The "Back to Basics" challenge is to build a single level of about one hour net gameplay with every builder using only the supplied wad and texture set for BtB Space.

The levels will be released by the author "BtB 2018". This way reviewers can send in their reviews without favouring any level builder.

The builders will be revealed on July 8, 2018. The builders with the highest ratings win the competition.

The players can submit guesses about who built which level until end of day on July 6, 2018. Those players who have guessed most levels and builders correctly will win the player's competition.

Use the navigation on the right to find out more about the levels, installation and the competition.


Participating Level Builders

Die Basis
Nerkan (Lara Croft)

The builders and their levels revealed...

AgentXP - Starlantis - Natlas Trial
Die Basis - Lost in Space
Kitkat - On the Edge of Forever
LoreRaider - The World of 3 Wonders
matrix54 - Renaissance
Mr XY - Hope of Meridian
Nerkan (Lara Croft) - Laras Answer: 42!
Tolle87 - The Frayed Ends of Sanity