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TR Rude and Crude by EssGee

Bedazzled 10 10 10 10
bERT 3 3 3 3
Ceamonks890 6 8 7 8
DJ Full 10 9 10 9
drguycrain 8 9 8 9
Gerty 6 10 8 7
High Priestess 8 8 10 9
Jay 8 10 9 9
Jenni 9 9 8 8
John 5 7 7 8
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Jose 7 9 8 8
Kitkat 8 10 9 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Magnus 5 7 9 6
manarch2 7 10 9 9
Mehrbod 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 6 10 8 7
Mortensmor 8 10 9 6
mugs 10 10 10 10
OblivionJaw 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 8 10 10 8
rtrger 8 10 10 10
Ryan 7 9 8 8
sonnyd83 10 10 10 10
Spike 9 10 10 9
Torry 8 10 10 10
Treeble 8 10 10 10
TrueRaider 8 8 8 8
release date: 28-May-2007
# of downloads: 145

average rating: 8.31
review count: 31
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file size: 42.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's one of the best joke levels ever made in TRLE, no pun intended. There is a good quality made in the mini-levels and with the main level it offers nice enough gameplay which ultimately feels a little stale after a while. It's an great joke level and everyone should play it if they dig this vibe." - OblivionJaw (05-Dec-2023)
"The level can be enjoyable for an outsider (even when some inside jokes inevitably go right over one's head). The gameplay is fairly simple: push a block, pull a lever, step on a specific tile, so everything flows smoothly (though frankly speaking, at first I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with the revolver). There is some backtracking, but you're provided with a vehicle (an extraordinary one at that!), so it isn't very tedious. The ally that you meet on your way is even more extraordinary and I love how he curses at cockroaches while shooting them. What a badass. The visuals are okay, though the objects are more interesting than the rooms. Make sure to check the extra cutscenes, the Anubis one really cracked me up (honestly, who can't relate?)." - Mortensmor (15-Nov-2022)
"Ah, can you really blame poor Scott for his naughty behaviour with these short levels? The level of education in his days were not up to todays standards in Australia, lol. Well, at least he does warn you for the 'adult' content (a lot of middle fingers used here people). For most of you not so regular visitors of the forum, many if not all jokes in this huge collection of very short joke levels are related to forum members and make references to what happened on the forum those days more than 10 years ago. I had to laugh a few times and that's what joke levels are about. And was it entended like that? There's even a Monty Python reference I guess, not with a 16 ton weight falling on you but one huuuuuuuge foot falling down on you if you are not quick enough to escape from it. Short and 'joky', that's all that counts. Scott always delivers what he promises." - bERT (01-Oct-2022)
"Well the title says it all! it is rude, it is crude but it also quite funny and amusing a lot of the time especially when it comes to the objects and the visuals. The gameplay takes place all in indoor areas and labs and was much more unoriginal unfortunately because apart from a couple of traps and pushable tasks its mainly search, find or combine and use items and keys to progress to new areas to do the same again so quite dull. The vehicle was funny and cool to use but only optional unfortunately as I was hoping it would be needed for progression in order to add more variety to the level but both the music and audio is very well done and the brightly coloured textures and lighting was just up my street so made a pleasant area in to explore in." - John (18-Mar-2022)
"One of the good joke levels ever released on TRLE.NET. In my opinion, the beginning of the adventure started going uphill, but as you moved along, it started to get a bit boring, because it forces the player to desperately look for keycards, switches and etc. Overall, it is worth playing! Thanks." - Mehrbod (13-Sep-2019)
"Firstly, I had not realized that Scott had released this level for public consumption. Originally it was to be for the members of the now defunct Lara's Home forum due to the "naughty" nature of the level. Having said that I enjoyed replaying it after 10 some years. This is purely for fun and was making jokes about our member idiosyncrasies, some of whom I cannot even remember anymore *sigh*. To put some light on all this Bex was and still is a talented musician, hence the three CD's you carry all of which she wrote and composed. Lucas was a Laraholic (and probably still is), Torry had a penchant for superheroines and still smokes to this day. Litepulser (whatever happened to her? ) was adept at making Lara skins for the editor (of which I still have a few), Magnus appeared everywhere you went online hence him popping up all over the place in the level. The lighthouses you moved at the start of the level were for Cheryl as she loved lighthouses. The music you hear playing for most of the level is by "Sad Planet" entitled "I Love Lara Croft"." - Torry (24-Mar-2018)
