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The Mystery of Eden 2 by Sweet

CC 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 7 8 9 8
Dougsan 7 7 9 10
Engelchen Lara 10 9 10 9
eRIC 7 8 7 7
eTux 6 7 7 7
Gerty 9 9 10 9
Jay 10 9 8 10
Jorge22 10 9 10 10
Jose 7 9 8 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Loupar 9 9 10 8
manarch2 6 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Obig 9 9 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 10 9 10 10
Ryan 8 9 8 8
Sash 6 8 7 7
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Tortoise3 9 8 9 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Whistle 9 9 9 9
release date: 23-Mar-2003
# of downloads: 179

average rating: 8.61
review count: 23
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file size: 191.43 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I have played this levelset over the span of the last few days so I think I should've kept more notes in-between sessions, but my overall experience here is that these are enjoyable levels with a lot of nods to the original games. One of the levels is quite reminiscent of the Lost City of Tinnos, as you hunt down oceanic masks in elemental based challenge rooms, and then there is another level which was built in similar fashion to the Barkhang Monastery. None of these are remakes per se, and the added TR4 features push them even further away from that idea, but the inspirations are quite clear. I experienced a few swapped sound effects in two of the levels which didn't have any effect on my experience other than making me smile every now and then. I used the walkthrough from beginning to end so any frustration I might've had for missing something or the other along the way was completely gone, and although I did find enough enjoyment here, I was glad when I finally hit the final finish trigger. 2h15min, 8 secrets. 11/20" - Treeble (08-Nov-2020)
"While this second part is still on a high level of quality, I found it to be a bit of a step down in terms of visuals and atmosphere and I found a few sections of the gameplay more tedious than in the first part. The beginning two sections are pleasing to the eye and enjoyable, although they are markedly similar to official Tomb Raider levels and I had no ambient sound in the first level. The four-way element puzzle is always a nice touch and the majority of the tasks required to obtain the items are well set up, but I found that there was a bug around the scale itself (if you use the oil before the sand, the sand disappears completely, and I had to reload) and I found the air and water sections a bit tedious. But I also found the textures in the final two levels a bit crudely done, which meant that I didn't have a very good time in those two levels (despite the varied and fast paced gameplay). I did like the way the secrets and enemies were placed, though." - Ryan (22-Oct-2018)
"For beginning we jump right into the Tinnos scenery, another one of this kind I just wasn't able to play without taking a break, especially because the whole elemental pattern including the earthquake room, and the enemies including the wasps were once again copied in. How can the builder expect this to feel like a temple underneath Rome if it's so unbelonging, even though designed and arranged very well? Then while the previous episode was quite coherent with two strictly Roman levels, the second unit of this one is made of Alexandrian library stuff. But again the setting is one of my favourite and therefore quite enjoyable, and the puzzles are quite clever now. Then the action jumps into Angkor scene, another of my favourites, and the most peaceful of TR4 so suitable for the gardens of Eden indeed. But when I sank in, after two rooms it changed to Tibet instead. Still my favourite and not bad, except the monks have been swapped with troops, Bartoli's thugs with SAS forces, and the whole gameplay is pasted minus prayer wheels. Often the mood gets subpar to what we have seen in TR2, for instance the flooding pool which is even larger, or the rooftop surroundings which are much boxier. Though poorer than the original, somehow the level was too heavy to hold the canyon so it was cut out, reserved for a jeep track and... located in Egypt. For heck's sake, when you write a book about vegan diet you don't throw in a roast beef recipe for variety. The car jump is short yet extremely difficult, I tried about 20 times so the author must know an easy trick which is not that obvious for players. I liked the soldiers on the sandstone arches and possible to blow up through the rocks, but I missed more guys to run over the classic way. In the end we get a proper mutant boss closure. SUMMARY: Definitely too much remaking - despite a lot of effort this is another well-built set I won't remember after some time, maybe except the triple trident and satisfying secrets. Especially if a game natively suffers from being the second one of a trilogy, it requires extra care. And no, it's simply not enough to release a pack of levels which don't form any context together. If it's said details differ fine games from master games, what to say about ignoring plot basics like this? The author should take example from his own secrets and make everything as consistent as they are." - DJ Full (28-Jun-2016)
