Step 1: Download the Back to Basics Khmer Empire package

Step 2: Choose the level you want to play from the Downloads section

Step 3: Copy the tr4 file into the data folder and copy the script.dat and english.dat files into the main trle folder. Take note of the readme.txt

Step 4: Create a setup link for the tomb4.exe and make sure that Volumetric FX are enabled, unless stated otherwise in the comments section of the level you are playing.

Please take note that Back to Basics Khmer Empire is not playable on a Mac.

Khmer Empire


Lara's Moves

Ledge jump up:
Press Alt (Jump) to jump up then Ctrl (Action) to grab

Ledge Hang Back flip:
Hold Ctrl (Action) + Press Down arrow

Ledge Hang Back Flip + Twist:
Hold Ctrl (Action) + Press Up and Down arrow (or End (Roll) )

Ladder to monkey swing:
a) Ctrl (Action) + Up - to grab monkey swing above
b) Ctrl (Action) + Alt (Jump) + Shift (Walk) - to turn and grab monkey swing

Monkey Swing turn:
End (Roll)

Water to ladder climb:
Ctrl (Action) +Up

Ctrl (Action) +Up to rotate on pole; Ctrl (Action) to release and leap forward

Forward Arrow then Ctrl (Action) to grab at top of jump

Crawlspace roll:
> (Crouch) + ? (Sprint)

Roll out of Ledge Crawlspace:
At edge of ledge Alt (Jump) + Forward arrow



Ctrl (Action) to mount quadbike (from right side of vehicle)

Ctrl (Action) to accelerate

Alt (Jump) to brake

Left/right arrows to steer

Alt (Jump) + Right arrow to exit vehicle

Down arrow to pull quadbike backwards