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The Mystery of Eden 1 by Sweet

bERT 8 7 9 9
CC 10 9 9 9
Dimpfelmoser 9 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Dougsan 9 8 9 10
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 8
eRIC 6 8 8 7
eTux 7 7 7 7
Gerty 9 9 9 9
Jay 8 9 10 9
Jorge22 9 8 8 10
Jose 7 8 8 8
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Loupar 8 9 9 10
manarch2 7 8 9 7
MichaelP 8 9 10 8
Miguel 9 9 10 10
Momster 10 9 10 10
Monika 9 9 9 9
Navi 9 10 9 10
nerdfury 6 7 7 7
Obig 9 9 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
RaiderGirl 10 9 10 10
Ravenwen 9 8 10 10
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 07-Oct-2002
# of downloads: 127

average rating: 8.69
review count: 27
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file size: 191.43 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"(6) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a duo-level adventure that took me 1 hour and 30 mins. The first level, in the Roman city, is easy difficulty and the second level, in the Roman catacombs, is medium difficulty. Despite level 1 lacking in thrilling gameplay elements, I really enjoyed the relaxing exploration, and unraveling the city areas bit by bit. The only gameplay issue I noticed with level 1 is the potential for the player to be running around in circles. OK, so, it is clear after a bit of exploring that 2 golden coins are needed to progress. However, the player will not know that they need 2 vraeus to progress until very late in level 1. Due to the labyrinth nature of level 1's cityscape, it is plausible that a player will only retrieve 1 vraeus and think they're on track, but then they discover they need 1 more vraeus and end up running around in circles backtracking. So, I still had fun with level 1, but I think that the builder needed to communicate the gameplay progression more clearly. I am sorry to say that I did not enjoy the gameplay of level 2. Despite a good number of traps, I just didn't find the tasks very interesting. I didn't like the trial-and-error 3 pulleys, and I got softlocked in the breakable tiles rooms. On my way through the breakable tiles the first time, I had broken too many tiles (it is not communicated to the player that they should "save" some tiles). The builder's intended path is for the player to shimmy back, however Lara would refuse to shimmy back, and I had broken too many tiles to jump back. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies in level 1 are well-placed; melee goons and dogs that are triggered very close to Lara, providing quite a few startling moments. The hammergod final boss in level 2 is pretty cool, however the penultimate boss, a horseman, drove me crazy because I only had pistols and it took a ridiculous amount of time to kill him. There's a good variety of traps in level 2 to keep the player on their toes. I feel mixed about static object decor. At times, it is very attractive, such as on the level 1 city balconies. However, some rooms look empty and lacking objects; examples being the large warehouse rooms in level 1 and some larger cavern areas in level 2. There are also quite a few examples of unpolished object use: a sunray has collision; the receptacle object for canopic jars is almost invisible; you can see through the top of poles and column objects; and wall switches have no accompanying texture or object. (7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: There is a stark difference in atmospheric quality depending on whether we are exploring man-made buildings, or rocky caverns. The man-made architecture, in both levels 1 and 2, look great, especially the final boss room in level 2. The building boundaries of level 1 could use some more variety and not look so "cookie cutter"/uniform, but it's not a huge deal. The rocky caverns in level 2 look very boxy and detracted from the atmosphere. Music cues for events are very well utilized, although the builder does not use any sound cues for timed runs. There's a 2 lever timed run near the end of level 2 where it's not a huge issue that there is no sound cue, as the triggered doors are very close by. However, in the case of an intertwined 2-part timed run in the warehouse of level 1, I strongly feel that a tense sound cue needed to be utilized for player-friendliness. The many beautiful and immersive flybys are the strongest element of this levelset, although there are some missing static camera hints. (7) Lighting & Textures: The lighting is generally attractive in both levels, with the only small issue being that Lara looks flat in many smaller rooms. The texturing in level 1 is pleasant, despite misshapen textures not being uncommon on skinny tiles. On the flip side, I really feel that the texturing quality drops significantly in level 2, with large wallpapered areas. Overall, I enjoyed level 1, but I'm sorry to say that level 2 did not work for me. 6/7/7/7." - nerdfury (12-Dec-2021)
