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South America 1-3 by Jedi Master

Akcy 10 9 10 10
Bex 9 10 10 9
Cuqui 10 9 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 7 8 9 7
Doug E 10 10 10 10
Dougsan 10 9 10 9
eRIC 10 10 10 10
eTux 9 8 9 8
Fairy Godfather 10 9 10 10
Freeman Porter 10 10 10 10
G.Croft 10 9 10 9
Gerty 10 9 10 9
gfd 9 9 9 9
Ivan 8 9 8 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
JRaider66 10 10 9 10
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Loupar 10 10 8 8
Magnus 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 10 8 10 10
Mman 9 9 9 8
Momster 10 10 10 10
Passalaqua 9 9 10 10
Petaludas 9 8 9 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 10
Robobok 10 10 10 10
Ruben 8 9 8 8
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 10 10 9
Sash 10 10 9 9
tizerist 8 9 10 8
Tombaholic 10 9 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 9 9
release date: 14-Sep-2002
# of downloads: 164

average rating: 9.42
review count: 37
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file size: 42.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I really enjoyed this three-level set- this is classic tomb raider. Despite being a TR4 level this brought back a lot of TR1 nostalgia for me. The environments you explore here are very sizeable and very atmospheric, and there are certain rooms that are really impressive (you will know when you see them). I particularly enjoyed levels 1 and 3 - level 2 is also very decent but felt just a little behind in terms of scale and polish. It's not the easiest, in fact without a walkthrough I don't think I would have made it through to the end, but at the same time I only had to check it once or twice so I feel for the most part it's quite intuitive. The levels are vast so you will probably get lost a few times, and there are some really tricky trap sequences but if you put the effort in you should make it. Overall an amazing set and I will definitely be back for part 4!" - Passalaqua (12-Sep-2023)
"Filled with very subtle lighting, it feels weird, like if you are on Mars - with shade still there but of less intensity. Surprisingly, the first level played very good - strong in exploration and satisfying pickups, maybe spreading too much in all directions but still figurable if you try hard enough. The second level did the same on smaller scale, then got boring with too many slow trap sequences. When I was back in level one, I got confused and checked both the walkthrough and trview, to find I missed an entire chunk of the map, so I needed to re-learn the entire map - and very unluckily, there's just one elusive way, which could be more obvious... The level ended with a sequence of slides, the next one began with another so I took a break... I returned for a painstaking pushblock, finally got my last pickup and quit forever. Seriously, this game gets worse the further you go - more and more dense with switches, blocks, thin corridors and pushblocks. The beginning is quite immersive but then I don't advise to continue..." - DJ Full (25-Aug-2022)
"This is a Peru set, and, despite being made before Legacy of the Gods you can see a lot of Jedi Master's design elements developing here; the relatively even lighting that creates a unique atmosphere via the use of texture and object colours for highlights (in this case aided by the fact the TR1 textures were already made for simplified lighting), the somewhat surreal geometry with lots of slopes and other uneven elements, the frequent confined trap gauntlets and the overgrown temples and structures. The larger areas also still look quite impressive despite the age, and each level has it's own style too, with the pyramid/ziggurat structures of The Lost Empire, the confined waterways and surprise lava in the Cistern, and the organic underground temple of The Hidden Valley.
As also expected from Jedi Master's releases, the design is pretty complex and hazardous, with lots of complex intricate areas to explore, lot of switches and multiple trap gauntlets and combination obstacles, along with some tricky jumps. After doing the majority of the tasks in the first level, there's a pseudo-hub element as you can choose what order to do the next two levels to get the items you need to finish this part of the set. I actually felt the first level was the trickiest as it's both quite complex and has some nasty traps and jumps, the later levels have their own styles though; the cistern has a mix of water exploration and confined trap rooms over lava, while the valley is more exploration-based with a bit of a combat focus. Overall it's well designed and varied, although there are perhaps slightly too many block puzzles. While not quite as refined as Legacy of the Gods, this earlier release still holds up well, and provides plenty of challenge in Jedi Master's somewhat unique yet influential style." - Mman (15-Jun-2022)
"Mixed feelings toward this level. Being a massive fan of Peruvian styled levels, this is one of the many levels I'd tried back then but couldn't get into. As I've made up my mind that I will review all 2002 levels, I'm on my final stretch right now and I find myself following walkthroughs more often than I'd like to admit. These levels are nothing short of massive, and each area feels like a hub with several side passages and you'll have to explore them all. Not only there's a right order to do so, but there were many (especially underwater) I had even failed to see by myself, so were it not for the walkthrough I have no idea how long it'd have taken me to reach the end (if ever). With the guided experience I still got to experience all the thrilling trap sequences, however, which had me reloading quite a few times until I figured out the proper timing patterns. The whole thing felt a bit claustrophobic and a bit dark at times (flares are plenty), but overall I did enjoy the look provided by the use of the original TR1 textures with a few others mixed in for good measure. 3h10min, 7 secrets. 07/20" - Treeble (14-Jul-2020)
"Its my first trle playing from Martins..And my opinion is that wtf i was doing so long??Tomb raiding at its finest.Did u miss the old school Lara, jumping , hanging, avoiding, solving and jungling???Then this saga is what u are looking for.. Personally i prefer secrets with ammo goodies although there were not many (and not so hard)and im greedy usually using them, also i noticed the med packs were few,not that i had problem but anyway. I enjoyed all these big areas and the creativity,forward to part 4!" - Petaludas (30-Apr-2020)
"The first set of levels in the South America saga are very challenging and enjoyable. Many puzzles to solve and items to find as well as tricky traps to avoid. I liked seeing the old TR1 textures and hearing the sounds again." - Ryan (04-Jun-2016)
"9) South America 1-3 (10,10,10,10) Total = 40/40 (100%)
Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! One for each level, I loved them all and savoured every moment. This reminded me lots of TR1 which will always hold a special place in my heart down to the graphics, music, even the feel of the place which Jedi Master has got just right. The enormous room in 'The Lost Empire' kept me on my toes for quite some time and I didn't mind getting there unlike some (though I have to say that was the least interesting part of the entire trilogy). Of the three levels I enjoyed churning through 'The Old Cistern' the most. I loved the way each smallish, trap filled area opened out to the next, none of them so difficult that it got frustrating but just hard enough to give you a really rewarding boost when you conquered it and walked round the corner to the next atmospheric area. Definite strong echo's of TR1 here. Finally 'The Hidden Valley' was a gem that capped the entire experience and confirmed the award of four well deserved perfect tens. Lovely job, highly recommend this raid for anyone. May just lock and load part 4 before I continue my ongoing quest with the (current) top rated Coastal level...
