bugs and comments

Last Train to Paris

  • After you've used the torch, throw it into the water, because otherwise fires could appear randomly in the level
  • Sometimes, when pulling a switch you will need to press the "Look" key to restore the camera. I've tried to place a limit time in the triggers, but sometimes the camera only worked for miliseconds (?) and I decided to remove the time.
  • When you get the first torch in the pool room with big arches, save often; perhaps you'll have to reload if you don't do the tasks properly.
  • There is a room where you can't use guns. Don't enter with guns in hands or try to light a flare there. You can do it if you want; it will not affect the gameplay, only Lara will look "strange".
  • In the room with the red keyhole it can happen that an enemy dies and stays floating in the air and you cannot pick up the key she drops. In this case, reload and try again.


For A Handful of Red Sand

  • Several windows can be broken.
  • Some flames can (maybe) appear but don't worry, it's not dangerous for Lara.
  • Don't save in the Codex room after picking up the wheel because the door might close and trap Lara forever.


Moonlight Legacies

  • Sometimes, in the cistern, after draining a pool (flipmap), coloration of objects does not refresh. Just save/load the game.
  • Sometimes, after picking up an item or after using a switch, the action key is deactivated. Just draw your weapons, shoot once, and it will be good.
  • Be careful when you pick up underwater items placed in front of a wall. If you come too fast, Lara can stay stuck in the wall.


Lost in the Canyons

  • There is a ladder in the level, that may be hard for Lara to be able to climb down easily via the grab-drop-grab method. You have to either climb down the whole way, or just drop entirely. Thankfully this is the only ladder with the issue, and it is a short drop. ;)
  • There may be a rare occurence where an enemy may get stuck in a corner.
  • If you push a climbable crate onto a raising block, then lower it, and engine glitch will occur where the block with stay in the air (without collision), even though you can walk over the raising block as if the block did lower. It's just an engine glitch, and it's undo-able.
  • Once you are done with the torch, please extinguish it in the water (or even the lava, for that matter), otherwise it will cause a bug where flame sprites will be floating in air in other parts of the level.
  • In one of the circular doors, once you enter the factory, a door might flash bright purple for a brief second or so, then go back to normal.

A Rift in Sedona

  • The level has 3 hidden medipaks (which you can see but can't reach). Stealthy and observant raiders will find generous weapon cachés and secrets.
  • Sometimes when you enter a new area, the area you just left will close behind you to improve game performance. So make sure you're finished raiding before you move on, as you might not be able to return later.
  • Throw your torch in the water when you're done lighting fires with it, to avoid a flame bug later in the level (not a big deal, just a strange flame that appears only if the torch is still lit).


Deathmatch in Lost City

  • Sometimes the level crashes in the first room on the left when the player saves and loads the game. Please do not save in this room
  • The boss sometimes gets stuck. The only option to continue is to load a previous game. I advise you save often, especially before entering a room
  • Do not try to enter a door when it is closing


Tower of Power

  • You cannot flood from an upper river in the cave if it is not flooded below first. (This is intentional).
  • There are two ways to get the last (revolver) secret. One of them will make it not count.


Ghostbuster - Volume 1: Let There be Water

  • Don’t save right in front of the raised cage – it won’t be up anymore after reloading!
  • If the firewraith dies without Lara being in the small waterpool nothing will happen. Jump into the waterpool anyway then to see what should have happened and you’ll be able to progress in the game. (this couldn’t be realised in any other way...)
  • Please make sure you have Volumetric FX switched ON


Punk Heart

  • Special Instruction: The objective of the Rolling Ball challenge is to keep the ball in motion. You will need to activate 2 trap doors so that the ball hits the yellow target pad and opens the cage door.

Madness is not a Shame

  • In the Tool Shed, don't move the crate towards the SE corner of the room or the crate will freeze forever, denying a chance to continue.
  • Pulling the table in the cockpit will crash the game.