not particularly engaging, I felt the pushblock sequence through the shallow opaque water was rather boring and then the unnecessary padding towards the end by having you retrace your steps through the entire map twice in a row (including wading through the sewers) also left me with a negative aftertaste. Like I said, however, the jungle area is pretty cool and wide open, I loved the randomly placed stonehenge bits and I also think there were quite a few 'new' objects (I am aware the level is nearly 20 years old), plus the underground facility came out of nowhere in that context, so maybe this world is still worth a visit... 55 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/20" - Treeble (02-Jun-2020)
"This has undoubtedly fared better than a lot of old levels and certainly must have seemed very innovative at the time. You can probably sense a ‘but’ coming next and you’d be right – backtracking. It did rather put a damper on what was otherwise a nice, enjoyable level. Still, I would have to recommend it overall and it certainly has a great atmosphere." - Jay (27-Mar-2019)
"I played and reviewed the second Strange World level just over two years ago, but for some reason I managed to overlook this prequel. But playing them out of order didn't impact too much on my experience of this level (if at all). The jungle surroundings are very atmospheric and attractive while the enemy inhabitants are weird and wonderful (vultures, Tinnos wasps and mutated crocodiles), but gameplay was somewhat spoiled by a fatal bug that locks you in a room and you'll be forced to reload if you don't find the necessary item to let you out beforehand and the tedious backtracking segment at the end where you have to retrieve an item by pushing a block, go all the way back to the beginning lake area to use it and then retrace your steps yet again to end the level. As a result of these, I had to dock gameplay quite a bit. It's certainly a well constructed level, but requires a bit of patience and I admit to feeling a bit bored near the end." - Ryan (17-Jan-2019)
"This aptly named eerie level, it features the most painful backtracking I have ever endured in custom levels. Twice. Right. Once that I got that out of my system, I can go on. Lara has gone through another stargatey warp door and ended up in some prehistoric world, but strangely real world things like cars, a train, and even a bathroom are scattered around the area. Maybe it is someplace in between worlds? Anyway the level is quite fun to play, slow at start with some initial items being hard to find but once you figure out the logic of the game the pace picks up. It features a couple of cool puzzles, like the burning stone puzzle and the push puzzle (first time I encountered a block puzzle while wading in water). But it is more about finding items and locating levers, not to mention the blocks which are quite hard to spot. I accidentally happened to stumble upon the push blocks (since Lara keeps running if the box is pullable), but I can see how frustrating it would normally be so I think some clue was needed to guide the player. At the end after the horrible backtracking you enter the train and escape this dimension. I recommend this level though I think it may not be for everyone." - Nomad (01-Dec-2017)
"Again, I think people give high ratings for a level only 'cause the good environments. Yes, I liked a lot the architecture, the new objects are very good, there is a good atmosphere in several areas and the texturization is nice too. There are also some special effects and the enemies are well balanced. But the first thing I found was get trapped in a small room with the revolver with no possibility to get out (reload) and also the invisible block in front of both doors; later I found myself looking for something (uw lever) in a very huge lake with many corners to explore, wasting a lot of time; there are also another important items lying anywhere in hidden places difficult to find (like the missing switch); there are not cameras to see the blocks rising in a far area in the lake; near the end of the level, I got an artifact near the exit and I had to go back a very very long way to the most far place of the level, place it in its receptacle and take a very very long backtracking again to the place where I got the artifact. And is that a "good" gameplay? Well, not for me, of course." - Jose (19-Jul-2016)
"This is the prequel, of course, to Strange World 2. For some reason I played them in reverse order, but I don't think I suffered anything by doing so. The scenery is actually more pleasing to the eye in this first level, which boasts a centerpiece Stonehenge replica, and which takes just about an hour to complete. The only thing I found irritating was the inexcusable backtracking at the very end, and I took a point off gameplay because of this. Otherwise you'll experience an enjoyable romp through the lake, an underwater castle, knee-deep sewers and labs leading to a train station where you get on board for the continuation. Recommended." - Phil (10-Jul-2008)