"Here's a two-parter very obviously inspired by the TR5 Rome levels. The first part sees you in a mazey-like town as you hunt down a series of puzzle pieces and the garden keys to proceed and gain entrance to the underground catacombs, which is a tad more linear and more trap-focused but still good fun. I think the general atmosphere could have benefitted from more variation in lighting effects, I don't think I lit a single flare for instance, but it never felt flat, so there's that. There's the occasional use of fog in water areas, which I thought was nice. A few of the Egyptian objects (such as the canopic jars and the vraeus) felt a bit out of place, but given the age of this level, I think we can and should overlook this detail. 75 minutes, 5 secrets. 04/20" - Treeble (12-Apr-2020)
"It was good to play this again and to be reminded that the follow up was actually the first level I reviewed, all those years ago. I really love the whole look and atmosphere of Rome levels, so the initial part of this was most appealing to me. It’s an enjoyable game, with plenty of variety and, although some parts might be too challenging for an inexperienced player, otherwise it shouldn’t cause any problems. I’m quite tempted now to play part 2 again, just to see how well (or not) I remember it. Definitely recommended." - Jay (07-Oct-2019)
"An enjoyable beginning to this series and one that I liked, even though some things could have definitely been improved here. You start in a familiar Roman environment that you did in TR5 (although not really a remake) and this segment is relatively easygoing and mostly exploration based. Nothing too difficult aside from a few spike traps (and maybe that timed rope swing at the start although I made it on the first go) and plenty of items to locate and switches to pull. I didn't really get the meaning behind the laser rooms, but I eventually got through with quite a bit of backtracking. You then descend into a darker cave environment which is quite atmospheric although the textures are inevitably a bit dull and darker. I didn't like the trial and error chain puzzle which could have been modified a bit more and the fight with the horseman was rather tedious, but you do get a couple of block pushing sequences, boulder traps, a nice mirror room and a tense confrontation with a hammergod before you end by swimming through a tunnel." - Ryan (20-Oct-2018)
"I have bad luck to unexpected remakes. While the first level is pretty fresh, the other one is half-Colosseum. But I love this class and since the quality nearly matches the original TR5, I enjoyed a lot. The secret system is a definition of what I want, the pickups are well balanced and even the pad puzzle is unusually interesting while keeping it simple. I was only a bit confused at the pushable because I mistook the garden tiles for a hint, and I don't know what's the clue to the torch pedestal (possibly something simple either). I also think if the room containing the latter was already perfect by Core, there wasn't any need to fix it with wallpapers. SUMMARY: A Roman concrete-solid prologue to something major, if only the next episodes keep up. Play!" - DJ Full (28-Jun-2016)
"This is a good levelset, undoubtedly, but I think that if the builder could have cared a little bit for the fine-tuning, mostly in terms of texturing, which often was rather badly applied - streched, wallpapered, squeezed together (especially in the second level) and that all in places where it really isn't hard to texture the walls decently. I really wonder why the L&T category is that highly rated by the other reviewers, but most of them seem to forgive these mistakes in comparison to the overall nice appearance of the level and the great TR 5 atmosphere created here. In Lost City (8-8-9-8) that takes 35 minutes you explore a town and its courtyards and buildings; the gameplay is mostly centered around finding key items and pushing levers but still fun as there are a few long timed runs that still are very managable and the progression is rather smooth. While you can get lost in the scenery I never found myself to be stuck for long as except for the secrets nothing is overly large hidden and when you explore an area you don't need to worry about backtracking as it is mostly not required. Maybe some cameras could be a little bit more clearer as at the end I found a few missing or not-much-saying cameras (e.g. at the UW door that opened) and one baddy lost a vraeus just on a tree so the options are reloading or ducking to get it. The lighting was pretty well done and I liked the recreation of all those Chronicles objects and enemies and the dog that attacks after picking up the second garden key made me jump. The next level, Catacombs of Nowhere (7-8-9-6), takes 35 minutes too but is split up in two parts (I don't know why though, as the second level is not very large). The texturing could have been much better here as described above but the gameplay if not for the trial-and-error chain puzzle was pretty well thought out with a tight timed run, a mirror room with a new gameplay idea (that could have benefited from another mirror though as I couldn't see which spots I had to jump to from the far) and lots of lava and fire to avoid. But this chain puzzle is the gameplay killer though as no hint is provided in which order one should pull the three chains and if you did it in a wrong order there is nothing to do but to reload. Also, the presentation of the boss fights with the horseman and the hammergod were well done and again the new enemies appealed to me.