"As a joke level, this performs better than most out there, although I didn't quite grasp most of the in-jokes as they were more geared towards Lara's Home members and this meant that I didn't get as much out of this as others. Make no mistake, this is quite well constructed, the custom objects are used very well, cutscenes are well executed and the reference that I did get did make me chuckle a bit. The environments are decent within the relatively confined class of this level (you don't really load joke levels up for their breathtaking vistas), although gameplay really just boils down to locating many key cards and switches, plus retracing your routes either on foot or with the accompanying Purple Pal vehicle, so nothing extraordinary on that score. Try it out anyway, it's good for a bit of whimsy if you can grasp the concept." - Ryan (21-Mar-2018)
"I remember I played this level back in 2007 and the good thing is I didn't remember any of it, so I guess I'm good to go for the review now I somehow didn't write back then. It's graphically well built and not only fun but also imbued with several cool puzzles (and unexpected situations) within. I loved the Schwarzeneger type, the bugs as in actual bugs and the pit where banned members sadly end. I thought the only reason why it may have aged less well is that it's based on inside jokes that sometimes relate to people that newer members have never heard of. If you leave that aside, it's a pretty good level in its own class and therefore recommended." - Jorge22 (26-Feb-2017)
"A fairly easy level with the only enemies being roaches (there is one guard but he is friendly - shame then that I ran him over with my giant purple "interesting object" of transportation). It has some risque signs and switches but nothing that anyone would find too crass given the content of a lot of video games out there. You'll need to use the provided transportation in order to progress quicker as there is a degree of to-ing and fro-ing to pull switches or collect required items. But save in a safe spot or before mountaing/dismounting as the transportation can get stuck and I didn't manage to find a way of reversing it. There were several original elements to the game and I was running down a long corridor at one point to the sounds of Arnie quoting lines from The Terminator which I found amusing. About an hour of gameplay for me but I took my time exploring." - High Priestess (17-Oct-2016)
"I played this one way back then but as I see I didn't write a review. No harm done as it still is quite funny. Some of the jokes will not hit home as there are a lot of inside ones, but even then there is enough weird stuff going on that will put at least a smile on your face. As gameplay goes there is not much to do apart from picking up objects and flipping a lever here and there. Do look at all the extra's, well worth it. I like Scott's humor." - Gerty (21-Feb-2016)
"While the gameplay on offer here(within the main attraction map titled Pleasure Palace), is incredibly basic and doesn't really require a lot of thought to figure out, the delightfully twisted nature of it all, more than makes up for this lacking quality(with a decent atmosphere, some good lighting/texturing and appropriate enemy/object utilization helping to complement the general surroundings you end up exploring and/or watching, during the combined hour or so you'll more than likely spend here as a whole.) And despite a fair amount of the crass humor admittedly going over my head, there were definitely a lot more hits than misses I found, while sitting back and watching the madness unfold. So even if the website this levelset is inspired from, no longer exists in this day and age, you will find yourself having a fun time regardless. Recommended, unless you just so happen to be one of those civilised individuals who don't find fart or sex jokes absolutely hilarious in the slightest. But even then, who doesn't enjoy a bit of immaturity on the side, am I right?" - Ceamonks890 (26-Oct-2015)
"Pure insanity. If I had words to describe things involved, possibly half of them would be dirty, plus whatever I mention will be a spoiler, for every single object has been customized here - but let's give some anyway. We clean cockroach mess on the corridors and make chemical one in the kitchen, so we can achieve some balance: it never should be totally clean, should it? We progress linearly and backtrack a lot, but our helpful vehicle balances that, quickly carrying us to all destinations we're prompted to reach, and those involve depictions of all forum sections, what is possibly the reason why we almost don't do climbing and only explore the place horizontally: because a web forum should be easy to browse. And, as it applies to all forums, the content we unlock varies from childish to mature, but, regardless from adult themes we can spot here, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game to children as well, for if someone is too young for such kind of humor, it will simply remain unnoticed by him/her. SUMMARY: Just the lighting could be more lively contrasting and more justified, while the rest is flawless and - using rude and crude language - fun as hell. I loved that." - DJ Full (01-Apr-2013)
