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Underworld UB1 - Recruiting Demon Smalls by Richard Lawther

afzalmiah 10 10 10 10
Aims 10 9 10 10
Avmaster 10 10 10 10
Bene 10 10 10 10
bERT 10 10 10 10
Blue43 10 10 10 10
Bogey 10 10 10 9
Calou 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 9
Capt. Abbey 10 10 10 10
CC 10 10 10 9
Celli 10 9 10 9
Cool 10 10 10 10
Cruzader 10 10 9 10
dantheraider 10 10 10 10
Deekman 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 10
G.Croft 10 9 10 10
Gerty 10 10 10 10
gfd 10 9 10 10
Gill 8 8 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jeocan 9 9 10 10
Jez 10 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 7 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
jtrim 9 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Kristina 9 10 10 10
Leisa 10 10 10 10
Lizard Queen 10 10 10 10
manarch2 10 10 10 9
Mezcal 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 10 10 10 9
MigMarado 9 10 10 9
Mman 10 10 10 9
Moonliteshadow 10 9 10 10
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
MrJavi94 10 10 10 10
Mytly 10 10 10 9
Nuri 10 10 10 10
Obig 10 9 10 10
Orbit Dream 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
rtrger 10 10 10 9
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Sash 9 10 10 9
Scottie 10 10 10 9
Selene 10 10 10 10
TombRaiderFan 10 10 10 10
totizedger 10 10 10 9
Treeble 10 10 10 10
Ward Dragon 10 10 10 10
Whistle 10 8 10 10
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
Yoav 10 9 10 10
release date: 27-Apr-2004
# of downloads: 281

average rating: 9.85
review count: 62
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file size: 58.35 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I loved this story! Fantastic level with a lot to explore and very clever puzzles. Some aspects are pure genius. The animations are very beautiful and portray very well the sequence of events, many of which are fun. I liked the atmosphere and originality. Take me almost 2 hours and found 2 secrets. Highly recommended!! (39/40)" - CalrOsario (28-Dec-2022)
"Did I really endure all this stress, time and effort to see a little man with a bladder problem pee into a little pot? I cursed a lot, I wished that Mister Lawther would burn in hell for eternity and drank more Coca Cola Zero than my stomac could bare for me to be able to finish this game. Then I remembered I called dear Mister Lawther my favourite builder more than 15 years ago... Well it's all there again what made him great: real thinkers of puzzles, concept building at its best, thorough hidden secrets (found only 2), great humour. I'm not sure though whether all the irregular tricks you have to go through, irregular as in 'this is not what we're accustomed with in TR world', are possible for everyone. I mean, in the end I have to admit that I should have found the way to 'release' the apple but I just did it by sheer luck. The same with the puzzle with the little guy portrayed in 4 pictures. One thing I would NEVER have found out without the walkthrough is the room where you have to jump over 4... (a bit of a spoiler). I don't think we had such an instance in the regular TR games so that may have been too far stretched to find out by yourself? Maybe not, maybe there was a hint that I didn't see? Anyway, again I can't deduct points just for that. This is once again a must play game by The Master of Concept Building making this game end with an ensemble of skeletons playing the beautiful TR theme tune." - bERT (17-Dec-2022)
"After having played some newer levels, I felt compelled to come back to a tried and true level series just to remember why I loved TRLE’s so much. I decided to replay the UUB series (in sequence this time). I was also curious to see if they still hold up after all these years. Since the walkthrough is missing crucial screenshots, I’ve also included tips here. What I liked about the level: 1) No lagging, no bugs, no crashing… everything works perfectly on my lesser CPU Win10 PC. 2) TIP for Secret#1: The starting point is the platform with the zipline and the angle for the 1st running jump over the slope is north/east. The jump (though tricky), is fairly repeatable if you press both UP +RIGHT ARROW together when taking the running jump. 3) TIP: In the double water level room, land onto the 1st platform then wait for the water to flood and propel Lara up to the top then pull up onto the 2nd platform. 4) TIP: Another way to get down the multi-ledges room to the floor lever is to run diagonally off the top ledge and land on the lower ledge. Conclusion: Did my replay remind me of why I loved TRLE’s so much?... the answer is YES. Does the level hold up after all these years?… YES. Mission accomplished." - Lizard Queen (24-Feb-2022)
"At the time I'm writing this, this is one of the Top 20 most reviewed levels on the site at a healthy 58 reviews (well, 59 now), and I doubt I could add anything of substance that hasn't already been covered in the lenghty comments below. Yet, for what it's worth, I'll just repeat myself and say that a Lawther is a bit of an acquired taste, but this one felt a lot more "grounded" as it were as it doesn't rely anymore on subspace or technological environments. Sure, you have floating platforms and what have you in these demonic outlands, but it truly is a marvelous place. Gameplay is fun and fluid (I decided to stick to the walkthrough once I read it's a large and non-linear level), and this might have the best pushable puzzle ever. I loved the audio selection for both levels as well. All in all, this is brilliant from beginning to end and filled to the brim with nice touches, so don't miss out. 55 minutes, 5 secrets. 06/21" - Treeble (20-Jun-2021)
"A very unique level, that is a little bit off-putting at the beginning, but grabs you with its storyline and mystique. I felt at times the gameplay lacked hints and became a bit unfair. The textures on the outside area were also a bit drab and uninspired in spots. Otherwise, what an incredible level! Lots of interesting new things to do and look at, not too big and messy, just quaint and appealing. Gameplay is usually easy to moderate, but you do have to think out of the box a lot, so it's probably best for experienced players. Incredible job, Richard! Thank you." - MigMarado (15-May-2021)
"This little level had some really intresting puzzles and has a creepy vibe to it. The puzzles in this were very well though out. I would have liked to see some more enemies but other than that Richard Lawther is a great level designer. 37/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (03-Jan-2021)
"What a tetralogy! Started playing this game in June 2018 but actually must have started playing this game in 2020 (as I can see by the savegames date). This is the first of the 4 games, and to be totally honest is also my least favourite, probably for not the amount of cutscenes and stuff that of course the advancing of expertise in Richard brought us (and later on the collaboration of Bjorkraider), but I actually I think it was for the "Galleria Demonica" of Demon smalls, that place is some sort of labyrinth and got stuck several times unaware of what I was supposed to do *sigh* but still for the amount of awesomeness that the whole game has I can't really give less than 10 regardless on gameplay, there are gameplay ideas that are so revolutionary, SO much that I would be making a very bad mistake by giving fewer than 10 in that category.
Objects are awesome too, most of them are custom and are at the times bizarre, but the amount of custom content for such an early custom level is very, very impressive.
The atmosphere is top notch, especially thanks to the background track choices that really blend perfectly with the feeling of the game in my own opinion.