"This starts with a 'leap of faith' through a warp gate. But it's worth it, to find ourselves in a lovely garden/forest/castle/lake setting that's quite lovely to look at, if dark in places. The resident creatures are not friendly, but thankfully there are not that many to deal with. In fact, this is mostly about exploration, to find a number of important items to help us on our way to the next part, Strange World 2. And the player needs to search every nook and cranny as these items, often right under our feet, are difficult to spot in this colourful and busy environment. And as if that wasn't difficult enough, there are a number of movables that are impossible to know about, never mind find. There is an ancientness about the atmosphere and surroundings as we find the remains of a sunken temple, standing stones of a prehistoric age, crumbling castle, etc. Not so strange, but every now and then we come across some weird phenomenon, like the giant boulder rolling in the ground. Lara finally opens a way down into a swampy tunnel system. And again we must search for items as Lara wades knee deep in mud, pushes items around, and hope we managed to bring everything we needed with us. And having explored the empty living quarters of, I presume, the guardians of the artifact (loved the mirror in the bathroom), we must travel all the way back to the lake to use it, then all the way back again to find the exit door. If that large 'wall' in the lake had lowered it would have saved a lot of backtracking. That exit door leads to a train station and our mode of transport out of here. Considering it's age this is quite good. And of course, it is a great introduction to what is to follow. Methinks I spotted the authors towards the end..." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"This is the way I understand it the first level of two. It's a good level although not excellent. The texturing is nice and there are enemies not used that many times before. I haven't seen the werewolf in any other level - then again I haven't played all levels. Yet. There are also some new objects. The level starts quite strange with Lara standing in what first appears to be a completely white room. Not far from where she starts there is an open door that seems to lead to a Stargate. Well it doesn't. The door closes and instead Lara has to jump through a different Stargate and by that really starting the level. The level looks good with a big lake an underground base and sewer and some other quite good-looking areas. The texturing is good even if the level looks more or less the same everywhere above ground. I can understand why that is but I still would have wanted some more variation. And now for the fun part of reviewing; the bugs! Well actually that isn't the fun part but let me have this one okay? The first bug I think most of us encountered was that it was possible to get stuck in the room with the revolver. Actually it seems like it was meant to be that way but that was - if I may say so - a stupid idea. What if you hadn't saved for a while and had to replay something you had already done? Okay so it was in the beginning of the level but it was still annoying. But wait there are more bugs (thought you would get away didn't you?). You can easily reach 'the end of the world' in a lot of places. Reaching the end of the world is forgivable if it's hard to get to but here it can easily be reached several times. Also there are doors used as fences which means that on one side of them there is an invisible block. And last but not least two small bugs; the bat doesn't show up in the mirror (a vampire maybe?) and it's possible to open the cabinets but Lara doesn't use the right animation when she does so. None of these bugs are very serious (except maybe the first one) but still they are there and had to be mentioned. The level itself isn't too hard and except having some troubles finding a couple things you needed I finished the level without any problems. I ended the level after 40 minutes finding two secrets and hoping that I will get to use the broken key in the next level." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Strange world indeed. After you bravely jump in who knows what you find yourself in some sort of jungle where you encounter some strange beasts. There's a nice river but don't try swimming it's deadly. But you can (and must) swim in the lake. You have to find levers and some items to gain access in to the sewers and down there are more things to find. You have to backtrack quite a lot which can get boring at some point. At the end you get on a train to the next level I guess." - Josi (25-Sep-2003)
"Nice original level - its originality shows right from the start with the jump into some sort of wormhole through space time or whichever mixture of both or none to get to a... strange world a kind of jungle with human (or alien?) constructions dinosaurs weird (but highly inefficient) monsters and giant mosquitoes amidst lots of Celtic-looking cromlechs. There were a couple of things I didn't like in this level though... First of all the kind of textures used which made the gameplay a little slow as in almost per photograms; a very important underwater lever also too well hidden; and the opening of one final door in the sewers (very slow to walk in gigantic sewers as here) that forces the player to get back a very long distance without a clue (or almost) as to where to go place a stone-age artifact. Too much running around in fact. A lot of swimming. Enormous areas and fundamental objects scattered all over the place and in very dark spots. It may seem as if I didn't like the game. No I did like it and I did have fun with it even though it may have gotten a little tedious at times from so much searching (fortunately I already knew what to search for!) and I thought the environments were beautiful and furthermore interesting. If you're going to play Strange World 2 begin here. Don't start an adventure in the middle..." - Jorge22 (22-Sep-2003)