"So this is what Mr. Gee gets up to whilst we're not looking? Ok, so here we have a multitude of sins, all packaged in a nice TR shaped box. Lara's home - pushable units, giant feet, and vegetable shaped spikes, flying pigs, giant beetles and much more, to contend with Lara in a bex - I get the joke Review this - baby leaving a present for you.... Meaningless polls - vote no and things will end badly (for you) Booby traps - breasts, but not as we no them Bad day at the office - Lara using some very un-lady like language Naughty Pierre - offensive graphiti left by our favourite TR character, Pierre Pointless post - you guessed it, a pointless post Lara really in a box - Lara trapped forever, in a box Avatar schmavatar - don't get that one, sorry Goat story - goat getting maltreated, Bend it like dave the banana - some bouncing fruit, well, I guess very bruised fruit now... Matt's knob - not what you think (or I thought) The dental drill of anubis - a mad dentist Ben Hur (extended version) - only to be entered if one is incredibly dull or incredibly old, or both The life and times of Torry and Cher - for all you drama queens out there... The art of been-flick - wow, I could watch that bean all day Newbs who can't say please - moving right on... F-art school - winston, beans, what an explosive combination..." - sonnyd83 (17-Dec-2012)
"A installment of one bigger one and around 15 mini levels. The main level, "Pleasure Palace", had a very entertaining start - you have to solve three easy puzzles to open all the doors. Very funny object use, the enemies like the flying pigs and the beetles were hilarious (but the Oink-Oink. Oink-Oooink was enerving quite after some time). I notice this is a parody on some of the Lara's Home members, but since I don't know this site I maybe couldn't fully enjoy this level. After the start the player has to find a bunch of items in funny thematic offices and some little rooms. The terminator, the "Banned"-area, the chatroom and the extra features like several cutscenes were fantastic. I agree this level mainly consists of long corridors but since you can use the Purple Pig nearly everywhere this was no problem.
Two advices for the future player: 1. Use the Purple Pig to go everywhere - long backtracks aren't that boring anymore. ...and... 2. watch all the other levels that mainly were videos! They were even more funny than the Pleasure Palace itself - like Lara really in a Box, the poll minilevel or the Goat cutscene.
All in all I spent 35 fun minutes in the Palace level, excluding the other levels. These levels exspecially convince with a brilliant object usage, so they're highly recommended!" - manarch2 (01-Jul-2011)
"Ok, I didn't understand some of the jokes in Pleasure Palace, (and as I was reading the reviews, I realised that these jokes for the community of Lara's Home) but the levels are made me laugh a lot. It's funny, it's kinky, it's a big nonsense...and that's why it's so good. Everyone gone mad in Lara's world, I guess. Recommended.:D" - rtrger (19-Dec-2009)
"Despite having been there since day one, basically, and having seen the concept of this level begin and even betatesting it, for some reason I had not review it until today. Playing through it again was such a blast, many happy memories of times that are now long gone, which is also the one problem with this level - if you weren't part of it, this level might make little or no sense at all for you. Still, it's probably the most elaborate joke level there will ever be. In addition to the main level, which while it's not revolutionary serves its purpose well (and now I get the 'Get Smart' reference, something I didn't understand at the time), you also have a dozen or so micro levels about common themes at the time - grinding goats and literal booby traps included. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you were there. Also, my ratings are a tad higher than they were going to be if this was meant to be a serious raid, but as it isn't, I think it's only fit that they reflect how pleasing this actually was to me. 30 minutes. 07/09" - Treeble (27-Jul-2009)
"With Lara's Home closing its doors after nearly five years, now seemed like the perfect time to play this level (and by 'now', I mean early November 2008 when I played this level, and not the actual now, which would be mid-March 2009). The level is a celebration of all things Lara's Home. There are jokes about the most prominent members (I got my own room! Score!) and it all basically plays as one big inside joke. If you've read my comic strips you might get a kick out of the times they pop up; if you know what Jackie used to do with vegetables you'll get a kick out of his vegetable patch; and if you know how much Cheryl and Torry like smoking you'll get a kick out of finding a cigarette in their room. It's all wonderfully self-referential and it took me back to 2005 or so, when the forum was in its prime (which is weird, because the level was released in 2007). I had a big smile on my face almost the entire time.