"While I had some slight reservations against the first part of the series, I have to admit this part was really not my cup of tea, especially the third level. The two largest critisisms of the other reviewers seem to be the incoherent settings and the relative similarity to some of the official levels, but regarding these two only I only found the atmosphere suffers from the first, as I found the resemblances rather nice in comparison to up to three different settings in each level, which kind of feels rather odd. Temple of the Four Elements (7-8-8-8) was actually the best level of the four (lasting 50 minutes), with Tinnos and Cistern textures and gameplay structure also pretty much the same as the Tinnos level. There are four elemental paths to explore but this time also a elements puzzle added - those two quests were nicely put together. The fun of the different paths varied from interesting (fire) over medioce (earth) to rather tedious (water, air) but some specific tasks were quite fun. The flooding/draining puzzle was rather tedious as you had to backtrack quite a lot and I found a missing texture in the earth section, but the overall atmosphere was quite appealing - again liked the usage of TR 3 enemies and the rooms were well constructed. Under the Temple (7-7-8-8) was with 25 minutes of gametime only half as long as the previous level. It contained the globes puzzle from Lost Library I have rarely seen in its original form in a custom level but the crossbow usage was pretty odd as you had to shoot into two openings (using explosives) without knowing there is anything inside. The door setup for the torch was actually a nice idea but it is rather oddly executed and I missed a few camera shots here and there. The atmosphere in this part was actually the most coherent (probably due to the length) and lighting and textures were well done even with smaller cracks. The Old Monastery (5-8-7-6) lasting 40 minutes was the level were all went wrong for me. The setting was mostly large and empty with not very strong texturing and a whole lot of end-of-the-world moments even if you just keep on track. I found the gameplay to be quite confusing with those target puzzles where I still don't get the logic of the first, too much to and fro and an avoidable mistakes in the pool room: First of all, why does flooding a pool making a fire go out? And why does no camera show what happened? And why is it possible to climb up to the fire with long ladders and monkeyswings and finally reach a dead-end? Honestly - the only thing I really liked about this level were the friendly soldiers that helped Lara to kill the SAS, but still they felt a little out of place. Barkhang's Monastery is one of my favourite official levels, but this one doesn't keep up to it in any regard, sorry. The fun at least increased a bit in The Ruins (7-7-7-6), as it was much shorter at 15 minutes duration and the jeep course is quite the contrast to the tedium of the previous level. There even is one pretty challenging jump included but it's pretty much doable when you take enough "run"-up. The texturing though is not at all convincing with too much wallpaper effects and not well fitting together textures. The dragon room was way too easy and quick to get through and at the end everything felt a little bit rushed in this level.
Summarizingly the 2:10 hours in the second installment were not a step upwards in comparison to the first Eden game as the gameplay is even less fun and the game's atmosphere generally suffers from odd looking areas and few carelessly built rooms. Still, this levelset has enough things to admire - a lot of custom objects and the helpful soldiers on the one side, some nice atmospherical areas on the other side - and I am sure most of you players will enjoy this level more than I did. I found all nine secrets." - manarch2 (27-Aug-2012)
"Well builded levels with TR2 touches, most of all in third level, remembering Monastery Barkang. Paradoxically this level was the worst for me 'cause there's a lot of backtracking if you don't do the tasks like the author thought; for example, the long climb/monkeyswing in the empty pool room to find a fire at the end or the long way to the roofs keyhole if you missed the key before. Another very bad task was the jump with the jeep over the spike pit in last level; after two or three dozens of times falling in the pit, I decided to continue on foot, but unfortunately I couldn't finish the level without the jeep. Secrets are easy to find, and there is enough stuff for the Lara's backpack; ambience and atmosphere is good, and tasks no difficult. The best for me were the guys helping Lara killing the SASs in third level." - Jose (01-Mar-2011)
"I would have rated this second episode higher if there had been only the two first levels , as they were entertaining and/or seemed fresh despite some parts being reminiscent of official levels. I just liked a return to Tinnos happily not exactly the same one, the author has managed here to create an excellent atmosphere , there are various tasks to perform , and good objects and enemies, this was good classic raiding. The second level was also interesting despite a tedious pushable object puzzle , the timed shooting puzzle was pretty good, and the last part of the level which reminds the TR4 levels which take place under the pyramids. But after that , it was not so enjoyable , you have firstly in the 3rd level some "Angkor" rooms before emerging in a remake of the Barkhang monastery level , which does not make much sense atmospherically wise. There is a few different things in the monastery from the original , mainly a very long monkeyswing which is not well thought out , as players can make this monkeyswing too early and only see they have done all this monkeyswinging for nothing. The last level is rather short and although it has some charm , I could not helped thinking there was something missing to it. I really like though the mirror room with the pole and the spikes, this prove that the author has very good ideas. Like in the first episode , the texturing is excellent and faultless in some places , but has mistakes in others. And the secrets are interesting to find them all. Bottom line a good set of levels if you are looking for levels with middle difficulty and which offers different locations, granted you don't mind playing in some places that can look like some you have already visited in the past." - eRIC (04-Aug-2009)
