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Lair of the T-Rex by Jamie White

bERT 4 8 8 3
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 3
Doug E 4 4 4 4
Engelchen Lara 2 3 2 3
Gerty 5 7 7 6
Jose 2 3 4 2
Kristina 6 7 7 7
Magnus 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 6 8 6 5
Mulf 3 3 2 2
Obig 6 7 6 6
Orbit Dream 3 3 2 3
RaiderGirl 6 7 7 7
Ruediger 2 4 2 1
Ryan 4 5 3 3
Sash 5 7 6 5
Treeble 3 3 3 3
Whistle 4 5 6 5
release date: 19-Feb-2003
# of downloads: 47

average rating: 4.32
review count: 18
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file size: 20.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A series of crudely designed and textured rooms filled with an exagerated amount of goodies and baddies alike. Zoom by vacuuming it all up while gunning a lot (a lot) of dinos down. Some animations are missing and I experienced one random crash twice on the same spot, so I decided to leave that one particular dino be and just moved on. 25 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/20" - Treeble (20-Sep-2020)
"Oh,how simplistic this all was. Collect unending pick-ups;run down long corridors;and shoot heaps and heaps of (occasionally strangely behaving) dinosaurs. It all looks like the rush job that it undoubtedly was- but,at some point during this 50 minute run-around (no doubt aided by the barrel of Heineken that I was drinking),it became quite a good laugh - which is more than can be said of most Jamie White levels." - Orbit Dream (10-Sep-2019)
"During his early career, Jamie White would churn out a new level every week, and for a while it looked like he could go on like that forever. However, during his middle period he relented somewhat, and the level under consideration here, his sixth, is the first for which he allowed a few months to pass between releases. Not that it shows; it looks (and plays) still very much like the rushed effort of an overeager beginner. I will not list every error committed during the building of this level, as that would be tantamount to paraphrasing the entire manual (an entity for which the builder clearly reserves nothing but disdain) but I feel I must point out that he went the extra mile and succeeded in making the screen freeze in at least one spot; so the more considerate pacing clearly paid off.
Early in the level you come across a room with a cage full of raptors in the middle of it. You climb up a ledge and follow a short tunnel declining towards the ground level, at the end of which is a door and a switch. The switch opens that door and also releases, just like you would expect, the raptors, who are now coming after you. You can run back up the tunnel and drop down from the ledge: whereupon the raptors, unable to follow you, turn around and try to get you from the other side. Before they reach you, you can climb back up the ledge, and the raptors turn around again; down, up, down, up, repeat as long as it’s still funny. I rather liked this little slapstick sequence, even if the builder likely didn’t intend it to play out as such. There are also two random Templars going in circles on top of chimneys, an absurdity which will surprise you if you haven’t read reviews like this one; but they are merely a minor distraction within the seemingly unending tedium of gunning down raptors from safe spots, which is what the rest of the level essentially consists of. By the way, some of these raptors inexplicably took an insane amount of bullets to bring down (even though they are no different from the others, which take only a few shots; object identity confirmed). Trust Jamie to discover hitherto unencountered bugs to further enhance this mess!" - Mulf (25-Jan-2018)
"Again the same features from this author, the very simple architecture, the elongated textures and the absence of puzzles. You'll play all the level shooting raptors and more raptors; well, there is a ninja too I think; and at the end... of course, some TRex. The secrets are not hidden, and some rooms are too dark, almost black, the rooms are usually empty of objects and the texturization is very monotonous. Playable anyway, but a pure shooter." - Jose (22-Jan-2018)
""The Dinosaur Shooting Spree". That's what I named this level and that is exactly what you get. The start isn't that promising (pitch- black even though flares are provided, stretched textures). It picks up slightly next, with a few hands and keys to find and a jeep to drive, but I wasn't really gripped and the amount of supplies you find if you locate the secrets is a lot, so subsequent battles are laughably easy. The environment doesn't improve as the game progresses and I was left less than satisfied." - Ryan (18-Aug-2016)
"While an improvement in some regards(a bit more sophisticated lighting and more appropriate enemies for the environment theme spring to mind), this level still isn't very good, with many of the same design flaws that have persisted throughout Jamie's level building 'career' up to this point in time, still being present and accounted for. And while the builder is definitely improving a bit more substantially thankfully, I still wouldn't recommend this to more modern players. So, better to look elsewhere." - Ceamonks890 (01-Jun-2015)