While not being as impressive as later chapters of this game, the lighting and texturing is pretty, pretty good. Actually, I have to be honest and say that I did not really like the look of the outside area as it game me repetitive vibes, but "Galleria Demonica" instead was surprisingly impressive looking and does keep for me the 10 in this category too.
In conclusion this is one of the most important and impressive piece in the TRLE fandom, as it probably was and still kinda is for me one of the most impressively customized old levels, a kind of vibe that nowadays levels cannot ever reach. If you consider yourself a true player and you want to challenge yourself this is quintessential. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (04-Oct-2020)
"A really good start to the Underworld series and a nice continuation of "The Lizard King". This level, split into 2 areas separated by loading screens, starts off with some challenging yet creative platforming and then proceeds to throw various puzzling tasks where you will have to explore and use your wits in order to advance to your final goal which is to get to the musical band and help it start singing again because of plot reasons (I'm not sarcastic here :P ). Just like with "The Lizard King", the puzzles are imaginative and exploration feels mysterious thanks to the amazing atmosphere and environments. What I could criticise about this level are honestly nitpicks, such as when you first get to the anti-gravitation room, the doors close however once you put the statue in the right place and it lights up the doors open however there is no camera shot to show you this so you might remain in the room thinking that you have to solve a puzzle in that room in order to get out when in fact you have to leave once the exit doors are open. Now, about the good stuff, I have already mentioned the creative puzzles but there are also some other subtle highlights about this level which builders should really learn from this, for instance: all the pickable items (here I'm reffering to health, weapons and ammo) are all placed with a specific purpose, so you're not going to see ammo and/or an overabunce of health items here just to give the player something to pick up for the sake of it and not actually have a need for them. The puzzle that I liked the most in this level, it's not the most challenging but to me was the most interesting, was the final one wtih the musical band and the instruments, and that's because music was used to great effect to clue you in on what you have to do in that situation which is something that I haven't seen before. Using music or just sound as a clue has a lot of potential in designing puzzles and it's too bad that you don't really see such stuff usually in TRLE's. To wrap things up, this is a damn awesome level and you should definitely play it. It took me about 2-2.5 hours to finish and I can't wait to see what UB2 has in store for me." - Cruzader (06-Sep-2020)
"This is a two map set of a gallery type building and the terrain around it. The exterior is well executed with organic shapes and good use of distance fog (which I recall being quite innovative when it came out), the interiors lean towards the functional side still, and parts are slightly repetitive visually, but there's still a clear improvement on The Lizard King, especially in the lighting, which is consistently very good. The paintings and other objects also help giving the gallery a surreal "off" feeling, and, as before, the object use is constantly original, which carries through right to the final instrument task. The titular Demon Smalls is also a major character throughout, and the hilariously fitting quotes from the game Shadowman that make up his dialogue somehow works perfectly.
The gameplay continues from what The Lizard King established (although with two maps it's a bit smaller), with multiple interesting tasks, new ideas and semi-non- linearity. There's also a bit more dexterity required, including some interesting traps and navigation across uneven terrain, along with a somewhat genius use of collisions to extend a jump. I did feel one shootable could be established in a better way as it's easy to overlook, but it's only a problem the first time, and, past that, it has a good flow of tasks and generally provides clues (I wasn't sure on solving a puzzle involving jumping on the right tiles without trial and error, but, given everything else, I'll assume I overlooked something). An excellent start to the main Underworld series that establishes the basis for everything that follows." - Mman (21-Jun-2019)
"I liked this game's creativity and atmosphere. It is certainly one of the more unique levels. The secrets were also well-hidden." - jtrim (25-Feb-2018)
"Hilarious, humorous, full of imagination and sheer creativity. This beginning to the Underworld series was "excellent". The puzzles are absolutely ingenious including a room that fills at regular intervals and a fun jumping sequence. The sequence of Demon Smalls peeing is something I have never seen before. At the end peace and harmony is restored to Demon Heights and Demon Smalls becomes part of the team. All 10s from me." - Ryan (12-Jun-2016)
"I'm so glad that i finally got to play this level. Richard Lawther's levels are often very creative and has many great cutscenes and lots of fun gameplay. Gameplay in the outdoor area is mostly about platforming while the Indoor area is mostly about solving creative puzzles. I really liked the last puzzle very much where you had to push the musical instruments to their respective musician. There are so many things that makes this level a great experience. Objects are a 10 without any doubt. The only thing i can point out though is the textures in the outside area which is very grey which is not the best looking area, the lighting makes up for it though as it's very well done. To sum things up It's a wonderful level that you just have to see and play yourself. Highly Recommended !!!!" - totizedger (24-Aug-2015)
"Wow!! What kind of greatness is this?? Starting outside in the demon Heights with 100 ways to go followed by the cool rooms inside with the best puzzles ever. (And also the best textures ever). And all those teleporting boards: cool, cool, cool!!(This custom level is already so big, so I can't imagine that this was just part 1 of 4. When I played this, I asked myself: How big could the other three parts be??. Well, don't have much to say, just GREAT!!!" - Nuri (13-Jun-2015)
"I don't know where to start with this level. It's a brilliant one full of a splendid gameplay with very original and funny puzzles which might take ages to know how to solve themselves.The puzzle I mostly enjoyed which the one at the end, where you have to place the instruments of the Demon Heights into their corresponding players. The enemies are mostly bugs that prevent to kill her in her way out the sewers. The objects are impossible to improve, they're amazingly well done and they're perfectly placed where they are. The environment is lovely, I love the weather used in this level and mostly the fog effects. The sound is lovely too, and this is the first Richard's adventure in which he has changed some sound effects like while moving objects. And as for the textures & lighting, I would have never thought that'd be possible at all. I love both the textures from the outside the Demonica gallery as the outside, though I think all the atmosphere is more reflected outside the museum. Extremely recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - MrJavi94 (03-Apr-2012)
"[I wrote this review some months ago, but for some reason forgot to post it - oops!]
I first played this level about three years ago. It was one of the first custom levels I played (the second one I completed, to be precise), and at that time I was more puzzled than impressed by the level. But fortunately, I continued to play the series, and fell in love with it from Part 2 onwards. Now I'm planning to slowly replay this wonderful series, so of course, Part 1 is up first - and what a different experience this time! Now, after playing the full series - and the Lizard King, which really helps put the story in perspective - I can appreciate the level far more.
The huge foggy outdoor area is incredible, with surreal platforms suspended high above. There is some fun jumping around to be done in this area, and a great timed-run (which was painfully difficult during my first playthrough). The interior of the museum is also great fun, as it is chock-full of puzzles. And what great puzzles! My particular favourite is the room with the changing water level. The only negative aspect about the museum is that it's quite easy to get lost in the labyrinth of similar looking rooms, especially in the upper level.