Previous Level - Evil Knows no Boundaries. Next Level - Andreas' Sword Part 2." - Robobok (27-Aug-2011)
"It`s rather relaxing for a reviewer to consider his own point of view on a game that was issued about 8 years ago and has long found its well deserved home in the Hall of Fame. Relaxing in a way of not having to worry too much about how his own review may float from the mainstream of comments . 2002 seems a long time ago when only a handful of our fantastic builders had only just begun to clear the path for the TRLE Community as it is known nowadays. If you have seen so many new and brilliant other issues since then you may just smile about the simple and straight forward gameplay . Once you wipe all the dust away ,they still shine in their own classical light. Now gameplay is not a thing that was invented in recent years but has always been the most important point in my reviews. And,alas, I must say even in one of my recent reviews on a game designed in 2010 I would have picked up the same points of critics as I do right here. I believe Mr. Martins went right over the top in South America 1-3 by stretching the gameplay far over the limits by the enormous amount of switches to be pulled ,levers to be pushed and doors to be opened until frustration sets in and the players only wish for a final step on this endless journey to and fro .The game is well spiced up with agility tests by the number and lots of angry enemies which Lara can take away easily with the enermous amount of heavy artillery she collects along the way although she never shows it. Another example for a game constructed three times more complicated than its needs be ,less could have been more." - Ruben (17-Sep-2010)
"Today tere are a lot of innovations and new tools about building TR custom levels, and if you compare this old set of three levels with a set of another more actual levels perhaps you can see huge differences. But after playing the beginning of this great adventure you'll realize that there's no need to possess great tools to build marvellous levels. All that you'll need must stay in your own imagination and inventive. Really a masterpiece of the TR custom levels is what you can get when playing this fantastic adventure. No exceptional features, no impressive scenes, no revolutions... but a very very entertaining game (I think all players are looking for this when starting a game). Exceptional gameplay with, sometimes, difficult but not impossible tasks with an old TR style, well balanced enemies and enough guns and ammo, nice flybies and good use of the cameras, well worked lights and textures... Really a jewel of the custom levels, a classic from all times. New builders must play and learn from this builder (one of my favourites from all times, really a "jedi master") to know how you can build an excelent adventure with few resources. The power is not in the tools, it's in your mind. An adventure to play more than once. Excellent!!!" - Jose (26-Aug-2010)
"TOMB RAIDER: THE SOUTH AMERICA ADVENTURES. I will review this as the whole series. This is a truly challenging epic which comes close to the feeling of the early TR1 levels, with difficulty like only a custom series can. First impressions were not good. Started with a slide/crumbling ledge/deadly floor combination which could put some people off. The first half hour is bland and grey and it was only through stubbornness that I persisted, only to stumble across one of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations I have ever seen in a TR game. From here the game gets markedly better, levels 1, 6 and 7 being particular highlights. And although the game seems to favour traps over architecture, it holds a few damn impressive cards up its sleeve. The game (all 17+ hours of it) takes place in underground temples and caverns, sometimes it feels like you are miles from the surface, at others you can see a modest chink of sunlight. It also carries its theme off very well. It feels very South American (it takes place in Peru). And its also the hardest Tomb Raider i've ever played. I limped through the last 45 minutes with about 10% health, although that might have something to do with the fact i finished with 150 ammo for a weapon i never found! There are times when you must shoot certain objects to progress (begins with B) which i found a bit too far fetched. Also if you are looking to make progress in the final level, I suggest you replace the level 12 file supplied with the one found here: If you don't, you wont finish due to crashing. I strongly suggest downloading all 3 packages and playing them as one adventure too, this is a big, long journey and it's worth it. 9/10" - tizerist (16-Dec-2006)
"Big, beautiful levels, with lot of difficult jumps and traps. The author's style is clearly recognizable, he can keep up the tension till the end. Some objects and textures are from TR1. In the first level we adventure around that wonderful area with the pyramid. We find two keys, to enter the other levels, where acquire two Golden Vraeus. The second level is lineal, this one especially reminded me to TR1. The third has the toughest timed tasks, and slope sequences." - Akcy (21-Nov-2006)
"This game include three really enjoyable levels. Puzzles are good and the environment looks fantastic containing well used textures, good lighting and some really big and beautiful areas. There are also many nice enemies in these levels for example bears and some natives. Sounds and cameras are good too. I like these levels really much but there's still a little lack of personality in these levels which makes them a bit worse. However, I recommend this game for everyone." - Samu (03-Apr-2006)
"Another great set of levels by Luis Martins. I have no idea how he can make these levels so hard and huge! He must like to torment poor player like me ;) It took me more than 7 hours to finish these excellent levels with all secrets. Last stage includes the worst slope/boulder/everything I have seen. As usual the secrets were really hard to find and the envoirement nice. Full score from me. Top class levels." - QRS (11-Apr-2005)
