Download the Back to Basics 2011 package here.


For a guide on how to install BtB 2011 please have a look at the Installation page.
Choose a level below to download and play it. Please mind the bug & comments section before playing a level and remember to activate Vol. FX in the setup!

Leveldownload Secrets Bugs or Comments
Last Train to Paris 5 please read
Ghost of Professor Belshazzar 3
For A Handful of Red Sand 2 please read
Vanilla Sky 5
Moonlight Legacies 5 please read
The Book of Four Elements 3
Memories of Steampunk Fashion 6
Lost in the Canyons 6 please read
A Rift in Sedona 3 please read
Madness is not a Shame 3 please read
Deathmatch in Lost City 3 please read
Tower of Power 4 please read
Ghostbuster – Volume 1: Let there be Water 4 please read
Punk Heart 2 please read