Back in the outdoor area, you get one of the cutest moments in the series: using the 'gravity trimmer' to enable Lara to jump further. Unfortunately, this is closely followed by one of the ickiest moments in the series: the long cutscene of Demon Smalls peeing. I generally love the humour in this series, but toilet humour is really not my thing. Still, things pick up quite quickly after that. The final puzzle with the demon band is one of the most intelligent push block puzzles I've seen in a custom level.
Overall: One of the greatest classics of TRLE, which is even more fun on replay. Go play - or replay - it now!" - Mytly (19-Nov-2011)
"After having finished the"Lizard King" a few months ago I finally took the time to start the UUB series. This first level of the Underworld Unfinished Business series is a surreal masterpiece and was every bit as good as I expected from the master builder of surreal levels. There is no point in describing anything as the level has already been reviewed in more or less detail 46 times by now. I was just amazed about the ideas that were realized in this level and also the game play, which wasn't always easy but very manageable. There were a few sequences that took a few tries like the"Lollies" jumping or the high water room. Stunning atmosphere in combination with perfect room architecture, map layout, interesting objects, textures and lighting made this a memorable experience. There is no way I could give less than maximum rating in any category. If you haven't played this one... what are you waiting for? :-) (1h 5min, 6 secrets found)" - Blue43 (21-Apr-2011)
"This level is the beginning of the UUB series and I loved it! Richard lawther makes a lot of great games. The outdoor areas are very nice with white-blue lighting and a lot of platforms, builders, skeletons playing instruments and teleporters. Inside the museum was pretty complex but really fun. A lot of challenges to do but the upper levels weren't very fun for me. The lower levels were really really fun and I loved the ideas of the demon switches. A part I loved a lot was when you open the door to the bathroom and demon smalls walk in doing a number 1 and lara has to pick up the pee and use it to get a tuning fork. The result was a really large explosion! Amazing game with a lot more fun stuff everywhere and there is not one second where you will be bored." - afzalmiah (14-Apr-2011)
"So, now the UUB series starts for me after having played the prequel, "The Lizard King", which was already brilliant, but these two inter-connected levels topped them. While the prequel dured many hours, this one only took me a bit more than an hour. The best puzzles I've ever seen are provided here, using the Anti-Gravity apple of Newton, well-protected of course, to get over a large gap still holding a torch, then placing four instruments on the right place, then an hilarious toilet visit and hard jumps across some floating platforms inside and outside the museum. The objects used here were ingeniously built and gameplay was again top. Outside clever jumps were the main thing, inside rather exploration and puzzle-solving. However, I still critizise the textures in this level. Not that I didn't love the inside ones, but the outdoor ones were simply too grey and unicolored. Of course texturing is correct, but there are way better textures in other levels. The only fact I give 9 to them is the lightning which was, I think, really good here and made the area more real. Also, secrets aren't that well hidden as in the prequel, as four of them took no time to spot and get them if you explored the area and try out several things. The second and sixth secret had better locations, with difficult jumps to master and not obvious places. Like in the previous level, atmosphere was great, supported by the good lightning I think; camera work was also fantastic here. This level is a true masterpiece, in my opinion, it would be just because of the puzzles, in my opinion." - manarch2 (08-Jan-2011)
"Outside texturing is grey and monotonous, but don't let this repulse you - remember we are at Demon Heights, which have to look exactly like this, presenting emptiness and confusion of hell. This was Dick's intention and he built what he imagined very well. And the puzzles... I'm a musician, so tuning the Demon Choir was a pleasure and a kind of duty for me. So I did it, was very satisfied... and both Smalls and Anubis were satisfied as well. It's a nice addition, as well as Demon Smalls walking from chamber to chamber, murmuring "Not good at all" to himself. It fills this game with the only Hellish Soul that is as good as Heavenly Souls. Like in Mihail Bulhakov's "Master and Margarita", when the devil is better than anything else around. And, speaking of everything else in this game, I feel obliged to mention Gravity Trimmer, making Lara jump farther WITHOUT modifying the game engine... This is the best thing. No-one will ever beat this if it comes to gameplay. Unless someone beliefs as much as Dick it's possible to get out of the limits. Till today - no-one did it. At last I didn't see anyone build anything like this. Maybe Dick only, with his next part of UUB, where he re-uses the Gravity trimmer. The rest of gameplay is genious, sometimes also comprising of things I've never seen before. I don't wanna tell about them to keep the element of surprise. I just wanna mention the usage of uzis that simply shocked me. Before I played this game, I didn't imagine this weapon can be used so simply and effectively in the same time. The rest of the gameplay is packed with action, ropes, poles, sliding, platforming, shattering, climbing, wandering on hills, swimming, exploring the museum (a lot of exploration, a lot of)... and filled with perfectly designed spikes you need to time. Trap density is so great you CAN'T stop be observant. Or you'll die. This is hell, players! SUMMARY: A level which started a piece of history, a series with probably the best storyline ever - "Underworld Unfinished Business". Reserve much more time for this game than it's required to finish a single level. Not only because this one is very challenging, but because when you play it, you WILL play UUB2, UUB3, UUB4... and it's very likely you'll fall in love with this constructor and pick some other Dick's projects. BTW: Every reviewer gave 10 for atmosphere. 44 times 10. So BEHOLD THIS POWER, as it says a lot! And I won't spoil this achievement, as it's well deserved." - DJ Full (04-Nov-2010)
"After I had played quite a good entrance in the UUB series with The Lizard King, now was UUB1 in the row. And I must say, I am highly excited. So many great riddles finds one seldom in a level. And these riddles were partly quite tricky. An example is the time run over the 7 tile rows. However, it was not so good, that one has to find with the Try and Error-Principle first the right one of 5 tiles in every row. But this is already the only negative point which has struck me. The camera sequences were very good. Above all I have liked ver much the camera sequences at the level end with the small orchestra and those who pointed what makes Demon Smalls. The excellent sound also fits to it of course. All in all, a level which let every player leap for joy. Now I am already very curious about UUB2" - Scottie (16-Jun-2010)
"The Outdoors, Demon Heights:The texturing isn't so good, but the ideas are very cool and creative, especially the gravity trimmer.(The demon pee is also a nice idea.[and funny])The ambient music perfectly fits to this level.And after the museum, we're going there again.We puzzle with the instruments, and the Demon Heights will be in harmony, so the Demon Small will travel with us. The Museum:This level is much better than the last one.Textured very nicely, the ambient musics are also nice, and ideas are cool too.The main task is to collect the 1st Piano Tuning Forks, and you have to go through the whole museum for it.(Also, the Apple is needed too to collect the 2nd Tuning Fork. - You have to solve a lovely "picture puzzle" to collect that Apple.)In the end, I'm sure I'll play the following Underworld Unfinisheds too." - rtrger (25-Sep-2009)
"Just played this excellent game again - not much I can add - the UB series just gets better and better !!!" - Juno Jim (11-Mar-2008)
"What a fantastic level! It's filled with wonderful exploration and very clever puzzles. The gallery section in particular is pure genius. The cutscenes are very amusing as well, and really add to the great unreal atmosphere of the level." - Ward Dragon (31-Dec-2007)