"I'm disappointed in the author. Usually he or she writes unintentionally funny stories for his or her levels but not this time. No this time it's just another boring adventure. No treasures that exist and don't exist at the same time and no pharaohs that hide treasures on reasonably modern boats. Oh well. The level itself is... okay. Sort of. It's better than the author's previous levels but it's still not a very good level. The Tyrannosaurus Rexes are practically impossible to kill if you don't find what I believe is the first secret. Actually I believe they can't be killed without the revolver. Speaking of the Tyrannosaurus Rexes - I accidentally ruined the atmosphere when I picked up the artefact that triggered the dinosaurs. Instead of dramatic music I got the music that plays in the bar in Hendrik Kunze's 'The Quick and the Dead'. Actually triggering the wrong music was the best moment I had in this level. As usual in levels by the author the textures are stretched the gameplay is uninteresting and the lighting is below average. Well at least the author seems to be getting better. Finally. The level ends after fifteen minutes but add at least fifteen minutes to that if you don't find the revolver. If the Tyrannosaurus Rexes can be killed without it. I wouldn't try if I were you though." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Dinosaur levels are mostly real fun but not this one. The whole point is to shoot raptors I think about 50 of them. I spared some of the poor critters when I couldn't take it anymore. The textures are monotonous and stretched sometimes even missing. Serious bugs can cause you to crash (e.g. when you climb the rock above the trapdoor). And you run run run down much too long corridors (to give one example) just to reach a square lake where everything is wallpapered with one texture. Knights are placed somewhere they can't move away from - very cheap joke. Not even the shootout works for those who play TR for the bodycount - as the 3 T-Rexes (or should that read T-Regi?) are wrestling with bugs again." - Rdiger (26-Oct-2003)
"I have just a couple of questions about this 40 minute level. What were the templar knights doing firstly in a Jurassic level secondly why were they stuck on top of chimneys and thirdly why were there chimneys in a Jurassic level? Were they some sort of prehistoric Santa Clauses that still have some evolution to achieve I may never know! Anyway leaving that behind in this level your job is tantamount to what the meteor that hit earth a millennium ago did wipe out all prehistoric life. This annihilation occurs in fairly squarish jungle/rocky environs where in one place you can freeze the game and apart from the killing you have no real puzzles besides finding some crucial pick ups and secrets of which I found 4 of the 5. In the end Lara realising what she has done to those poor dinos does the only honourable thing she starts up her jeep grabs a quick look in the rear view mirror grabs hold of her own hand (because she's alone obviously) and does a Thelma and Louise on us. Or maybe she was just doing her lippy in the mirror and didn't see the cliiiiiffffffffff!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"As the name of the level shows this time Lara is roaming about in a lost world. The enemies are the reptiles of the ancient times some scorpions a ninja and two crusaders appears as well however I don't know how they get here. :-) There are 5 secrets in the level but unfortunately I couldn't get into the last one as the second grate left closed. There are no added sounds and the texture have some slips here and there. I don't like the end of the level because Lara falls down in a chasm driving her jeep while she's still having the two Eye Pieces. As for me it should have been much more to make out of this level. There are also some bugs involved e.g. at the first secret where I get up onto the roof with the dinosaur the game crashed." - Obig (17-Mar-2003)
"Game play is not bad but beware of one or two areas where your machine will lockup-top of the big ramp with a rex on top. Generally the level is what it says and you should expect killing many T Rex. You start off in very dark caverns (you have plenty of flares) which reminded me of being down deep caves - total blackness. The level eventually lightens up but with rather mundane textures and massive areas with not a lot in them. Search all areas as you may miss the large weapons cache. You will need the weapons to defeat the final trio to escape the last large room and drive the jeep over the cliff to finish. Rather a poor ending. Worth a play as a piece of relaxation and very little brain strain." - Whistle (13-Mar-2003)
"This is THE TR-exploitation level I've played up to now (8 march 2003): it's hilariously violent and funny. There's real shock-horror moments when you're instantly attacked by three of those little Jurassic Parc creatures one of them leaving behind some ammunition; knights with screaching swords walking around lonely and harmlessly on...chimneys (pure Monty Python!); a high hanging red wooden bridge from where you have a brilliant look on three big momma's of T-Rex nature. Yes there's a lot of stretched textures yes the rooms all look square even the outside settings are yes you can get stuck too if you forget one of the four levers near the end but this level is pure fun otherwise. Jamie even throws in a secret minigame in pure Piega style each of them opening one door to ... I don't know what because first time around I only got three secrets and could not get the last one to open. And then silence ... a small room ...heaps of medipacks ... silence uh-oh better pick'em up because I smell something bad is going to happen does. This level - how imperfect it may be on many levels - brought me as much fun as many of the so-called classic custom ones together. Thank you Jamie!" - bERT (08-Mar-2003)