All in all I netted 70 minutes of net gametime from this engaging start of the Eden series and found six secrets - liked the idea of the weapon chambers at the end of the respective level if you found all three secrets pretty much. While the atmosphere and all its devices (sound usage, cameras) were mostly great the texturing simply couldn't match it and the gameplay also had some faults, but nothing that should prevent you from enjoying this offering." - manarch2 (21-Aug-2012)
"First level is nice to play with a very good look running through all that streets and inside the buildings, but perhaps it's too no-lineal and you'll have to run too much around. It was not nice for me to shoot all that enemies only with the pistols too. Near the end I was stucked (I didn't want to explore more, I was very tired about run through the streets) I take a look to the walkthrough but it seems that the actual version is not the same, so I thought a banana jump could be the better way to finish soon and I did it so, no much a legal way (I left a closed door behid) but it worked. Second level was a bit better, with no much backtracking and more variety of tasks than pulling/pushing switches/buttons and more lineal. I found the uzis near the end but useless this time. Last level was very short and simple to escape from the hammergod. I liked the flybies, lights and cameras, and textures had few defects. Not a jewel but a very playable level." - Jose (17-Aug-2010)
"In general, Roman levels appeal to me , and this first episode which in some places reminds the 1st and 3rd official levels from TRC is good enough. THE LOST CITY [7 8 8 8] You firstly get a town that is not much confusing except for the area with the 2 lasers that did not made any sense at all. Aside from that a level which is pleasant and logical , nothing difficult and not many enemies some thugs bats and dogs , with a bit of exploration at the beginning to know your whereabouts, but after that it is rather simple to know where to go. The highlight is two consecutive timed runs , one with running/monkeyswing/climbing and the other with a double rope swing, challenging but of course doable after a few tries. The setting is solidly made and rather convincing but could have been more worked on to resemble to real life, for example the facades of some buildings are not the same when you look at both. CATACOMBS OF NOWHERE [6 8 8 6] This underground level has also an appropriate atmosphere and is more straightforward, it begins by a good slide with boulders to avoid ; then we have a torch puzzle , runs over collapsible tiles , some swimming to pull underwater switches , monkeyswing with horizontal fire emitters, jumps to pillars with vertical fire emitters, a good fight with a gladiator on a horse, and a pad_tiles/mirror puzzle. Too bad we have here also some problems , the puzzle with the torch and the 3 pulleys is badly setup as you can't reset the puzzle if you get it wrong (and there is no clue anyway), and i noticed it is possible for some players to be stuck for good when they come back over the corridor with the collapsible tiles which are now gone despite the author has thought of that with a crack in the wall (if the first tile is not broken , and all tiles in the 2nd part of the corridor are broken , the player can not return by the tiles , nor by the crack for he can't pull up at the end). So I would advice to save before doing the 3 pulleys puzzle , and before the runs over the collapsible tiles. My favourite of all tasks here is the double timed door/trapdoors. I noticed some rooms with"wallpaper effect", and some textures not well applied, the setting is nevertheless atmospheric, and the flybys pretty good. You end this episode with an encounter with the hammerguy." - eRIC (04-Aug-2009)
"What a beautiful set of levels this is. The first part takes place in a lovely italian setting with charming fountains and cobblestone alleys, where Lara is wandering in gardens, swimming in cool pools, jumping on high terraces - but she's not doing all that for fun, as she is in a mission... and while admiring the beautiful environments of this Lost City, at the same time she avoids traps, locates artifacts, finds keys and secrets, in her quest for the secret entrance to the Catacombs of Nowhere. Naturally the second part takes place in those Catacombs, and the scenery changes dramatically as we are transported underground, in places where lava and fire dominate, however it's not dark nor depressing at all. The ambience is impressive in both parts, and although each one has a completely different style from the other, the change from the first to the second comes sort of naturally. There are a few enemies in both sections, but they are all rather easy to deal with. The player-friendly puzzles, the very well organized timed runs and the convenient cameras contribute to a particularly entertaining gameplay. The use of textures is really good and effective, as is that of the ambient sounds. There is a classic horseman fight and a good mirror room puzzle in the second part. The third part, still in the Catacombs, ends up rather abruptly after a few minutes' gameplay, as there are two sequels to this adventure - which I'm definitely going to play the sometime in the future." - Ravenwen (02-Feb-2007)