"From the very start : Lara is exploring the scenery finding her lazy companion Anubis just hanging around reading newspapers ! Not much help at the moment ! So she decides to take care of business herself , eventually a very good idea .Until the player finally has completed his mission and gets his reward for all the hard labour after getting all the band`s instruments into tune to perform the Nr . 1 Hit Single going straight into the charts , Richard has created for us one of the most funny and challenging TRLE issues ever supported by an atmoshere and story that is way beyond compare. In order to recruit Demon Smalls , the Chief Engineer of Underworld and to finally make him become a member of her team Lara will have to use all her subtle skills in another amazing Richard Lawther TRLE Masterpiece ." - Ruben (17-Jul-2007)
"I didn't play these in chronological order and saved the inaugural level until last. However, it meets the high level of quality displayed in the next two installments in the series and it exhibits the trademarks we've come to expect from this accomplished builder: unique, colorful and eye-pleasing surroundings, challenging gameplay, artistic touches rarely seen in custom levels, and quaint-sounding names for pickups (Volatile Demon Pee, indeed). The closing sequence where Lara helps tune up the pep band was very well done. A very helpful walkthrough has been provided by the (hopefully not) late and lamented Sutekh, and I would hardly have been able to complete the level without it. This series, along with Lizard King, must surely rank as one of the top five of all time, as evidenced by the rating numbers." - Phil (03-Jun-2006)
"Let me say that this is the most wonderful two level set custom level set. Its very original, and I loved eveything that there is. The lighting the puzzles, and Atmosphere were great and so was everything. I'm going to play more of the Underworld- Unfinished Business levels. Loved it. Hope to see more levels from this author." - dantheraider (11-Apr-2006)
"From what I've heard the Underworld UB series makes up some of the cream of the custom levels community and so I put it down as a goal to complete all of them. Naturally starting with this one and what can I say??? I was charmed from beginning to end in this immense adventure where Lara must find a way to snap Demon Smalls out of his trance so he will agree to help her get to Castle Orr to summon the train that will take them to the bowels of Hell. Demon Smalls is just an adorable feature(as ugly as he is) and that voice he sports is just perfect for him. I also loved Lara's outfit and hairstyle...really gorgeous!!!! As for the gameplay I'm just stunned. Seldom have I seen anything so filled up to the brim with imagination and skillfully created challenges unlike anything that has captured my eyes and heart so far. The inside of the museum just took my breath away in every aspect; texturing, lighting, music and puzzles alike were just out of this world(literally). The level is filled up with an incredible atmosphere and magic that really gets stuck in you, even long after you have finished. The only thing negative I can say about it is that the timed run across the gold/silver/transparent tiles(although brilliantly thought of) was almost painstakingly hard to do and got quite frustrating in the long run. I really did love the puzzles scattered around though(the instruments puzzle particularly caught my eye) and the inventory items were spectacular(including the Volatile Demon Pee and the combination of an Anti-Gravity Apple and blender to make Useful Anti Gravitons...well thought of!!!). I found six secrets(of them three Lucifer's Stars which I really found awesome as well) and the level took me about an hour and half to get through. I can truly say I enjoyed every second of it and will definetely recommend it to everyone!!!! A must-play all the way!!!" - Selene (07-Mar-2006)
"Well, I will give the best rate to this level because it was a wonderfull level, but..... If I had to rate this level by the first timed part, in the air, where you have to die many times and lost a lot of time reloading the level, just because you have to guess which squares are solid and which squares aren't solid, and after that, you lost many hours trying to solve this very boring part, I should give a 5 or less in gameplay. I think it was too hard, and it was not necessary to make the player lose time guessing the correct squares. I must say that I was very very very close to stop playing this level. Well, as I have played before another level from the same author, I decided to finish the level and the rest of the level was a great level, many good ideas, many hard traps like the room that one moment was filled with water and the next moment empty. Very beautifull cam scenes! And great new things as the antigravity system. Congratulations and thank you a lot for giving us this level." - Juan Carlos (06-Nov-2005)
A short but sweet beginning to a wonderful series; 'Recruiting Demon Smalls' is full of clever puzzles, wonderful music, and the enigmatic Demon Smalls. First, your raiding skills are put to the test high up in the air, especially with an amusing trial-and-error puzzle of ethereal vs. corporeal. Then, it's off to the Demonic Galleria for some real fun! You must assume this is Smalls' own personal collection, as there are 4 displays dedicated to Demon Smalls; is it a trip into narcissism, or are they perhaps part of a larger scheme? After many delightful and out of the ordinary puzzles, as well as a hilarious cut-scene of Demon Smalls (or should I say Austin Powers?), you are rewarded with a concert featuring Satie's Gymnopedie #1 (one of my personal favorite piano pieces!) and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Your knowledge of musical instruments is given a challenge for the final puzzle, and a classic theme as a reward and the key to recruiting Demon Smalls. - Celli (17-Jul-2005)
"Having already played the other two parts I am totally thrilled by what Richard offers to us here. Especially the objects are ingenious and the overall idea is great. Lara needs to find two tuning forks and it is not easy. Puzzles are ingenious and Lara is supported by her little friend. :-) You can run through the whole level all the time, regardless of where you start, as you will always find a way to continue. I liked that. The timed jumping over the platforms was quite difficult for me, but the other puzzles can be solved quickly. Atmosphere is fantastic and I especially liked the sound. At the end Lara needs to put the right instruments to the right player and the deed is done. All I can say is: Excellent! :-)" - Engelchen Lara (18-May-2005)
"Great graphics and atmosphere in this level. Some great puzzles including jump sequences. It took me ages, 1. to work out the jumps and actually do them to get the two Lucifer stars hidden in the mountains. I just love the humour in this level and actually found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Getting the fourth lever was a bit tricky as I thought I had a bug in my game when Lara kept doing strange things in this tall tank! I loved little Demon Smalls and his big grin at the end, great game." - Moonliteshadow (16-May-2005)
"I don't know what to say about this sequel. Good words are not enough. With 'The Lizard King' Rickard started his amazing saga and it seems like its only getting better and better! Although I could not find any secrets (are there any?) and there were not monsters, I find the objects part so strong in this level it will be a ten in that category too. The rest speaks for itself. Really tough puzzles, great gameplay. The sound and cameras are the best I have ever seen in a custom level. The end is just wonderful. Great work with the cameras combined with the music! This is a level that can't be missed! Although I recommend playing part one first. Where do you get all the inspiration from Dick? :) 2005/04/13" - QRS (13-Apr-2005)
