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Amazing Tower by Sheevah

eRIC 9 9 10 8
eTux 8 8 10 10
G.Croft 9 9 10 8
Gerty 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 8 8
John 9 9 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 8 7 8
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Loupar 8 9 10 9
MichaelP 9 8 8 9
Moonpooka 10 9 8 9
Obig 9 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 8
RaiderGirl 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Sash 8 7 9 8
Treeble 9 9 9 9
Whistle 8 8 8 8
release date: 03-Jun-2003
# of downloads: 76

average rating: 8.66
review count: 19
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file size: 29.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well the amazing tower didnt start off very amazing to me i must say! with its dark and dreary environment and initial boring exploration trying to figure out where to go and being annoyed by deliberately hidden switches i was not hopeful this was going to be a fun level for me but after finding and opening the first trap room the level completely took off and soared up so high in its fun and engaging gameplay with fantastic and original platforming, trap sequences and puzzles. The highlights for me was the timed run in the library, the mirror puzzle and the crumbling platform/lava death run fantastic! Unfortunately the annoying crows and skeletons were very irritating for me and the dark setting with a lot of repetitive textures wasn't my thing either but the spooky atmosphere was spot on and after the finale with the boss i realized that yes this was one amazing tower indeed!" - John (09-Jun-2022)
"This hit all the right spots when I most needed. The tower in itself doesn't seem quite as big and I think it might only have been 5 stories high, but working your way up to the top (and then eventually carefully back to the bottom, as it's no longer filled with water) was pretty engaging and interesting. The dungeonesque looks add a lot of atmosphere to the level and some of the trap setups were nice. Nothing overly difficult although I don't think I'd ever have spotted any of the jumpswitches or the key in the fountain were it not for the walkthrough. 50 minutes, 4 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (15-Nov-2021)
"There's a huge and rather daunting tower area to explore in this level, with many doors situated on the different levels and each one hides either a different task to perform (some of them very challenging) or some goodies. The spooky, haunted, dark atmosphere is well caught and aided well with some nostalgic TR1 tracks from the good old days. I loved almost every bit of this level, with the varied gameplay including block puzzles, a timed run, rolling boulder puzzle and boss battle, and my only niggle would be that the traps were too tricky to get past sometimes. Otherwise, great fun for experienced raiders." - Ryan (13-Jul-2017)
"Here we have another good level from Sheevah; wel, this time not so good than others I''ve played from this author. This tower is really amazing, but also really hard to survive there. I found that if you don't find the secret shotgun, later you'll have many problems to use the crossbow + sight to shoot items you need. Also the grates can't be shooted from any angle and you can get out of arrows. In the room with three rolling balls you must pull the switches at first attemp, or you'll have to reload; also there's not a camera to show what the switches did and you can go down to the library and get totally disoriented. Looking for hidden switches in big areas was not very funny for me, specially in a too dark level. Even so, the level has good details and design, but better only for expert players (the task with the three breakable tiles was hard) or players with walkthrough." - Jose (29-Feb-2012)
"Here's another older level that could have been released just yesterday. It has a little of everything--a tight timed run, spooky environs, brain-stretching puzzles and imaginative enemies. It's also too dark, notwithstanding the builder's apologetic in the readme file, so I gave myself unlimited flares in order to find my way around and detect hidden crawl spaces and jump switches that I otherwise would never have known were there. It took me nearly an hour and a half to get through, even with the help of Dutchy's walkthrough. Some of the tasks are so daunting that I had to resort to the flycheat, and I would suggest that this level is for experienced players only. Still, it's a good one, and I can recommend it highly." - Phil (04-Oct-2007)
"Not an amazing adventure but certainly very entertaining. Skeletons some of them suddenly jumping in front of you with an eerie laugh crows bats spiders and a ray throwing ghost in the end this is truly the tower of adventure. You start underwater and have to make your way up to the top of the tower before you may finally get back to ground floor and finish the adventure. A couple of traps may give you some work but mostly the level is perfectly playable by skilled and less skilled raiders and even though not intriguing to the point of leaving you stuck for long you still have to be attentive in order to know what to do next. The textures aren't amazing in beauty (I don't think 'beauty' is the point in this level though) but they're all perfectly well built. No flaws and a good gameplay. I advise you to play this one. (August 28 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Sep-2004)