"A strange world indeed. The setting is a mix of a jungle Celtic and hi-tech world - and you arrive there through a very inventive ride into a portal - and I absolutely loved the looks and the atmosphere here unlike in other Palo's levels. The horizon breaks through here - mainly at the lake area but that's no big deal. But I sadly have to say that's about all I liked - the game sure was fun for some time - but it was overshadowed by the things I didn't like here. I wonder why some reviewers called this a level for the thinkers - you just have to do an eye and a patience test before you start this as you have to see things with an eagle's eyes here to spot the hidden underwater levels - the puzzle items some of which are just carelessly scattered thorough the environment without any real thought put into their placement as it may seem - like the 'missing switch' 'dragon key' and 'lab key' for example. The pushable objects blend into the environment rather well and I normally don't mind but here you practically have to run around with your flare to spot them as there could be at least a dozen other walls which look exactly the same as the one from which you pull out or push in the movable block to access the Stonehenge. Also a lot of helpful camera hints were lacking here - there was an occasional flyby or 2 but how the heck was anyone supposed to know that activating the 3rd underwater lever you find raises a block at the other side of the lake? How are you supposed to know that the rocks which guard the pushable block and the puzzle hole for the 2nd Stonehenge artefact lower once you pick the artefact up? And the list could go on - maybe it's half as bad as I say as I did find all of those things eventually but this is a good method to make players give up playing. The wading through the sewers was tedious as well not mentioning all the mindless running around in the level. This might sound harsh but it does not mean that you shouldn't play this game as it is well worth to play for the nice effects the game is actually fun to some degree and there are very beautiful landscapes in here - in fact it is my favorite from Palo's levels in the looks but there are so many dull things to do I enjoyed this less than his other levels. The train ride at the end is a sign that there's more to come so I'm moving on to play Strange World 2 now." - eTux (26-Aug-2003)
"After a long warp ride through a vortex tunnel Lara finds herself stranded in a world where the only word for it would be strange. The first area in this world seems to be in a Scottish environment as there is a small section of a castle like fortress set alongside a vast loch with a circular Stonehenge setting found in a hidden blocked off area but what lurks in this place are definitely not Scottish raptors werewolves and crocfish. After finding many varied items you find yourself in a sewer with a torch puzzle and movable laser puzzle both of these easy but quite nicely made. After a long sojourn back into the loch you come upon an underground train station where you actually take a train ride with yourself at the helm to what is supposed to be the next level as of yet a year later not made. The settings here are wondrous and beautifully set out but seem underused as only places to pick up things hopefully if the next level is ever completed the gameplay will be heightened and the areas made not so immense. This is very interesting nonetheless if for nothing more than finding the second secret with its flashing smilie light show." - Sash (19-Jul-2003)
"The overall impression of this level is great. Lara jumped into a tunnel and traveled. Then she enters the open area into a very impressive setting. I found the dragon key right away. Then there was quite a bit of exploring to do fighting dragonflies finding the revolver after solving a puzzle and then some diving to find two items. A gate opens and I could reach the other side of a lava (?) river where you are welcomed by some Dinos. There are also two secrets. Personally I did not like the smilie effect. Two artifacts are needed to end the level. The lab area was a little empty. Enemies are well designed and sound is very good too. Recommended." - Navi (08-Feb-2003)
"This is really an strange adventure. Gameplay excellent entertaining and very fun. Great atmosphere and clever puzzles. A big area to explore and a vast lake to swim up and down. Secrets and levers are very well hidden (as the lever in the sewers). I've enjoyed this level. It's something different." - Cuqui (06-Dec-2002)