"If you are looking for hours of gameplay you have to download this level as well as part 4 of the South America saga. There is everything in it that says Tomb Raiding. From tricky jumping to timed runs from exploring to admiring the scenery. You have to be a patient person as well as some parts will have you reloading quite a few times. Don't despair and do look in every nook and cranny as there might be hiding something there like levers. The only gripe I would have is the darkness. 02-11-2004" - Gerty (21-Nov-2004)
"I remember playing this level more than a year ago when it had just been released. At first I liked it very much but after around two hours I lost interest and played something else instead of finishing this one. Then when I decided that I probably should finish it it was too late. I had no idea where I should go or what I should do. Now I've finally finished it even though I did the same mistake again. I started it from the beginning liked it but lost interest after around two hours. I took a break for a month and finally finished the level yesterday. Which makes me wonder - is this level too long and complicated for its own good? Simply put - yes. A lot of rooms are gigantic which only makes them confusing. But what about the rooms that aren't as big? Well they are usually filled with traps. Don't get me wrong though - I love traps. Traps is one of the reasons I play Tomb Raider. But I just feel that in this level there are too many traps. After having jumped over spikes and fire for the hundredth time in the same level it's starting to wear a little thin. The traps themselves are challenging without being too hard to get by but there are too many of them. Other than that though there's only one more thing I'd like to address. The lighting. This is one of the darkest levels I've ever played. It's not fun falling down pits just because you can't see them. At least there are plenty of flares. The texturing is nice and the author has managed to create believable temples - some of which are really impressive. The sounds fit the level and there is just the right amount of enemies. I finally finished the level after almost two hours and forty minutes. Overall a good level that should have been at least forty minutes shorter." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Perfect series of levels. Top quality of design. Amazing and impressive huge rooms with lots of zones to explore. Sometimes it is difficult to progress. There are some jumps very tricky. You find traps everywhere collapsing tiles spikes rolling balls and fire. Ingenious puzzles to resolve and a lot of switches well hidden. There's a great and hard job there. Simply it's a brilliant and fantastic adventure." - Cuqui (16-Oct-2003)
"Here we go with my humble review of one of the great sets of levels! The Lost Empire (9/9/9/9): A wonderful start to the series! The first part really shows that Jedi has 'come of age' with his level building. All of the flaws of his older levels have been ironed out. The cameras are fine (apart from one which could be regarded as slightly confusing) there is no 'invisible' danger and there are quite a few nicely placed enemies running around. The cut-scenes are of full-game quality as are the textures atmosphere secret and object placement. Talking of objects I located the crossbow shotgun AND the colt! There were a couple of things I wasn't too keen on though. Firstly there's an unfair ignition key 'death-trap' where there is simply no way to retrieve it without dying. Secondly unless I'm very much mistaken shooting bones to activate things is very illogical and something people are just never going to think of. I found 4 secrets and the level took me 4 hours! The Old Cistern (9/7/8/9): Not quite up to the standards of the first especially when you consider that right at the start and as far as I can tell there is an unfair spike/lever puzzle that you have to die several times to work out how to solve it (unless I missed something). Enemies on this level were no match for those on the first being mainly some silly bats but with a handful of crocodiles and a couple of giant mosquitoes thrown in for good measure. It took me 3 hours and I found 2 secrets. Still an excellent level though. The Lost Valley (8/9/10/9): Better and more dangerous enemies this time around which made it more exciting. The puzzles were varied and satisfying; the traps deadly but fun. A very nice end to the first trilogy. However there were some moments here which were difficult in the extreme (resulting in dozens of deaths) and a newer player may be put off (and maybe even some not-so-new players!). A little tip here regarding the enemies: save your revolver ammo for the natives because everything else seems to take AGES to kill them. Unfortunately I didn't know this before hand myself! Anyway this level took me 2 hours and I found 1 secret. All in all I loved these levels: the atmosphere the graphics the fights that took place 50ft in the air the secrets the puzzles ... in fact just about everything. Right then this trilogy took me 9 hours and I found a total of 7 secrets. By the way upon ending these levels I still had a ton of ammo medkits and almost 200 flares!" - gfd (22-Jul-2003)
"These levels somehow reminded me of my favorite: TR 3 - but meaner much meaner as mean as it can get! Much has been said already and I couldn't have much to add. I saw myself stuck and trapped innumerous times usually incapable of seeing the very obvious. The settings (in spite of being underground settings and I do like open air levels) are wonderfully built but they may give you a headache depending on your computer in result of the abundance of textures. The lack of a walkthrough was a headache too ;)! I gave four 10s to these levels as I'd previously given to Piega's Sanctuaries. Their styles are very very different but I believe both of them to be masters of the Tomb Raider art. All I can say is I'm off to the next part and leave you with three hurrays for the undisputed trap emperor!" - Jorge22 (02-Apr-2003)