But being an inside joke, it's funny for the people who are in on it... and not nearly as funny for the people who aren't. Even I, with my 42,934 posts, had problems figuring out who the different moderator rooms belonged to, so I can't help but wonder how enjoyable the level would be for people who haven't had any contact with the forum. Sure, there is some low-brow humour that doesn't really have anything to do with the forum specifically and the entire level is happy and colourful, but that's still just scratching the surface of what's really there.
Because what makes the level is the humour. Considering that this is essentially a joke level, the gameplay isn't half bad. But that's not saying much. The puzzles are all laughably easy and traps are non-existent. Gameplay mainly consists of moving from room to room in order to find objects or levers that give you access to other rooms. Likewise, while there are some cool custom objects, a lot of them have a rough look to them, and the texturing isn't all that great.
In the end, it'd be silly to expect this level to be more than it is. It's a level for the already initiated - everyone else, beware. You want to play this level, fine - but don't expect to understand what makes it so much fun. It's got layers! For those of us who were there, playing this level is basically saying, "I survived Lara's Home and all I got was this sort-of-okayish level"." - Magnus (18-Mar-2009)
"With Lara's Home recently closed down for good I decided to play this. Brought back a lot of funny memories, especially with the Pleasure Palace level but I actually liked the general piss taking of parts of Tomb Raider and the community just as much. I just wish there were more parodies of Tomb Raider cutscenes with Lara swearing. Definitely the best of the joke levels but obviously somewhat dated now. But I reckon I'm the last person out of everyone who's played this so that doesn't really matter." - TrueRaider (07-Dec-2008)
"I really enjoyed this as it's completely innovative - a nice change from the usual raiding adventure. New enemies and objects and interesting challenges. Fabulous guest appearance by The Terminator, but unfortunately he was never any match for my vibrator (often running in to it himself when stationary). However, he was certainly handy helping Lara to blast away at flying pigs using his big gun and one-liners. Fabulous stuff, looking forward to more crazy adventures :)" - Jenni (22-Dec-2007)
"Lara explores a very colorful world with some adult themes (i strongly recommend you don't let your kiddos watch while you play). The music is great. There are dancefloors and flying pigs (i loved the oink-oink sound!) and giant roaches and a terminator who drops Arnold's lines left and right and helps you kill off the annoying bad guys. This wasn't a joke level to me in the sense that i necessary laughed out loud at any point, but just that it is light-hearted and fun the entire way through. Tips: once you find the purple pal vehicle, save often. i got that thing stuck a dozen times due to there being no reverse that i could find. i started driving all the way to big rooms to make for easy turn arounds instead of attempting a u-turn in tight corridors. Also, remember the way back!--you have to backtrack a great distance a couple times." - drguycrain (26-Nov-2007)
"A very colourful and psychedelic level, full of new objects and textures with a lot of work behind. Though there are not difficult tasks, it's not easy to finish 'cause there are a lot of new objects which are not very obvious where to use them (at least for people not member of the team), and sometimes there are not cameras to help you when you do something. I had to go back many times through the long corridors, but at least there's a vehicle to help you. A level to laugh and get some fun." - Jose (17-Jul-2007)
"First of all, it was really hard to rate these levels (well actually only one is really playable hehe) as a joke level it deserves a full score. Also for enemies, objects, sound and the creativity of coming up with all this stuff! Also for implementing all this into tr. Amazing stuff which shows what EssGee is capable of!! When it comes to gameplay and puzzles it has its great moments. Especially when we get to see how Bex gets her green hair in the end and all the cool puzzle items :):) The atmosphere is fantastic and suits the level perfect. When it comes to lighting and textures I was not that impressed. On the other hand this is not supposed to be a fantastic looking cave with tons of lighting etc. It suits the purpose of the idea of the level! Not much more to say that other reviewers have not already said really...a fantastic idea and even if I did not get all the jokes, it was enough for me to laugh almost all the time. Especially when I tried all the other "levels" Way to go, EssGee!" - QRS (13-Jul-2007)