"Return to the Warp Gate: This is a two minute brilliant entree to this Strange World adventure that sets the scene with a fabulously designed warp gate and quite a ride into the world you are going to explore. Strange World - Lost by the Warp Gate: Yet again you don't make it to the warp gate as the door shuts. Instead you enter a wonderfully crafted mystical world where a few mosquitoes mutant beasts vultures raptors and crocfishes roam and you better enjoy the scenery because if you are not extremely lucky you wull spend a lot of time here. Of the 1:50 hours of net gaming I had 1:10 was spent exploring and searching the lake and its surroundings and I repeatedly marveled at the beauty of this place with many custom objects that perfectly support the setting like the Stonehenge rocks the big rolling boulder and many more. Make sure you collect all the required items before you go down into the sewers: dragon key waterskin missing switch stoneage artifact 2 laboratory key the 'cutout' and the demon's eye. Also the two secrets can be found around here. This in hindsight did spoil the pure fun of gameplay a bit as apart from the fact that there are some deviously hidden underwater levers the crucial pickups are just lying around somewhere in these vast grounds and it can become very tedious to find them. Once in the sewers which again look very real with the rats and cobwebs you get an easy torch puzzle and a neat movable object puzzle for progression and I thought the wading wasn't too bad. The subsequent area with shower restroom and kitchen seemed rather useless and out of place though. After collecting the stoneage artifact 1 you need to go all the way back to the lack to place it and then return which even though supported by a nice flyby is a little overdone. I thought the train looked rather bleak compared to the design of the rest of the level but the way you get the impression that it starts moving is nicely done and I can't wait for the sequel and what it will bring..." - Michael (05-Oct-2002)
"This level will give you a good run swim and sloshing around in water. Keep your eyes open for both the obvious and devious although most things are there if you do look! Enemies are of the fishy type as well as insects and bats but do not cause much of a problem. Working out how to get where you want to gives the level its appeal and frustration. The beginning is very novel and will have you searching for a non-existing route. The sewers towards the end also have subtle ways of accomplishing what you want to do. The atmosphere is good as are the backgrounds obviously showing the amount of thought put in by the author. Well worth a play of this not overly long level." - Whistle (05-Sep-2002)
"Playing these levels was a really good experience. The atmosphere was disturbing in the whole game. When I begin to play in the first level I thought that I had missed something because it was so short... but after all it was only the prelude to something better. The second level is vast; there are some graphic faults because of this. Sometimes is very difficult to find an object or a switch in this big ocean but with a little help.... The underground part is one of the most strange things I've seen in the custom levels. It is like 'The day after' but in the prehistoric age... really strange. I'm waiting for the third level of this series because I've really enjoyed with this Strange World." - Loupar (26-Aug-2002)
"At the start after a long go through tunnels, the level began in a gardenlike area with rocky walls, a poisonous river and a huge lake. At the beginning with running around a lot it was a bit boring and it never got really exciting. There was endless swimming in the lake and endless wading in the sewer. I found this a complicated game, but I could always return when I had forgotten / overlooked something. For instance I had to leave the sewer for an extra time because I didn't have the Laboratory Key. The switches and some articles were well hidden. Without the answers in the forum I think I would be still stuck somewhere or would have given up in frustration. There are not too many enemies like condors, raptors, ahmets, reptile fishes and bats. I now wonder what the second part of this level will be like." - Monika (24-Aug-2002)
"Brought me back to 'Raiding in the original sense of the term'. None of the puzzles were all but impossible but some were quite challenging. None of the jumps were all but impossible but some were hard to figure out. I would have liked more enemies making the game more challenging through interference. I did like the electrical gizmo on the path puzzle -- it wasn't hard but I liked it a lot. I also liked the burning Stonehenge artifact puzzles. I found them both to be challenging." - Dougsan (22-Aug-2002)
"If you like sci-fi and exploration in a kind of Celtic jungle world you will appreciate this adventure. There is a great atmosphere custom objects and custom enemies like giant wasps vultures carnivore fishes raptors and werewolves. Plus some puzzles are really inventive. The only thing which can be frustrating for some players is that the areas (the lake and the Celtic forest) are huge and it is not easy to have all the necessary objects before going down into the sewers after placing a first Stonehenge artifact and take a train going to another dimension at the end of the level after placing the second one. As for me I forgot many objects and have to backtrack several times to find them and in the second half of the game. Lara felt all alone because all the animals were dead. But without a doubt it is a great level and I am wondering what is going to happen with the sequel of this strange world." - eRIC (29-Jul-2002)