"Normally I hate dark levels but for some reason this wasn't to bad. You really have to look around you to find switches (binoculars a must) and the route to the next level. Good variety of situations with bats spiders and skeletons as enemies (not counting the one at the end you can't kill). The level also has some good variations on old tricks and move combinations. The graphics as you would expect from the title are all castle based but again have variations on the theme. setting a sound atmosphere. Well worth a play." - Whistle (04-Dec-2003)
"All you have to do is get up to the top floor of this castle and then get back down to the bottom again. Sounds easy right? Just remember though that this level comes from the mind of Sheevah - the master at creating those head scratching levels that will have you often wondering what to do next. Combine well hidden jump switches pushable blocks timed doors and great puzzles with skeletons that jump out at you fun warning textures and even better secrets with messages on the walls and you have a good time that will probably last about two hours. A level by Sheevah is always a treat in my book." - RaiderGirl (10-Oct-2003)
"It's a bit dark but an enjoyable level. I only had problems with the very well 'hidden' switches: I had to visit the forum but only a couple of times. I love the final enemy (the same from 'The Legacy' by Norman Scherke) and the whole atmosphere is perfect." - Loupar (05-Aug-2003)
"A well made level sometimes enigmatic. I often wondered what to do next. Many puzzles to solve jump switches to find movable blocks or shooting puzzles all having the author's trademark and well placed enemies: skeletons crows little spiders. Without any walkthrough I find myself stuck sometimes but not for too long. Nevertheless almost two hours of net gaming were necessary to arrive at the last level of the huge tower before going down to fight the final boss and place the two gate keys allowing Lara to grab the golden key and escape this spooky place. The atmosphere and sounds are really good. It is better to adjust the lighting of our PC before playing because it is a bit dark." - eRIC (14-Jul-2003)
"I was thinking what would be the next level of this builder and if she could give us something new. Well we do have a fun level here but in some areas reminded me of Aftermath. The big pool for example and underwater swimming drain the place all that was a set back for me. Nevertheless the quest is interesting with keys you must find and most of the time they are in plain sight but they go so well with the surroundings you might miss them. The mirror room was great although not difficult and I got stuck at the third floor with all those doors. The spiders and skeletons will give the players some trouble. Moving blocks spiked swinging objects and in the end a half skeletons throwing bolts at you. The last items and the end comes. All of the levels of this author are fun and enjoyable. Be sure not to miss any of them." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"This is a great 50 minute adventure in a very well made tower area and though I have some complaints mostly everything works well here - the traps are well placed and offer some challenge just like the enemies which will keep Lara on her toes also the flashing secrets (I found only 1) are funny. I really liked how this was set up and it was fun to get up the tower and then down again and the audio tracks which guided you were placed very well. The main complaint would be that vital things are quite hard to spot - I had to read the walkthrough to find all 3 of the jump switches otherwise I would've quit this adventure as soon as I had started also the crossbow and the bronze key were hard to spot - in this case I'd advise the players to use the binoculars and flares a lot cause usually they are the ones which might hint you of a way further. About the enemies - there was only one point I didn't like their placement so much - when entering the room with the 3 collapsible tiles and shatterable doors a flyby which disables Lara's movement starts - and on the terrace just before entering this room 2 skeletons were raised from the dead as you understand they chased Lara within this room and hacked her during the flyby and made her life worse afterwards too (it's not easy to shoot the doors with some undead hacking you while you do it). Otherwise - no complaints - a great level from Sheevah which all of the players will appreciate." - eTux (26-Jun-2003)
"Although the scene is a bit depressing and dark the level is really delightful. There are many logic and skill puzzles and some of them are a bit nerve-racking mostly the timed runs. The level takes place in a closed quadrangle where you have to get up from floor to floor. Sometimes spiders crows and many times skeletons attack Lara. Due to the closed area only the colours are dull grey. I found 3 secrets for the first time. You know I prefer the outdoor areas but this level is really pleasurable. I recommend it to everybody." - Obig (22-Jun-2003)
