NOTES and Comments

The Beheaded Mountain

The Lost Monastery

There are two torches in the level. Do not throw the torch in front of traps or crawl spaces.

Due to limitations imposed by this year's texture set, and to ensure technical stability, scrolling triangular surfaces of water do not animate, and some pools of water are intentionally stagnant.

The Dharma Jewel

4 secrets can be found in the main part of the level. In order to find the 5th, you must break 10 vases scattered around the level and then access another area. Key "y" for number broken vases. Standby after 8s

Shigatse Stone

A Debt in Tibet

Save the Cintamani

Once it is used, the torch will extinguish itself when dropped.

Press Jump at the end of a monkeyswing to grab the wall above.

Nest of the Souls

Random flames: the torch flame disappears when Lara leaves them on the ground and this flame appears at random points of the level.
For some players bugs with the moving blades may still occur even though the level has triggers to save the blades position.

A Matter of Life and Death

Turning bilinear filtering ON in the setup is recommended (press Ctrl right after starting tomb4.exe)
Crashes may occur if you fall into the water whilst riding the snowmobile.
The wraith/spirit may or may not end up following you, but not to worry, it can still be lured to where it should be.

Big Trouble in Little Tibet

Found weapons are no secrets, you just hear a nice chime when picking them up.

Beyond the Caves of Nyalam

Don't save in the "Brain dungeon". If you fail to solve the puzzle, reload the game.

After finishing the "Willpower dungeon", you have to select the weapon from the inventory once to make "draw weapons" button work again.

You have to turn off volumetric fx.

There are three difficulty levels that you can choose between in the prologue. It only affects the number of enemies and pickups.

Manjushri's Sword

Dolma's Fortress

The Forgotten Sealed Masks

If the game freezes instead of showing a text, press ESC and that should fix it

The Holy Shell

In this level you can turn on and off a reusable infinite Glowstick. Same keys as regular flares.

This level is hard, long, big, non-linear, and it has limited ammo for pistols. There won't be many pickups, so save your bullets and health.

Although 1 secret is listed, you'll need 21 bracelets to unlock it. They're "soft" secrets, without a dedicated place for them, just put in the map

This level has 2 finals. One permits you to get the last bracelet and then to unlock the secret area.

Known bug: in the house where enemies come from, the fire should be on by default, but for a few of players it happened to be turned off. The fire will work anyway for the torch, because it appears to be only an unknown rendering issue even if the element is active.

Garden of the Four Seasons

This level has two alternate endings. A choice you make will determine the outcome. You will be informed when this choice must be made.

Known Issues:
- The water scrolling textures and splashing water bugs cannot be fixed!
- The garden guardian sometimes does strange animations
- Lara occasionally does odd movements with her leg or her hair flickers
- If an invisible collision box remains once a door or lowering block is open, try saving and reloading
- Occasionally towards the end of the game Lara refuses to use the laser sight and the explosive ammo no longer works. This will not prevent players from completing the game.
- Enemies will sometimes run into walls, this a TR4 AI bug, and cannot be fixed.
- The rolling blades sometimes glitch when you save and reload.

- Finally, all efforts and optimizations were made to try and ensure that lag was minimized. However, due to the large areas, some players with lower end systems may experience some lag.

Beyond the Sky