"For some reason I've avoided this series until now (11/04) but I plan to play them all in sequence. This first installment a two-parter (with a small section tacked on at the end) certainly lives up to its high ratings. There are a lot of city areas connected by passages and tunnels to navigate in the early going then the scene shifts to an underground area for the finale. There's a particularly vexing double timed sequence in the early stages capped by a double rope swing that in my humble opinion qualifies as an expert challenge. (And since I'm no expert you're probably wondering how I managed it. I'll give you a hint; I didn't do it legally.) The lighting is ample throughout even in those areas that you would expect to be dimly lighted. There are a variety of puzzles all of which are detailed in Gerty's helpful walkthrough. I'm looking forward to playing the second leg of this well-liked series." - Phil (02-Dec-2004)
"This is a beautiful but sometimes difficult level. Lara Croft is in the trace of a lost Italian town through 3 levels but underground and outside. Apart from the pistols you have the Shotgun and the Uzi although they aren't needed. The enemies are dogs bats bad guys skeletons different kind of gladiators. The logical puzzles are easy but there are numerous timed runs and climbing which are a bit annoying. You can place the combined Gemstone Pieces by hitting the CTRL from a step distance. Interestingly if you find all Golden Roses on a level (with the exception of the final level where there's none of them) then you can get into the weaponry of the level. The added sounds give plus to the experience. I recommend this level to those people who like the Roman levels of TR5 and have at least 2 hours spare time. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"Even though my ratings are comparatively lower than the ones of other players I might say that I still enjoyed this over an hour lasting offering quite a lot and still think this is quite a good level but won't praise this as highly as the others did for various reasons of mine. The Lost City - as great as these Mediterranean towns are to visit in real life I don't think many designers can capture and squeeze the feel into a level (well I could name some but I'm not in favor of making comparisons between levels especially between various designers) and so I felt here too. Generally it's quite fine - decently lit and textured but I think more thought could've went into the latter one. For example - even in the first flyby you see that from one side a building looks like a palace but from the other like a warehouse. This didn't seem to bother the other reviewers but we see things differently so while others could consider this minor it spoils the atmosphere for me even if just a little bit. The gameplay here is the best from the 2 (3 if you count the small finale as a separate level) levels provided though - an ingenious timed run near the start some fun blade/spike evading near the end and nice action with 2 laser activating and great traps in the middle. If there's one complaint in gameplay though then it's some situations when you activate a switch/lever and besides the obvious what the helpful camera hint shows a door opens back in a pool you were in some 5 minutes ago but don't think of revisiting cause you simply think that there is a specific lever for the specific door instead of realizing that 1 switch has more functions (for example the switch after shimmying - you activate it and see the nearby laser while actually it also opens the door in the pool I was talking about (according to the walkthrough at least what I had to use here and there)). Anyway - nice action packed start where I found 2 secrets. The Catacombs of nowhere - For some reason this level was even more simple and linear than the first one with yet another great double-timed run near the end some boulder-evading here and there and other simple puzzles like the mirror one the final roman hammer god one and filling a quite familiar pool. And while talking of familiar places there were loads of them in here a bit modified for the levels needs but still you couldn't help but feel like you've been here before and that in my opinion is the biggest down point of the levels. It is ok to have 1 or 