"Well, this is just truly sensational work from Richard. I played this after I played Ghost Train at Castle Orr and they are equally good. Richards taste is really good, I mean other levels are original and consist of high compound, jungle, temples etc.. but these set of levels are really mysterious and cleverly done. The open areas in the first level are just breath-taking. The fog and wind effects make it more realistic too. I know I wasn't going to be disappointed with this, because I have just also played Ghost Train at Castle Orr the other day. It still has the usual cut scenes and great effects that I were expecting. Some oft he things he does, I have to think to my-self how did he do that!? But seriously I would like to know how to do some of the things he has done. I was also impressed with the new objects as well. Some very good switches and architecture around. The puzzles were neatly done too. The inside temple area, it was like a gallery museum and I must say it was actually quite scary! Overall good! You have to play this, if you like Richard's other work you will be blown away with this! Best custom level ever!" - TombRaiderFan (04-Apr-2005)
"Is this supposed to be a long drawn out review?! That's just not me. I hope this doesn't show up anywhere! I'm new at reviews. Anyhoo...(yeah it's me) I would have given all 10's but I hate those timed runs and Sir Richard doesn't leave much leeway! I love the atmosphere, scenes and music and what a sense of humour!" - Jeocan (05-Feb-2005)
"Who wants to go to Hell? Probably nobody but when you start meeting folks like Demon Smalls and his cronies along the way you can't help but want to delve deeper. 'Heaven for Climate - Hell For Company' J.M. Barrie once said. (I've been using that quote for a long time.) It's that wonderful whimsical genius only Mr. Lawther can do. I'm giving this same review to The Ghost Train at Castle Orr and eagerly awaiting a next installment. There will be a next installment won't there? Do I have to have a talk with Smalls and have him come over there personally to make sure it happens? Wahoo!" - Deekman (03-Jan-2005)
"Team Anubis is in the Underworld accompanied by Lara to try to recruit the engineering genius of Demon Smalls. We get to see him as he moves quickly through the various areas muttering to himself. Anubis has brought with him a team of musicians to restore harmony to the underworld. But as the musicians instruments are bewitched by Demon Smalls they are out of tune so it's up to Lara herself to get the tuning forks for the pianos and give the players their rightful instruments. By bringing back harmony Team Anubis hopes to remove the enchantment from Demon Smalls himself. Smalls has created magical devises which we see and use as we go through the outside area and inside the museum. Devices such as rising platforms ziplines suspended spheres that fall on you if your not careful spike and fire platforms demon heads to shoot - some in very awkward places extremely unusual water room a great jump sequence high up in the museum over what look like gigantic fuses statue pushing and tile stepping puzzles in the museum plus the well hidden crowbar. Great lighting textures colours and objects. The only enemies are swarms of what look like fireflys and numerous spiders (retextured beetles) to outrun. And included here as always is Richard's great sense of humour showing up in an unexpected place. You can go in any direction your like as this is a totally non-linear level but remember that the high up lifts in the outside area can operate only once. The small teleporters can be used continually. Richard Lawther has to be one if not 'the' master level builder. It rarely gets any better than this." - CC (23-Dec-2004)
"Well what can I say about this intriguing and masterful level? Other than the fact that it's totally brilliant in game play. It's very well laid out with good textures lighting and some great sound effects. A lot of thought went into building and creating this level by the author to give us gamers the excitement of another great Lara adventure. Starting at the beginning of this wonderful level you are avoiding boulders and some spiked platforms and you are then lifted up to the next section and having to deal with a very difficult timed run. I am not knocking it as its all part of the challenge to deal with difficult bits in these wonderful TR adventures. But timed runs are not my favourite things to deal with and it took me well over an hour to master it to hop jump over and onto the correct blocks/tiles without falling into oblivion or getting burnt to cinder. After which you get a lovely ride down on a zip-line and get After reaching the other side you enter this wonderful laid out Galleria Demonica / Museum which had me totally lost on several occasions but once getting your orientation you soon become very familiar in where to go and what to do next to solve the next puzzle to proceed further. After dealing with the picture puzzle retrieving a few items and the very well hidden crowbar your next mission is to find 4 demon switches and 2 turning forks to enable the pianist's to get to the right musical note. After you have succeeded you are then transported to the musicians which looked very sorry for themselves as they had the wrong instruments and were playing A little rearranging in putting the right instrument in front of the right musician will solve this and you will finish this wonderful level. But before leaving this adventure there are 4 stars which you need to find which are located throughout this level and some are very well hidden so keep your eyes open and use those binoculars frequently otherwise you will miss them as some are quite a distance away and these are required for a continuation to play the bonus level. Thank you Richard for a lovely adventure and I look forward to playing the bonus level." - Gill (18-Nov-2004)
"Truly all those who read this need know is that you will be witness to Demon Smalls he's one of those tiny marshmallow guys taking a wee into a pot in a demonic unisex toilet block. What else do you need...go download this level now! In fact even though that is one of the best images I think I have ever seen in all these levels as well as all the original games this as a double levelled game has so much more to offer. It has a little of Richard's well known touches a floating tile area with zip lines to name one but it is mostly based more in reality well a demonic reality with a fantastic gallery full of artwork set in a barren rocky world. Some of the puzzles are a little too enigmatic for the average thinker well probably for the brainiest and thickest thinkers such as jumping diagonally through some light rays to deactivate a burning floor or the ingenious water room where there is something to shatter as water appears then disappears constantly but on the whole this 90 minute level flowed quite nicely and allows the player to feel very accomplished when solving each and every puzzle. With 6 brilliantly placed secrets added as well 4 necessary for a bonus level in the future this is one of those levels that can only be recommended very highly." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"You know you can read reviews for levels like this and still not have an inkling of how fabulous they really are. Richards's imagination is second to none and this simply has to be played. Collect all the secrets and you even get a bonus level but the most wonderful bit of this was the musicians at the end not only amusing but highly imaginative piece of building. The little demons are so cute mumbling about and even creating some demon pee while you watch lol. See it to believe it as you make your way through various places from high spike ledges to transporters then edge your way through the museum and its many wonders with puzzles and traps to tackle. There was only one bit that really miffed me and that was the water and air room I just couldn't get the hang of it and had to get someone to help me but saying that it was a fab idea and seems only I had a problem doing it *grin* Fantastic textures rooms and atmosphere plus those little guys are hilarious. This is a must to play so don't miss it." - Moonpooka (03-Oct-2004)