"Where Mystery of Eden 1 has stopped, Mystery of Eden 2 starts: Namely with an underwater tunnel. If one is out of this tunnel, the action starts immediately, because two big sting dragonflies expect you. Now you know the degree of difficulty. Sting dragonflies and mutants as opponents, monkeyswings along fire-breather, time runs, scanty jumps along swinging axes, rope acrobatics and other more. And in addition a few heavy riddles. This temple of four elements is not so quite easy. If one has found everything, one reaches the next level "under the temple". Also here the riddles at high level remain, merely one can rest a bit, coz here are only a little lonesome dog and two poor mutants the opponents. If one has everything done, it goes further down into "The old Monastery". And there, Lara gets charming helpers!! So do not shoot on everybody, which runs through your way. You can shoot the SAS-Soldiers, but you must not, coz your helpers can do this job. Lara must investigate here many different rooms, flood a pool flood and other more. This Monastery with all his different rooms looks simply phenomenal. One would stay longer, but Lara is in great hurry and opened the door to the fourth level "The ruins". Here Lara can show her driving arts, because most time one is on the move with the jeep. A few smaller caves can be still explored. Then at the end, Lara must open a big rolling gate and slide down into "Mystery of Eden part 3". However, this rolling gate is guarded by a dragon who vomits out moths and fires incessantly. At the end only one knowledge remains: This is great levelbuilding. And there is nothing more to say." - Scottie (18-Apr-2009)
"During my forced vacation while is temporarily offline (12/04) I've decided to play the Eden trilogy straight through and what a good time I'm having. I've been assisted along the way by walkthroughs provided by three different women and Monika's marvelously succinct outline was a great help in getting me through the second installment. I can see the series grow in scope complexity and visual beauty from one level to the next and the second episode features friendly soldiers that help Lara kill the nasty SAS. Most of the familiar trappings of Tomb Raider are here as well: A four-way intersection leading to earth air fire and water rooms where different tasks need to be performed to continue tridents and golden stars to locate and place and a locust-spewing dragon to avoid at the end. Great raiding great fun and I have no idea how I managed to miss this great series for so long. Highly recommended." - Phil (05-Dec-2004)
"As for the title of the level this is a sequel and perhaps better than the 1st episode. The story takes place on 4 levels which reminds me of the atmosphere of the main TR episodes. The 1st level is similar to the Lost City of Tinnos (TR3) the 2nd one is to the Lost Library (TR4) the 3rd is to the Tibetan Foothills (TR2) finally the 4th is to the TR4. The enemies are some huge wasps mutants armed men dogs locusts and the dragon familiar from the TR4. The puzzles are not too difficult but there are plenty of them. The timed runs and jumps are fewer than those in The Mystery of Eden 1. There are 3 Secrets: the Golden Roses on each level (with the exception of the 2nd level where there's none of them) and if you collect them you can get into the armory of the level. The added sounds are very cool and there's even a remix of the soundtracks of the TR1 and TR2. I recommend this level to those who like the complex levels. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"On one hand these 4 levels are an improvement from the first offering of Sascha but on the other hand it continues some of the same mistakes the first offering had and generally doesn't offer too much challenging never before seen puzzles and tasks. Undoubtedly all the levels are beautifully textured and illuminated but let's look at how the themes change in the whole series - Lost City/Catacombs - Roman city and caves/catacombs beneath it Temple of 4 elements/Under the temple - though very atmospheric - a mix between Celtic Tinnos and Lost library - in some way you could figure out how this mixes with the previous levels I must agree but then come The Old Monastery/ The ruins which at first take place in a Tibetan (?) monastery and then go on to Egypt again - the valley of kings. I find that a bit inconsistent for a series. I might also add that most tasks from the themes are practically copied - as much as TRLE allows you that - from the original games (the Tinnos element puzzles the valley of kings ride the monastery of TR2 the lost library globe puzzle etc). If the author wanted to mix his all time favourite TR moments in one game with that he succeeded