"What I found amazing about this hour long level is how anyone could spot the jump switches that melt into the textures of the walls so well that I was thinking Lara should have started this game with a seeing eye dog though it would have probably drowned under the water but that's another story. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the setting with walkways around the circumference of each floor of the single tower you play in although I feel I've seen a similar setting in another level but the name escapes me. You come across some movable blocks mostly for secrets a mirror room with trigger tiles and a necessary but invisible pick up an easy timed run/jump and some target shooting but again the thing that gave me the most trouble was finding a handful of jump switches so if you find yourself stuck crack a flare or get out the binoculars. As this has a very broodingly dark atmosphere with some nice sounds such as Lara's echoing footsteps it was refreshing when I came across the secrets of which I found 3 as they all had comical bright textures giving a little lightness to the level that it needed. I hope Sheevah contemplates a nice bright level next time as I'm thinking of getting a prescription for Prosac if her levels get anymore gloomy!" - Sash (08-Jun-2003)
"You start underwater and you'll have to explore a huge building build around a pool. I should know the tricks Sheevah uses but still she caught me off guard as I had quite a lot of trouble to locate two jump switches as they did blend in very well with the wall and later a bronze key I only spotted by using the binoculars. The secrets in this level are fun to find as well. This is a spooky level and my heart was in my throat when that skeleton jumped with an eerie laugh in front of Lara. Finding all kinds of artifacts like Hands keys and a gem you need to open all the doors. There are some nice block pushing puzzles and some timed runs. The swinging blocks with spikes and pop up spikes over lava were very hard to pass though and the few skeletons will make life much harder for Lara. The crows are a pest not to mention the bats and spiders. The 'Seth' like skeleton was also a pain in the neck as I had to reload quite a few times before Lara could get hold of that last key. All in all the atmosphere was very well done and the gloomy atmosphere made it even more eerie. 05-06-2003" - Gerty (08-Jun-2003)
"There's a wonderfully spooky atmosphere in this level. I loved the warning notices on the wall and when the skeleton with the evil laugh jumped out at me I very nearly screamed. Bats spiders crows and skeletons keep you company as you make your way up the tower. Along your route you get a timed run collapsible tiles over a lava pit some extremely well hidden jump switches a nice target/block puzzle a mirror room and an excellent enemy at the end. Sheevah is a very reliable level builder; you never have to think twice about downloading a new one from her you just know you'll enjoy it. I really liked the way the secrets were done. I found three. 08.06.2003" - Jay (08-Jun-2003)
"Did I expect anything less that pure brilliance from Sheevah? No and I wasn't disappointed either what a wonderful level and one to revisit. Some original ideas and the last enemy was fab! Set in a castle atmosphere where you're making your way up to the top and searching for keys and items you have to seek out some very hard to find levers and negotiate some dodgy traps all of which weren't too hard to manage except the collapsing tile run which took me forever. Enemies of course were skeletons and bats so not too many to deal with. The rooms were lovely and going from the dull grey corridors and scary lava room which I hated into the wonderfully decorated boulder room I found the mixture to be most enjoyable. Having never encountered a bad level from Sheevah I highly recommend this one too." - Moonpooka (08-Jun-2003)
"Here's a lesson - if a level author claims a level to be an easy one then never under no circumstances believe a single word. Amazing Towers is definitely not an easy level although the difficulty lies with a few things hidden in plain sight such as three very hard to spot jump switches a very hard to spot Bronze Key and an easy to overlook crossbow. That aside it IS in fact an easy level with a fairly obvious progression: Up the Tower and then down again to find the exit. And a very entertaining raid it is in believable surroundings with good music and sounds added bats spiders crows and skeletons to bug you four secrets (three of which with a cool wall texture) lava spikes swinging spike things a timed run a mirror room collapsible tiles movable blocks target shooting and a total of four hands and three keys to find. The final enemy is the one we know from Norman's The Legacy but it's still very cool nonetheless (does Norman deserve some credit for this or did actually somebody else create this enemy before he put it into his level - hmm?). My net gaming time was just below one hour but I actually started the level over about half way through so that certainly saved me some time. Fully up to Sheevah's high standards so don't miss it." - Michael (07-Jun-2003)
"Just as we have got used to - another great level from Sheevah! This time the setting is a high tower where you start on the bottom and have to find you way up to the very top. Great surroundings with balconies around each floor and an open space in the middle. Of course there are devious tricks and traps all along the way. The hardest thing was actually to spot the jump levers fully in sight but textured so that is was very hard to see them! Same thing with one key. I looked and looked but couldn't see them anyway until I knew where they were. Anyway a great entertainment for an hour and a half!" - G.Croft (07-Jun-2003)