"This was one of the best looking and most challenging series I've ever played. Luis Martins gets better and better with each new level and sets a new standard for raiders in skill and prowess. I think even though the levels were very large the gameplay flowed along pretty smoothly and its hard to believe this is the same artist that used to rule out cameras. They are excellent at showing you were to go in this series. Texturing and lighting is excellent and the new enemies help out the theme quite a bit. I would have liked the music to work better though. Finishing time was 6:20. A masters level! Extra comments for The Old Cistern: An incredible challenge indeed. Sometimes you wonder what Luis has against you but it will definitely improve your skills! One room had six swinging blades a spike trap; and 3 flame jets all in the same narrow walkway! The levels tiles and music audio seem to be related to TombRaider1 which is really cool but it has that modern feel. Excellent level if you have the skills and patience." - JRaider66 (05-Feb-2003)
"The Lost Empire (10/9/10/10 1:55 hours 4 secrets): So let the games begin. 10 seconds into this level you need to master the first tricky jumps involving collapsible tiles and the action never ceases. Basically you will need to get your hands onto a Golden key two ignition keys and then a Bronze Key to open the door to the second and a Silver Key to open the door to the third level. Sounds easy and starts out easy enough as you follow a rather linear path in the first half hour through the impeccably textured and lighted areas move a few blocks kill some pesky mosquitoes and crocodiles and avoid plenty of deadly floor tiles. Then you reach the huge central room and the non-linear exploring starts in brilliantly designed stables and around big pyramid structures. The introductory flyby of the area is quite breathtaking too. Some dogs and bears added as enemies here and you get spikes and swinging blades more slopes and collapsible tiles combined with really fun jump/climb/shimmy/monkey combinations a movable blocks/torch puzzle bones and vases to shoot timed trap doors etc etc etc. Make sure you explore every nook and cranny as there are many pickups to find if you invest a little bit of work and I collected the shotgun the crossbow and of course the revolver and laser sight here. The four secrets I found were not too well hidden and mostly also provided for a few more welcome goodies. This part needs a little patience but is well worth the effort. And to those reviewers who found it a little dark - hmmm? I for one did use exactly one single flare and that was to help me spot a movable block easier. Onwards now into part 2. The Old Cistern (9/8/10/10 1:30 hours 1 secret): As you would expect in a Cistern there is lots of swimming here and crocodiles mosquitoes and many bats get in your way. Yet again the course is rather cleverly constructed and involves more spikes burners collapsible tiles and movable blocks. Long flybys introduce the bigger areas nicely and the puzzle with the water levels was a lot of fun. Two stars to collect many bones and vases to shoot and lava to turn into water. Great use of timed raising blocks and a fabulous gauntlet with burners and swinging blades slopes lava boulders and spike walls to get the vraeus which you need to place back in Lost Empire. The Hidden Valley (10/8/10/9 1:00 hour 2 secrets): From yet another action packed gauntlet at the start followed by another one of those nice flybys this level turns out to be a little darker than the other two and either it is a little easier or I finally figured out Luis' logic and got around quicker. A bunch of natives some dogs and pterodactyls are your enemies here and gameplay is along the usual lines with vases burners steam spikes levers movable blocks (very nice puzzle there involving a torch as well) swinging blades and collapsible tiles. Again timed raising blocks are used and look out for trapdoors in the floor and the ceiling this time. Two gems to pick up along the way. Once you acquire your second vraeus the way back to the Lost Empire and the end of these three levels is no walk in the park either. Bottomline what you get here is almost 4 hours of net gaming time full of action and great fun in a fabulous setting. Definitely among the best levels out there." - Michael (12-Jan-2003)
"Firstly I would like to preface this review with a big kudos to Luis for absolutely cram packing these levels with just great non stop puzzling and brilliant traps. That said I couldn't help but wish though that each time I moved to a new area that it would be a big departure from the look of where I had just came but it never was and there doesn't seem to have been much change in his style since the 'Egyptian Mythology' series where these could just as easily have been named 'Egyptian Mythology 6 - 8'. But again these are for people who want to keep busy and who don't mind the sense of disorientation that you can feel in the huge multi leveled rooms I just would have killed for a breath of fresh air in the just over 4 hours I spent here." - Sash (05-Dec-2002)
"Five minutes into this three level series and I was already thinking that I wished it would last forever. It didn't take quite that long but did keep me well entertained and amazed for at least five hours. Each level is reminiscent of levels from Tomb Raider I and they use the same textures and music to create a series that is so realistic you'll almost feel like you are really there. I always thought TR I was rich in atmosphere but here Luis has that game beat - each area some of which are shown off by well-done flybys are simply exquisite in detail and are just begging to be explored. The levels are large and can be confusing when you're searching for a door but for the most part are pretty straightforward. Time is basically divided between solving puzzles pushing blocks and getting through tough obstacle courses that include spikes boulders flame emitters monkey swings collapsible tiles and swinging blades - sometimes all at once! Along the way there are a number of keys to collect two gems two Golden stars and two Golden Vreaus plus at least 6 secrets and plenty of pickups though I never found the crossbow. Enemies are perfect and include crocs dragonflies wolves bats pterodactyls natives and friendly bears that follow you around and even kill the wolves for you. I would love to give this a perfect score as it's one of the most amazing levels I've ever seen but I felt a few areas were a bit too hard for the average player and could be a little frustrating for someone that just wants to have a good time. I can't even begin to describe how great these levels are though you just have to see them for yourself." - RaiderGirl (27-Oct-2002)