2 areas similar to the original games to give the player some nostalgic feelings when running through here and there but here in the room whole pool area was rather familiar with a certain place where Pierre fell into in TR5 the start of the level and collapsible tile runs reminded me of the same TR5 level and the final area with the hammergod seemed like a copy of the big hall from 'Guardian of Semerkhet'. That is the biggest flaw here otherwise the level would be quite fine - especially the texturing and atmosphere (even though the texturing was repetitive in most of the caves too). It seemed like the author lacked something (time ideas?) to make this as inventive as the first level. But then again - maybe this was his intentions - wouldn't be the first time when players/ reviewers consider an intended thing a flaw so I apologise if I do. Bottomline - as I mentioned earlier each of us see things differently so I saw things others didn't and vice versa so I hope this doesn't make the author sad and he can still read my review with a smile despite the some 'harsh' comments :-). I still ENJOYED and liked the level and would recommend it to anyone who likes the TR5 Rome type of levels or generally if you have 1 to 2 hours of time to spend it in these fun levels." - eTux (09-Jun-2004)
"The first feeling that struck me as soon as I started playing the game (and which accompanied me throughout most of it) was one that I had already been there... In TR5's Rome levels with a touch of TR4. Therefore you couldn't rate the game highly on its originality. Anyway as soon as I started playing and discovering one thing after another I got hooked to the game - very interesting I liked its conception. It certainly wasn't too hard neither too easy. It's graphically solid albeit as I said never truly original. Maybe we're too used to a bunch of artists that alter the whole tomb raiding so as to make it seem like something new? The secrets were very easily findable too. As a matter of fact I've just reread the author's notes and he tells of three secrets in each level. Are there any in the last? I mean the last level took me less than five minutes to play! There was the hammergod and you had to open an entrance to get to the upper floor and push a sort of a switch that would open the other door leading to an underwater tunnel and back to the desktop. Was there any more to it? For if not this must have been the shortest level I've ever played and I can't think of any possible justification for it not to be a part of the second. I'm going to replay it once just to make sure... Apart from that I can't think of any puzzle that really puzzled me except for the last mirror room puzzle where I had to do a lot of jumping around before I finally found my way into level three... Still the puzzles and the gameplay are well conceived and smooth and I enjoyed these levels a lot. Thus I reccomend them to each and everyone. They're good work indeed. As for me I'm off to the Mystery of Eden 2 now see what happens next..." - Jorge22 (07-Jun-2003)
"We're back in Rome and running around I just know I'm going to meet a dog. Yep there it is that's the familiarity bit over with. You just can't ignore the work that's gone into this level it looks so good. Having played the original games and other Rome custom levels all this is familiar stuff. Except that is that timed run with monkey swing/ladders/ropes in the warehouse that took a good few goes. And the clever claw/switch/block pushing puzzles. There is a fair bit of backwards and forwards going on here and can be a bit of a pain. You need to find two circular keys canopic jars pyramid key and vreaus. And you need to get three golden roses to open the room with the shotgun. When the garden gates finally open it took a while for me to work out what to do to open that door. The idea is to jump on the brown squares. I can't remember the order it took ages. And finally when you place the two vraeus that run over the spikes and blades is quite easy although it looks horrendous. Then we slide into Catacombs and promptly get squashed by rolling balls. Actually it's quite easy I just jumped to the left at the end. It took me a while to think about the room with three chains to pull I found I had to pull them three times each to get the torch. The huge room with all the fire pillars was a great challenge as was the mirror room and the runaround with the hammergod/gladiator. I'm off now to play the next level." - CC (01-Jun-2003)
"The Mystery of Eden 1 is an excellent beginning to what is sure to be a Hall of Fame adventure. The lovely and there is no other word for it Italian city that begins the adventure sets the stage with narrow streets mad dogs and ugly bullies with dangerous clubs. Once the action moves inside there are some challenging puzzles to keep you on your toes. I quite liked the torch puzzle and the boulders. This is a good seque to the need to comment on the excellent camera work! And excellent it is! I am off to play The Mystery of Eden 2." - Dougsan (12-May-2003)