"Although I didn't get half the jokes it didn't stop me enjoying this unique package. Only the first level is playable. Lara infiltrates 'Lara's Home' forum to see what they get up to over there. As I mentioned there are lots of "in" jokes, but there is lots of gameplay and puzzles too. All interestingly themed and I have no idea how long it took Scott to make all those custom items {the banana guns are my favourite} but they added to the overall enjoyment of the level immeasurably. This isn't a linear level there is lots of to-ing and fro-ing but you are kept so occupied and entertained you hardly notice, plus Lara has a, er..., "vehicle" on which to ride, so that cuts out a lot of running about. It isn't a difficult level, but it and the other non-playable levels in the package are "adult themed" and as such aren't recommended for children. But if it is after the watershed and you fancy a laugh as well as a raid this is the choice for you." - Kitkat (02-Jul-2007)
"Alright, it IS a huge hommage to Lara's Home Forums and their main resident members, but I guess it shows how much out of touch I am with the community that it did not work all that well for me in playing through the 45 minutes of actually rather tedious to and fro. Now, make no mistake, as we would expect from Scott the objects and small touches are quite ingenious and there is no way you can get through this adventure without a few laughs along the way. The enemies are funny and cool (cockroaches and flying pigs), the purple pal is hilarious, as is the badger song and the helpful Terminator. But behind all this what remains is long pink corridors and collection of keys and cards. A must play for any Lara's Home member and provides an ecclectic adventure that will elude at least a few chuckles from everybody else." - MichaelP (02-Jul-2007)
"Undoubtedly the best Joke level I have ever played! As a member of Lara's Home forums myself, I recognised many of the in-jokes, and it certainly provided me with some of the best laughs I have had in ages! Badgers, cucumbers, 'interestingly' shaped levers, the Purple Pal and the opportunity to dress up as Bex herself all combined to make something unforgettable. I felt that there was a little too much backtracking for my taste, but the wonderful setting didn't put me off one bit. Perfectly smutty, brilliant background audio, and a bunch of other funny snippets alongside the main level itself mean that this is one of the best levels of the year in my opinion. Great job!" - Spike (01-Jul-2007)
"Of all the Joke levels out there this was definately the funniest,although some were probably too obscure for non LarasHome members. There's only one level which actually contains Gameplay,and that's padded out way too much with backtracking (without or without the Purple Pal). It reminded me somewhat of those zany Japanese 80s video games I played in my youth (Rainbow Islands et al)where bizarre comical creations pop up here and there and need to be dealt with (or puzzled over),replete with copious amounts of bright primary colours and accompanying cheesy synth music. The other levels were all 'one joke' offerings,some not as funny as others;but all (including the playable game) were created with immense care and an endearing sense of the absurd.Not for everyone (purists will shake their heads and wince) but its amiable stuff and (despite the title) quite harmless." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2007)
"This is properly classified as a joke level, and an inside joke at that. As I have only a passing familiarity with Lara's Home, many of the referents simply went over my head. I certainly didn't spend all my time rolling on the floor laughing, as other reviewers apparently did. I therefore feel constrained to review the level just as I'd review any other level, using the four categories to quantify gameplay, lighting, etc. From this standpoint we have a good, solid level (Pleasure Palace) that lasts about an hour. Nothing flashy or even particularly new here, although there are some clever touches a la Richard Lawther and Staticon. The enemies are flying pigs, which Lara is obliged to expend her own ammunition on, and giant cockroaches that are dealt with by a friendly Terminator who mouths all the usual phrases as he blasts them away. Most of the gameplay consists of navigating different rooms, some of an esoteric nature that are geared to well-known figures in the raiding community. It's fortunate that EssGee refrained from lampooning one of the builders over here at, as judging from my recent unfortunate experience with her thin skin she would likely have been sent into cardiac arrest. Despite the disclaimer at the beginning, I saw nothing here that would make mothers cover their younguns' eyes. Maybe a naughty reference here and there, but certainly nothing scandalous. And I saw little point to the additional cut scenes that you could "play" as individual "levels" of a half minute or so each, although the ones of Winston and the squashed goat were rather cute. The lighting, by the way, is bright and wonderful. Recommended for a nice change of pace." - Phil (20-Jun-2007)