"What can I say about this superb series? This is Tomb Raiding on a Grand Scale. Absolutely riveting and the hours will just disappear (as well as most of a packet of smokes). This game is made up of three levels but you need to (and can only) do them in order of The Lost Empire, then The Old Cistern and lastly The Hidden Valley. It is nice that the author ensures that you MUST follow this path. The first level took me two hours 45 minutes and after a brief start through various rooms you enter a HUGE cavern with many, many sidetracks, crevices and tunnels to explore and some turn into mini adventures of their own. Be meticulous here or you can easily become confused and disorientated. The level is a nightmare of passages, side trips and fiery death. Exploration is a must if you are to find all the key items you will require to proceed further into the heart of this adventure. You are seeking two ignition keys, which in turn will open passages for you to retrieve to real keys. The Bronze key which leads you to The Hidden Valley and the silver key, which leads you to the Old Cistern. In the Old Cistern you may expect a plethora of pushable blocks and you will spend much of your time flooding and emptying chambers to allow certain levers to become accessible. Here you must collect and place two stars so that you can finally retrieve Vraeus number 1. I spent an hour and 45 minutes in this level. Once you have the Vraeus you return to level one to make your way to the silver key lock to enter The Hidden Valley. Watch out for unfriendly tribesmen and pterodactyls. Here you will collect two more ignition keys, which will open the path to collect Vraeus number 2. I spent 1 hour 35 minutes here and this was the easiest of the three levels. Once you have both Vraeus objects, you return to level 1, place them, which opens the huge doors leading you to the next level The Forgotten World. All in all, it took me 5 hours 45 minutes and I really do not know where the time went, the game was just so riveting. This is very reminiscent of Tomb Raider one, with the textures and atmosphere coming from that game - even the old 'cave' ambience sound affects were there. Truly a great production and one not to be missed by anyone who loves to raid." - Torry (19-Oct-2002)
"Hours and hours of very very good raiding with a lot of rooms with plenty to do most of the enemies well placed and excellent puzzles succeeding to well thought out traps until the end. Sometimes I thought I was at the end of a level but there was again a new area to discover. And what a pleasure to have a game with many textures from TR1 (with others) and with the original spirit of Tombraider. It is hard to describe this set of levels but know that the gameplay is very intense from the beginning until the end without a dull moment. The level of difficulty is correct just perfect for me. It is hard to be stuck if the player explores enough and thinks a little he will know what to do. The lost Empire (10/10/10/9) is non straightforward after a while with a lot of exploration to find two statuettes and 3 keys (golden bronze and silver). The main areas is awesome according to its dimension and architecture maybe a little too much colourful for my taste and one of the 2 bears was stuck in a wall. After using the bronze key you go to The Old Cistern ('11'/8/10/10) to find a golden vraeus. My favourite level of the game and one of the best level I have played maybe the best. The gameplay is more straightforward the puzzles are excellent with a lot of swimming different cisterns where you change the level of water and flipmap effects turning lava into water. Not many enemies here only giant mosquitoes bats and hungry crocodiles. After using the silver key you go to The Lost Valley (9/10/10/10) to find a second golden vraeus. This level has more enemies indigenous pterodactyls and wolves and deadly series of traps. I would have liked some outside areas but it was fun nevertheless." - eRIC (12-Oct-2002)
"Jedimaster has outdone all but the best! If you want puzzles and I want puzzles then this is just about the ultimate experience you can have in the wonderful world of TR. The flow of the game is sufficiently logical that I was never lost and I had to go to the forum only once (in search of the crossbow [I never did find it]) and the second red gem (thank you Momster) which can only be acquired through a truly marvelous moving block puzzle. (I really like moving block puzzles -- probably because they take me a long time.) Another favorite puzzle was the collapsing pillars associated with the other red gem. It wasn't a difficult puzzle but one I very much enjoyed figuring out. There are puzzles for just about everyone and enough enemies to keep most people happy. I must admit I almost gave up on South America 1-3 while running around in circles in the first level. The turning point for me was the access to the top of the level. This was such a great way to camouflage the entrance I decided the game had to be worth playing. Problems are few but they bring down the score. Objects should be consistent. A water pitcher/vase should break when shot or it shouldn't in all instances. If one is to break and one isn't then they should be different colors. One point for this type of inconsistency. Too dark too often. Yes there were plenty of flares and the darkness added to the mood. I only took one point off for the darkness. These are VERY minor problems and should not impact the play of the game for most fans." - Dougsan (07-Oct-2002)
"Well this is the perfect 10/10/10/10 for me. What a brilliant level. I can't believe the author was so cruel to poor old Lara. I lost count of the number of tricks and traps that the dear girl had to encounter. The camera work was spot on and not too scarce where you were left wondering what to do next. This is without doubt a level that compares or even beats the quality of a genuine Eidos game. Many thanks to the creator for sharing it with us!" - Doug E (06-Oct-2002)