"This is a level I like it looks very good lots of things to do and (most important) not too hard that translate into frustration. There are so many things to find in here golden roses those are the secrets Garden keys 2 Vraeus 2 Canopic Jars and a Guardian Key. The city is well laid out and I didn't got lost that much. In the Catacombs there are even more artifacts to gather. The game is rather linear but I like it that way all that back and fro I had to deal with lately is definitely not my cup of tea. Even the timed runs I could manage without frustration and the puzzle in the mirror room was great. Even didn't mind having a skeleton or two on my tail. There are some great puzzles in this one all in all very entertaining level. 23-04-2003" - Gerty (28-Apr-2003)
"Mystery of Eden reminds me of the Last Crusade in its first part and Lost City of Pompeii in the second level. In both cases it is less beautiful than the other. The gameplay is sometimes a bit slow and there are objects that I didn't find at all (the vraeus) and I don't know what they're for. The rotating knives at the last room in the first level never worked for me so it was easier to pass this part: was it the Mystery? The second level is more sinister and I loved the gladiators (tinmen retextured) and over all the last enemy: our old friend the hammergod but slightly different. I only found 5 secrets; I missed one in the second level. Very entertaining level with clever and tricky puzzles." - Loupar (31-Mar-2003)
"Eden the Lost City - the load.bmp lets you hope for a good game - and you will get it. You will remember Tr5 Rome; even if you meet enemies from other Trs. Beautiful with effort made Rooms Objects Light and Shadows - good Cameras. A timed door will let you get mad - block and rope as a combination - a hell. Have to get a lot of things and use them - to get into the garden. What a lot of great ideas I like them all. In the second part get more fog and a lot of good things go on. Timed Doors Sound Trapdoors action with the enemies and traps. A real good work for all TR5 Fans - congratulation." - Miguel (01-Mar-2003)
"Lara starts in a small city and obviously has to accomplish a few things. The puzzles are rather diverse in both levels but not too hard to master. Sweet has had a few great ideas and built those well into the level. Enemies were (among others) knights but of a different kind ;-) very suitable for the atmosphere also the hammer go at the end was well done and could not hurt my Lara much ;-) Of course I found all six secrets :-) Textures were mainly well applied and served the levels well. One can see that a lot of effort went into building them :-) Go on looking forward to your next level." - Engelchen Lara (19-Jan-2003)
"If you loved Piega's 'The Last Crusade' and want to play a shorter and easier version of it then you'll love 'The Mystery of Eden'. The Roman atmosphere is authentic down to the new enemies like the mechanical guards and the Hammer God who all have a new look. The first level is spent searching for a number of required objects the second is more puzzle filled and then the third is really just a short race to the finish. The atmosphere and surroundings are really what I fell in love with in these three levels and the textures camera work and music that added to the atmosphere. The secrets make up a game within a game - if you find all three secrets in each of the first two levels there is a secret room in each where you get extra goodies. I found all three in the first level but missed one in the second. This is definitely worth replaying to find that last secret though." - RaiderGirl (21-Dec-2002)
"The Lost City (8/8/10/8 65 min. 3 secrets): An impressive 'Rome-style' city setting which immediately makes you feel at home and throughout delivers excellent and very helpful camerawork as you explore the town for three golden roses two Garden Keys two Vraeus two canopic jars and a guardian key. There are only a few club wielding thugs some bats and gods to annoy you in your quest as you push levers raise blocks (sometimes timed but not too hard) master rope swings avoid spikes and blades. A level of exploration but in an entertaining way the only remarkable downside being that the lava was not animated. Catacomb of Nowhere (8/9/9/8 55 min. 3 secrets): Now you have made it down into the city sewers or catacombs and the atmosphere changes to a more greenish foggy look & feel - nicely done. There are two halves of a gemstone and two Golden Keys to find. A few movable blocks around but all nicely marked collapsible tiles but not too challenging and you somehow move along in a rather linear fashion from task to task pulling chains monkey swing past a few burners or jump around burning tiles (unless you actually jump to the right immediately and avoid to turn on the burners in the first place). There is a timed run (again not too tricky) and an interesting torch puzzle and mirror room / jumping puzzle. Enemies are Roman tinmen (one on a horse) a few skeletons and for the final 5 minutes in Catacomb of Nowhere 2 a Roman hammergod. Bottomline very entertaining in a nice setting and not too difficult so an excellent choice also for the not so seasoned raiders among us." - Michael (13-Dec-2002)