but in my book that really isn't an original game and thus I don't rate this offering as highly as the other reviewers did. And there's also a serious bug between the first 2 levels here - when sliding down that slope I still was convinced that the 2 golden stars by the spikes were red herrings and was unpleasantly surprised when I found out by yet another copied puzzle that I needed 4 golden stars instead of 2. I couldn't backtrack to retrieve them so simply performed the north cheat of level jump when placing the star on the north wall. I imagine this all sounds quite negative and I might say that in my view there are quite a lot of negative things here but it still is a very enjoyable offering from the author so don't feel discouraged by all this if it doesn't bother you much just keep your eyes open for the elusive stars." - eTux (09-Jun-2004)
"A good set of 4 levels each with its own character. You start with in the first level you run around to eventually find a crow bar to use on the switches etc and you really begin the quest. Lots of things to bypass such as winging blades breaking tiles moving walls and plenty of enemies to splat. For those who like jumping and swinging and pole climbing they are in this as well. In fact most of the TR elements appear at some time with both dry and wet mazes and other areas to puzzle out. The ending (yes I know there is another section to come) was rather abrupt and led to the only real disappointment. Thoroughly enjoyable level which I found well constructed. With just enough flair with the graphics lighting etc to set a good mood for each area. Well worth a play but be observant and you will get hooked on the level without becoming bored." - Whistle (14-Nov-2003)
"You'd imagine a level always starts off easy and becomes more difficult as you progress here we've just escaped the gladiator/hammergod in Eden1 and straight away in 'Temple of the Four Elements' you're attacked by giant mosquitoes face a jump sequence with swinging blades and a fall into lava more jumps over fire to a breakable tile then a crawl past steam Oh boy! On reflection all the tasks were not hard they just looked hard and of course the music upped the scare factor. As the name suggests we go to rooms with elements earth fire water and air to get 4 masks and this setup is similar but easier than the original game. A lot of textures and rooms we've seen before some objects I haven't seen and some new textures like that lava. So how do we rate creativity as opposed to originality? I personally think Sasha has done a brilliant job. Having said that I didn't like the lava to me it looked more like it belonged on the walls of an Atlantean underworld. I was delighted to see the Barkhang style monastery again and this time it's one type of soldier that helps you instead of the monks (come to think of it I saw no monks). I suppose you could shoot the SAS guards but it was much more fun to let my friends do it for me so I never had to unholster. Nice climbing to be done target shooting and moving wall/ceiling spikes and boulder traps. That moveable block in the pool eluded me 'til I read about it in the forum. And I always love those moveable block puzzles. The final level shows the jeep just outside the monastery and more climbing to do. The drive with the jeep was interesting but the area doesn't look great. And finally my dragon didn't bother me too much it took a while to start firing by which time I was on the final slope to the end. Looking forward to Eden 3." - CC (17-Jun-2003)
"I must say I liked number 2 better than number 1. It starts out with a Lost City of Tinnos kind part which I loved - everything that is well done and which reminds me of TR 3 is always welcome! Then there are varied atmospheres reminiscent of TR 2 and 4 which I also liked. Various mean traps which always add animation to the game. Good puzzles too in my opinion. Solid graphics. I found the last part with the jeep a little short but not too much as had happened with the last part of the previous game. I found it interesting that you didn't have the jeep keys with you right from the start therefore having to find them before going on your ride. All in all I had a lot of fun with this game and I'm really looking forward for part three." - Jorge22 (11-Jun-2003)
"Everyone else can tell you what you'll find in this set of four levels but I will just state that the entire game was full of copied rooms areas and puzzles albeit it with slight differences but nevertheless you are hit over and over again with the knowledge of seeing everything before in original games. Yes there are places and puzzles that are original but they are few and far between and I just felt like I was playing one of my bought games. This is though a lot of fun because the things copied were originally fun the first time I played them but I have to rate down for unoriginality." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Part 2 is better that Eden 1 in one way it takes longer to play. Otherwise I didn't find it to be as good. That isn't to say it isn't a great game. But after the first section the puzzles are all very easy and amount to little more than pushing things around. The first section of Mystery 2 is every bit as exciting different and challenging as Eden 1. Some players might get tired of the swinging blades but Eden 1 set the stage for them and I like their special challenge. The major component of the second section is a series on Earth Wind and Fire. None of these sections offered anything new different or challenging. The final puzzle where all three components come together is WAY TOO EASY. I think there is a bug in this section. You can acquire the two stars in the underwater chapel without draining the water but the spikes that protect the switch you need to pull to advance to the section will not lower if you don't drain the chapel. In point of fact Lara shouldn't pick up the stars since they aren't loose but she does. This is not a small point imo. The final section (it is in fact two very short sections which I think of as one) includes a repeat with a slight addition of the major ladder climb from an earlier section and a jeep ride with a jump - which will take Lara eight or so attempts until she realizes the shortest distance between two points isn't what looks like a straight line (and will bring boredom to jeep driving). Sweet added a lot of originality to his game (including a new- at least to me - switch and way to trip it). Mystery 2 looks wonderful and has very good camera work. The story leaves a bit to be desired and there are a few too many bugs. I strongly recommend Mystery of Eden Part 2 (as well as Mystery of Eden Part 1). A very big Well Done for a designer who will live forever in the Hall of Fame." - Dougsan (16-May-2003)
"The second part of the Mystery of Eden is longer than the first. There are four levels some of them very similar to other original levels of TR. The download included a savegame to start the game with 6 secrets (from the ME1) and some weapons and medipacks. The puzzles are not too difficult and the gameplay is better than the first part. There are enough enemies and secrets (very well placed). The atmosphere is the best part: the monastery and the temple of the four elements are totally like the Barkhang and Tinnos levels. The lighting and textures are in general very realistic but the last level (The Ruins) ruined all the work. It seems that the author gave up and made this level without no idea about what he/she wanted to do with it. I keep my final savegame to play Mystery of Eden 3: I hope it will be released soon." - Loupar (12-May-2003)
"Only problem I had was that my Mac saved game didn't work so I had to play this on my PC and thanks Sascha for the saved game you provided. This one is not that linear but still in my books it is a great level. I was stuck a couple of times but that was my own fault as you have to have a good look at lion's head and iron balls. The only place I was really stuck is with the two timed levers and shooting an explosive as that was not that clear. Also there are many artifacts to gather roses (secrets) stars masks and water sand and jerrycan you have to use for a puzzle. Do read the readme for that puzzle. Jumping through those bladed was fun torch puzzles target shooting and even a planet puzzle and I could go on and on. The next level has very nice flybys from the action that takes place between Lara's "helpers" and the SAS men. Finding tridents and later shafts keys and of course the golden roses. You have to drive the jeep and luck was with me I cleared that spiked pit in one go. That dragon kept me busy for a while but I managed. I had great fun. 24-04-2003" - Gerty (28-Apr-2003)
"Another good level to play and a lot of interesting puzzles. Must admit though I was getting a little fed up with so many swinging blades in the beginning. I was glad that the timed runs were not too difficult and that the author had taken the time to give a thought to the digitally-impaired gamesters such as me. I loved the part with the soldiers and SAS men a nice slant on the Barkhang Monastery level. Had a really good time playing this one and it was nice to get a bit of a finale at the end.......aka the dragon etc. Definitely worth a go." - Tortoise3 (27-Apr-2003)
"Temple of the Four Elements / Under the Temple (9/9/8/9 60+30 min. 3+0 secrets): Wow talk about some action! You are treated to tough enemies (dragonflies and poisonous mutants) slide jumps through swinging blades across collapsible tiles and fire and more so the adrenalin is up quite early in these levels. I always enjoy the Tinnos texture set and I really like the idea of placing the secrets only awarding golden roses but then when you find them all you get a room at the end open with all the goodies in. Many levers crowbar switches ropes swimming and it's actually rather non-linear so you could be running around a bit. Later you need to complete the four elements rooms to get the four masks the bag of sand the jerrycan the waterskin and four stars. I felt those puzzle areas were actually a bit of a let down after the thrilling start as they were rather straightforward and not so exciting but still some decent raiding is required here including use of torches shooting of gems in lion mouths draining and filling pools of/with water. The second level very much feels like a continuation from the first despite being inspired more by the library WAD. The timed target shooting is fun there are more lion heads to shoot and I found the planet pushing puzzle way too tedious. Further on you return to action with jumps and burners get another torch puzzle and a really cool room when you place the stars. The Old Monastery / The Ruins (8/9/9/8 45+15 min. 3+3 secrets): Now setting changes completely and you roam a monastery reminiscent of Barkhang after a few rooms in Angkor style. Very smart use here of the good soldiers taking care of the bad SAS - just get out of their way