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TR Rude and Crude


release date: 28-May-2007
difficulty: easy
duration: short

average rating: 8.31
review count: 31
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file size: 42.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

This is a humorous look at the weird and wonderful workings of the staff and members of Lara's Home. Join Lara as she infiltrates the Cyber Headquarters of the Lara's Home Forum. Explore these strange surroundings - a place where they say 'pigs will fly' and that is infested with cockroaches - BIG cockroaches. Wander through the Forum as you are pestered by Magnus. Visit Jackie's unusual Vegetable Patch, and go Puddle Dancing with Kris. Ride the infamous 'Purple Pal'! Dance to the Badger song! Snoop around the staff offices gathering wacky objects of interest that reveal secrets about their personalities. Go behind the scenes, as you sneek through the chat room, the beta-testing forum, the torture room, and Elvis's secret laboratory. Or just hang-out at the G-spot Bar and sip on a few glasses of Chardonnay and stuff ya face with chocolates. Come face to face with 'the Tombinator' as you search for Bex's three album covers, so you can access her recording studio. Discover Lara's secret fetish - the real reason she has come to Lara's Home.