"I was one of those happy players who downloaded the bugged version. After hours of seeking for the second Vraeus or at least to get the second laser device working I went to the discover you had to download the TR4-files that were released later so there was the second laser...nevertheless making your level work is part of the level building... BUT fair's fair: the author knows how to build rooms place lights make fly-by's (very good!) and some nice variations on existing puzzles (timed climb and run in the section with the clark; mirror room; torch room). Most important: the timed stuff was manageable not ridiculous as some authors seem to get a kick out off... A bit funny was Mr Knight who seemed to have been visiting the latest fashion shows as he looked very colourful but the colours did not 'clash' with the settings so well done. The static cameras were well placed too but I would have given them a one shot capability as they became annoying each time you passed the same places. So all in all this turned out to be one of the better levels even at times having a 'piega' atmosphere of whom I think the author is a big fan." - bERT (02-Nov-2002)
"There are 2 parts to this level. Eden - The Lost City is situated in a town (Rome?). Lara got lost in the streets several times but it didn't matter because she always found her way back. She had to find 2 Garden Keys one Guardian Key 2 Canopic Jars and 2 Golden Vraeus. There was a tricky sequence with pulling a switch getting up to 2 ropes and jumping into a timed door. It took me a few tries. The idea with the 2 laser beams appealed to me. I had no difficulty getting both of them to work. The place with the lava spikes and rotating knife was another challenge but not impossible to manage. Enemies are brutal looking thugs dogs bats. Eden - Catacomb of Nowhere takes Lara underground. The atmosphere is more sinister here. Lara has to avoid big green balls. She has to find 2 Gemstone Pieces. It took me a little while to figure out the puzzle with the 3 pearl strings. Once Lara had the torch the game just went on. There is a sequence over timed fire blocks to push some buttons. Another tricky part was the mirror room. Lara had to look very closely before each jump so that she didn't get squashed or burned. Enemies are skeletons metal warriors (one with a horse) retextured and plenty of bats. Lara entered the third level Eden - Catacomb of Nowhere 2. She had to run past a hammer man find a key use it and after jumping into the water for a little swimming the level was finished. I really enjoyed this game. It was not too difficult but had enough tension to keep me interested. I'm looking forward to the next part! I found 6 secrets and my playing time was 2:27 (statistic) 28.10.02" - Monika (28-Oct-2002)
"I'm not absolutely convinced I have to say. Sure this is an excellent level with tons of atmosphere a brilliant storyline tricky jumps new enemies magnificient rooms a great variety of tasks impressive fly bys and a great final; yet when I reached the end I had the feeling that something was missing. Maybe it was a tad too easy in the last part and I just wanted to stay a bit longer in Italy. I'm happy to see that more and more authors get around to very thoughtfully map out their levels in that they restrict the non linear exploring to the first half and make the second part more action packed. It starts out in a little Mediterranean town that actually isn't that complex but as the lanes are so narrow you still can get lost. You have to find your way into the buildings and then collect various crucial items to pave the road to the second level. You have to backtrack a bit but the author makes sure you can't get stuck. Once you reach the underworld things get spookier with boulder traps a neat torch puzzle the re-textured horseman (great) a run over breakable tiles and a very clever mirror puzzle (be sure to save in a different slot after the fly by cause you might want to watch it again). There are two excellent timed runs a thrilling jumping sequence over the big slicer with pop up spikes thrown in for good measure but on the whole I thought we could have done with less buttons and more enemies. The setting is very reminiscent of the Rome level from TR5 but it's beautifully done and supports the plot nicely. All in all a highly inventive original and entertaining quest of moderate difficulty that will catapult Sascha into the top ranks of Level builders. I can't wait for the sequel." - Dimpfelmoser (12-Oct-2002)