"This level is brilliant!!! I don't think I stopped laughing all the time I was playing it,I know my sides were certainly aching by the time the level ended. It's not suitable for the younger players due to some of the objects & themes of some rooms. The purple pal which I just had to ride LOL & the pain & pleasure rooms spring to mind. The flying pigs are great and the badger dance is a good laugh. The puzzles are never to hard and you can't really get stuck anywhere. The Terminator taking care of the cockroaches for you was a nice touch. And it goes without saying that I had to watch the video in the theatre,as a member of Lara's Home forum it was fun to see how Scott portrayed it & it's members. Well done Scott." - Bedazzled (16-Jun-2007)
"The first part 'Pleasure Palace' is the only playable part in this unique and strange game. It features Lara's Home forum and cockroaches but to understand the relevance you must have followed Lara's Home since it started as a forum. In this part you will encounter flying wild boars that look absolutely silly and are a big laugh, the chat, torture, lab, computer and many other rooms. Don't be surprised when you see bananas while Lara is shooting with her pistols because after all the whole game is crazy. You need to find three CDs and a few swipe cards or keys to enter new areas. Lucas' Lara and Magnus' comic are a treat. There is help as well by guys that look like the terminator so you better not kill the guy(s) once you meet them. The game will end once you place the lettuce and you see Lara dressed in green like Bex' avatar. It lasted about an hour. The 'Review this' part is hilarious and probably is the builder's opinion of our reviews to come lol. The 'Meaningless Poles' part is humorous again and is aiming at the many poles we get on forums from time to time with uninteresting questions. If you press 'No' you will get stamped on I guess. The 'Booby Trap' is a trap with what the title indicates lol so please take the builder's word when he wrote that this game has adult content. The 'Tough Day at the Office' part in a karnak setting, is where Miss Croft will show us her royal upbringing with some polite phrases, probably got her period that day. The 'Naughty Pierre' part was one I didn't get actually but it was the first time I saw Midas hand used that way. The 'Pointless Post' part is... well what else, a pointless part. The 'Lara in a Box' part has poor Lara in denial and I am not saying another word, just load it up and see. In the 'Avatar' part we have Magnus's 'trademark' as far as forums are concerned. The 'Goat Story' is an inside joke of Lara's Home forum so is 'Bend it like Dave the banana', 'Matt's Knob'. 'The Art of Bean-Flick', 'More controversial level titles' are parts I didn't get and as for 'The Dental Drill of Anubis' DO NOT watch this if you have a fear of dentists, you'll probably going to faint. I guess the 'Ben Hur' is to indicate this is going to be very long and trust me it will. There is also a part that is dedicated to Torry and Cher but if you have not followed their online 'life' you won't get it, same goes of course for some other parts. The 'News who can't say please' is something that newbies must think about and last but not least we have the 'F-art school' starring Winston for obvious reasons. This whole game is a good idea but it's not for all and it's not the usual playable TR game so not everyone will enjoy it. Nevertheless players could try it out to have a laugh." - Kristina (04-Jun-2007)
"This is a real pick me up - it's funny, smutty, inventive and extremely playable. Scott really is our only builder who can make a joke level that actually is amusing (if you haven't played the excellent bERT's World, do yourself a favour and download that as well). Admittedly, you won't get some of the in jokes if you're not a member of Lara's Home (one or two went right over my head at about the same height as the fabulous flying pigs), but that really doesn't matter as the quirkiness of it all should appeal to most people. The gameplay isn't at all difficult, but the unusual nature of the objects gives it a delightfully fresh twist so you may not be immediately aware of just what to do with some of the eccentric stuff you pick up. The bonus material is also a good laugh and really the whole thing is an absolute must-play. Oh, and I really think Lara should be firing bananas from her pistols on a permanent basis." - Jay (04-Jun-2007)
"I loved it ! The campy premise for this game shows us that there are still new heights to be reached in the world of TR. Yes, there is some material that might be considered inappropriate for our younger members. But Scott gets high marks from me for the imagination that went into this game and the brilliant introduction of the Terminator, the roaches, flying piggies, and other interesting devices. LOL ! I know that there were a host of people involved in the creation of these objects and you are all to be applauded. I loved exploring the offices and other rooms. As a novice builder, it is my fervent wish that these fabulous objects will find their way to our "resource warehouses". They're just too good to not be used again !! Please. PLease. This is a bawdy, fun romp and I recommend it whole-heartedly ! And, p.s.: man, that's quite a set-up Bex has over there. Hey Tinkly and QR - you listening ?" - Mugs (30-May-2007)