"What a great level from Richard we have here! I wish that I would have played this a lot earlier! In here we visit a very nice mountainous area which I'm not very fond of but this one was good. There are also some clever puzzles to solve too like a timed run over tiles that have to be stepped on in a sequence. The main goal in this level is to collect two tuning forks to tune the pianos and give the players the proper instruments to play music to bring back harmony to Demon Heights. I really liked the demon museum especially the large lower hall and I love tall rooms! I liked the sequence where you had to jump on floating things above the gallery. We see Demon Smalls in this level muttering about how he embraces the dark souls and then there is such a funny sequence of him peeing! It's so funny! He pees for like three minutes! Then we have to collect his pee and pour it on coal to make explosions to forge another tuning fork! Who knew that demon pee could be so dangerous???!! When the tuning forks and instruments are set up properly we then hear the TR1 theme which makes me cry every time I see it because it is so beautiful to hear. I look forward eagerly and patiently to the next part of the Underworld series." - Relic Hunter (08-Aug-2004)
"Another masterpiece from Richard. His originality never ceases to impress. I don't think I have anything to say that has not been said already. Demon Smalls himself was hilarious as were the singers at the end. I managed to find all the secrets so I cannot wait for the rest of the levels in the series." - Jez (26-Jul-2004)
"What can I say that hasn't been said already! I loved this game and I finally got all the secrets so I'm ready for the sequel! One secret was a bear to get however but I got a real sense of accomplishment when I finally got it. I have to admit that I could not do that timed run to save my life. Thanks to Richard for getting me through that. I didn't really notice that there were no real enemies because this game captivated me with the puzzles and the scenery was beautiful. There was plenty of excitement without enemies believe me. And that bathroom scene! What a classic riot! Shades of Austin Powers after being defrosted! I thought it would go on forever. I absolutely love this game! Can't wait for part 2! Great job Richard!" - Leisa (24-Jun-2004)
"I was in awe playing this level from start to finish. This is the first level I played from this particular author and I have to say that I was blown away. I give it a 10 all the way though the lack of enemies which fortunately is not noticeable at all while actually playing the level. One will find himself/herself too busy contemplating the lovely designed areas the soothing ambient music and of course as a main course the puzzles all of which makes up for the absence of enemies. The storyline the custom objects are also worth noticing (the lavatory cutscene will make anyone grin!). If you are a fan of RPG games this level falls into that category imho (apart from the fact that there are no bosses' levels ;)). And that is the first thing I felt playing this level. Needless to say that I recommend this level to everybody. Simply fantastic!" - Cool (20-Jun-2004)
"Another beautiful work from Richard Lawther. The story takes place in a rocky valley and in a museum and your objective is getting the balance right in the underworld. Glance behind even the pictures and colourful glasses for getting all the 4 Lucifer's Stars because you will get a bonus level. You have to find 2 Piano Tuning Forks for make noise from the demon orchestra. You will need the Crowbar and the Anti Gravity Apple for jumping over the chasm while holding a torch. There are 6 Secrets on the level: 4 Stars and 2 Medi Packs. The textures are wonderful as well as the added sounds. Don't miss this cool level! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (18-Jun-2004)
"The best level I have ever played as far as graphics atmosphere tricks and puzzles are concerned. No need to 'shoot them all' or to die a thousand times.... Graphics are beautiful; objects are original and sometimes even fascinating. The story is clear and the evolution very soft and well balanced. Tous mes compliments l'auteur! Encore encore.... Can't wait for the next adventure! Thank you so much for the hours I have spent playing that great game... If the author needs some translations to French (I'm a free lance translator) of any of the texts related to his game I would do it for him free of charge just to thank him for the beautiful work he has made." - Calou (16-Jun-2004)
"The first time a TR level has made me laugh out loud! A real joy to play this packed with humour and original thinking but also married with (at times) an almost intimidating atmosphere. Only Richard Lawther could accomplish this. Graphics here are excellent and feature a lot of things you won't have witnessed before. The music is just as good and goes just as well with everything else. A tough level though even at the start; might even put off some players but try to persevere and it'll all start to make sense. Well in the way that a Richard Lawther level makes sense anyway because no other sane map-maker could think the way he does. Another thing that may put off a couple of people is the rarity of enemies because there aren't any. I hardly missed them - it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete and I'm pleased to say that I found a healthy 3 secrets :)" - gfd (07-Jun-2004)
"A break away from the type of level we have come to see from Dick no long track rides or novel mazes. However Dick has surpassed himself with lots of new and novel scenes and action from a talking grumbling Demon who actually produces on screen 'Volatile Demon Pee' to a very atmospheric Gallery section. The game play is fair but difficult at times to spot just where to go next with plenty to do on screen and using the little grey cells. The outside area has lots of quite difficult jumps and a tremendous series towards the end of this two part level (each part visited quite often).Who but Dick would have dreamt up using a blender on an Anti Gravity Apple. The downside to those who like shoot 'em ups is that there are no enemies (hence the mark of 8) but you are really too busy to notice they are missing. The graphics are stunning with lots of new twists to old puzzles like 'moving blocks' with musical instruments. The sound also follows in the same vain greatly adding to the atmosphere and playability. What else can I say-PLAY THE LEVEL." - Whistle (05-Jun-2004)
"Oh my... it really might look a bit suspicious if I have to give another Richard Lawther offering a perfect score again after Astrodelica and The Lizard King but this fully deserves it as the previously mentioned levels - lots of originality toilet humour (lol) nice music to guide Lara through this over an hour adventure and most-importantly - fun to play as you can expect from this author's levels. I won't spoil or explain in details the clever puzzles you get here but I can tell you won't be disappointed. If I have a gripe then it's the ziplines (rather the first one) - they should be resetable as with being as observant as I am I slid down the first zipline missed an obvious tile behind me wasn't progressing so simply dropped down and went to the galleries after which I discovered I'm stuck for good - my fault but things like that shouldn't happen - luckily I had a handful of previous savegames so it's all not so bad. Found 5 secrets - including the 4 required Lucifer's Stars and they were all hidden rather well - took some time to find. Overall - a great adventure well worth a play despite the relatively big download size - can't wait to see what happens next in the series!" - eTux (04-Jun-2004)