and let them do their work and Lara won't have to deal with enemies herself at all (actually the flybys work very well to show the action). I really liked some of the custom objects used and thought the atmosphere overall was a little better than in the first two parts. There is more target practice a nice movable block puzzle and three tridents to find and use as well as a shaft key and a roof key. On the downside some of the climbing/shimmying got a little tedious and the use of the moving spikewalls did not work out so well. In the last and relatively short part you finally get your jeep to drive away into your next adventure make a few excursions for the secrets and get another shaft key right from under the nose of a dragon at the end. Bottomline another great set of levels even though I was maybe not as excited about as some of the other reviewers this should definitely be on everybody's playlist." - Michael (15-Apr-2003)
"As I played these four levels I was reminded of the original four Tomb Raider games and not just because some of the locations remind me of those games. The author did do a great job of capturing the spirit of some of the earlier levels though my favorite being the one modeled after Barkhang Monastery using the same textures and having allies to help Lara fight off her enemies. Not only do these levels look as good as the original TR games the puzzles are great too with quite a few challenges like the four element puzzles the jumps and climbs past fire traps the breakable tiles and swinging blades the targets to shoot the great traps with walls of spikes the timed doors and rope swings the jumps over slanted blocks the flooding and draining of rooms a jeep ride and then a dragon - a lot to do but nothing that's so difficult that it is annoying. Secrets were also well hidden and great fun to search for. I can't imagine anyone not liking these levels and highly recommend them." - RaiderGirl (10-Apr-2003)
"The sequel of the Eden series is better than the first offering especially in terms of puzzles as Sweet put a lot of effort into them. I especially liked the whole architecture as you can use the rooms fully here nothing looks overloaded or too empty. Textures were well chosen and cleanly applied. The only thing I did not like so much was the last part where Lara is on her way with the Jeep. The textures there were too colourful and not so well set this could have been done better. But not a big deal for my Lara.;-) Now the puzzles: Lara has a lot to do as she needs to find four masks and five golden stars. And it is not easy as some sequences are timed but not too tight. Devious traps are also around and a few jumps. Sounds suited the atmosphere well. Enemies are mutants and SAS. I found 8 secrets not sure how many there were in total. But I had all weapons - the grenade gun near the end. It is quite a mix with many elements from Tombraider 1-4 so a lot is on offer. Sweet you built this with a lot of care please continue building. Can only recommend this one." - Engelchen Lara (02-Apr-2003)
"The sequel is easier than the first part although I got stuck a couple of times simply because I wasn't looking around carefully. Mostly is indoors with the last part being very short with a dragon in the outside and a jeep used only for one slide. That part looked very much like 'King's valley' and also another part of the level had similarities with a level from TR4.The puzzles are not very complicated globes to push and a lot of moving blocks four masks to find and three tridents. Swinging blades are often used and a nice texture for the lava. Lara has to find the above items to complete the levels I found five secrets in total and all golden roses I missed one at the first level and I couldn't open a door but it has nothing to do with proceeding into the game. The third level had many doors and ground to cover plus friendly soldier that helped with the guards so what Lara had to do was to keep going I like it when I don't have to stand and shoot at something all the time. Timed runs and especially timed platforms that raise are often as well. The enemies are guards but mostly big flying insects I think they called dragon flies or something like that. A pleasant level that will give about two hours of fun." - Kristina (31-Mar-2003)
"Having thoroughly enjoyed Mystery of Eden 1 I couldn't wait to play this new level and I wasn't disappointed. Tfhe first thing I want to say in its praise is that even the dark bits aren't too gloomy. I'm tired of levels that require the constant use of flares/binoculars or can only be played in the evening in a darkened room and STILL you walk right past the crowbar! Well actually I did walk right past the crowbar but that was stupidity rather than inadequate light levels - my thanks to Doc who told me where it was just in time to prevent my nervous breakdown. There are four separate parts to this level all with their own flavour. The puzzles are well thought out and the runs and jumps challenging without being too hard which made it just my sort of level. The monastery was very reminiscent of Barkhang and as with the monks there you can let the good guys take care of the villains whilst you just run away and carry on raiding - lovely. I hope this excellent series is set to continue (especially since I still have a southern shaft key in my backpack - oooops). I don't know how many secrets there were. I found 13 and I know I missed at least one. Highly entertaining." - Jay (31-Mar-2003)