"This is an extremely enjoyable level. I know some of the other players experienced some difficulties in the first part but I did not. I even went back and re-did that particular part and still had no problems with it. There are some good puzzles to solve in this level and lots of interesting exploration to collect 2 garden keys 2 canopic jars and 2 vraeus and be on the lookout for dogs attacking. A tricky little timed puzzle starting with a switch to raise a block high up a full speed run to jump on another raised block monkey-swing over an expanse up 2 different ladders to flip another switch and then a hop to a rope before the block goes back down again. After maneuvering a tricky spike revolving blade trap you get to part 2 which was a little disappointing after jam-packed part 1 as if the author ran out of steam but still decent enough to keep me interested with over-grown thugs wielding bats which you don't see often anymore. A triple chain pulling puzzle to obtain a torch in part 2 was interesting as was a very well-done mirror room with boulders spike and fire tiles intermingled with the safe ones to open 4 doors. The old hammer guy makes an appearance also but he was not much of a threat but throughout the level bats bats and more bats. You end by swimming away and wait for the next segment." - Momster (12-Oct-2002)
"This level begins in a really beautiful Italian city which was affectionately represented. Lara's task was to find the entrance to the Catacombs. In addition she had to find different artifacts and solve mysteries. The atmosphere was beautiful and exciting at the same time. The mysteries were well thought out. It was not easy for my Lara. The design was very beautiful and those textures were very well applied. Opponents were a few rogues with baseball club and dogs. Bats buggedyou also from time to time. The sound was suitable. The camera guidance was good became however less over time. The Catacombs was likewise very affectionately designed. There the opponents were usually Horsemen. They had a very nicely and suitably changed outfit. Good mysteries and traps were present. In the end one had to deal with the hammer man. Unfortunately I found only 5 Secrets. If I play that next times my Lara must watch out probably better. At the end of Level 1 I crashed to the desktop. Very much recommendable. Definitely one to play. Lots of praise to the designer." - Navi (12-Oct-2002)
"By the first look in this level it is very obvious that the builder has replicated most of the rooms from the level 'Rome' and later from the 'Coliseum' meaning TR5. A very good job indeed but as you can imagine although many parts are altered the secrets and puzzles are quite similar. At the first part we have the garden keys which are Venus etc. as we know them from Chronicles there are no dragons though that would be interesting. The textures are also the same and the lighting is good. I was having much fun until the time I got stuck with a nasty bug. At a room which you have to get the second vraeus one of the machines with the beams didn't work no mater what I tried I was hopelessly stuck with no way to continue to the next level. As always though there are raiders to help you out and the author did offer a solution but it was too late there is a fixed download now so you don't need to worry. He should have tested the level more carefully. Two canopic jars are the other items you need to access the second level getting through spikes and horizontal blades the door opens and the adventure continues. The enemies are new and they come with a club really funny I think the author loves bats because in almost every room at least at the first part there were a lot of them. As pleased as I was starting this I came to realize that the second part was very short and not as interesting. The torch is used here and the similarities again from TR5 spoil the fun. The puzzle with the mirror room though was clever. You will spend some time there trying to avoid getting burned or killed by boulders or avoiding the spikes by stepping on the wrong tile floors. Two keys on the next part with a guy and his hammer giving you trouble and the end comes while swimming. It is recommended that you do get this first part as I understand there is going to be a sequel it is worth the big download. Expecting the next part." - Kristina (10-Oct-2002)