"The start is easy but in some places I needed a few attempts to discover the solution. I found seven secrets because I entered the cat face twice (behind it there is a secret) and this is a bug of the level editor. The secret counts twice but there is only one behind the cat face and so I have seven secrets. The cut sequence with the demon in the toilet is great and I was laughing about the demon. Secrets are easy to spot but the way to them is a little bit hidden. Look everywhere in the gallery and think of unusual places where you can find things. But you can go back to every room if you missed something. Medipacks are enough I found the uzi. There are switches to pull which look like demons and statues must be pushed to the right places. And don't forget the security system of Demon Small. You need the apple and combine it with another item. Also important is the crowbar. In the room with the jumping water I needed a few attempts to shoot the head. The time run high over the ground isn't difficult but don't waste time. The little demon is really cute. I love to see him running around. Rolling balls are easy to avoid. Finally move the instruments to the band players and enjoy the cut sequence. Everyone play this level it is really great." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"Richard you probably are the greatest among the custom level builders! This new adventure of yours is the most epic and the most original (without flaws) creation I've played to date. I've already praised many amazing games that some members of the community have been kind enough to offer to the rest of us - some are much bigger full merchandisable games almost some are more classic and God knows I like classic tomb raiding some have graphics that look solid as a solid rock - but this beats anything I've ever seen. Much much better than the Lizard King I must say even though I loved it too. Not too hard nor complicated but so full of pure creative imagination! I loved the museum even though I spent a long time in the room with four flames and a frame on the wall trying to jump into the big painting - oh laughable me! What a place! The room with the water that went up and down the beetles reshaped as spiders the final run over the floating pillows or whatever that was the entire settings... Fantastic! By the way the ghost painting you can enter near the pillows and the fire below does it serve a purpose other than sightseeing? And the outside was great too especially after Lara got back from the museum. The placing of the tuning forks (which Lara placed very easily just by approaching them on the side) and the super moment when Demon Smalls goes to take a pee the anti-gravity device the final scene with the musicians totally out of tune because the dark forces have messed up their instruments what can I say? Naming something genial can be a bit excessive but let's state at least that this truly is a work of art. Unfortunately I only got four secrets of which two Lucifer Stars out of four - but I'm still going to try and get the other two - if I know how and if I can! I also thought the final flyby/cut scene was a little slow but that's only an opinion and it doesn't diminish the game in any way. Allow me to repeat: fantastic! I'll grant you four tens and they've never before been so deserved. Add-on (after writing the review): Things like that happen but after writing the review you've just read I was able to find my way to my two missing Lucifer Stars in something like half an hour. One was carefully hidden in the museum. For the other (which was perfectly noticeable but... how could I get there?) I had to take a complicated path around the rocks different from what I'd thought - those spikes on the 'I' shaped platform can really fool you! I can understand it's almost impossible to write a walkthrough at least for this particular secret... And I've even been to places I probably shouldn't have such as the rooftops and rocks behind the musicians! Great chase loved it!" - Jorge22 (17-May-2004)
"What a marvelous puzzle and exploration level! This humourous level is set in a demonic arts gallery in an old castle and in its misty mountain surroundings. The puzzles are ingenious and some puzzles and traps will require quite a bit of 'lateral' thinking. Lara rarely meets any enemies. Once there are spiders(?) and a few times fireflies but the latter are so fun to look at that I happily forgive them for nibbling Lara's health. There is also a rather tough timed run. The level is quite nonlinear and of reasonable size so it does not take long to get back to a previously visited area. It is creatively designed with many droll custom objects and there is a couple of wonderfully bizarre inventions. Add to this several fine cut scenes one of which is really hilarious very fitting audio and an imaginative story and you get an exceptionally enjoyable level." - Bogey (16-May-2004)
"'Pack yo' bags for the Ghost Train! Hand & hand with Anubis and Mr. Smalls you too will be muttering 'Excellent Excellent' in anticipation of the journey ahead. Excuse me that's the end of the story err uh perhaps it's just the beginning? The master craftsman has us in a cyclical trance. Echoes of Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (gravity exhibit 'On Loan' indeed!) and of Dylan's Love Minus Zero No Limit (who is that gorgeous lady in the painting alongside the demons?) Lara has entered another dimension; Demon Heights is shrouded in mist the Demon has hidden out of tune her guide is reading magazines and the bathroom door is locked. This masterpiece elevates Tomb Raiding to glorious new heights yet takes a moment along the way when the musicians and chorus get in tune and the music begins to play to send shivers down old Tomb Raider spines evoking that elemental joy from our first adventure. In this world the artist's truth prevails less is always more. The enigmatic smile. Thanks Dick."" - Mezcal (16-May-2004)
"Just when I thought I would never see anything that even compared to the Lizard King Mr. Lawther creates another awe-inspiring exciting level. There are very few times where I have been genuinely scared of something in Tomb Raider (you all know that feeling!) and the demons on the walls were terrifying for some reason. The pianos with the tuning forks (which were really hard to get!) played beautiful music including another version of the Moonlight Sonata. And I wanted to scream at the sound the musicians were making when they weren't matched up with their instruments. This was also a very difficult level; I was stuck for a long time where nobody else was. I wonder how Richard thinks these things up (apparently this was inspired by Myst though) and manages to design them so well. He has taken Tomb Raider to a new level. Mr. Lawther you're the Shakespeare of level building!" - Capt. Abbey (09-May-2004)
"Excellent level! As usual when Dick makes a level it is filled with humour and I don't think I've ever seen the original music so well integrated in a level! The mission here is to figure out Demon Smalls traps and tricks to find two tuning forks so that the musicians can play in tune. Search through The Underworld and The Galleria Demonica and look carefully cause everything isn't what it seems to be! The only enemies are a bunch of little human eating spiders that you have to outrun. Otherwise there are new objects all over and Richard's special demons and of course Anubis!" - G.Croft (04-May-2004)
"So far my favourite level from the author was one of the Astrodelica series but after playing this game I think this new series will become the best for me. In a very well lit environment with the demonic element all around the pictures on the walls all depict demons but also a young girl that made me wonder why it was added Lara has to access various areas in order to complete certain tasks that will allow her to restore the balance. The textures which are colourful and well placed the new objects which are remarkable contribute for the player to be able to wander in a pleasant for the eye setting. As most of the author's levels this one has no enemies as well except some red floating things I don't know what to call them appearing from a red demon's picture. Some of the things I loved in this level were the objects that Lara was bouncing near the end the musicians and their organs as well as the hilarious singers. I have to mention the incredible cut scenes that will certainly make you laugh your heart out especially the one in the toilet. A very nice scene was the ending one with two beings holding hands and one of them wearing a hat which was really a nice touch. The entire game will keep you entertained without decreasing your interest one bit. I also found a few things and accessed a few areas I wasn't supposed to. For example I was able to get up on both towers get behind the rocks near an outside secret and walk all the way to the tower. There was an area that looked like it had spikes but after accessing it I found out that only two sets of spikes were there and that area had nothing to do with the gameplay. One thing that puzzled me was an invisible tile before you can land on the second tall block if I remember correctly that had fire and burned Lara; I found that one out while trying to get across without getting killed by the boulders. Speaking of the boulders there was some sort of a cocoon in the air after they have dropped which seemed strange to me. Most of the illegal slopes on the rocks can be dealt with a jump but one of them had me stuck with no way out so I had to reload a savegame. By the way don't try to push the statue in the area with the torches a second time or you'll see the statue move without the fire. Leaving the above aside this game is amazing and leaves up to the standards the author himself has set with his previous installments. I found six secrets one of them with the author's help and I must say that one secret has a hilarious hiding place. I have no doubt that the levels to follow will not only be memorable and entertaining but will encourage others to keep building custom levels since this game along with others out there have proven that the editor hasn't completed its circle yet." - Kristina (04-May-2004)