"Only three levels but it's one of the largest levels I've played. It took me 8 hrs and 45 minutes to complete it with 8 secrets but the real time of playing was obviously more. I was stuck in few moments but nothing serious. I've enjoyed the game although it was very difficult in some places: the jumps over breakable tiles and the boulders falling at the same time are among my TR nightmares. Gameplay is superb; the enemies and the objects are between the best (the natives were hard to kill). I've played without sound so I can't rate it. Only the light was too dark and it was annoying because sometimes was difficult to see the next thing to do." - Loupar (05-Oct-2002)
"Nice textures and lights and an excellent job for huge levels. Needs a lot of concentration or paper in hands and pen :))) There are some moments of monotony and boredom because of 'run there and run back and run there again' scenarios. I see every new level of Luis Martins getting better. Waiting for the 4th level." - Ivan (02-Oct-2002)
"Though I just like the others think these levels are very good I can't give it a perfect score because there are some flaws that I don't like that much the levels are quite dark and the enemies are a bit overdone in one or two of the levels. But I'll start with the good stuff - the setting in all the levels (especially loved the Hidden Valley) was superb. I liked that there was loads of exploration in level 1 the use of the collapsible tiles was great (especially at the end of the Hidden Valley level) and also the puzzle with flooding the areas in the Cistern level was excellent. The enemies in the Hidden Valley were first of all too many but they also were very threatening even if I think the author should have deleted a few of the pterodactyls and added a T-Rex sequence somewhere instead. But what was wrong here? About the enemies - there were not really much problems in the first two levels with exception of the Tinnos wasps but they were taken away quite fast with the revolver. The Hidden Valley level was the one that bothered me the most. It was not a shooter don't get me wrong but there was quite a bombardment of Pterodactyls and natives in that level compared to the previous levels in this series and I was not very happy about that. Some of the items like the Incan keys and Red gems were named 'Ignition key' what could've been easily avoided with some modifications of the script & english file. Also I didn't like no actually almost hated how the levels ended and started. Not the way it all happened but the horrible black holes which I think is another type of the end of the world bug. Also when you return from both - level 2 & 3 they start in level 1 in the same place which I think is quite strange. I did have my 4:20 hours fun in these levels but there have been better sorry can't join the reviewers who have given it a full score." - eTux (24-Sep-2002)
"These are without a doubt some of the most devious and nasty levels I've ever played. Some of the traps and puzzles here will drive you to the edge of frustration and beyond - spikes lava collapsible tiles boulders fire traps deadly floors... they're all here in abundance and sometimes they're even combined. These levels are definitely not for beginners - I consider myself a relatively competent raider but I found myself looking for help on the forums countless times I've never been stuck so often in a game. Without help from people like Dimpf Momster and Tombaholic I would probably have given up fairly early on. Even with help knowing what to do is one thing but managing to do it is another thing entirely! It's hard to say how long these levels took me to play. My statistics showed that I took almost 7 hours to finish (having found 7 secrets); however with the numerous reloads and the countless breaks I had to take just to let my heartbeat get back to normal in some places the actual time was definitely a lot longer than that. You're probably asking yourself why I've rated these levels as highly as I have if I found them so difficult. Well quite simply I loved them. I could go on about the unnerving and utterly convincing South American atmosphere. I could tell you about the wonderful texturing that is vaguely reminiscent of a spooky version of TR1's 'City of Vilcabamba' in places. I could mention the beautifully placed enemies and the ingenious puzzles. But really what makes these levels so good is precisely what makes them so frustrating - the challenge of the whole thing. You really do get a huge sense of achievement when you master certain areas. To point out the downsides: Firstly these levels are quite dark in my opinion and if you dislike dark levels then these are probably not for you. I have to say that the author does provide a lot of flares (often in well-concealed areas so explore thoroughly) but even so I would have liked to have seen a few more brightly-lit areas if only to give my poor jangled nerves a rest. Also as many areas look fairly similar it's quite easy to get lost at times and I would have preferred there to have been fewer moveable block puzzles. Had it not been for these things I would have been tempted to give these levels a perfect score but as it is I've marked them down slightly on gameplay and lighting. Anyway if you think you're up to the challenge grab these levels now - if you dare!" - Bex (24-Sep-2002)