"I started this level on my Mac but had to switch over to the PC as I really got nauseated It seems like the game was floating and on land that wasn't so bad but the swimming part did it for me. For the rest I had a great time. Loved the whole idea and seeing an outdoor area with a beautiful layout had me running around a lot just to have a look at everything. I love to jump anywhere and everywhere I can get and that means getting stuck at places. My own fault as the author probably didn't intended for me the player to get there in the first place. I jumped in my chair meeting the dinosaurs the first time around and after getting the revolver I was just mesmerized by the rolling stone. As for the stone blocking the sewer entrance found that by accident as I tried to jump on the rock formation there and 'fell' through that block. As for the moving blocks I found them easy to spot. Had a harder time using (3 times I think) that underwater lever as that didn't make sense to me. The sewers what can I say spooky comes to mind. Although I had to go back to the lake as I 'forgot' another artifact I kept Lara's gun drawn as you never know what might pop up lurking in that goo. Gameplay was for me a bit confusing not that I mind backtracking but the distances were very huge and didn't make that much sense. Very well done Palo and Ufo. 22-07-2002" - Gerty (28-Jul-2002)
"After bravely taking the plunge into a planet filled stargate you find yourself going back in time to when raptors and other strange creatures roamed the earth. The atmosphere of this level is truly unique with a prehistoric jungle strange croc/fish and beasties roaming about large Stonehenge style rock formations a deadly river and a spooky sewer where you'll find the skeletons of those that came before you and didn't make it. Your objective is to make it to the train that will deliver you to the second part of the series and to do so you'll have to collect a few items and solve some new puzzles that include well hidden pushable blocks and switches a torch the water skin and plenty of exploring as often the item you need is hard to find. I found two secrets and one has a surprise that makes it worth looking for. I can't think of anything that would make this level any better - the sounds the lighting the textures the puzzles the enemies the camera work the objects - Palo has paid special attention to all of these things and made a truly memorable level." - RaiderGirl (27-Jul-2002)
"I found this level a bit of a drag as the gameplay mainly revolves around finding cleverly hidden levers items and unmarked movable blocks. I know there are folks out there who like that kind of thing but I consider it as extremely dull. The time consuming wading through the sewer is rather tedious the more since you have to cover the whole distance three times (five if you missed one of the crucial pick ups) cause once you get the second stone pillar you have to make your way to the other end of the area to place it which in turn (after a never ending and pointless fly-by) opens a door -yep you guessed it- in the room where you snatched the pillar from it's pedestal. The long threads in the forum pay testimony how often you can get stuck and I had to refer to them on various occasions. The setting is great with an atmospheric sky and an original use of textures and objects. However the shower-room and toilets you stumble into seem completely out of place the more since I found nothing to do there. There is a door placed the wrong way round and the animation for searching the wardrobes is all wrong. Enemies never pose a threat as most of them can be killed from a safe distance; in fact the only time I lost some health was when I couldn't find a way to turn off the fire at the second stone pillar and had to make a spirited run for the water. The two secrets I found were hard to miss yet I liked the blinking smilies you get with one of them. There are some good moments here like the plunge into the stargate and the variations of the torch- or moving object puzzle are rather interesting but on the whole it left me somewhat bored." - Dimpfelmoser (20-Jul-2002)
"The beginning of these levels is really great and thrills your imagination. But after the very short first level you land in a huge good-looking jungle-like area. I did a lot of running here but there wasn't that much to do. I kept running back and forth a lot before moving on. I liked the second part down in the sewers much more. Clever puzzles and a well-hidden lever kept my mind alert. The ending in a train seems promising for the next part!" - G.Croft (15-Jul-2002)
"Strange World is the first part of a double-level produced together by Palopique and UFO. The beginning is very promising I have not seen this before. Lara jumps in a gate similar to a Stargate and is thrown into something like a wormhole after a while she comes out in a real strange world. This area is so big that my video adapter was not good enough and it was hard for my eyes but it was getting better when I put the fire out with the water bag. A lot of exploring first through the whole area and the very large sea and you will find some artefacts and keycards with special names. The graphics are really special and perfectly designed the objects and enemies are all special in their style. Also the puzzles are not standard there are two ways to put the fire out well done. Not so good were the long ways you have to run all the time forward and backward but that is the only bad thing in this level. Besides that real good quality and very recommended for players with good graphic cards and want to see something completely different. At the end Lara drives away with the subway into the next level which is hopefully coming soon." - Freeman Porter (15-Jul-2002)