"Original thinking beginning with storyline and continuing with gameplay is what we have come to expect from Dick and he doesn't disappoint with this his newest installment in the Underworld saga. Non linear with few enemies it's an engrossing adventure that needs thinking 'outside the box' to complete. I would still be in the rising water room trying to grab the rope at the precise time the water level changed(which was the wrong thing to try to do) if it were not for help from the forum. The jumps are fun and secrets (four out of six - the stars) are necessary to reach a bonus level still to come so save your ending savegame. Excellent! And thank you Dick not only for this extraordinary level but also for your gracious help in the forum. Both much appreciated and valued." - Bene (04-May-2004)
"If you are into jumping and exploring grab a chair and start playing as that is what you do. This is a very funny very lovely level with a great story. I was glad that I played his previous level the Lizard King as this is the first part of its sequel. Do read the readme file as there is useful information in it. This level is non linear but that is quite OK as you will find out. You will create short cuts as that is rather handy as you do need the get your hands on four Lucifer Stars (secrets) to continue with a bonus level that is still in the making. There are enemies like those pesky fireflies (re-textured locust) and let's not forget those spider looking creatures (re-textured beetles). The timed run is a fiendish one and I was so lucky that Dick already had a screenshot of it in the stuck thread and I managed it after the 10th try. The jumping over the blue objects is another story.... The fog effect is impressive as are some cut scenes. One for sure will have you laughing and when the band stared to play I was moved silly me. As Anubis already said: Excellent. What a game... Found one bug however as I went into the gallery with a torch as you never know..? I left the building with the torch and that threw me to my desktop. 29-04-2004" - Gerty (03-May-2004)
"This is one of those levels which had me highly irritated at the start but enthralled by the end. I can do no less than award it full marks all round as it really is that good; but I would like to write something (at the risk of turning this review into a polemic) about interpretations of the TR/Lara Croft concept. Much as I enjoy thought-provoking gameplay I'm not sure that Lara herself quite belongs in the abstract environment depicted here. For the vast bulk of this level I found myself (through her) staring dumbly at various pseudo-symbolic paintings and assorted pieces of statuary pondering upon their significance; and with the occasional bit of help working out what it all meant. But although crafted to perfection I do not believe that one specific genre of Computer game (in this case the 'Myst' style of esoteric puzzling) can or should be shoehorned into another (the 3rd person 3D Adventure genre). It's always worth a try of course but I couldn't help feeling that Lara herself seemed quite inappropriate for the tale at hand. It's rather like having Salvador Dali draw a child's comic strip - the result would be interesting indeed but ultimately nothing more than a curio. As far as game enjoyment is concerned this is terrific stuff; never as hard as you feel it's going to be but certainly not for a beginner or a player who feels out of depth amid cerebral challenges. The physical side of things is deceptively easy (apart from a tricky timed run over tiles before a flame ignites) including a hugely enjoyable jumping sequence over rows of cylinders; and the humour is at times uproarious. Nevertheless this is absolutely not for everyone; and you may find yourself as I did at times nostalgic for the traditional Lara adventuring that attracted us all to this genre in the first place." - Orbit Dream (03-May-2004)
"If you haven't already played the Lizard King (and why not?) then I urge you to do so before beginning this level. It's not necessary but it will increase your enjoyment. Firstly take the time to treasure the sight of Anubis relaxing on a chaise longue reading Jackal Monthly whilst one of those strange little barbed Christmas pudding creatures roasts on a spit. Yes we're back in Richard Lawther's special universe where the humour is quirky and nothing is what it seems. I particularly enjoyed the demonic art gallery (some of those exhibits looked just a little familiar) and the variety of tasks to accomplish/puzzles to solve in there. There are a couple of quite challenging tasks - a timed tile run and a fascinating bit of manoeuvring in a water room. Restoring harmony to the resident musicians is a novel and fun experience. This is very much to my taste when it comes to raiding and I can't wait for the next installment." - Jay (01-May-2004)
"The master story teller is back again and this time he offers us a series to come as a sequel to the impressive Lizard King. And if this little set here is any indication of what awaits us in the series then it is going to be another big milestone in the history of custom level building. What you get is a lot of originality a wonderful storyline an utterly hilarious cut scene that will have you rolling on the floor laughing new objects and special effects never seen before entertaining and occasionally a little tricky gameplay and an impressive audio score that is simply required in order to carry the story along even though people will complain about the huge download for about 1:30 hours of net gaming time. The overall area you cover here is actually not all that large but due to the non-linearity of the game you may be crossing it a few times - not that this is a bad thing. Enemies are few but they are not being missed and I still need to go back and find two of the six secrets that I have as yet not managed to find. Prepare to be entertained big time here and to use a quote from the level that sums this game up nicely: ..... 'Excellent'!" - Michael (30-Apr-2004)
"The adventure continues from The Lizard King levels - all those who already played it will be enjoyed by this too. It's two levels and they look extraordinary. Amazing how he keeps on high standards new puzzles and gameplay the textures look fabulous and the pictures on the walls are very nice. Well in short - this is terrific levels and when I started to play I had to stay up until I finished... well done Richard and thank you very much for great levels." - Yoav (30-Apr-2004)
"Well what can I say? Another excellent level from Dick and of course original. This time Lara has been sent back to the Underworld to a little place called demon heights underneath Castle Orr. There are problems down there due to some dark souls and the top engineer demon smalls isn't himself. So musicians are sent to restore harmony and restore demon smalls to his former self. But because he isn't himself he has made the musicians music out of tune! So basically you have to sort out the mess! This level was really fun to play. There are no enemies in it it's basically a level for the brain. You have two levels in which you travel back and forth the demon heights isle and a museum of evil art! Demon Smalls pops up every so often and there's a rather amusing scene of him going to the toilet... watching the scenes where the musicians music is restored brought a smile to my face I was disappointed when it ended but knowing a sequel is going to be released soon cheered me up! The difficulty is medium it's fairly straightforward the only part I found extremely hard was a string of sliding jumps to reach a new door. It may be a big download but it's definitely worth it! All in all a fun little adventure and I recommend it to everyone once you start the fun puzzles see the art in the museum and the cut-scenes of demon smalls you'll soon realise how great it is!" - Aims (30-Apr-2004)