"This fantastic series starts in typical JediMaster style: A trap marathon with fire traps collapsing tiles spikes and so on until you reach the very big main room. A long flyby sequence shows the whole huge area. But don't be afraid explore the area step by step Luis has built in a lot of signs to remember so you don't get lost. Look carefully in each corner don't miss the items weapons and secrets you will need them later. The goal is to find two ignition keys in Inca style they open other areas to find a silver and a bronze key which are needed to open the entrances for level 2 and 3. The way to the keys are not easy many traps puzzles and slopes are to solve. The atmosphere is great and the graphics beautiful. First you use the bronze key and go to the second level. Here you have to find two golden stars and one golden vraeus. Again lots of traps often combined some timed raising blocks and the main room where you have to solve a water puzzle to get access to all the levers very well thought out. On your way back to the first level again hard work with traps without end. After placing the silver key you get access to the third level again with a very large main room. Here are two red gems and another vraeus to find. Fantastic atmosphere again and more enemies than in the other two levels. Some natives and poisoning harpies are well placed often combined but with the revolver also no big problem. Nice puzzles with pushing blocks a flare and timed raising blocks and what do you think? Lots of traps again fire collapsing tiles swinging blades spikes and rolling balls really good fun for the experienced Tomb Raider. After that you get back to Level 1 open the last door with the 2 golden vraeus and finish this fantastic adventure waiting for part 4. The whole series has a fantastic gameplay no bugs nice graphics not mnay but well built in sounds. But be warned don't start this adventure if you had problems with the traps in 'Run Lara run' or the complexity of levels like 'The last crusade'. For all other players a must. My playing time was about 6 hours in real time over 10 hours I have found 6 of the 7 secrets and all weapons. Absolutely recommended!" - Freeman Porter (23-Sep-2002)
"A long dark adventure not to mention complicated. A lot of doors trapdoors and switches. Nevertheless it's quite interesting how the author used all that gloomy atmosphere and the objects that turned into puzzles. The movable blocks are often used more than enough I would say sometimes you do see the different squares that you're supposed to place them some other times you have to work with it a little. Nothing too difficult my own and internal enemy the dark was what made me get frustrated especially in the third level since this is divided into three levels. Silver key bronze key gems vreaus are items to be found. As enemies there are crocodiles dogs natives and flying creatures. The player has the chance to acquire all the guns early in the game as the author's notes state but I never found the crossbow or the shotgun. A pyramid in the middle and like a million things to do around it in the first level getting the first vreaus in the second level and a lot of swimming is involved finally get the second vreaus in the third level and the gems so that you can go back to the first place the 'birds' and finish. The traps are very well placed slides with fires rolling boulders and lava all over the room spikes practically all over the place. Some of the objects in the stables were quite nice and the objects in general everything seemed to match the environment perfectly I do have another complaint though except for the dark for such a big download the music wasn't that good. Just a few different sounds but hardly noticeable perhaps the author prefers low sounds. Anyway three levels definitely worth playing." - Kristina (21-Sep-2002)
"What an excellent game! A lot of fun much to do many places to explore lots of pickups well placed enemies many traps and puzzles and a great challenge! Three areas with two key items to find and pickups in each. First a huge pyramid area - The Lost Empire - with lots of moving blocks and lots of places to search for pickups (they don't just lie around) and lots of 'side areas' with puzzling that leads you to the next part. Here you have to find two ignition keys to be able to find the keys to level two and three. Level two the Old Cistern. Here you run/swim around filling and emptying water areas to find different levers so finally you get access to two stars and can put your hands on a golden vraeus. Make a quick return to level one to find the door to level three - The Lost Valley. Here you find flying dinosaurs and hostile natives while searching for two red gems which leads you to the second golden vraeus. These two together opens the exit door. All along the way there are traps and puzzles and tricky jumps with boulders and fire and breakable floors and not to forget slopes - in all directions so you have to look carefully which way to go. All in all a great game which took me 6½ hours net gaming and I found 7 secrets." - G.Croft (20-Sep-2002)
"Playing the 'Egyptian Mythology' series you get to see Luis' skill as a level builder grow considerably between the first level and the last. Still as fine as the last two levels of that series were they pale in comparison to the author's latest work. This series is classic tomb raiding on an epic scale and the best South America themed custom levels to date. Luis definitely has a recognizable style which is perfected here beginning with the fantastically rendered and enormous main room. The room is designed in a way which brilliantly overcomes the 20-square limitation and makes it a joy to explore from top to bottom. The central room in 'Hidden Valley' is impressive as well. Visually everything absolutely gorgeous and with the exception of some flat lighting in parts of 'Lost Empire' the lighting is done to perfection. Custom audio and sound files round out the ambience nicely. Gameplay includes many of Luis' trademark collapsing tile runs but also many other devious traps and wonderful puzzles. As a stand-alone level 'The Old Cistern' is one of the best I've ever played - custom or otherwise - and includes a very elegant puzzle during the search for two stars. The 'Hidden Valley' level fairly drips with atmosphere and I kept waiting for T-Rex to come thundering out of a dark corner. Now for my only complaint and the sole reason for the less-than perfect score: objects. With the massive amount of work that went into these levels why include the vraeuses and gold stars instead of objects that fit the setting? The familiar Roman-style receptacle for the gold stars felt completely out of place in this setting. The red gemstones and Inca talismans were called 'ignition keys' in the inventory. Trifling as they seem these did detract slightly from the otherwise outstanding atmosphere and if a level gets a perfect score I reckon it should be well perfect. Otherwise these levels really do define perfection and after seven hours of gripping playtime I was disappointed to see the adventure end. Could there possibly be something behind those doors that open at the end? We can only hope!" - Tombaholic (19-Sep-2002)