"This was a bit of a disappointing game. The rooms were just so large and the textures were very mundane. This is not a first game for this author so I wondered what he was doing making this. His other games I recall were a lot better." - Doug E (03-Mar-2003)
"This is called 'Lair of the T-Rex' so you should already know what to expect. Lot's of prehistoric beasts running around some even on roofs as you search for a number of hands jeep keys and a cartouche. It looks like Lara is exploring some long lost village where the natives kept jeeps? and maybe the dinosaurs broke in and ate them all. Just kill everything in sight and leave with your well earned prize." - RaiderGirl (28-Feb-2003)
"A warning for playing this level you have to have 3 T-Rex's to find in the room where you pick up the second piece of the Eye. If not reload until you do. There is a bug there and I found out the hard way. There is another bug in the area where you have to get into a hole in the ground don't climb that structure the screen will freeze. For the rest this is very spacious level with a disappearing horizon problem some paperthin textures and some textures are not even there. But apart from that I did jump in my chair a couple of times. But I think that was the purpose. Those nasty beasts from eons ago are everywhere. Lucky me they are very easy to kill and I also found 4 secrets as that meant a lot of ammo and a lot of weapons some I got even twice. Very spooky is the ground moving with heavy bumping and while walking over that wooden bridge showed you what made that noise T-Rex even 3 roaming around way down. Gameplay is straightforward and you have to collect some Hands and twice the Eye. Still there was a door closed and I never opened that. What those knights were doing way upon the roof eludes me. 20-03-2003" - Gerty (24-Feb-2003)
"Yes it is pitch black at the start and that is annoying even though you get tons of flares but it soon opens up and gets much brighter. What you have here is what you expected - a rather linear 40 minutes run through bumping into 30-something raptors and a few T-Rexes plus a ninja and a few scorpions and not to forget those two very funny knights on the chimneys. There are also two Jeeps one only being in the way of a pickup and the second bringing you to your presumably rather deadly end. The two eye pieces are your prize and the five hands will help you progress along with two halves of a cartouche at the start. Getting the five secrets was kind of fun though. Definitely one of Jamie's better levels." - Michael (23-Feb-2003)
"It's obvious isn't it the level has many raptors and three T-Rex. The player has to be very cautious though because some areas aren't available to visit them a second time so be very careful of your actions. Five or more hands a cartouche and the two pieces of the eye I didn't get to use are what you will be looking for. It's very dark at a few areas especially at the beginning but there are plenty of flares around. The rest of the level is outside with thin walls and a place with bridges that isn't very well built. Pull some levers climb place the items mentioned above and you're finished riding the jeep after a fight with those huge animals. There many secrets to be found and some of them are weapons I missed the Uzi and revolver. There seems to be some sort of bug though at the area you need the three hands near the end. At first when I got there and for quite some times during reloading I was only getting two T-Rex so I couldn't finish the level. So if you encounter the same problem reload before you open the door to the second eye piece or before you pick it up and the T-Rex appear. Eventually you will get what you need. Some poor knights were bound to revolve around themselves in just a square up to the roofs sad isn't it. The level needed more work." - Kristina (22-Feb-2003)
"Not sure what Jamie wanted to accomplish with this level and I do not know his other levels but I am disappointed with this one :-( The puzzles are finding artifacts that Lara basically stumbles over and eliminate plenty of dinosaurs. So what's the point? Especially at the start it is pitch black and even though you find many flares it is just too dark for my taste. Textures are stretched and not very well applied. In some rooms was nothing but a lever or in some just a few dinos and when you meet a baddy in a small village it seems he just got lost there. You also find planty of ammo and all weapons. But I could not use the crossbow as I only had normal arrows. Sound only appeared towards the end when Lara fights three T-Rex which I found unfair as Lara use the Uzis grenade gun and finally pistols but then the revolver did the trick. For me this level had no point. Lara gets into the jeep and takes the Eye of Horus with her at least a little prize. I hope the author's next level will be better." - Engelchen Lara (21-Feb-2003)