"A very good level. Environmentally speaking it's excellent with one objection to the textures used because of the difficulty to detect the switches objects concerning terrific. The sea wide in the lake was a very nice touch the big rocks all over the land areas the showers in a level down to the sewers. Great job. As for the game play it was quite good but short the most time spent was searching for the switches as mentioned above because of the specific textures and lighting of course that was the initial purpose of it but still I became a little frustrated at times. The keys used and a gun as a movable object were most impressive objects again small creatures retextured from the red big beasts at TR4 I presume pre-historic enemies and condors if I am not mistaken also big fishes all matching a very good level. Two Stonehenge artifacts burning which require the water skin to solve the puzzle in one and good eyes to find the solution for the other one. As a sequel is intended I must say it better be soon because having a taste of something like that starting the level from passing through a gate and finishing with a train ride I can only imagine what the rest will be magnificent." - Kristina (14-Jul-2002)
"Well it's definitely strange. Firstly let me say that the atmosphere is really good in this level and that the new enemies and objects really help to make this a completely unique experience. I've had to mark this down in both the gameplay and textures departments though because of Lara getting stuck on illegal slopes jerky gameplay in some parts (although that may just be my PC) managing to get to places I shouldn't have been able to get to large areas with nothing to do in them the sky/horizon breaking up at some points (possibly due to the vastness of the lake area?) and a lot of backtracking which for me just got plain boring after a while especially all the slow trudging through the sewer. Don't let this make you think I didn't like it though as I really quite enjoyed it especially some of the clever puzzles. However I wouldn't rave about this level quite as much as my fellow reviewers have." - Bex (11-Jul-2002)
"Both levels are constructed extremely well technically. There is no texture mistake and this creates a great atmosphere together with the lighting and music. The opponents are used perfectly and the objects (constructed by UFO) give quite a special own touch to the level. Some levers are hidden so well that without help from others they are hard to find. Palo has inserted some innovations in the puzzles which were never seen before. Certainly the rooms in the sewer were formed very beautifully but nevertheless there I missed very much a little action. Worth mentioning the most beautiful washing-room in any of the custom levels." - Xxenofex (10-Jul-2002)
"I'm rating this level the highest of any I've rated thus far. Not because I liked it that much and I did but I can't find anything wrong with this. I've played some with crap lighting and textures obvious bugs and errors that I've enjoyed just as much but the fact remains that this is a great level. The scenery and atmosphere have been done to perfection. Enemies challenging but not overly so and not so many that you can't think. And thinking is what needs to be done in this level. I had one major period of 'brain cramping' during this and with the kind help of others got through it. This is not a walk in the park you need to work towards your next move. A nice touch with the blocks in the sea both first and second times. I'm sure I found 1 secret and might have found 2. There's a lot of running back and forth but not unnecessarily so and not unduly bothersome as with some. Spent almost 3 hours on this and they were quite pleasurable hours." - Momster (10-Jul-2002)
"What can I say about this fantastic level? Palo has ridden that fine line between a thinking level and a level that is too damn difficult and frustrating. The puzzles are logical if you take the time to think about them the new enemies are magnificent the atmosphere downright spooky and the gameplay smooth. Here you will encounter beasties you have not seen before as Lara traverses this new world at the other side of the Stargate." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A level with some traps for the unwary. A key carelessly left next to the slot trapped if you go in. A lot of exploration to do mainly in a lake with islands. You can explore the land beside the lake by climbing on to an island and jumping across but it's not worth it there's nothing there. Once into the sewer more clever puzzles to reach the laboratory. I really enjoy this type of level which requires a little bit of lateral thinking and a peek into the inventory to see what hasn't been used." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"This is one of the best levels I have played in my TRLE life! The new enemies are fantastic the jungle life like theme is set to perfection and the puzzles and frustrating moments really got to me! The title 'Strange World' is chosen perfectly as the first part of the level lasts for only about 3 minutes and goes to the second part of the level. Lara travels through the Stargate and enters a world of strange happenings in the jungles. I admired the jungle areas very well as it reminded me of 'Deep in the jungle'. They are right! IT IS STRANGE! Some parts are frustrating. For example finding some keys and fighting the dinosaurs oops did I give it away? ;) All in all this deserves the rating I have give it because it is surely very classy indeed." - TombRaiderFan (21-Jun-2002)