"This is an exhausting level. The room where the action starts is hugely complex. Explore everything. If you can't do something because of spikes or fire then there is something somewhere to make it possible. Very complicated moves and jumps throughout. Journeys into 2 other levels to collect Vraeus symbols are epics in themselves. At times through an open door you could see fire swinging blades and rising spikes seemingly impossible but the route can usually be broken into small segments by saving in safe areas. Even then there are many traps after a good 'run'. I enjoyed the level because of the many challenges to finding the best way through situations without almost impossible timed runs. I found 6 secrets as well as the shotgun and crossbow." - Fairy Godfather (18-Sep-2002)
"This is an unconditionally extraordinary 3-parter. I am convinced that my recent playing of the Egyptian Mythology series gave me a distinct advantage in this resounding series. Luis has adhered to his now well-known style and he has steadily improved upon it with each level he's designed culminating in this the most enjoyable of his works. I spent 8 hours 33 minutes playing and found 5 secrets. I too did not find the crossbow but the necessary pickups are the revolver and laser sight. Wonderful puzzles to figure out and death-defying traps. There is a rather long moveable block puzzle but when it came together I had such a feeling of satisfaction. In part 1 your objective is to locate two 'ignition keys' which you will use to find a bronze key and a silver key. These are your keys to unlocking the 2nd and 3rd parts. Be prepared for plenty of swimming and be on the lookout for cleverly disguised swim spaces (in 1 day I helped 2 people out of the same stuck situation). Basic baddies in part 1 are crocodiles and giant waspies. In part 2 you find yourself in a cistern with the believable sounds emanating throughout the area and again nasty crocs and even more swimming and diving as you change water levels and find levers to access 2 golden stars and one of 2 vraeus'. I had a little trouble finding my way to part 3 but after a Dimpf Alert I was on my way to a complete change of atmosphere. Part 3 is a dark foreboding valley with natives and prehistoric beasties. The darkness is a bit of a hazard in itself but you should have collected plenty of flares along the way and now you will know why. Two areas in part 3 gave me particular trouble one being a timed raising block puzzle that you needed to do several times to perform different actions. The second being getting out of part 3 it was a monster. The usual collapsible tiles and death floors along with a multitude of other traps and hazards in a search for 2 red gems (also called ignition keys) and a second vraeus I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was sad to see it end." - Momster (18-Sep-2002)
"The master of the collapsible tile is back and what a big chunk of a level we've got here. This gets a perfect score and there are four good reasons for it. First this took me 8 hours and 15 minutes to finish and I was so engrossed in it I couldn't stop before I'd reached the end. To me it's absolutely admirable that you can keep up the suspense over such a long time but somehow Luis has achieved that. Second just like the Last Crusade this has a brilliant storyline that starts completely non-linear and with some tedious searching (a little hint here when you come to the first big area make a beeline for the pool and get the lasersight first) but once you get to the second part the pace picks up and becomes more action packed; third if you have played the other series from JediMaster you will feel immediately at home cause Luis has developed his very own style that is recognizable throughout the level and I really like the way he has developed a way of level building that incorporates many different elements but somehow sticks to a very unique and personal theme and finally apart from the Lost Valley I never felt so good when finishing a level. Other people are going to tell you that the movable block puzzles are too time consuming that Luis overdid it with the spikes and that some jumps were just too tricky but I loved every second of it and to me it was a perfect mix of tasks. Also I got stuck only once and that was more or less my own incompetence as you always get helpful cutscenes that provide you with all the clues you need (you might need to watch them twice though). Ok there is this bit in the third part where you have to jump over spikes from a collapsible tile all the while a cast of swinging blades is swishing left right and center and as if that wasn't enough there is a fire emitter thrown in for good measure (not to mention the deadly floor) and you think to yourself: Come on this is ridiculous. But it's actually not as impossible as it looks and I think the only way Level building is going to break new ground is when you put the known elements into a new context. However this is definitely not a beginners level and to avoid frustration the inexperienced raider should turn to something not quite as challenging. I managed to find six secrets all in their little separate rooms but as I never came across the shotgun nor the crossbow I guess I must have missed a few. Yet as you don't encounter much resistance I did ok with only guns UZIs and the revolver. The enemies are mostly of the animal variety and generally placed very well; the crocodiles and the giant dragonflies caught me off guard on several occasions. There are a couple of areas that you have to drain and flood and especially the big pool in the second level is most ingeniously constructed raising blocks (some of them timed) are put to good use and just when you think it's over there is another tricky jump to do. The setting is truly awesome with quite a lot of different areas but they all stick to the same South American theme thus making the whole experience as real as it can be. There are so many great moments here so many inventive ideas you simply have to go there and look for yourself." - Dimpfelmoser (16-Sep-2002)